Everything Has Changed for Gold and Silver in 2023 – New Plan

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So we're going to talk about 2023 gold Buying Over drinks The weekend here so Allow me to start this one off a little Bit differently my wife got me the Smoking box About a year ago we had a smoke Manhattan at the restaurant they were Out on a trip something I don't feel we do enough of this was a Fun reminder Having tried it out yet this is kind of The maiden voyage on this video we're Not going to talk about cocktail smoking We're going to talk about long-term Buying strategy for gold some of the big Reasons to buy an old too old Some of the common pitfalls to try to Avoid as well and then whether you Should even be buying it all and wow Look at this coming in it's kind of fun This isn't going to take us off course Though You might hear me take a drink along the Way but we're here to talk about gold so Let's start with some of those big Reasons I'm not one to worry about the End of the world as we know it not Worried about my government taking away My shiny things necessarily at least not Worried about some economic form making Me eat insects there's some really Strange stuff floating around being

Referenced as reasons to buy gold and Silver and there's some stuff going on In the smoking box I'm gonna open it up make sure Everything's okay in there those issues They don't register as legitimate Reasons to make me stop focusing on Growth strategies and I mean that from a Financial perspective as well as The Pedestrian level some of those Scare Tactics they make you think you should Hole up in a bunker oh it's just not a Healthy starting point for planning and None of that is new Scare Tactics they Get people attention when they wouldn't Otherwise have it man this is a strong Smell here can I have a Cedar sauna Thing going on how what I'm interested In here is creating a fallback start Over fun cya fund whatever you want to Call it and I look at gold as an asset Same as any other asset it's part of my Overall net worth just like a real Estate property would be maybe not at as Big of a level I just don't want to own so much of this Stuff that there's nothing left for Other opportunities Okay we're gonna focus in on the gold Now start over fun for me that's about Being able to take care of an emergency Expense I'm not talking about something Small something big where I can't earn Maybe you have to give up on what I'm

Normally doing maybe I get sick maybe The economy gets sick I can just sell Some gold to cover some expenses that Might be an ounce a month that would Subsidize things maybe that's two ounces A month that covers more that's how I See it at the base level now another Reason is to have Capital available for A possible opportunity so it's not all Just about the negative there's some Positive in there too if there's a Perfect real estate deal that I know Will earn and appreciate maybe I'll sell Some gold to help with that purchase I've done that twice never sold it all Down I've just sold enough to help make The deal happen without causing any kind Of trouble elsewhere and then the third Big reason for me is long-term wealth Building now those are words that I Don't typically say in everyday Conversation I don't know how else to Put it though it's it as much about what I'm able to hand down to my wife to my Kids when I'm gone as it is about any Kind of personal use case now those Three those are the big reasons for me Now most of the small reasons that I can Come up with with line up with those Three long-term drop the value of the Dollar short-term recession or Depression geopolitical mess whatever All of that is covered by everything That I'm doing already so having a

Backup fund for long-term events means You have a backup fund for short-term Events and these are different things The reason I'm putting time into this is That planning for the long term allows You to use your whole brain for strategy Rather than just your lizard brain it Lets you plan and choose what when and How to buy without sending you Scrambling for random reasons that will Probably never come to pass I'll give you a specific example of how Long-term planning is different than Short-term planning if you're planning For long term you aren't caught up in The scare story of the day you wait for Big drops and medals prices before you Actually go in and buy now gold closed Around 1850 this week and that's at the High end of where I like to be buying if I'm worried about I don't even know what some kind of Bricks Nation story I am buying all the Time I'm buying regardless I just feel Like I'm not caught up and I need to buy Now if I'm not worried about that maybe I'm waiting for a drop to say the 1700s That's more of a full brain strategy Than a lizard brain strategy now that Idea goes against my prior plan of Buying on a monthly schedule no matter What that worked for me regardless of a Lot of things but I hit a point that I Could slow down those purchases if I

Want and if I simply switch to a quarter Of an ounce rather than one ounce months So not stopping just slowing down I'd See my premium go from six percent for The one ounce coins to one like 17 for The quarters those quarter ounce Eagles They're kind of crazy right now I could Switch to britannia's but again because I'm not in a rush I don't know that I Need to change my plan All that said I'm still continuing to Buy pretty regularly but it's as much Out of habit today as it is out of any Kind of pressing need and that lets me Look at current conditions a little bit Differently I'm not sure this year that We will see a big breakout for gold and Silver just a few months back I was Expecting it but we've seen a lot of the Potential near-term catastrophes more or Less avoided we've seen very little Change to Fed policy what we're looking At right now is that we'll probably be Seeing a quarter point raid hike for a While yet and that means that it's just Not likely that we'll see that third Quarter pivot that would have sent Prices up Put all that together and my plan at Least seems like maintenance mode for my Base and then looking around for some Kind of other opportunity as well I Don't speculate on Metals I never have But this year is starting to seem like

Pretty quiet year a pitfall that I would See would be to rush and buy precious Metals on the advice of others saying That big changes are coming again based On current conditions that we see today My guess is that this year probably Won't result in a huge jump in gold and Silver price now it's not unlikely that We're going to see growth I think all Commodities are going to go up silver And gold included but I don't think that We'll see any kind of big inflection Point this year unless we get some kind Of surprise and as we know by now Sometimes we get surprises So should you even be buying well I Think precious metals are a great way to Save especially buying gold in Particular having a start over fund is Very important to me it lets you take Shots that maybe you would have had to Pass on it let's sleep better at night It's just a good practice But I don't think anyone should buy on Fear that random people have been Putting out we know fear drives clicks Channel owners profit on this stuff so Keep that in mind when you hear what They have to say and then buy what you Can afford and know more don't go into Dead over it don't miss other Opportunities and don't lose sleep Chasing it now if you can put together a Plan like that paying attention to how

It benefits you how it benefits your Family rather than chasing it out of Anxiety well then Time and Patience are Your friends you build up that base over Time and you keep your eyes open for Other opportunities gold is one of those Tools that can work for you in the Background nobody has to know about it Silver can work that way too we've all Heard the saying make your money work For you rather than the other way around Well the same goes for all assets Precious metals included and that's it The goal that I mentioned was 96 ounces Of gold and I talked about that one a Lot without really giving the number Kind of feel strange to talk about but Here we are 96 ounces that's 80 ounces And Eagles or buffaloes that was my goal And then never sell down more than 40. And it doesn't matter where I'm at Relative to that goal but I think it's Important context for me saying maybe You can have enough 100 ounces that's a Point I think my regional plan changes For some people maybe it's 10 or 20 for Some it might be 200 or more but the Same plan is not going to scale to Infinity for you So that's what I'm up to what are you up To let us know your plans in the Comments at least what you're willing to Share how do you see this year going did We avoid that hard Landing I kind of

Snuck that part in there obviously we're Not out of it yet but that big shake-up That seems so obvious no longer seems Like that's something that's maybe right Around the corner but let us know what You think we going to the moon and maybe I'm just not aware hit us up in the Comments and while you're there be sure To like this video that helps get it out To new people make sure you're Subscribed notifications turned on that Way you see more in the topic and if You're still here thanks again for Watching I always appreciate your time Take care And by the way Kind of tastes like a campfire

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