Gold Bars in Assay Cards – THE NIGHTMARE CONTINUES

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Hey what's up YouTube Silver dragons Here and in this video I'm going to be Talking about the dangers of purchasing Gold bars in these plastic cards these Assay cards now I did a video about two Weeks ago talking about this particular Gold bar and in that video we decided at The end that it was real and I thought That would be the end of it however as It turns out that's just the beginning Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it if you want To learn more about investing in Precious metals or if you just want to Watch awesome videos about gold and Silver make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel alright so what's going On with these gold bars in these plastic Cards well they're extremely hard to Test and if you missed my previous video This was the video where we tested this Particular gold bar in many different Ways and at the end we came to the Conclusion that yes it was a real gold Bar now I was like all right slam dunk Winner winner chicken dinner I did not Get scammed I have real gold and then I Read the comment section on that video This comment here from Leonidas reads What you have is a thick coated tungsten Bar I bought one of these did same tests Same results tried to bend it would not Bend at all drilled on Center and sure Enough was tungsten specific gravity of

Tungsten and gold within 0.1 percent Very difficult to distinguish Magnetically and or dimensionally have To bend bar if it bends easily it's gold If it's solid it's tungsten I'm willing To bet it's tungsten so obviously this Got me a little bit worried I mean I Already knew that fakes of this bar Existed in Copper with a gold plating But now I know they exist in tungsten With a gold plating and that is a much Better fake now he could be making all Of this up or he could be telling the Truth as well so I asked him if he Tested his bar using the sigma pro model Which is the nicer testing machine that I showed in my previous video and this Is what he responded with yes tested on Sigma Pro even had bar xrf tested got Exact same results as you did bought off EBay seller allowed my LCS to do a bend Test you must do bend test two Directions Long end Bend and diagonal Bend only way to be sure is drill bar on Center we broke a drill bit trying to Drill through after trying bend test I Was able to return four full refunds so That's really what I'm trying to avoid I Don't want to damage this gold bar at All and that's why I really hate these Bars in these assay cards because when You go to sell them a lot of the time They're going to be like all right first Thing we're going to do cut it out and

Then we're gonna run some tests on it We're gonna drill it we're gonna you Know scrape off the corner and do a acid Test or whatever and it's like okay well That just hurts the value of the bar so Much especially if it's a really Collectible one like the one I have here So I mean obviously I know that real Gold bars exist that look like this I Actually have a silver bar that has the Same design and I know that this bar is From a company called NTR Metals and They actually are owned by another Company called Elemental so I know there Are real ones out there but I really Don't want to go damaging this bar I Mean if it is real that just destroys The value right so I suppose I could try To bend it but if I take it out of this Plastic card it's going to be much Easier to bend but if I leave it in I Mean these are pretty thick plastic Cards it might be kind of difficult to Get a good bend on there but I will try It and uh I don't know we'll see if it Bends at all hopefully it bends but if It doesn't really give me any results There is one more way we can test it and I really did not want to resort to this But uh let's first off see if we can Bend this bar okay so I'm going to put a Pretty good amount of pressure on it and We'll see what happens I guess I'll try It this way first

Now I will say I was not able to easily Bend the bar I mean I had to put quite a Bit of pressure on it but if you look Over on the left you can see clearly There is a slight Bend now of course I Left it in the plastic so if I had taken It out of the plastic I mean could I Bent it much more I don't know and I Also don't know if tungsten can bend Slightly I mean would it just break or Can you actually Bend tungsten if it's a Really thin piece I mean this is an Extremely thin bar so to me this really Isn't that conclusive but it does help Confirm at least in my mind that it's More likely gold because I could bend it Although it was only a slight Bend now The thing I really don't like about the Bend test and by the way I've never done It before is that to do it correctly you Probably have to take the bar out of the Plastic which is again what we're trying To avoid especially if you have a Thicker gold bar you know this one is Super thin so if you have a gold bar That's you know two millimeters thick or Even more than that you probably got to Take it out of the plastic I'm a pretty Strong dude and I was putting about 50 Of my effort into that and I was only Able to bend it slightly and I still Feel like I don't really have conclusive Evidence that this is a real gold bar so I decided to look around and find

Somewhere that I could test it where They had one of those bigger desktop xrf Machines they're getting really hard to Find because they do emit radiation and They cost you know forty fifty thousand Dollars and I was able to find a place That had one however they required me to Fill out an application and go through This whole process just to be able to Use the machine but thankfully they knew Who I was and because of my YouTube Channel they were able to push my Application right through and I was able To go use their large desktop xrf Machine here is a picture sure of the Machine and my bar is actually in the Machine being tested when I took this Photo and the results came back a Hundred percent gold Au stands for gold So this is a real gold bar even the Middle is gold the whole thing's gold It's real it's a hundred percent real People That's what I'm talking about we got Real gold but here is the thing if I Take this down to a coin shop to sell it To them they're probably going to be Like well let's pull it out of the essay Card and run a few tests so even though I know it's real gold it's still gonna Be a pain to try and sell down the road So I mean these gold bars in these assay Cards I stand by what I said in the Other video you should probably just

Avoid them buy gold coins instead Because gold coins you can easily test You know there's not really any Destructive methods that you have to use To test a gold coin but with these gold Bars a lot of the time especially if They're not one of the popular ones They're going to break it out of the Card it's going to hurt the value and You're gonna get less money for it so One last thing I want to mention it was Really difficult to find a company that Had one of the LA large desktop xrf Machines which can actually scan through Even a thick gold plating to the center Of your gold bar and actually the Company I went to they requested that I Don't share their information so I'm not Going to provide it but a lot of people Would not have access to a machine like That and so you know I didn't really Feel super comfortable that my gold bar Was real until I had it tested on that Particular machine so that's just Another reason to stay away from these Because you want to know that your gold Is real and at the end of the day if It's more difficult to test you're just Going to be less sure about it anyway That's my video do you have any thoughts On gold bars in assay cards feel free to Leave your comment Down Below in the Comment section I do want to say a Massive thank you so much for watching

My video and I will see you all in my Next one silver dragons Out

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