How to see opportunity during a financial crisis – Robert Kiyosaki, Doomberg

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This is the Rich Dad radio show the good News and bad news about money here's Robert Kiyosaki hello hello Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad radio show the Good good news and doomsburg uh words About money today we have a very special Guest because this is about gloom and Doom but also out of Doom and Gloom Comes opportunity And I'm very impressed with this uh Doomberg character here I mean he is Kicking ass all over this This category of uh precious metals and Forecasting and macro So our guest today is doomberg we're Going to find out why you should be Worried uh and just to back up what he's Going to say today this is today just Came today You'll see Economist and it talks about Big green and mean How Joe Biden's plan to break Is how to remake America's economy so Joe Biden is more than Joe Biden but They're but what what do Berg and I many People agree on we're screwed we're in Big trouble but the good news is that's Good news and bad news the bad news is We're in trouble financially as an Economy World economy the good news is There's more opportunity So when a balloon goes up it also comes Down and the balloon is coming down Right now

So with that welcome to the Rich Dad Radio show Mr said doomberg but you're Not doomsburg right just doomberg yes Doomberg Robert great to be here big fan I was talking to you a bit before we Came on the air about how I first read Your book in the late 90s made a big Impact on me and and the thought back Then of actually being on a podcast with You now as an animated green chicken I Mean what if you had the odds on that I'd have taken it and you would have won The lottery but as you said we are Doomberg Um at our at our core we are very Optimistic the name doomberg is kind of A play on words Um it is a doomy time but with doom Comes opportunity as we have shown uh And it is a fascinating time to to be Writing about macro about energy about Crypto about gold and silver and about Financial Freedom and and you know one Of the great things we've done with Building doomberg is we've included our Audience along the journey and and we've Built this business Um with nothing but a couple of Keyboards and it's been a real fantastic Journey Well what uh Einstein says if you ever Come to our office we have a bust of Einstein there we have what's called a Genius room you know I think I think

Apple has a Genius Bar we have a genius Rum and it's a genius from dedicated to Entrepreneurs with Kick-Ass like we have Henry Ford of those characters in there But Einstein is in there and his quote That I love Einstein is imagination is More important than knowledge And what you're telling me is you're Using your imagination with doomberg Character and you were in school the Time getting knowledge But your imaginations actually carried You to doomberg so congratulations You're following Einstein's plan all Right well I'll send you a doomberg mug And you can put it in the genius room Um or perhaps a a bottle opener if That's more your persuasion but um no It's really it is a fantastic thing that Even today uh with all of the red tape And bureaucracy and and polarization in The country you can still build a Business from scratch we've spent almost Nothing building doomberg it's all been Sweat Equity it scales as you know the Content creation business uh it can be Fantastic if you can if you can create a Character that catches fire we happen to Have been able to do that and we observe All manner of content creators love your Stuff Um and and really again as I said when I When I first opened up it's a real Pleasure unbelievable to be here

Actually What's kind of funny is as we're talking This show is being recorded but by the Time it's played Uh Sarah and I are handling a uh major Emergency right now I did I was teaching At Arizona State University their honors Program the you know the smartest kid in The universe and all summer long I Taught them they loved it they had a Great time And then so there was a request that we Do kind of a similar event For the whole school and is that it's at The what they call the gamage auditorium And I didn't control that And it was somebody's good idea and they Have now they have myself and Dennis Prager And they have uh Charlie Kirk who is a Another creative character out there He's You know I I wrote this book here's my First book before I Rich Dad Poor Dad And says if you want to be rich and Happy don't go to school and and uh They're pounding me they're pounding us Right Sarah That's right we're expecting uh Lots of protesters tomorrow And the protest students Mark are from The teachers yeah you know the the College campus is out of my oldest child Is off to college next year and uh sat

Him down a couple of weeks ago and said Whatever happens when you go to college Do not allow them To teach you to hate your parents that's Just you know we tried our best we got You here straight teeth in a college Education that's what we offered you That's what we're delivering don't let Them tell you any different about who we Are and how we built our lives and and You know yeah College education is not important I Said it won't make you rich and happy Sure and there's a difference you know What I mean because my poor dad Was a college professor you know he was He was a teacher at uh not Arizona State But University Hawaii And that poor guy is smart PhD did Grant Grad work at UH schools like Stanford University Chicago and Northwestern and He was still poor I saw my kid going Like the guy's going to school all the Time but he's still poor what's wrong With this picture it was funny because I I decided to go away from Academia and Into industry in large part because of Your book um and I I decided that I Would go into industry make enough money And then start start my own business Eventually you know invest in assets as Your book uh correctly educates and We've been able to do that and so it's a Very similar Journey perhaps to your

Father right you know PhD myself yeah so So enough about those losers in Education you know I mean they're Pounding I mean they're they they expect Protests and riots and all this stuff You know all it it's it's kind of funny Doomberg because In many ways I'm going home to the start Of Rich Dad Poor Dad I'm pissing off Poor Dad again because when I read Rich Ted Poor Dad my family got so pissed at Me because they're all academics they're All a students and I'm sure you were too But I wasn't so I'm just getting even But anyway let's get on with the economy Now um You know this this haircut this is the Economist And this is this week it's a February 11th 23 2023 it says Joe Potter's plan To make the economy and in my opinion uh Joe Biden and the liberal left these Academic types are destroying the Economy more than any person they can Blame the FED they can blame this but These uh Kami Pinko Biden family crime Family I mean what they did the first Thing they did duesburg is I my degree Is an ocean transportation Oil I'm an oil expert so 1965 and I went To school in in New York for this and I Studied this book here The Communist Manifesto I was 18 years old since 1965. And I read The Communist Manifesto

Because it's a military school the Military was teaching us about communism Because he must know your enemy And then what happened is they sent me To Vietnam in 1966 and all this is going On I'm going what the heck is going on It's it's communism but when I read this Book here and this is what pisses people Off too is I realized they were talking About my family these guys believe in Um communism they're marxists not bad People give me wrong like you can be a Christian you can be a Muslim doesn't Mean you're a bad person it's a Different philosophy so this great New Deal stuff is killing us because I'm an Oil guy in 2000 the first thing that Biden did was cut off the Keystone XL Pipeline the moment he did that I said I Know what he's doing immediately they're Going to kill the middle class with Inflation And so that's why what you're saying What I'm saying is what way to hedge Against what these the Greenies are Doing Is gold silver Bitcoin you know I mean You got to do something that's real Because our money is fake What do you what do you have to say Doomberg well I would say that Um fake is the title of a fantastic book That I've begun to read in preparation For today's podcast but also I would say

That uh it's one thing to have Central Planning which the inflation reduction Act essentially imposes Upon Our energy Sector it's another to have Central Planning where you're choosing basically All of the wrong answers at the Beginning and and what it really comes Down to is a deep failure of Understanding of energy amongst our Political leaders and they believe that There's a perpetual motion machine in Play where you can get energy for free And then create energy for free without Ever having to put the T with zero Investment up front and um the green New Deal or the inflation reduction act Which is the most orwellianly named Piece of legislation ever come out of Washington DC Um it focuses on low entropy sources of Energy that have extended energy payback Periods which means you have to put an Enormous amount of energy up front and Since we're already in an energy Shortage although we have certainly Backed off the sort of peak of the Crisis here in the past few months Thankfully Um where is that incremental T equals Zero energy investment to create solar And wind uh going to come from and and If it takes you five years or eight Years of time to pay back the energy That you need up front to build your

Solar panel or to build your wind Turbines that energy comes from fossil Fuels and so they're sort of Um this circular argument around we need To stop drilling for fossil fuels and at The same time take an enormous amount of Energy to create machines that only pay Back a very slight amount of energy over Time and so ultimately it is going to be A giant waste of money there will be Grift and there will be opportunities And there will be you know selling Shovels to miners who are all going to Lose money and a Gold Rush is still a Great business and there will be Businesses to be created as a Consequence of this legislation but it's Going to fail and so yeah but the thing Is is um You know the reason I'm I'm very very Bullish on some I had a whole company You know uh Andy scheckman did a talk to Our company and he was talking about What happened you know with Saudi when They Abandoned uh was abandoned us what's That country Afghanistan those Communists abandoned us the Biden family They cut off oil then they abandoned us In Afghanistan and what Andy scheckman Says on a macro level is that at that Moment Russia and Saudi Arabia joined Forces and this goes against because the Dollar is Petro dollars as you know and

The moment they did that we lost our Energy Supply inflation is going to go Through the roof inflation's attacks and It's going to kill the middle class it's A tax they can't fight at least I don't Pay taxes but I have to pay for Inflation But the whole thing here is this brand New deal the Biden crime family They're killing they're killing the World And so that's why you know I've been a Gold and silver bug I've been a silver Buck since 1964. the year that President Johnson was it Johnson or uh I think Johnson after Canada Johnson he caught It he took the he took this silver out Of our coins and then 80 71 That crime that criminal uh Nixon I'm Not Republican or Democrat you notice I'm pretty by uh bisexual there when it Comes to politics but anyway that Nixon Took us off the gold standard and that Screwed the middle class also but it led To this biggest Boom by printing money It led to a boom and that's that balloon Sitting behind of us that's the world Economy is this balloon and right below It is you and me hanging from this Balloon And so doomberg you and I are trying to Warn people that that balloon is coming Down And the question is how do you save

Yourself am I pretty on on target with You so I would say Beyond Saudi Arabia And Russia you have to include China and President XI and I would I would say That President xi's latest visit to Saudi Arabia is one of the most Important Milestone events uh sort of Macroeconomic history and a decade from Now when history will be written it Might yeah but I didn't answer my Question this was my show too Are you concerned that balloons coming That this is the whole point so was she Going to Saudi Arabia the move away from The petrol dollar to the Petro Juan uh Might be coming a lot faster than people Think and if you actually read what President XI said when he left Saudi Arabia if you read a speech it's if you Could go and find translated versions I Understand that but I want to know what The good news is okay you can go on this Macro crap which you know I'll tell you Something I was at XR I was at Visa Vric then to Vancouver resource Investment concept great show if you're A hardcore Metals person you should be At vric Jay Martin does a fantastic job But I'm listening to all these experts Yak away and I have more golden summer Than they do I have more gold and silver than you I'll bet So I don't you know I don't just talk

About the macro is how many how many Ounces of gold and silver do you have And I'll prove it to you this here is my It's my goal mine from Utah the richest Gold mine in America took it public Paul Signed odv And so what I'm tired of doing with work Is people just talking about the macro Jesus G doesn't care what you and I say Yes no Biden doesn't care what you and I Say you know yeah I would say you have To play the pieces on the board and my Personal largest investment outside of Our private you know company is Affecting gold I know but but things Work I sit there I listen to all these Guys yak about the macro my question is Show me the gold and silver I just Showed you my mind here I have a silver Mine in Argentina so I put my money my Mouth this and I think that's really the Issue right now so I really want you to Explain to people as best you can Using the macro but also the micro what Can Mom and Pop do because that balloon Is coming down all right so that's Really what I want to get into because That that's what you're good at oh no You have to have a mindset and a plan And like we have a philosophy which is We earn in Fiat because we live in the Real world we save by buying um precious Metals and land like gold and and Timber And then we invest in businesses that

Cash flow Um and that's the mindset and no matter Where you are in the economic ladder If You Begin by sort of earning more than More than you need and then saving in Things like precious metals and Investing selectively where you can Create cash flow then you'll be in a Much better position to to to withstand Whatever's coming uh you know in the Next three months or three years I understand but now uh you know what Are how much gold and I mean are you Buying silver coins at all Uh I have a fair bit of silver coins uh In my uh safe just for Um the worst case scenario sort of Prepper risk where you might want to do Some barter Um but when I do want to buy silver uh In size I would usually probably invest In spot physical Um trust or uh or their gold trust which I think is a slightly better paper Version of GLD and SLV Um because it's very difficult for the Com in my sort of net worth to buy you Know kilograms of alcohol so keep it in My house I actually telling me that you Invest in SLV and jlt no I don't I Invested in Sprots versions where you can actually Stand for delivery I like Sprott he's a Good man

Good company yeah py Fizz p-h-y-s and Pslv when I do want to um yeah Hey doomberg the reason I show you all This stuff here and I'm bullshitting you Right now is the people that watch Rich Dad Radio know they're in the balloon And they're the gondola And we're coming down hard and so what You've been saying to people makes sense To me but so many people are in ETFs Or saving cash And I don't save cash if you've noticed I save gold and silver I use debt I'm Not saying everybody should do what I do Because it's a little bit more Sophisticated But when we come back I want you to talk To the people like you and me we're not Going to you know Biden doesn't care What we think this guy Putin sure Doesn't care The king of Saudi Arabia doesn't care They're going to do what they have to do And this guy is Gee You know he's Emperor for Life Chinese Guy And so our my group we're the guys in The little Gondola hanging down there And we need to know what we're going to Do because I think by now anybody's Watched Rich Dad Radio knows that Balloon is coming down So we come back I want you to talk to Guys like you and me and don't say it

Takes a lot of money to invest in a Start a gold mine because it doesn't I Don't have that reality I'm an Entrepreneur I can do what I want to do But anyway it's it's really I started This whole thing with education and how Our schools tell us to go to school get A job work hard save money get out of Debt And that's and invest in a 401k So I'm going to ask you a tough question How much money do you have a 401k You know because nothing is wrong But I want to find out your point of View on it because we're talking to the Average guy hanging in that little Bucket there okay so when I come back You and I because I I trust your macro Your macro is good But I want to know what the little guy Can do so we come back go into what they Can do okay deuceberg you bet all right So we come back we're going mortal Doomberg we're all hanging in that Little bucket there I'm with you in that Thing I just want to know what doomsburg doing I'm telling you what I'm doing so I was Going to tell you what she's doing and Because that's that's what counts right Now Biden Putin and XI and the king of Saudi Arabia could care less what we Think we'll be right back [Music]

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Feeling powerless over current events And your financial future Financial Freedom is your freedom Robert Kiyosaki Is the best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad over 40 million people have Taken Robert's advice now it's your turn Attend Roberts free virtual wealth Building event claim your free access Now at don't wait access Is limited go to that's Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad radio show the good news and bad News about money and today we both have Bad news and good news but as you know At Rich Dad bad news convene good news And we have a great guest today is Doomberg I love this guy he's so well Respected for his macro he is Mr Big Picture he's that balloon guy he knows Why the balloon is going up he also Knows why it's coming down And the but and so do all anybody who's Watched Rich Dad for a while followed us We also know that balloons coming down You know it was a baby boom I'm a baby Boom But the baby boom is going to turn into A baby bust their 401ks are going and as This guy uh Jay Powell that crook is Raising interest rates is killing the Stock market so the 401ks are coming Down paper is coming down So doomberg is great he's well respected

For his big picture Is balloon technology but I want to find Out what you and me can do so with that Doomberg what save yeah so I can only Tell you what we did which was we Started our own business where we Figured out what it is that we love Doing uh we studied the market very Carefully we understood that uh we could Offer a better product one of our strong Beliefs is that disciplined execution is Still a durable note so you can go you Can work like it costs nothing to start A block the barrier to entry to starting A blog like doomberg is zero the barrier To success is high and one of our Philosophical Heroes coach Vince Lombardi from the Green Bay Packers back In the 60s that he has a famous quote Which says find out what the price is And pay it and so when we started Doomberg we had a crazy goal that we Will be the most successful Finance sub Stack in the world and we broke that Goal down into bites and bytes and bites And bytes until we got to something we Could do today and we show up every Single day what can we do today to push Ourselves forward towards that goal and The single most important thing that I Would I would give as advice for people Listening is if you're going to build a Business The most important thing you must have

Is a rigorous maniacal mindset of Continuous Improvement every day measure Your data what worked what didn't work What could we do better what did we Screw up and then you reinvest that Knowledge into your own business where You own the equity or success is Harvested by you and we've created a Business where while we're still Required to run it it scales with no Incremental effort and as we keep Growing which knock on wood we hope to Continue doing in 2023 all of that Benefit all of that hard work all that Knowledge all of that continuous Improvement mindset accrues to our Families uh on a go forward basis so Doomberg are you making a lot of money As doomberg Uh we have stopped doing everything else We were doing before doomberg for sure I really congratulate you because I Think you're like you said you're just a White guy but as a chicken you make more Money I think no I uh as I was talking about Vric Vancouver real estate investment Conference now a lot of these white guys You know talking numbers and all this Stuff And I thought it was great they're all Entrepreneurs Jay Martin does a great Job up there if you want to know what Entrepreneurship is go to vric and talk

To all those guys pitching their gold Mines because June birth the reason I Know so much about gold is 20 years ago I was one of those guys pitching a gold Mine at vric I learned more about Business starting a goal mine because It's a tough business wow that's why I Have so much respect for gold and silver Because it's a tough it's a tough asset Class but you didn't wake up knowing About gold mines you went and started Reading about it went to conferences Started learning about it learn things Made some mistakes had some errors had Some successes thought about why those Successes worked and then reinvested all Of that knowledge into ultimately Building right certainly successful and When you go to vric and I had some Friends there I I couldn't make it this Year but Um I know some very very successful People in the mining industry it's a Very tough industry oh God but it Rewards people who are willing to risk Capital Work hard Um maybe get a little bit lucky but when You get luck know that you have to Harvest it and and you know it I commend People that gold mining is low margin People think like One of the things I I joke about is you Watch shows like gold rush they always

Talk about how much gold you've created Oh that's one million worth of gold yeah But if it costs you 1.2 million in Expenses to get it it's a 200 200 000 Hole and so um the one thing about a Mining business and Bitcoin miners find This out as well of course is you have To you have to earn more in Gold that You can then of course Amen brother you Know convert into Fiat to pay your Expenses and have some profit left over That maybe you keep in gold or maybe you Invest in an apartment building or or Something else down the road Um but you know gold is not just free Money lying in the ground and the Quality of your deposits the chemistry Of extracting it Um you know and and the diesel fuel to Move all of that rock these are all just Sort of the standard things that any Business owner confronts Um and I would say again no matter what Business you're in Um if you own the business and you have A rigorous mindset of continuous Improvements Um and you're you can survive the blows That come from starting a business and They come believe me like when we Started our business before doomberg Which we've since put on runoff to do Doomberg full-time we had our ups and Downs we lost 85 of our business when

Covet hit and we had a real dilemma like Do we do we go back and try to get a job Or do we double down on ourselves and Reinvest in ourselves and we decided to Reinvest in ourselves and to break into The content creator space and it's the American dream you know we we have um Yeah to your question about doomberg um We are Um we wrote a piece describing the fact That we have achieved um way more than We need and um we will not succumb to The disease of more uh we will keep Doing what we love doing uh we will set Up our families to the best of our Abilities but we also have a limited Amount of time on this planet and we Intend to savor the success of doomberg Which is by the way built completely on All of our subscribers we are 100 Subscriber supported true free market Capitalism in a sense In the sense that we are literally just Surfing the Sea of abundance provided by Our readers and if we weren't delighting Them with our work we would not have That privilege and so we um we every Subscriber is precious we work hard to Find them to entice them to Delight them To so that we can okay okay that's Enough of a pitch my question to you is This okay I mean no I understand what You're doing you're a pitch man you're Very good that's that's why I said you

Know dressing up as a chicken is a Really great idea because it gets Attention and it's smart and you know Your macro you know and the average guy Is not going to start a business most People are employees so like Sarah's an Employee of our company do you buy gold And silver sir yeah yep do you have real Estate yeah that's that's my passion That's where I have most of my money Yeah so you know we Don't park our our job is to help people Like you and me not not Biden or G or Putin another question I have is do you What do you think of uh crypto and FTX What all that stuff that happened So I would I would partition digital Assets into two classes Bitcoin and Everything else and um I I currently Don't own any Bitcoin but I'm interested In the technology Um and I could be induced to buy it at The right price but I think crypto at Least in this first generation Um is nothing more than a giant uh Ponzi Scheme and uh where where the uh Sophisticated at least the Unsophisticated and all of this is going To be rolled up and I think Unfortunately one of the negative Consequences of it is we could see Pretty substantial regulation that that Bridges towards Central Bank digital Currencies which I think is it would rip

Away the last messages of privacy and They need to be opposed vehemently good Good and and you know uh you know I own Crypto I mean I own Bitcoin only a small Amount I had it went to 20 000 but Because it studied technical analysis And what went to twenty thousand went Down to almost zero that went back to One two three and I kept waiting I was waiting for the keep to keep Crashing so when it hit six I backed up The truck and bought some okay so that's Everybody can you know study a little Technical analysis because it does help Well you know what's funny is like I cut A lot of crap from the Bitcoin Maxi Crowd first I was on a Bitcoin podcast Where I said you know I don't yet have Bitcoin but if it got back down to five To six where you bought I would be an Interested uh yeah and I got so much Crap on Twitter from these people Because they are oh look at it so 24 you Missed your price dummy you know have Fun staying poor and uh adds up it's Just kind of fun but if it does get back To that price where you bought I'd be I'd be backing up the truck too Heck if It gets if it gets down to like eight I'm backing up the truck do you know What I mean but a better question Because like I said I respect you're Respected for your macro your macro is Really good

And uh I mean you know what's going on You know you know why that balloon is Floating But the question is you know people just Want to know What you know like I love silver because In my opinion silver is cheap right now You can buy it for 30 but you can buy a Gold civil Eagle for about 30 bucks So everybody wants to know what's your Forecast on Silver what if you know us a Silver eagle right now is let's say 30 Bucks every loser in the world can Afford them but they won't do it So I kind of I kind of you know Encourage people to buy a silver just so They get started so the brain starts to Work well what is this thing so that That the feeling of holding an actual Silver or gold coin in your hand is Something that is visceral and that Needs to be experienced now on Silver Versus gold silver is actually a bet on The idiocy of the green New Deal uh in a Way because the number unlike gold there Are substantial industrial uses for Silver in addition to its historical Role as coinage and the number one Industrial use or silver is in the Production of solar panels and so if you Are worried about the green new deal I'm Going a little bit too far a nice sort Of Um a double hedge in owning silver is

You're also levered to the upside demand Story that the industrial use of silver In the production of of silica of of Polysilicon panel you know those solar Panels that are coming out of China Predominantly have an enormous amount of Silver in them relatively speaking and So so if that doubles or triples you're Getting sort of industrial demand As well as your sort of hedge against The dropping of the balloon that you you Um okay get get out of the macro for a While I own a lot of I own a lot of Silver Eagles at our own Gold Eagles and This is silver it's a Dory bar from my Silver mine in Argentina Okay so Tommy what not too many people Have a Dory bar from their mind in Argentina but I have a lot of everybody Can afford a silver eagle Goldie and Silver eagle what do you predict so here It is we're February 2023 one year from Now 2024 if somebody puts 35 bucks down And buys an eagle silver eagle what do You think the price of silver will be Um you know I I don't want to uh Vacillate here but I would say uh I Would be in let's just put this way I am Bullish on precious metals Um silver eagle of course sells at a Premium to the metal and those types of The premium grows and shrinks over time Um I have a view that um I invest a Certain amount of my savings into gold

And silver on a steady basis so at Dollar cost average in so Um a year from now whatever the price of Silver is if it's up that means the Silver property bot is worth more and if It's down I'm getting more silver for The incremental dollar that I save by Putting it into silver and gold that's Why I understand what I can give you um Because I to me if it goes down I get to Buy more if it goes up the stuff I Already have is worth more and I'm happy Hey doomberg I understand But irrespective for your macro you're Slipping with the trading answer you Know obviously when it goes down like Rick Roll he says he's had he's a he's a Golden silver guy but he says when Golden silver goes down he gets happy Because he buys more you and I are in The same camp yes but the reason is is Because we understand the macro we Understand what's going on to keep that Balloon floating up there And I think the balloon's coming down so I just ask you a simple question take a Freaking guess what do you think Silva Will be one in February 2024. You can buy a silver eagle for let's say 30 bucks today what do you expect to pay In February 2024 yeah I would be Surprised if it was less than 40 and I Would be surprised if gold is less than Twenty four hundred dollars an ounce my

Honest opinion is that we're going to Have serious moves away from the Petrodollar in 2023 amen and as a Consequence of that it has to be Especially if they move towards settling Uh you know International Trade balances In gold or or a basket of Commodities That might include silver Um there's not the sort of total market Cap of gold is not is not large enough To participate in that role and you Would see a revaluation of gold and Silver of course I may I should say with A full disclaimer I'm parentingally Bullish on precious metals because it's Doomberg and um Chicken Little the sky Is falling if this guy falls in 2023 Then of course we could be wildly wrong In a sense it could be worth way more But I I am more in the Rick rule camp in the Sense that I'm price agnostic because if It goes down I just buy more Um it to me precious metals like gold And silver this is my honest answer and The few Collectibles that I know about That I can save and invest in wisely When the price is oscillate these are Things I plan to hand to my children Someday so here's how I view it Um the 20 ounces uh 20 silver or 20 Gold Eagles buys you a mid-sized SUV today Um in 20 years Uh it's about 40 000 yeah 20 Gold Eagles

40 000 bucks right yeah yeah buys you a Mid-size SUV today you know a Rav4 Toyota RAV4 well decked out Um in 20 years if I give those 20 Gold Eagles to my son Um he will be able to afford a mid-sized SUV that's the way that I view the gold In my safe Um I am I'm a defensive pessimist actually Which is a psychological Um not disease Affliction that um where You have to ponder the worst case Scenarios Abate them and then you feel Good that you can take risks right right So I I do worry about worst case Scenaries I'm a prepper I have food in My home I have the ability to prove more Um I own land I own Timber I own Productive um real estate Um but also I started my own business You know like it takes a lot of courage To start your own business Entrepreneur and Um you know the biggest way to the Quickest way to get rich is to get Equity in an Enterprise that grows fast I mean that's just the way the world Works and um and so if you could get in On the ground floor either something you Create or something that you can invest Alongside of somebody that you trust who Is a good entrepreneur right um and then That person delivers

Um you can compound wealth very very Quickly much much faster than you could Save with a salary and invest in but Anyway we're out of time but I want to Thank you for your macro View and your Your intermediate strategy what you're Doing and like I always say at Rich Dad Radio if you agree with me you're Intelligent and if you don't agree with Me you're an idiot but you're obviously Very intelligent because the point I Want to make doomberg is you know the Macro Anoint a macro gives you the you know it Gives you the view which which way that Balloon is going but it also gives you More certainty on what you buy sell and What you do so I thank you for teaching All of your audience out there it's Fantastic and keep up the good work I I Think it's so creative to have a green Chicken running around I didn't see you At vric but I tell you what if I was in Vancouver and I saw a green Chicken Around I'd eat it That's been great it's been great Rob I Really appreciate the opportunity Beck thank you doomberg And we come back we'll be final words With Sarah we'll be right back [Music] Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad radio show the good news and bad News about money and I want to thank

Juneberg for being a part of it and the One reason we had them on here is Because he is so tuned in to the macro And again macros why is that balloon That's a world economy floating but you And I are seeing that little Gondola Down there and in my opinion in his Opinion that world economy is coming Down right now and a lot of it has to do Because the baby boom generation is now Going baby bust as they keep raising Interest rates the stock market comes Down that's my opinion it's coming down But the 401ks and pensions are gone so My generation is toast the boomers are Toast right now so we invited Doom Breaks on for one reason the guy is Great at macro he understands it But that macro also gives him the Ability to make decisions in the micro And as I said at the start is that when I was at vric which is a great Conference because they're all little Entrepreneurs you see on on The Fast Track out there those are little Entrepreneurs out there they're building Their businesses most people are stuck In the rat race and that's that's the That's what we did this in 1996 So people are stuck in this Rat Race They want to know how to get out and one Way we get out is by being entrepreneurs Not too many people do it I don't Recommend it tough game

But we have Sarah on board and everyone In the company is not in not required But we encourage you guys to start your Own businesses and invest in gold and Silver and all that's in real estate Right that's right how how what did you Think about doomberg said You know I really he is so respected in The macro he like he mentioned he has The number one sub stack on finance Um but it was interesting to hear his Strategy if I hope people go back and Listen because if he they listen he's Doing exactly what we teach in the cash Flow board game it's exactly And so it's kind of crazy to hear it Played out in real life I mean I know You do it you're Robert Kiyosaki of Course but to hear to hear somebody like Doomberg act do that as well it's like Okay then that's the formula that works Yeah um I thought that was so cool that Was my favorite part other than seeing Him as a green chicken I mean I it was So I could hardly stare at the screen Because I'm like I'm just watching this Green chicken blink at me Um but I think that's super creative but I I that was my favorite part was to Hear his real life kind of investment Strategy He's very creative as an entrepreneur You know I mean when I was at vric Everybody should go to that conference

Next year they may they they talk about Holding it in Scottsdale because It's better than well the weather is Better in Scottsdale in January than in Vancouver yeah and uh Jay Martin's a Smart boy and does a great it's a Fantastic event But I'm up there listening to all of These guys like this yeah kind of way About the macro and my question is Show me the money you know this here is The richest deposit of gold in America And because I'm a Fast Tracker I'm not Stuck on the rat race I'm outside there So we took this company public Through the New York Stock Exchange so I'm not against stocks I just don't like Buying somebody else's stock I want you To buy my stocks right I mean that's the Rich Dad formula yeah but I all this guy Is yakking I want to know how much gold they got And I keep this on my desk here because This is a Dory bar this is Brewed silver coming out of my mind from Argentina That's how much I believe in this stuff And it all started Sarah 1964 when I was looking at a little Silver coin you know quarter half dollar And a dime it was copper and if you pick Up a Canadian coin at the pick on the Canadians but their coin isn't even Copper I don't I think it's aluminum

So our money has gotten so fake And everybody's working for a fake money That's why I wrote This Book fake money Fake teachers and fake assets You know your house is not an asset well I got pounded for that one all the real Estate guys hated me for that one But you have you have real estate now Right that's right that was that was the Asset that interested me the most Um Uh learning a ton yeah it is producing Cash flow which is great I mean Who would have thought a year later I Was just telling you know it was this Time last year we were there rehabbing Making it all beautiful getting ready to Rent and we've had renters since since We opened the doors in may we got lucky With renters over the winter Um in Northern Indiana so it's going Good I it's crazy because people talk About the real estate bug you get the Bug you want to buy another and it is a Hundred percent true every day I'm Looking for that new opportunity and I Know that you you know now if you listen To like Kenny McElroy he's like interest Rates are too high like If you listen to you know to The Experts They're saying don't buy right now but I Cannot help myself but look I am looking For opportunity I'm looking for that Next deal and it may not be right now

Um but at least I feel like I'm looking At I can evaluate the numbers And the numbers are true you know that It does come out true now is not the Time to buy but at least I'm looking and I feel like Um That's the important thing is I'm just I'm just learning I'm learning Everything so and then that's a perfect Segue into this is my this is before Rich Dad Poor Dad if you want to be rich And happy so today this is February uh Sixth or 7th 2023 and the school Teachers at Arizona State You know they're picketing me the paper Has called them a bunch of commies 37 Commies signed a uh 37 commies signed a petition against me And and it's the whole story of Rich Dad Poor Dad my poor dad was a college Professor And they don't know anything about money And it pisses them off You know those old Chinese proverb goes The reason they're attacking me in the Press And Dennis Prager and Charlie Kirk and Radical pollen It's because they're academics like my Poor dad and they think the most Important thing is our college degree You know and it is important I have a College degree I don't use it but as I

Always say on Rich Dad Alice in the Rich Dad radio show my Bankers never asked me For my report card yet my banker wants To see my financial statement my bank Wants to know how well I play that game In real life that's what they want to Know But your GPA and all that so I'm glad I'm going to be at uh Gammage Auditorium Tomorrow night ASU we're being packeted And I think that's interesting because It's the academics who are telling School telling the students that that We're we're common and Crooks And I personally think as the academics With the con men and a crook which is Why I wrote you want to be rich and Happy don't go to school which led to Rich Dad Poor Dad But it's different values so like the Thing I'm happy about you sir Is you have the capitalist bug now it's A game you just play Monopoly aren't you Yeah yep Where can I take the cash out of this to Buy my next one yeah And you have you have silver Yes not a lot silver to me I don't know There's guys in this office you know who They are they love that silver they Love it and I know it I look I get it It's not my it's not a thing I'm like Totally into but I do agree it's Something you should have for sure for

Sure yeah let me give one more lesson The reason I like gold and silver is Because of liquidity versus real Estate's not like so if this Market Crashes like that balloon is saying yeah You can't get out of real estate but if The market crashes it it'll probably Send gold and silver up but I can get Out of gold and silver like that so That's liquidity yeah no you're Absolutely right that's something that I Overlook all the time yeah and you can Hold you can hold cash But the trouble with cash is they're Printing more of it you know it's fake It's fake money and that's why I wrote This book here Yeah but this is the big thing right now I wrote this book here prophecy why the Biggest stock market crash in history is Still coming this is 2023 I believe it's Here now And that's my concern with everything I Had some big ones And everybody's gonna get wiped out are The people who bought like my poor dad Have a pension you know the biggest People with pensions are School teachers So they don't like me because of this Either because I'm saying your pension Is going down and they go oh how do you Say that And I'm not saying I'm I'm right I'm Just saying what if it goes down

So that's why and that's why I like Doomsburg because he studies bulk macro But it affects what we do and then you You guys at Rich Dad all you hear is Macro and micro for me right oh I think It's interesting because uh you just you Know he You ask the question what if you have 401k who knows if it'll ever actually You know go away but you ask the Question what if what are you gonna do So anyway that and that's doomberg is he Called himself a defensive pessimist That he's always prepared he's a prepper He's always prepared for the worst case Scenario and that's true though I mean You got to be so anyway Anyway that's it was a great show Interesting to have him on Ask the question again you know when I Was at vric everybody should go to it Next year Jay Martin does great job but You'll see true entrepreneurs and that's Those guys on the fast track I mean they are hardcore I mean I was One of those guys 20 years ago Standing and pitching my deal the Problem was I did find gold I dictate the company public in Toronto On the Toronto Stock Exchange And guess who took it The Chinese and nationalize my gold mine So all as smart as I was I still don't think the Chinese were

That Dastardly and just this week they Shot down that spy balloon And the Chinese are not against Chinese Oh you're a racist you're an Asian Racist I'm an Asian also But they shot down that spy balloon and I wonder why it took Biden seven days to Shoot it down yeah you know I mean what If it was a rocket maybe his son Biden Was up maybe maybe Hunter Is part of that balloon you know you Never know these days yep so anyway I'm Not a politician as you can tell I'm not A teacher I'm I'm just an ordinary guy who likes Gold silver I love entrepreneurship and I thank Juneberry for being on he knows His stuff but I really want to get Behind of him he's certain of what he's Doing because he knows the macro And that's why you should follow his Show final word Sarah no I just Appreciated the conversation and you can Learn more from doomberg by visiting a Sub stack at Yep yep and then last week we had that Holly guy uh Wagner or something Gary Wagner and their prediction for their Prediction for gold is almost identical Doomberg said uh no lower than 24 and 2400 and Gary said 2500 so there you go Yeah and Gary Wagner is a white guy Looks like he's Japanese with all his Swords behind him

And uh and and then all these guys are Calling us racist no we just we just Enjoy what we do so all of you have a Good time it's an exciting time if the Economy goes down you can still get very Rich just takes education they don't Teach you about in school thank you for Watching the Rich Dad radio show [Music]

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