Best 2023 Silver Stacking Strategy

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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video I want to talk about My 2023 silver stacking strategy so this Is what types of silver I want to be Buying how much silver I want to be Buying if you're new to precious metals Or if you've been buying them for quite A while hopefully this video can be Helpful so let's do it Buy your gold and silver online from SD Bullion new customers get gold or silver At spot by visiting new Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it if you want To learn more about investing in Precious metals or if you just want to Watch awesome videos about gold and Silver make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel okay so I know we're Already part way through the year and Typically I put these videos out before The year even begins but every time I Was ready to post my 2023 silver Stacking strategy video something would Change premiums would change silver spot Price availability of silver and there's Already been so much craziness so far This year I don't think the craziness is Over so I figured I better just put out This video otherwise I'll never do it This will be my fourth year posting a Strategy video so before I get into what My strategy is this year as far as Silver stacking is concerned or buying

Physical silver I want to show you a few Clips from the past three strategy Videos so you can kind of get an idea of What my strategy was back then and how Much it has changed I think that anyone Who is stacking silver should be Considering American silver eagles these Are a great thing to be buying in 2020 But also just in general I really want To get more junk silver so I'm going to Keep on focusing on that and the other Reason I want to focus on junk silver is It's typically a little bit cheaper than Some of the other types of silver you Could be buying maybe I could make a Goal of stacking two tubes of these Right which would be 25 in a tube 50 one Ounce Maple Leaves that's a pretty good Goal it's crazy to see how in years past I had certain ideas of what I wanted to Stack certain goals and I was able to go Out and Achieve those goals back in 2020 I really wanted to focus on American Silver eagles and I was able to stack a Whole Monster by box of those 500 ounces In 2021 I wanted to focus more on junk Silver and I was able to stack around 500 face value in junk silver and just Last year I was talking about maybe Starting to get into Canadian silver Maple leafs and I was able to stack Quite a few of those as well so it seems Like every year I've kind of had this Idea of what I wanted to stack and then

I went out and did it but for the first Time this year in 2023 I don't feel like I'm able to set realistic goals and be Able to achieve them because there's Been so many fluctuations in price Premiums and availability first let's Look at silver spot price so far this Year so at the start of 2023 we saw it Was right around twenty four dollars an Ounce it kind of bounced around a little Bit but then we had this amazing dip and I bought all the way down made a really Large purchase down here at the bottom But since then we've seen price rally Now that it's at twenty four dollars an Ounce who knows where it's going to go From here I mean certainly could level Off we could see uh sort of a peak here And perhaps even a dip into the summer Or perhaps it's just going to keep on Going up from here we really don't know And so because there's so much unknown I Feel like I can't commit to stacking a Large amount of silver right now I mean If silver goes to 30 or 35 40 dollars an Ounce over the next few months I'm Really gonna have to cut back on my Stacking because I'm getting so much Less silver for my money I mean Certainly I still would be stacking at Those prices but not as heavily as I am Right now the other thing is premiums Have gone up a lot just over the last Few weeks for example I was buying

Canadian silver maple leafs about a Month ago but now I can't really buy Those anymore because the premium has Basically doubled or tripled just over The last two weeks I mean it's crazy I Had to actually go out and buy silver Rounds instead of Canadian silver maple Leaves because I got so much more silver For my money uh or the rounds were just So much cheaper than the maples I really Couldn't justify stacking the maples Anymore and then when we look at Availability not everything is always Available it used to be the case you Could kind of pick whatever you wanted Pretty much everyone had it in stock Whether it be local coin shops or online Bullying dealers now sometimes I'll go To a coin shop in my area and they'll Have no silver at all there'll be Literally nothing it's like well I guess I'm not buying anything here I'll go try Another coin shop or some of the online Bullion dealers they'll have very Limited things in stock maybe they'll Have a few bars a few coins you know Perhaps some constitutional silver junk Silver whatever but it's not like it Used to be used to be everything was Always in stock it was rare that Something was out of stock now it seems Almost rare that everything is in stock Or the thing you want to get is in stock So I can't really commit to stacking a

Certain thing if it's just going to be Sold out everywhere so for 2023 I'm Going to need to be flexible flexibility I think that's the word of the year when It comes to Silver stacking you can't Have such a rigid outline of your goals And exactly what you want to Stack You're going to need to be able to adapt To whatever is going on so maybe you Don't like stacking silver bars but kilo Silver bars are the only thing you can Really find at a reasonable price I Think it's smart to purchase that over Something like a silver coin where maybe The premium is a lot higher and you Prefer to buy silver coins but you're Just getting such a worse deal I think You're gonna need to change a little bit So I think in general all it is smart to Dollar cost average I still want to do That this year which is basically buying A little bit every week or every other Week and just kind of whatever the price Does if it goes up if it goes down you Just you have consistency and you keep On buying still over you keep on Converting that fiat currency into real Money and maybe you pay a little bit More one week than the prior week but You're still buying I think that's Always important I've always said you Should do that and if there are dips Maybe you buy a little bit more when the Price is going down that is also a great

Strategy but as far as what I'm going to Be buying I think generally speaking the Generic silver is going to be the winner This year so silver rounds and silver Bars I think the low premium stuff is Really going to be most people's bread And butter and I think it will be mine As well because I think some of the Other stuff the premiums are just Getting too high it's getting too Out Of Reach and of demand continues to build For physical silver we could see these Premiums go even higher than they are Right now additionally there's one more Reason you need to be flexible in 2023 If we see the price of silver rise Significantly and the price of gold rise Modestly than the gold silver ratio will Fall and at some point it'll be more Beneficial to be buying gold and not Silver right now with the gold silver Ratio over 80 it's a great idea to be Stacking primarily silver but if this Goes into the 70s or even 60s you should Probably be buying a combination of gold And silver and if this goes below 60 I Mean we're talking 59 then you need to Start considering selling some of your Silver and using that money to buy gold So transferring your wealth from Silver Ounces into gold ounces for me if the GSR gets down to the 50s that's when I'm Going to start doing it and I'll Definitely be making YouTube videos the

Whole time so stay tuned if we see Silver price spike up it's very possible This will be the year that I start doing That so just another thing to be aware Of just another thing you might need to Be flexible with when it comes to your Stacking plans so anyway that's Generally what I'm thinking for this Year definitely flexibility trying to Buy the lower premium stuff if you have Any thoughts what are you going to be Doing this year feel free to put those Down below in the comment section I want To say a massive thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you all in my next One silver dragons out

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