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[Music] What are the most too overrated sectors Of investing this year All right let's see before you start Let's just go from an educational Standpoint yes right let's I'm gonna Give them all 11 sectors because some People are going to be like what are What are the sectors and so the market Is compiled the stock market is compiled Of 11 sectors I'm gonna read them all For you and then I guess you can go in Into the two that you think all right so There's Information Technology Healthcare Financials all of them I said click this Over all right so let me let me be clear Here all right so we got information Technology Healthcare financials Consumer discretionary communication Services Industrials Consumer Staples Energy utilities real estate and uh Materials so those are the 11 sectors of The marketing you're going to tell us The two that are most overrated Um number one is consumer discretionary Especially if we're still in a recession Number two even though it's not a Sector is a subcategory the entire nft And web 3.0 space and I know The comments are going to go on fire But Everyone was selling us on utility while Investing in nfts most crypto

And most web 3 platforms because of the Securitization and the returns Um I'll always hear people talk about Blockchain technology which I think is Very useful but then they'll point me to The returns that they can get on a Project despite the truth that I told in Austin about board API club and its Origins I think they still have one of Their most brilliant campaigns I've ever Seen in the last probably 10 15 years But I think we can all agree now that it Has fallen apart then most nfts are Worthless most crypto is worthless and Most web 3 projects are garbage yes or No please put it in chat and you know How I know If web 3.0 and nfts were the saviors to The financial community Then why the Can't a safe coinbase Or any crypto base brokerage right now Same with matter When I went in my third meeting and said Hey in flights reels And all this content being uploaded on Instagram is the answer why isn't Zuckerberg uploading more reels and more Content to fix the company So if the core product does not fix the Financials of the the company that You've built why are you pushing that to The consumer base To me the biggest Ponzi right now in the

Digital digital real estate space is Streaming And some of you have read and sent the Articles about the stream of farms but If I was telling you That a project was getting 100 000 Streams a week or a day Or per month right And those numbers are nowhere near true But the average artist is now selling 14 000 live and to the point that we made Earlier about impact most artists can't Even sell out five a five thousand seat Arena Right now true that would be called a Ponzi scheme if I was actually selling a Product or a financial result around it Um shout out to Spotify I know a couple guys that have a couple Shows that can bring the value of the Company up But if I burn through 1.5 billion Dollars after Joe Budden left I would be Called a fraud Con man Madoff Right so you burn through a billion and A half dollars trying to build a podcast Division that most people don't listen To none of the damn podcasts While still charging subscriptions and Telling me that certain artists are Getting 200 million streams per year and They cannot sell a 7 000 seat Arena Houseway which brings me back to

Technology and hardware and software Being a combination like Tesla because You need real use case now if there's a Company that can actually get people out The shows and out to buy product when I Was going all through the Galleria Throughout Christmas time it's like Traffic is like everywhere Houston Dallas Austin I'll see when I go to LA with the Traffic is like but things have slowed Up I think what this recession revealed Is most of the numbers were fake like a Lot of them YouTube views on a lot of The shows we talked about Please be careful and I know some people Are not going to like this take Um I think coinbase will have a chance But most crypto projects of course are Going to fail I remember even in in the Summertime when was with Terence And shadows like hey let's clip this up Real quick I'm like coinbase could be in Trouble they could go out of business I Don't think they would go out of Business but they've had a hell of a Fall since July if I say something is Going to fall make it your resolution is Shorter so you can make money from it And if I've made you money please put Yes in chat Been too many copies of this show now we Got

A show damn near with the same name Coming out Troy Y'all say I'm tripping drop a bomb yeah Commit the sound effect Um Mike put it in post if we can't My God Now I'll say something is going to fall You should look too short it We can laugh at them [Music] I can't wait often imitated never Duplicated often imitated that's Impossible it's impossible Um shout out to all y'all Yeah everybody that has a stock show is Copy Market Mondays every one of them Excluding excluding big ones nobody pick One Drum roll please Nobody's excluded Eva like everybody Wearing suits now I'm like people I want You able to sit though everybody copy my [ __ ] I gotta come some leather pants and [ __ ] at the show now Nobody black even dressing up show me The post from 2018. there's only a few Who was talking bottle and trap there's Only a few and I keep saying it's like When I go to these meetings and I would Have got a cease and desist if any of This was a lie JP Morgan Citadel Pipler Trade Moss Morgan Stanley

BlackRock I don't see none of these People at these means when I go They be asking me am I lost in the lobby No I'm going going to 458. what you mean You go my past swipe me through swipe me Down I'm in there what you mean What happened Stillness is the key Say I'm more than capable of winning Every trait that I can take let's Re-center in it is about the people not Your ego see I'm working on me I like that I like that Boy y'all not gonna copy going to the Star list though bet you don't Mean It's gonna be tough Joey where we going Corey boy Okay yo two texts shout out to assets Over liabilities the slogan came up with That branded it That became a cultural phenomenon I Remember telling Mike like yo put the Line here put the line over there assets Over it's like a division problem people Saying I'm an asset not a liability That's why I'm saying I need to just Know how engaging this like assets over Liabilities Has become part of the Urban Dictionary At this point yeah It's an account entrenching the fabric Yeah I got it I gotta be honest at some Point you know Honesty will free you

Yeah but it's more than slow it's a Lifestyle right because everyone Actually uh really assassinate lives and And try to figure out which one is which So everything that's impactful Well I guess that at some point we just Gotta tell the truth um what is a Three-step Formula Traders need to use In 2023 to have more wins this year Uh number one you need to figure out What stop loss for what you're trading Is in a Range that won't be hit so I Know a lot of people look like looking At average true range average true range Isn't the best way to formulate this but It's a good place to start Number two you have to realize that the Formula and I think most people for this Year that we're in because we're like an In-between year Should I only do like 20 trades per year You have to learn to trade More size and take less trades So I know some of you love to scalp to Death and that's great at some point you Have to learn to put some position size On your options on your swing trades and On your features because what good does It do to trade Two shares two Futures two options Contracts at some point you need to get To a baseline of like 30 or 50 where if You have a win it can have like an Astronomical impact on your trading and

Then it also allows you to be more Patient to wait for the right deals like We need to find the right deals not just A whole bunch of them and number three You have to find a way to get your Drawdown less to two percent Her trait to go through every stock Every future every option that you trade No more to AMC GameStop BS that's over With Um I thought they were coming to turn Over the hedge funds and Oh that stuff gets put like that's PR Right like if I'm running a narrative That I can get two million people to say At one time that's paid for press And going to Rashad's Point earlier no One like as black and brown people we're Not even supposed to have this Information these kind of family secrets Are supposed to be kept within families And not share it with the public so do With it as you choose to but you need to Get your arrest down On every trade so number one once again Um I want you to find a way to trade Bigger size in your trades you need to Have smaller drawdown And um if I can give one more bonus tip For Traders I'm gonna be honest you're not taking a Craft serious enough Too many of you wanna how many of you Please put yes in chat if you actually

Like went through 700 or a thousand Stocks last year and marked off the Ideal prices were to get in it takes Work even on the holidays when I'm Talking to them Charlie's like on a Treadmill don't you like Troy what you Doing same routine Going through different boards I'm like Damn you got a new Lance here Mike I Need the 12 to 24 millimeter with the Center lens I'm like Damn you stay on b h How many how many of you took three Weeks off And you're really just now getting back Into the motion crying at this every day There's millions and millions and Millions of dollars able to be able to Be made into space if you can trade but I think some people keep quitting too Much stop quitting on you if you want to Get the bag [Music]

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