5 Silver Stacking or Silver Investing Myths Exposed

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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video I want to share with You five myths surrounding silver these Have to do with silver stacking or Silver investing now if you're new to Precious metals or if you've been buying Them for quite a long time uh stick Around listen to all five and let me Know in the comment section do you agree Or disagree with my thoughts surrounding These myths I'm going to talk about Whether I think they're true or Absolutely false so okay let's do it Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it real quick I want to shout out my Rumble Channel I Post all of the same YouTube content Over on this other platform called Rumble this is my backup Channel if Anything happens over here on YouTube I'll still have this other channel now I'll put a link Down Below in the Description if you want to check it out We're trying to get to over 1 000 Followers really close but okay let's Talk about the five silver myths so the First myth that I've heard is people Saying that Silver's price can go to Zero that silver could be worthless at Some point and it's funny this actually Could not be farther from the truth now What are they saying when they say Silver could go to zero well what They're actually saying is that it would

Be worth zero dollars and when you say That you're making a big mistake right Because you're insinuating that dollars Are money but in reality dollars are Just currency I mean the world has been Around for a long time and dollars have Not existed for the whole time the world Has been around we know this through History but what has existed well gold And silver have right those are actually Real money they've been used as money For thousands of years but okay let's Take this one step further let's pretend That dollars are money okay and that at One point silver could be worth zero Dollars well this whole notion is Absolutely absurd because silver has to Be mined out of the earth there's costs Associated with mining Silver and There's massive demand for silver in Different products you know Electronics Uh your phone your computer solar panels Cars there's silver and lots of other Parts of Industry you know medicine the List goes on but the bottom line is it Costs a certain dollar amount to Actually mine one ounce of silver out of The ground and right now that's about 14 Or 15 dollars to mine and an ounce of Silver and so if the demand is always There for silver and the price goes too Low what will happen is the miners will Actually either stop mining for silver Or the silver that they do mine they

Won't sell it out into the marketplace They'll just keep it for themselves and We actually saw this happen back in 2020 And so the bottom line is if there's no Silver going out into the marketplace But there still is demand you know Because the price is too low well this Is going to actually raise the price Right lots of demand low Supply it's Going to raise the price it's going to Go back above mining costs which again Is around 14 or 15 dollars an ounce and Uh so that's kind of like the bottom That silver can really go to you know we Could see silver price temporarily dip Below that number but eventually in a Fairly short period of time it'd make Its way back up to that number and then Continue to go up from there so I think This is a total myth there's no truth to This you know and people say oh silver It's just going to go to zero Um don't buy into that because it's all Lies all right myth number two that I've Heard is that the world is running out Of silver and I think this one is Absolutely hilarious I've heard this From people who are promoting silver They're saying look you need to buy it Now because there's a limited Supply They've said things like the mines are Drying up you know this could be your Last chance and you know I just think This is utter nonsense if we look at how

Much silver was mined this year we can See it's over 822 million ounces and this is quite a Bit more than was mined back in the year 2000 so they're actually mining more Silver today than they were in the past And as far as mines drying up you know There might be one or two mines that are Kind of getting a little bit low on Silver and who cares right there's Thousands of Minds across the Earth There's so much ground that's never been Explored we don't know what's under the Ground in most parts of the world and so When I hear all the mines are drying up I just think this is ridiculous I mean New minds are being explored and drilled Every day they're finding lots of silver Under the ground and so they're mining An incredible amount of it now but we Know there's a lot more silver Underground yet to be mined so don't Believe this myth okay myth number three Has to do with selling your silver if The price of silver goes up I've heard This several times once recently someone Said if the price of silver goes too High let's say it goes to fifty dollars An ounce or a hundred dollars an ounce Am I going to have any trouble selling My silver and this one's pretty easy Because we can look at what's happened In the past just back in 2011 we saw the price of silver go

Almost up to fifty dollars an ounce and What was happening at that time was it Possible for people to sell their silver Well actually it was extremely easy for People to sell their silver because the Reason that the price went up so high Was because of this spike in demand most People were not investing in silver and Then the media started talking about it And pushing it wow look at silver price It's going so high you know it was on The news we saw all of these shops Popping up in the malls Everywhere You Know by we buy your gold and silver Whatever and so people were starting to Think Hmm maybe I should get into silver And a lot of people did they bought in When the price was really high but the Bottom line is anyone who wanted to Offload their silver at that time would Have had no problem at all because there Was so much demand you could walk into Any coin shop and say Hey I want to sell My silver they'll buy it from you Immediately because they could they know They can sell it in two minutes to the Next guy right there's probably a line Of people out the store waiting to buy Silver so yes if the price of silver Does go up you will have no problem Selling your silver that you already Have now so this is a total myth when People say you won't be able to sell When the price goes up all right now

Let's get to myth number four I've heard People say that you cannot make money Off of silver in fact I think even Dave Ramsey says this says don't buy silver It's just a rock it's going to sit there You can never make any money off of it And people will sometimes follow that up And say silver is only good for saving Your money because even if the price of Silver goes up over time with inflation And things like that well it's maybe a Hedge against inflation people aren't Really saying that right now but this is Something that's been said for decades You know silver and gold or hedge Against inflation but the thing is Silver yes it is a great savings account It's very wonderful to convert your US Dollars into real money because you know Whatever happens in the dollar you know Who cares doesn't matter my wealth is Stored in a safe place I've got silver I'm outside of that system there's no Counterparty risk I mean there's all These good things about buying silver But the myth is that you cannot make Money off of your silver and this is Also untrue because we have seen silver Price spike up very high very fast in The past I mean we go back to 2011 we Saw the price of silver go up so fast I Mean the notion that you cannot make any Money off your silver is ridiculous Because again when demand is there you

Know when we're at the tail end of a Bull run we see that Mania phase where Everyone piles in they think it's going To go to a thousand dollars an ounce or Whatever and if you do sell at that Point in time absolutely you can make Money off your silver so if you buy Silver and then want to sell in a week Or in a month you know can you make Money off of it maybe but probably not You really need to hold on to it for Longer than that I mean silver is a Long-term wealth storage vehicle when I Buy silver I don't plan on selling it Anytime soon so can you make money off Your silver absolutely you can but if That's your primary reason for stacking I would say you're doing it wrong Because it's more about savings it is More about wealth preservation so I Guess this one is maybe sort of a half Truth you know it depends on you know The time frame and stuff like that but Overall I would say it is false because I know you can make money off your Silver all right let's get to the fifth And final myth surrounding silver and I've heard this one many times over the Years but it's when people say that Silver will just be used as an Industrial metal in the future that it's Going to lose its precious metal status And only be used for industry now I can Kind of see why they would say this so

I'll talk about from their point of view And then I'll give you my thoughts on it So when they look at Silver you know They see most of it already goes to Industry so this isn't that far of a Stretch you know some of it goes to Boolean and investment but most of it Just goes to make things and when we Look at the hierarchy of precious metals Silver is kind of the lowest one on the List right as far as Rarity we got Silver then we got gold then we got the Platinum Group Metals right there's Platinum Palladium rhodium there's other Ones but that's sort of the the general List there and Silver's at the bottom And you know what's the definition of Precious I mean we're talking about Definitions here base metal precious Metal but what does precious even mean Well if we look it up it is an object Substance or resource of Great Value not To be wasted or treated carelessly and When we think about silver being used in Products you know what happens to your Old cell phone when it breaks uh you Just simply throw it away maybe you Recycle it or something like that but The silver that's in it is not going to Be recovered it's these tiny little Wires no one's you know cutting it open And taking the silver on keeping it so a Lot of the silver that's out there is Already being wasted and treated

Carelessly so it seems like it's not That precious right now this is their Point of view and maybe they don't Really understand how rare silver is so Let's just compare silver to copper Right they say silver it's going to be Base metal like copper zinc lead you Know these other ones well how much Copper is actually mined every year it's About 18 Million tons in fact this year we've Already mined over 18 million tons and I Did the math this is about 600 billion ounces of copper mined this Year alone 600 billion with a B and we Haven't even mined one billion ounces of Silver so just think about that for Rarity if we look at Silver compared to Copper you know the difference there About 600 Silver compared to Gold the Difference there about eight right so Silver's definitely fits a lot more in The precious metals category and uh you Know for me when I look at it it's not Even close silver has been used as a Monetary metal for thousands and Thousands of years you know when we talk About precious metals what do we talk About silver and gold you know it's They're intertwined so I don't think It's ever going to lose its precious Metal status I think people are always Going to be buying it for investment uh You know buying silver bullion there's

Always going to be a demand for silver Bullion out there so when people say you Know oh it's just going to be in an Industrial metal in the future I think That is absolutely false completely Untrue so okay those were my five myths That I wanted to talk about in this Video feel free to leave your comments Regarding those down below in the Comment section I want to say massive Thank you so much for watching and I Will see you all in my next one silver Dragons out

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