Is Now a Good Time to Buy Silver?

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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video we're talking about Buying physical silver is now a good Time to be buying silver okay let's do It Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it if you want To learn more about investing in Precious metals or if you just want to Watch awesome videos about gold and Silver make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel also stick around until The end of the video if you want to see Me do a brand new silver unboxing from The Germania mint this came with a UV Flashlight I have no idea what this is But I'm extremely excited to check it Out so stick around if you want to see That but let's talk about buying Physical silver is now a good time or Not well the first thing I look at when I think about buying something is I look At the price is the price of silver Relatively low or relatively High Obviously when you buy it you want the Price to be relatively low so that when It appreciates over time you get more Value out of your silver well if we look At the price today we can see it's Actually below twenty dollars per ounce Now this is the spot price that we're Looking at when we buy physical silver We do have to pay a premium over the Spot price however at this price right

Now this is actually a really good time To be buying silver because if we turn Back the clock just earlier this year we Can see the silver spot price was over 26 dollars per ounce so you're actually Getting a really good deal if you start Buying silver today the other thing I Want to talk about is that the media is Not really covering silver whenever the Silver price goes up and there's lots of Demand and lots of hype over silver we Will see the media start talking about It this has happened in the past it Happened back in 2021 it happened back In 2011 but right now no one's really Talking about silver I mean I'm talking About silver there's a few other Channels as well but I'm talking about Mainstream media they're not really Bringing it up and the reason is because It's not really doing anything the price Is relatively low and it's just staying There but once they do start talking About silver you want to already have Purchase silver by that point because This is going to increase demand this is Going to drive the price higher so Obviously you want to get in before then Now before we talk about the number one Reason to be buying silver right now I Do want to mention that bullion Max is Offering a special deal on their website For my viewers only if you buy a bundle Of silver from them you will get for

Free one of the new silver dragons Silverbacks this is the very first time These will be released to the public so If you want to get one of these for free Included with your silver bundle click The link Down Below in the description Of this video this is a limited time Offer and there's only a limited number Of these available but if you want to be One of the first people in the world to Pick up a silver Dragon Silverback this Is how you do it and of course you'll be Picking up some silver stacking Necessities at the same time now I would Recommend trying to spend over two Hundred dollars at once so that you Could take advantage of their free Shipping as well okay so what is the Number one reason to be buying silver Right now well I say it's because all The other alternatives are worse let's Talk about some of the alternatives to Buying silver let's say you just leave Your money in cash what's the problem With leaving your money in cash well as We know the buying power of the dollar Is going down with inflation you're Losing purchasing power year after year In fact over the last hundred years the Dollar has lost 97 of its purchasing Power so why would you want to keep your Money in something that is a losing bet You're guaranteed to lose with dollars And keeping your money in the bank is no

Different whether it's in the bank in a Digital form or whether you have cash Either way you're still losing money What about crypto well as we know Cryptocurrencies have been throttled Over the last year Bitcoin has gone down Significantly and the government is Trying to regulate cryptocurrencies Making it harder to put your money in Take your money out so why would you Want to go with a nightmare like that What about real estate well as the FED Continues to jack up rates it's getting More and more expensive to buy a house With a loan of course if you buy a house With cash you can avoid this but who has Hundreds of thousands of dollars lying Around to put into a home what about the Stock market surely the stock market is A good place to put your wealth well we Are in a recession and it looks like We're going to go into a deeper Recession over the next few years and When recessions get worse people lose Their jobs businesses fail so the stock Market can be a sketchy place as well I Say put your wealth into a safe haven Asset gold or silver both are great Options but silver is more volatile than Gold and it looks like we are near the Bottom for silver so once gold and Silver both start going up silver Usually goes up faster so I say silver Is going to be the big win over the next

Few years I personally am buying more Physical silver I am buying as much as I Can and I don't plan on selling any of It anytime soon okay so what are your Thoughts on Silver why are you Personally buying it feel free to leave A comment Down Below in the comment Section and as promised let's get to This unboxing I'm so excited to open This up and see what's inside I guess We'll start with the flashlight Okay very nice I wonder if I gotta put batteries in it Or if it's good to go oh look So it's like a UV flashlight see what's All blue that's kind of cool even comes With a little charger That's nice all right so I'm probably Gonna need that for this piece I have no Idea what this is I've never seen Germania mint come out with anything That needed a UV flashlight so maybe It's some kind of new security feature Or something like that Oh my goodness look at this It's the fen rear wolf Oh my goodness limited to 999 pieces oh Wow I got number eight of 999 so this is Like a special edition I cannot wait to See this Here we go baby Oh look at that that is so Fierce Looking Wow what a cool piece of silver so this

Is the second release In the Germania Beasts series that is ridiculously Awesome Wow now I wonder what I need the UV Light for I wonder if this goes Look at that It totally turns red Okay I'm gonna have to do some more Research into this because I know Nothing about this but look at that Color oh look at the eye Okay I see what's up that is so cool I've never seen anything like that Before check out the eye Okay this is ridiculously awesome Obviously these are just for collecting This is a fun piece of silver here this Is not for investment or stacking or Anything like that but hey if you want a Fun piece of silver how can you get more Fun than that one final thing that I Wanted to mention the deal that bullying Max is doing where you get a free silver Dragons Silverback with a bundle of Silver this is completely separate from The giveaway that they're doing so you Can still enter their giveaway to win One of these for free but if you want to Get one early when you're already Picking up some silver from bullion Max Definitely check out the link Down Below In the description I do want to say a Massive thank you so much for watching This video and I will see you all in my

Next one silver dragons Out

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