5 Walmart Side Hustles Nobody’s Talking About For 2023 ($1,200+ Per Day)

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If you have ten dollars in a Walmart Nearby you've got a side hustle I've got Five side hustle ideas that nobody's Talking about that can earn you up to Twelve hundred dollars per day so across The United States 300 million sandwiches Are consumed each day in most of these Sandwiches are being sold by an Entrepreneur turning a profit but here's The thing you don't actually have to Know anything about making sandwiches in Order to sell them and that's because You can sell the sandwiches that other People are making for you and in this Case Walmart will make those sandwiches For you here's the deal I recently spoke To a manager at my Walmart and I got a Lowdown on all the sandwich platter Pricing the 42 Sandwich Tray is enough To feed 20 to 25 people but you'll also Need plates and napkins and that's gonna Cost you an additional 8.48 so for about Fifty dollars you have a 20 person meal That you can upsell with a delivery fee Of course but Ryan how much can you Charge that's a great question well I Found a business in Phoenix Arizona Charging 93 dollars and 49 cents for Just a 10 sandwich platter not including Delivery and based on that you could Easily charge 150 dollars for your 20 Sandwich platter with a 25 delivery fee And that's going to give you a profit of 125 dollars per Sandwich Tray flip but

How do you turn this into a 1 000 plus Dollar per day side hustle so imagine For a minute that you followed this Strategy and you started flipping Sandwiches well you could easily deliver Two trays at a time and of course your Customers might order multiple trades Let's say you did five deliveries of two Trays per day well that's ten sandwich Platters flipped with a profit of 125 Per flip and even if you take out fifty Dollars for gas money you still made Twelve hundred dollars in one single day Of Sandwich flipping oh but Ryan a Hundred fifty dollars is a lot of money For sandwiches what if I can't charge That much in my local area okay fair Point but why not add some bonuses like Salads utensils drinks and a tablecloth All of this will differentiate you from Your competition who may just simply be Delivering sandwiches if your clients For some reason complain about the Walmart sandwiches you could do the Exact same thing but just partnering With a local Deli now the next thing you Need to do is actually get the word out About your business and there's a few Ways to accomplish this you can post in Local Facebook groups on Craigslist and Also check out sites like Nextdoor and These are all 100 free methods for Promoting your side Hustle but there's Something else that you should be doing

If you really want to get the word out I Would personally recommend dropping Business cards at sporting events to the Parents of athletes and you can get 100 Business cards on Vistaprint for 18 so Think about where the hungry people are And then go market your business there And you could even buy a couple of cheap Folding tables which would offer you a Complete setup for a mobile on-demand Lunch so the next side hustle is Extremely unique and I've personally Never seen anything else like it and if You don't have fifty dollars to invest Into a sandwich platter or maybe you Don't have transportation the this side Hustle is going to cost you just ten Dollars and requires no transportation And what you're gonna need is a box of Washable sidewalk chalk now here's Something that's absolutely fascinating That almost nobody thinks about except For the very few offering this service As a side hustle so there's a little Over 1 million retail businesses in the United States and every single one of Them is relying on book traffic to make Money now I need you to stop and think For a second have you ever been walking In a downtown area and noticed sidewalk Chalk marketing a particular event happy Hour or sale I'm about to blow your mind There's an entire network of sidewalk Chalk artists out there helping

Businesses leverage sidewalks to Generate more foot traffic for their Businesses and this also includes Handwritten chalk signs for businesses Like cafes and there's actually a Website chalkartist.com where you can Join as an artist the best part is People actually use this website to get Connected with a local chalk artist but Even so I wouldn't fully Bank on this Service to generate sidewalk chalk gigs Instead I would recommend going out and Talking to the business owners in your Local area bars are often a great place To start and look even if you have to Offer your first chalk design for free It puts your work out there in the world And puts you on the map and then word of Mouth will take over and so the best way To Market yourself with this side hustle Is to get your work out there and then Start an Instagram portfolio when you Start out you'll probably make about Fifty dollars per project and each one Should take about one hour but you don't Have to do it all from scratch and That's because there's already thousands Of chalk designs on the internet so you Could simply reference those on your Phone while you're doing your designs And while all you technically need for This side hustle is the sidewalk chalk I'd also personally recommend this Kneeling pad for 6.88 on the top end of

This side hustle you could easily charge A thousand dollars or more for a full Day design that requires multiple chalk Artists and you'd have to pay your Artists of course but that could still Mean a 500 profit for one day of Sidewalk chalk art now I'm intentionally Moving very quickly through these ideas Because I don't want to spend too much Time on each one but if you want to see A full dedicated video on any one of These side hustles leave me a comment Down below and be sure to stick around Until the very end of this video for a Bonus sixth Walmart side hustle and you Already know we saved the best for last So Valentine's Day is right around the Corner and this is quite literally the Perfect side hustle for that and for the One percent who take action on this idea You'll be printing money but this isn't Just gonna make you money one day out of The Year this is something you can offer Anytime to anyone for now though let's Go back to b-day I have a question for You yes you watching at home how many Chocolate covered strawberries will be Sold on Valentine's Day and while I Don't have the exact answer to that Question I can tell you for a fact that Edible Arrangements is going to print Millions of dollars trying to answer That very question you really got to Think about that for a second so the

Question becomes how can you compete Toe-to-toe with Edible Arrangements the Answer is simple price baby so I went Ahead and placed an order for two dozen Chocolate covered strawberries on Edible Arrangements and when I saw the price I Nearly screamed a whopping 93.98 for two dozen berries not Including delivery and so I encourage You to go to Walmart buy the 20 Chocolate melt and dip kit and massively Undercut the competition so you can buy Two pounds of strawberries for five Dollars and 38 cents and that's going to Be 30 to 40 berries on average and that Means you can either make extra to sell Or just eat the berries yourself the Chocolate is 388 and there's multiple Different flavors a plastic serving tray Is going to be 3.97 and the final thing You need is Saran wrap for 348. so all In you're gonna spend just under Fourteen dollars to make and then Package two dozen chocolate covered Strawberries and now you get to name Your price seeing as your biggest Competition is charging 94. for the same Exact thing and this gives you a huge Wiggle room of eighty dollars of Potential profit margin not even Including the delivery fee if you're Like me you'll split the difference and Charge around fifty dollars for the Platter you're still massively

Undercutting the competition and giving Your customers a great value simply tack On a 20 delivery fee and now you're Looking at seventy dollars per two dozen Delivered also just to be clear I would Not recommend selling any less than two Dozen at a time for every platter Delivered you're looking at a potential Profit of fifty six dollars and the best Part is you can simply buy a cooler and Have 10 or more trays ready to go at Once for delivery and so imagine for a Second that you yes you decided to Follow this exact side hustle blueprint Well you'd be looking at five hundred Sixty dollars in profit selling 10 Platters and even if fuel costs you Thirty dollars you're still looking at Over five hundred dollars in profit from One day of delivering chocolate covered Strawberries guys as far as side hustles Go it really doesn't get much easier Than this one and if one of you watching This actually starts this side hustle I Want you to send me an email at info Ryanoscriber.com because I would love to Showcase you in a future video I'm also Planning on doing a full Valentine's Day Side hustle video so if you want to Pocket some extra cash potentially Thousands of dollars this February Follow these three steps one click Subscribe two hit the bell and three Turn on all notifications so a couple of

Years ago I was on vacation in the Outer Banks and I rented a Jeep to drive on The beach and it's funny because the Person I rented it from warned me about Getting the Jeep stuck in the sand Because it was going to cost me about a Hundred dollars to get someone to pull Me out and I asked her who exactly does The towing and she said it's other People that have jeeps and have toe Straps so as it turned out it was Customary there to pay someone a hundred Dollars to pull you out of the sand well Fast forward to today and I saw a unique Side hustle on one of my trips from New York to Florida on the back of a truck Windshield this guy had written roadside Help four tips and included his phone Number now if you wanted to do something Like this yourself you could start off Really small I personally scoured the Automotive section at Walmart and I Found three key items that you need to Get started with this side Hustle the First is a set of jumper cables for 14.87. number two a can of Walmart brand Fix-A-Flat for 658 and the final item is A one gallon gas can for 16.28 and with These three simple items you can now Help people with ninety percent of the Issues that they'll be facing when They're having car troubles now it's Important to remember that you need to Be aware of safety and legality with any

Side hustle that you choose in the rules About pulling over on the shoulder vary From state to state so be sure to check Your local laws before pursuing this Side hustle now as far as marketing this Side hustle I would follow the same Exact sticker on the vehicle approach And that's going to cost you around Twenty dollars these days on Etsy and I Would also suggest spreading the word About this service among your friends And family I think you'd be surprised Just how many calls you get especially If you live somewhere cold and that's Because your battery dies in the cold Weather not the warm weather all of a Sudden a forty dollar tip for a jump Start sounds a heck of a lot better than Calling up the tow company that's going To charge you at least double and if you Want to Branch out and offer more Services there's a 79 roadside emergency Kit at Walmart that includes toe straps As well as traction mats and at that Point you yourself could be one of those People charging a hundred bucks to pull Someone out of the sand or the snow now If you don't have any skills to lean on And none of the ideas have jumped out to You so far while this last no skill side Hustle is for you you see if you can Move your hand up and down like this and Then just do the same thing from left to Right those are the only skills required

For this side hustle and it's Potentially Gonna Make You seven hundred Dollars or more per day the side hustle I'm talking about is house cleaning oh But Ryan cleaning is a skill and my Parents cleaned up after me so I don't Know how to clean okay Fair Point start Watching YouTube videos and then clean Wherever you currently live that's all The practice you need and you might Think you need a ton of supplies to Start a cleaning side Hustle but you Actually need just nine simple things Here's a rundown of everything and the Cost all-purpose cleaner glass cleaner Disinfectant wipes cloths duster mop Bucket Big Brush detail brush so for a Grand total of 29.62 cents you have everything that you Need to become a house cleaner now the Average cost for a house cleaning in the United States is 160 dollars however it Costs more for a one-time cleaning for That it's closer to two hundred dollars Or more and that means you could have Your routine clients paying you 160 Dollars per visit every single week While also servicing your one-time time 200 cleanings and based on one hour per Cleaning and a little bit of travel time You could realistically do four clients Per day and if in a particular day you Happen to have four one-time cleanings You're looking at an 800 payday and even

If the supplies and gas cost you forty Dollars for the day you're still looking At over a 750 dollar profit for just one Day of work guys with this simple side Hustle thirty dollars can put almost a Thousand in your pocket that same day And it truly does not get much simpler Or easier than this but let's be Realistic here nobody's gonna want to Clean houses forever so simply grow the Business hire a team of cleaners and Become the one managing it now before I Cover the bonus sixth Walmart side Hustle idea I have something exciting to Share with you I wrote a book about side Hustles that just came out a few weeks Ago it covers All Phases of the side Hustle journey and you'll also get Access to a members only Discord where You can chat with me and other side Hustlers out there and you can grab copy At most Barnes Noble stores across the United States or it's on Amazon so grab A copy today and let's get started on Your side hustle journey together Someone left seven hundred dollars just Sitting there at Walmart it was me now Here's the catch there's a little bit of Work involved but let me prove it to you I found this palette of eight Keith Urban Yamaha guitars at my Walmart for Fifty percent off or 124 dollars each And that got me thinking what are they Selling for on Amazon well Amazon is

Selling the exact same guitar for 214 Dollars and that means there's the Potential for someone to buy these eight Guitars and then flip them for an 89 Profit each unit for those keeping track That's about 712 dollars of profit if You sold each one this bonus strategy is Called Retail Arbitrage and it's perhaps One of the easiest you simply find these Price discrepancies in the market and Then you yourself profit as the Middleman and this simple side hustle is How thousands if not tens of thousands Of people make a a living every single Day and there's an entire clearance Aisle at Walmart so that's a great place To start I actually had a bunch of other Walmart side hustle ideas that didn't Make the cut so if you want to see a Part two comment down below thank you Guys so much for tuning in and I'll see You next time [Music]

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