Gold Price and the (Eventual) Death of the Dollar

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So inflation came in at five percent and Five percent is better than five point One percent that was expected so as I'm Recording this All the knees are jerking so far they're All jerking up So it's a strange world when positive Economic signs actually mean a step up In gold price we saw a March consumer Price index numbers coming in CPI Rose 0.1 percent month over month five Percent year-over-year and we've all Heard that the FED inflation Target's Two percent so the only thing that's Positive here is that the rate of Increase in that inflation is slowing Down and the markets had priced in 5.1 5.1 percent is better than five percent So beat expectations and that gives Traders the hope that the FED will cool Off on these rate increases now the Current expectations that we're going to See one more rate increase 25 basis Points and then a pause eventually a Reversing course now letting up on that Aggressive monetary policy tightening And even lowering interest rates well That's the pivot and what we're seeing Today at least on a knee-jerk reaction Level it's sustained is that the hope For this pivot is still alive It's clear why all this would be good For the markets the reason that it's Good for gold is that those changes in

Fed policy lead to lower yields on Treasury products it's one direct reason That gold is looking up right now lower Yields on treasuries means dipping Dollar strength that's another positive For gold because it becomes cheaper to Buy gold globally in other currencies Now indirectly there's also another Strange correlation between a good Economy and price increases for gold That stronger Market means more Investment dollars coming in in these Risk-on categories and a sidekick to That kind of investment volume is an Increase in hedge Investments like gold Now add to that the fact that central Banks haven't slowed their buying at Least as far as we can see January Numbers show 31 tons of gold added to The global gold reserves now that's on a Net basis there was some selling in There as well but 31 tons more turkey China and Kazakhstan they topped the List if you were curious Uzbekistan was The one that was selling now the Downside for retail buyers while we're Looking at high spot price and high Premiums there's just so much hype going On for gold ownership right now and Anytime we see a rush on price really in Any asset people rush in we see that With just about anything so add to the Hype here pylon D dollarization chatter And the demand for physical gold is

Pretty frantic right now bullion dealers Are getting rushed and that means that They can charge those higher premiums on Top of an already high spot price If you're new to Gold you're probably Starting to see all the reasons why it's Nice to have a solid hedge asset in play And it's not really about returns it's More about asset safety kind of Protecting net worth honestly in an Economy like we're seeing right now I Don't personally feel like I'm at risk Of losing everything and having to rely On my precious metals to survive Actually I think that's kind of Ridiculous now that I say it out loud I'm still continuing to look for other Investments with potential for greater Returns and I'm partially doing that Because I have this backup with gold It's safe now if you're buying it for Price appreciation on the metal itself There are far easier Investments to make Money on that's really just saying go Into it with clear eyes And that practical view on gold has been Getting drowned out if you win off the Video feeds from precious metals Channels you'd think that the streets Are on fire and Xi Jinping is walking Around destroying cities with laser beam Eyes that's really your winning Thumbnail right now Flames laser eyes And some old white guy telling you that

The end is new no We're looking at a real case of a Declining dollar and it's just too bad That the actual issue is being turned Into a clown show The death of the dollar is really the Central theme of everything going on Around here lately global trade deals Bypassing USD brics Nations their Efforts to create a combined currency Cbdc rollouts gold standards Petro Dollar being called into question Bank Runs US debt all of those topics fall Under this death of the dollar umbrella Usually they're just dramatically Exaggerated what we're actually looking At here for being realistic is an Eventual demise not the actual death of The dollar and that's important because The effects of a weakening dollar will Be felt long before it's gone for real Now the advice that I've found to be Relevant in tough times revolves around Liquidity you need to keep your expenses Low and your liquidity high it's a great Time for me to say I'm not a financial advisor I'm not even Kind of a financial advisor but if You've ever been through a tough time Financially yourself you've probably Felt that liquidity issue so this is why I personally focus on the kind of goal That I could very easily sell if I Needed to it's why I'm okay with an

Asset that doesn't generate income Because I know it's quickly available in A pinch and it's also why I'm not on a Soapbox telling you all to run out and Buy all the gold and silver that you can Find it's why I don't interview my coin Shops ask them to tell you to run out And buy all the gold and silver you can Find I think it's a good idea to have a Non-zero position in Gold if you can Swing it doing it in a way that doesn't Negatively affect your overall liquidity That's been great for me but I'm Certainly not going to press the idea if It's not good for you as for the D Dollarization topic or the death of the Dollar if you prefer consider that in Eventual inevitability rather than an Imminent inevitability like the fire and Brimstone channels are all preaching Everything that we're being told about The end of the dollar focuses on the Inevitability makes it seem like it's a Clear and present danger because that's The way to get attention now just Remember this if you spend your days Looking for bad news like a lot of these YouTube channels do you get really good At finding it now if you're concerned About a weakening dollar you're in good Company here that's why I've been doing This for 15 years first I wanted to Cover my personal needs in case I catch

A rough patch A Rainy run of days and Then second I want to build an asset That helps protect against a slow burn Or a quick rug pull whichever happens to Come but I'm never going to give up Liquidity to go all in near all-time Highs to get there I'm gonna buy at a Convenience schedule for me I've been watching prices this week Knowing that CPI numbers were coming Assuming that we'd see a slight dip Assuming we'd also see maybe a blip on The gold price going up we'll see if That holds but also I was hoping that After that initial knee-jerk reaction we Might see a slide back below two Thousand dollars and one of the reasons That I care after talking about being Patient is that the Perth Mint just Released the Phoenix from the Chinese Miss and legends series that I've been Collecting I had some of these coins out In my last video no I'm gonna grab one Soon that Phoenix but I'm going to give It a day maybe three I'm really not Concerned about buying a coin like this When spot prices say sixty dollars Higher than I like because the premium Tends to go up the further out you get From the release date I just really wish Perthman would have held off on this for A few more months so I think I've Covered the general topic of the current Price moves I'm going to try to go a

Little bit deeper into the Dedolarization topic soon not the clown Show version but what's actually Happening what might actually occur and Why I'm not out here running around Crying about sky falling if we were to Look at the British pound that was the World's Reserve currency in the 19th and 20th century when the U.S dollar Overtook it as a dominant currency in The world Britain didn't go up in Flames Brits didn't spiral into the Stone Age Anarchy and you could argue that things Are more complicated today but the US Won't go that way either all of these Alternatives to the US dollar for global Trade they show that the world is Getting more sophisticated Global GDP is Increasing and other options have always Been inevitable with or without she's Laser eyes So tell us what you think about the bump And gold prices who knows by the time I Post this maybe it'll be gone let us Know whether or not you're buying and Then let me know how interested you are In the D dollarization topic just Remember that eventual versus imminent Idea that I threw out earlier I think That's the most profound observation I Can make in the topic the path doesn't Fall off the cliff tomorrow like some Would have you believe but let us know What you think and then while you're in

The comments be sure to hit that like Button if you found any of this Interesting be sure you're subscribed With notifications turned on if you'd Like to see more on the topic and if You're still here thanks again for Watching I always appreciate your time Take care

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