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[Music] There you have that uh U.S housing Enters a deep freeze with sellers and Buyers sidelined How can you tell when the housing market Has begun to hit its Peak oh this is one of my favorites so It's a two-part formula so number one Write this down there's a company a Ticker m-s-c-i So it's m i homes but if you go to which is becoming like One of my favorite sites no I don't own Any shares in it no joint ventures uh no Partnerships with them but if you look At their housing Um historical chart you literally can See In real time the price action on the Housing market Homework assignment number three I want You guys to map out the Fibonacci levels For the housing market over the last 50 Years and point out the three places Where it tells you when the market is Going to take a downturn I know a lot of people were fighting me I remember maybe a year and a half I Said hey we're going to have a pullback Um Said we were not going to have it Demand for homes are down because of the Number one indicator of all is Quantitative easing is the Fed gonna

Pump money into the market thank you for That Um but if you look at that that go to and type in housing Historical chart and we'll give you a Breakdown and then next week when we do A presentation I'll walk you through how To tell when the market has hit a peak And then once when it's hit a decline to Know when to buy so you literally can Graph out on a on this chart when to buy A house when you have more upside return And then when the market is going to Turn over so I know some people say you Can't predict this stuff if you spend Enough time on the charts You can predict anything Go to so don Peebles Legendary real estate developer Yesterday Um at MSG he spoke about his clock Philosophy where he says he looks at Real estate like a clock and the hands Of a clock and from 12 o'clock to three o'clock is when you Should be studying the market from three O'clock to six o'clock is when you Should be actively buying real estate From Six o'clock to nine o'clock is when You shouldn't be buying real estate at That point in time and then from nine O'clock to 12 o'clock is when you should Be selling real estate and I asked them

Where are we and he said three o'clock So that mean that means that he thinks That in a very Like almost now we should actively be Looking to buy real estate Yeah can't argue and what well once Again he mentioned he's looking to put In capital and then some of his deals He's looking to maybe exit at 4X Return so for all my investors and Traders like 400 percent Take profit I know shoddy talked about Last night at 200 take profit Um if you're a Trader you want to risk One to make four for your short-term Trades And the best case scenario you want to Risk one to make eleven the formulas and Investing are all the same man like if You just apply your formula for when I'm Going to buy and that multiple I'm going To exit that applies for private equity Real estate your flips wholesaling Trading Forex Futures options swaps Everything use the same mathematical Formula and you won't get even for Hiring even for me my number one thing Next year people like hey can I work for The Rebellion How are you gonna bring in 20 million Dollars I'll write you whatever check you want To What's your plan to bring in 20 and go

Get that 20. You got to bring in a multiple I know Some people like Hey man can I get Trevor a shot I want a hoodie I love Everything they do I love they do for The culture I want to work with them Find a way to bring in 50 million Dollars Charlie will talk to you every morning So will I but if you want to talk to us Every morning you can go to and get some insights Before I go to Blackrock and sell out Shout out who was in the Builder last Night and square Before I go Sail Out I'm telling y'all about plans man but I'm gonna take y'all with me though We're gonna sell out together I told you I was in the mood today Waiting on the phone call immediately Um Let's that brings monitor the situation We have to close we have too closely I Want to get a question answered but Before let's talk about this people Situation a little bit further so um Don Peoples gave a lot of great Insight Yesterday Um so what's some of the takeaways that You got from his conversation Uh that was truly honor like thank y'all For setting that up that was because I Hadn't had a chance to um my guy Drew

Was the first one who introduced me like Of knowing about him Um so when I saw the interview that you Guys said I was like some gems but Number one is his energy and passion and Love For Real Estate that like our top Shawty I'm like let him cut it into my time You're like you sure I'm like he was Just getting into a Zone And number one the thing that I'm Noticing about people who have obtained The kind of wealth that I'm aspiring to Get is their passion for it like I don't Know how that how old Don is but his Energy is incredible and his passion for The business and number two the thing That I saw every time we asked him a Question he knew the multiples and the Numbers around the business like the Back of his hand So as an investor Even when we were talking about possibly Like doing syndication with the audience And like how to structure that he was Answering so rapidly I can tell the like the way he mastered His craft and I can see how he's amassed That wealth over these years and just Sticking to that formula and I think It's a great lesson that no matter how Attractive a stock or investment or real Estate property may be if the numbers Don't actually make sense at the time

And Market Cycles are not right you have To hold off and wait for the ideal Opportunity so those were my two biggest Lessons for him thank you to him um his Interview was absolutely amazing yeah He's been pretty gracious with us um Over the past year or so you know he Started with our interview came to Invest Fest uh even sat down with Matt Just on a real estate side Um I just think his humility is is Infectious man every time we speak to Him he's adding value or even last night When we were talking to him about Investing he's telling him like you know He's invested in Tesla and I'm like oh This is great because we named like four Stocks yeah he was I'm like I'm oh just Super impressed by it because it's like You know it comes that age-old question It's like oh is it real estate is a Stock he's clearly showing you like I Have massive real estate but I'm doing This too right so he's diversifying his Wealth um but you know what with him you Could just feel his energy to share the Knowledge that he has and that doesn't Happen I feel like even if I'm his Generation it's more important like Let's do it let's do it let's we'll do It hopefully they'll follow I feel like He's gotten to a point now where it's Like he's super intentional even when You know working with us and when he got

His award the other day at the agree Awards you know he requested us to be Part of the ceremony to for him to Accept that it was like he gets it like He gets it like there's more to teaching What you know to the Next Generation Right that adds to his legacy so I'm Always encouraged any time we get to sit Down with him and his team you know it's Never a no it's just like where we need To be and how long do we need to be There so his tumbleness and uh how great She said he is with his time I think is Super admirable Yeah shoddy what about you Um no I mean I think just his Conversation alone was was well worth The price of admission when he gave he Literally gave five cities that um he Personally is interested in investing in I mean he's a billionaire so I mean what Else do you could have just left after That honestly like yeah I'm gonna be honest we shouldn't even Did my segment Like he was like he and we're not saying This to hyper he literally gave the Cities twice And one state I didn't even think he was Looking at so to but I didn't mean to Cut you off but I have to emphasize poor Billionaire to give that actual Information and not screw it around the Question yeah that was worth the price

Of admission Yeah I think it's important to just even Manage expectations on a certain level And it's like You got to understand like you the odds Of the regular of a regular person Having a conversation with a billionaire Is pretty close to zero Just being honest with you right you're Probably never in life gonna have a Conversation with a billionaire So you're in a conversation with a Billionaire pretty much because you're There and we're speaking with them so You're in the conversation And he's telling you Five cities out of 500 000 that are in America That he's interested in investing in Like what's what's the real price for That like you know like it's like Sometimes in life you get so much Information and you started you start to Take things for granted and it's like I Need more I need more I need more I need More like when you when you actually Just sit back and think about it it's Like what would you pay for Warren Buffett to tell you five stocks that He's interested in like what would you Pay For you know I mean like Jay-Z to like People's paying a hundred thousand Dollars they said to have a dinner with

Jay-Z right like would you do it I I would do it for sure all day yep I Would definitely do it for sure but for Me it's a relationship It's a relationship That's like saying would you pay a Hundred thousand dollars to interview Steve Harvey yeah of course it would Have been it would have been beneficial For us it has been beneficial for us Right but we didn't have to pay what I'm Just saying hypothetically Look look what's happened from meeting Somebody yeah people that are saying Like no They don't have any vision But they probably often they also don't Have anything to offer this is extremely Important because you could just meet Somebody Have a conversation you don't have Anything to offer and you might get Enough information to make some money Which you might not I'm not really Looking so much for the information I'm Looking for the relationship because the Information is like Okay that's good but the relationship is Something that is going to last forever So there you have an opportunity to Build a relationship with somebody What's what's the real price for that But I digress long story short I just think that you're saying that's a

Great bro We have to we have to just really really Value information yeah and we have to Value market Mondays we have to value And we got the value earn your leisure Because sometimes we get spoiled we get Spoiled and it's like it's not normal Nobody was bringing billionaires on Before we did for our culture nobody Even knew who he was before before he Had him on right nobody knew he was that Why there's a reason why he does Everything that we ask him to do because Nobody knew him Like this is there is a reason why Steve Harvey is is going to do anything like a Lot of stuff with us because this was The biggest opportunity that he had to Speak to our culture to our generation People knew him from Kings of Comedy and From you know Family Feud He never had An opportunity to talk for two and a Half hours about his business Acumen and So many deals came from that it's Beneficial so it's like you at some Point in time you got to be grateful Yeah I mean the you you said that he Named the five cities right but even With the clock analogy if he's telling You the five cities Tell you the clock analogy is three O'clock if you'd like just read read the Line right he's telling you where and He's telling you when

Oh what else you're supposed to do Like like what else are you supposed to Do Well you know you don't appreciate Things you don't have them anymore and It's like okay shout out to my exes when It's over when when the show's over Because everything everything ends at Some point in time right so when it's Over And this and you're not you're not Having these conversations with Mark Cuban or or with Don peoples and Mark Gave his actual stock blueprint which he Should not have done Yeah you'll be more appreciative when it When it's not here anymore [Music]

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