2023 American Silver Eagle Coins – Good For Silver Investing?

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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And today we're looking at the new 2023 American Silver Eagle coins are these Worth it should you be buying silver Eagles in 2023 if you're looking to Stack silver or invest in silver should You go this route or should you buy some Other type of silver coins that's we're Talking about in this video Let's Do It Thank you so much for watching I do Sincerely appreciate it if you want to Learn more about investing in precious Metals or if you just want to watch Awesome videos about gold and silver Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel alright so we got the 2023 American silver eagles they look Basically the same as they've looked for The last two years as you know these are Considered type 2 silver eagles because Of the design of the eagle on the Reverse the type 1 silver eagles had a Much better Eagle design in my opinion But they don't make these anymore in 2021 they switched over from this type 1 Design to the new type 2 design so they Actually added a security feature as Well it's not much of a security feature In fact it's pretty weak in my opinion But they launched it in 2021 if we're Looking at the 2021 Silver Eagle here we Can see it is in the six o'clock Position at the sort of bottom of the Coin it's this little notch or a missing

Read so the edge with all of these Little dashes on it this is called a Reeded edge and there's one portion of The edge that is not readed it's a plain Edge and so this is their security Feature kind of lame but I guess it's Better than nothing so anyway in 2021 it Was in the six o'clock position then in 2022 they changed the location of the Missing read as you can see it is right Under the sun this is about the 730 Position on the coin and so for every Single year they're changing the Location of the missing Reed so if People are trying to fake these coins For the upcoming year they won't know Where this location is going to be so I Guess it's kind of a good idea on the 2023s the location of the missing Reed Is in the three o'clock position so over Here on the right and uh yeah I mean I Guess it's it is what it is it's not the Best security feature but certainly is Better than nothing so anyway this is The 2023 American Silver Eagle to me This is nothing incredibly special I Mean all it is really is just one ounce Of silver if you want to invest in Silver if you want to Stack silver you Want to get the most silver for your Money and the problem with the 2023 American silver eagles is the same Problem we've been having for a few Years the premiums are just way too high

So you want to try and get lower Premiums when you're buying physical Silver because obviously the lower the Price the more silver you can stack Right a lot of us like to sort of Measure our wealth in ounces not in Dollars so if you can get more ounces For your US dollars when you're Purchasing these that's obviously a good Thing so because the premiums are so High on American silver eagles I would Say it's probably not the best idea to Be stacking these in 2023 there's just No way they're going to be able to to Increase the mintage fast enough to Lower premiums so I think there's pretty Much a shortage of American silver Eagles that's going to continue and it's Not like these coins are going to be Rare I mean they're still going to make You know over 10 million of these this Year but it's certainly not going to be Enough to fill demand so I would say for Me if I wanted to be buying silver Getting the most silver for my money I Absolutely would not be looking at the 2023 American silver eagles now if you Want to buy just one or two for your Collection maybe you get one every year There's nothing wrong with that but I Wouldn't go hard on these I mean I would Not be buying tubes or Monster boxes or Anything like that maybe just buy a few To have but anything beyond that any of

Your heavy silver stacking I think you Should be doing with silver rounds Silver bars or other types of silver Coins now if you want to Stack other Types of silver coins obviously you can Pick them up for a lower premium there Are five that I have recommended for This year and I made a whole video on it From left to right we have the Austrian Philharmonic then the Canadian silver Maple leaf next up is the Australian Kangaroo then we have the South African Krugerrand and lastly from the UK we Have the Britannia so all five of these Silver coins will have a lower premium Than the American silver eagles and I Believe these are a better thing to be Buying for stacking or investing if you Want to pick up all five of these silver Coins at once over on bullion Max they Have an exclusive silver dragons offer If you get all five of the coins in a Bundle pack they're gonna throw in a Free silver dragons Silverback now these Are made out of real silver they are a Limited edition collectible they're not Really for silver stacking or silver Investing they're just to enjoy but I Have a whole bunch of these I think They're awesome and free is definitely a Great price so if you're just getting Into silver or if you don't have these Coins yet you'll want to get one of each Of them to hold them in your hand and

See which one you like the best this is A great way to get this bundle so after You click the link in the description it Will bring it to this page then you Click on claim my silver bundle it'll Take you to the website where you can Add them into your cart and one thing to Note is that they have free shipping on Orders over two hundred dollars and this Is going to be less than that so you got To add like maybe forty dollars more to Get to that free shipping if you click On silver coins and scroll down we can Find the lunar year of the rabbit these Are just over forty dollars so this will Be the perfect amount to bring it to Free shipping but these are really cool Coin they are collectible they change Designs every single year I'm excited For next year because it's going to be The dragon but this is probably what I Would add to my cart in addition but Coming back to the American silver Eagles it's a real shame that the Premiums are not lower on these coins They're basically a semi-numismatic or a Fairly High premium coin but it didn't Always used to be like that when I first Started buying silver eagles back in 2018 the premiums were around two Dollars and fifty cents to three dollars For each coin and I remember picking up Silver Eagles at one point for under 17 That was a total amount I paid now the

Premium is like 17 on these so hopefully In 2023 the US Mint will actually make Enough of these to where the premium Does not go higher from where it is now I would like to see the premiums come Down to around you know five dollars a Coin if they did go that low then I Would say absolutely stack American Silver eagles they are a beautiful coin You know they're made in the United States of America I loved stacking these In the past I stacked a whole Monster Box or 500 of these coins and I wanted To stack more but then the premium Started shooting up and I just really Wasn't a able to because my dollar cost Average for my stack would have risen Too high I wasn't comfortable paying Those higher premiums so if the premiums Do come down then I would say yes these Are certainly a great thing to be Stacking or investing with but uh with The premiums the way they are right now I would just stay away from these I Would buy the other silver coins you Know kind of shop around see which ones Are on sale and maybe pick those up but Anyway I am curious what your thoughts Are on the new 2023 American silver Eagles feel free to put a comment Down Below in the comment section also I want To say a massive thank you so much for Watching and I will see you all in my Next one silver dragons out

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