How To Take Advantage Of A Stock Market Crash

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Today in this video I'm going to show You how to take advantage of a stock Market crash so without any further Delay let's start the stock market is Volatile as long as the exchanges are Open every good stock price fluctuates And the fluctuation as normal as there Are demands and supplies in the Market At different price ranges but there are Some unpredictable and unwanted Situations where the stock price Fluctuates only downwards the stock Market crash is one of the nightmares to People connected to the stock market be It investors or Traders that's why no True investors would ever wish for a Stock market crash it is an Unpredictable situation where the Overall value of your portfolio Decreases about five percent to even 20 Percent investors and Traders lost their Hard earned money due to a stock market Crash but there are still some tactics And tricks which if followed the stock Market crash would not not be a Nightmare and a more to you in the Following video we will learn how to Take advantage of a stock market crash And discuss how you can make the most of It do nothing just chill it might sound Like a foolish suggestion but it is not Actually is we would like to advise you That this advice will only be beneficial If you are a long-term investor you may

Have heard several times that long-term Investors are those who stay focused on Their portfolios in spite of short or Long Market correction indeed long-term Investors only pick the good and quality Stocks in which they have their utmost Belief that's why if you are a long-term Investor you shouldn't worry even a bit About Market fluctuations or collection Usually the time span of a market Correction is about one or even two Months in the worst cases but history Has proved repeatedly that there happens A bull run after any big stock market Correction and and that's the time when The stock price again climbs up and Almost reaches the place where it was Before the market crash so according to The advice of so many Ace investors Being a long-term investor you shouldn't Worry about a common market correction But if you are not among the people who Want to sit back and relax while the Market is crashing you should definitely Check the following ways which tell what To do during a stock market correction Buy gold stirring a market crash it is Said that the stock market and the value Of gold are inversely proportional this Means that when the stock market Rises The value of gold Falls it is definitely Because as the stock market Rises it Means that the country's economy is Growing well and that's the reason why

The price of gold decreases so during a Grand stock market crash investors Suggest that you invest in gold and Rather than purchasing physical gold we Recommend and you buy digital gold which Requires comparatively lower time and Lower expense charges if you don't want To buy any form of gold like physical Gold or digital gold you can also invest In Gold Bond and gold ETF which is a way Easier process of investing in gold than The previous two but it would not be Wise to invest in gold during a stock Market correction with a long-term Vision the reason is that after a mega Correction in the stock market the Market usually climbs up and thus the Value of gold decreases you can buy gold During the start and sell it when you Assume that the market will rise again Buy stocks after the market crash ends We discussed that when a market crash Happens generally a bull run follows Every major market crash the same Applies to one of the biggest ever Market crashes in the history of the Crash which all of us probably have Witnessed The Cove 19 crash in that Crash the SN the index fell from 3400 to Almost 2150 2200 the fall took to happen was Just one month which is surely not a Huge time for investors to realize the Grand Market crash still it took about

Four months for the market to reach the Previous level that said investors get a Sufficient amount of time to buy stocks After a market crash not only investors Put all kinds of Traders take advantage Of the market Fall and try to buy stocks At the lowest possible price so after a Big stock market crash you should invest In more companies to get a big short Term gain in a very small amount of the Market is getting ready to bounce back Again or has already started to bounce Back Time by dividend paying stocks Before or during the crash stop market Investors make money from the stock Market in two ways the first one is Known to everybody directly from the Stock by purchasing the stocks at a Comparatively lower price and selling it At a higher price and the second one Though it's also very popular earning From dividends during a stock market Crash the first one is unlikely to earn Anything for you and instead of giving a Positive return this will pay negative Returns but during a market crash the Most effective way to earn money from Stocks without Short Selling is to buy Dividend stocks recently there was no Major reason behind the small crash in The market but still the market fell Down in these circumstances the Companies were not on the losses and When this situation happens companies

Keep paying the dividends as usual but Certain things need to be considered Before choosing any company just for Dividends things to consider before Choosing any dividend paying company as The discussion had proceeded early Earlier only fundamentally strong stocks Survive during any market crash or Corrections that's why before choosing Stock for heavy dividends one must see Whether the company is fundamentally Strong or not the second thing is that While choosing any dividend paying stock One should definitely check the past Dividend paying record of the company if The company has constantly been paying Its shareholders a good amount of Dividend you can surely go for the stock But if the company is inconsistent Paying dividends it is advised not to Rely on those companies for dividends in The bear Market in this context you can Also take the help of some measuring Indexes like dividend yield if the Dividend yield of any stock is about Three to five percent we recommend you Choose the company invest in foreign Stocks we can classify stock market Crashes into two segments the first one Is country Pace crash where the stocks Of a certain country go down down due to Any glitch or any changes in the policy Of the government or any other internal Matter and the other one is the global

Crash as we had seen before the carbon 19 pandemic has started so we can Conclude by saying that if the stock Market of a certain country's crisis is Likely to happen all other countries Stock markets will eventually crash Taking this opportunity investors can Invest money in foreign stocks with the Hope of getting at least some positive Returns instead of losing money in our Own country stocks trade with caution a Market crash is probably one of the most Volatile times in the market when every Stock price goes too low from Top high And vice versa within just a few hours That's a warning sign for Traders and in These kinds of situations the risk of Taking trades increases it's likely that Due to any significant announcement About the company the company's stock Price may not be trade expectations or Targets let's think about one situation Where an injured a Trader with amazing Technical analysis predicted that the Stock price of a certain company would Climb two hundred dollars and set a Target accordingly but a major Announcement caused the share price to Go down except for the two hundred Dollars level that's why it becomes Risky to trade during Market Corrections And this caution is very much applicable To Ace investors or traders who are Planning for their retirement because

Just one bad luck can make your Hard-earned money go in vain it is Especially advised not to trade in the Derivative segment unless you are a Professional Trader now come to the Conclusion in this video we have tried To discuss the possible things that you Should follow when a stock market crash Occurs we've been attempting to include Steps to follow as a Trader and the Steps to follow as an investor again we Emphasize that you you should not get Scared by small Market Corrections if You want to be a real investor follow The advice and we hope that these can Help you reduce your losses to a great Extent during any stock market crash That's all in this video the best Investment and trading options are given In the description below so don't forget To check them if you like the video then Like and share it and give your opinion Through a comment if you haven't Subscribed to this channel yet then do It now and press the Bell icon to get Notifications of my future videos thanks For watching

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