LONGTERM OUTLOOK ON ETHEREUM – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] So let me ask you about ethereum because You made a video a couple weeks ago About the um The 2.0 update Um and ethereum's a currency that is Down 60 over the last six months it's Currently at um almost thirteen hundred Dollars so Um But just in layman terms how is that Merger or update going to impact Ethereum cryptocurrency and what's the Long term Um you know outlook on ethereum Um I believe that ethereum 2.0 I I heard A hot take about this it's taking too Long right they plan to complete it is I Think it's like a six to ten year plan To completely complete you know ethereum 2.0 and the idea is to make it more Robust right so that they can compete With things like Visa right the Transaction per second and how it can Actually be utilized I think that Ethereum needs to be way more Competitive right I think ethereal Really needs to uh uh vitalik I don't Think is a good enough he's like Fundamentally he's great for ethereum Right but I think visually Brown wise I Don't think he is like if Elon Musk was At the head of ethereum yeah right yeah Vitalik is like the Zuckerberg yeah he's

Not a likable person he's not unlikely We just as he just has no character Traits that are like that that are Reason to invest in it so you looking at Ethereum I think ethereum is really Being based on complete fundamentals Right now right so people are like okay Whatever it does and how it grows I'm Going to invest in ethereum ethereum is Not right now in this phase where people Invest in it because it's sexy and Things of that nature so I think that That's not good for it because then once You start you start grading a Cryptocurrency like ethereum completely On what it does next what's the value Right then you're going to get a True Value either right but what you want in That case is something that goes to Skyrocket right you don't want people to React uh realistically you want them to React based on vision and their Imagination right if you're missing out On what the next biggest thing in the World is going to be now I think that Ethereum's ecosystem is solid right Because they have all of these side Chains and projects that's being built On it and there's a possibility that Some of these projects like polygon can Actually take over because I feel like They're being more innovative right it Feels younger and it feels like they Really listening to the people where

Ethereum has to be like this grandfather That says these Stern rules the other Children from ethereum get to go and Play create Innovative and more sexy Things High level high level conversation so we Got we talked about crypto obviously we Talked about AI I want to talk about VR Though right because that that's Something that that we you know we Actually experience with you when we Were doing the Microsoft product Obviously we know Google has something Uh Apple potentially at some point in The next maybe 16 months will have a Wearable uh the new Oculus just came out From meta I want to know about your Thoughts on the the space of wearables And where it's going and how it's going To impact the future Oh I think it's gonna take some time for Wearables to really catch on number one I don't think people have money Um I think right now when I think number One with the Oculus I think it's a good Product but I don't think it's gonna be Hot enough for people to buy right Because The the the product is probably going to Be the best one that they came out with And this is probably the whole thing but I don't think that the trend is going to Be hot and meta is hot enough right now For people to just start buying it and

Buying it now you got holiday season Which I still think is going to be a Very slow holiday season so it's not Going to be like previous years and all They did was take the design of Microsoft hololens in a redirection the Problem with Facebook is they're not Innovating nothing There's they're not innovating nothing Right their their Facebook is a software Company it's trying to compete with like Microsoft and Apple and Microsoft and Apple are already Hardware everywhere Yeah And so they're trying to get into Hardware space and they're trying to get Into new spaces that other companies Already have a Mastery on right if Apple Wanted to jump in this space tomorrow With glasses they were outpacing I'll Sell anything that matter could ever put Out right that's just not April brand Wise Court wise and their ability to Create Hardware I think I told who's This somebody else talking to am I was That you best investor Um I was talking about the fact that if Meta had apple crate in his Hardware They would be solid you understand me Yeah that is probably the dream marriage For them but Apple don't seem like they Give a damn about me yeah and Tim Cook And Zuckerberg are having some weird Issues uh it looked like something going

On so and also Elon has an issue with Something quick before this thing fully Rolls out and this war continues to play Off Yeah and I I think I think the new Oculus will be amazing from what I heard About it Um the first version was pretty solid You're right they did remix a little bit Of the hololens I do think they will Create Credibility for Apple to come in and take over that Market but I do think they need a Faceless for sure Because he got his Hardware where he Brings blockchain to life to where it's Called werewolves right so he implants The blockchain chips inside of the Clothing it connects to that particular Chip so you would activate it by putting Your phone next to it Um and then anytime somebody tap it Right it records that data so like let's Say you have LeBron James let's say if I Got him in a crown LeBron James Taps my Crown that's going to be recorded but Now if I transfer ownership over to LeBron James or he owned it at some Point in time that would be recorded as Well or if I want to airdrop everybody Who owns this particular Crown content Or high level conversation or let's say Just airdrop them some tokens only those

People will receive it so now what it's Doing is you're looking at physical Items with a different level of value Right and I think what he's done is Brilliant so I feel like the hardware Space number one is now necessarily for People to completely get blockchain so It becomes practical I think that the Hardest thing about blockchain and Cryptocurrency is the is the names the Technical names because people don't Understand all that right the Average they're only 32 percent of America got a bachelor degree right 80 Something percent actually graduate from High school so you have these high level Mathematical terms right that are Disrespectful to the current Intelligence of our population Disrespectful to the current Intelligence of our population so you Said 80 of people graduate from high School so twenty percent 88 and 32 got a Bachelor degree Hmm that's interesting we have lost in Well while he's figuring out his Wi-Fi Situation Um let's let's talk about this Um gals this is something that you know I know you were very enthusiastic about Are you still enthusiastic about Dallas And talk to the people about doubt that They if they're not familiar Um with a dow and why a dow is important

Dials decentralized autonomous Organizations I love I abs of all of Like when I first heard about nfts I Loved the concept because I just thought About all the things you can do with it Dials are another one of those things I Think You know I talked to a mass investor he Ain't done that about this as well I Think it's one of those things as well It's so valuable the space is growing so Right now the whole fear is attacked the SEC is stunting Innovation and they're doing it because I was watching uh show called about Spotify yesterday right and this will Remind me of what we're going through Right now Spotify in the music industry Uh or the music industry was fighting Piracy right you had a whole Court Movement of piracy coming on where they Were trying to make music free right so You know you had your piracy Bay and Line wires back in the day where Everything was down a lot downloadable And during that particular time You get to see the inner workings of how The music industry was working directly With the feds they working with right The the legal teams that's Prosecuting These people because you know it's the Best interest to spend every single Dollar to crush every single new Industry if they don't control it all

Industries don't want to change right And this is what we really see and when You see an SEC and you seeing these People go out there that's big money From these corporations the SEC not just Sitting in Asylum saying man we hate This innovation no these companies were Billions of dollars they're saying what Y'all gonna do about this you understand Me we pay y'all right so therefore they Putting pressure on them and they Telling them at least slow this down or Crush it until that we can control it so I just wanted to say that piece before I Say anything about Dallas because A dial essentially is a you know Um Community-owned business so it's not Owned by a corporation but it's owned by The users so Um the central land is adapted so Decentraland is a dial so essentially You create a software let's say they Create a virtual land the virtual land Has a smart contract let's say that 10 Of all of the revenue goes to whoever Created it right and 90 just goes right Back onto the platform now let's say if I buy land on that I now am a Stakeholder of the central land I can Buy into the token I could buy land but That gives me now voting rights these Voting rights says that now we get to Vote on protocols that we want to have

With decentraland so let's say if we Want to make all the land free we can go Vote to say that this becomes a Non-profit and we want everything to be Free right but that's going to happen by Everybody that has a wallet that's Connected to this token that is a part Of this smart contract ecosystem which Is decentralized and they are now able To vote but if I buy a mid 100 million Dollars in land I may or a hundred Million dollars in tokens I may have a Higher verdict voting percentage power Right so my vote May mean a little more But this is the idea it's supposed to be A democratic system right where these Are not owned by companies they're Transparent they're supposed to be Immutable right and now dials are Actually becoming one of the hottest Places for people to work at because People are getting paid two three Hundred thousand dollars to be Community Developers Community managers in these Doubts so another example is Um they have friends with benefits which Is a social token right so they Basically they throw events and throw Parties and they vote on the type of Events the type of parties and type Engagements that they want to have they Have a treasury the treasury is only Getting allocated those funds only move If everybody who's connected to this Dow

Votes and said this is what we want to Have have happened the SEC is going After Board of Yacht Club right now Right they they started an investigation Into them Border Yacht Club has their own data so When you look at their token their token Only moves based on what the holders of That token want to have happen so the Owners that created it or the developers Have to say that created it said that They wanted to create their own eight Blockchain What they didn't realize inside that Ecosystem was the opinion of all of the Investors all of the investors was more So you know heavy on ethereum right so They loved ethereum so they said no we Don't want to credit on blockchain let's Just build it on ethereum that was Against the wishes of the developers but Because all of the investors have a say So because it's not owned by one person Now everybody gets to participate in the Future of this data so that ensures as Well that things can't like you can't Scam nobody it can't go against the People you can't steal from the people You can't just take out the treasury When you want to but there's so many Ways to use dials that is more so about Just looking at it or saying okay how Could this fit in my business model how Could it earn your leisure be a doubt

Let's say if Market Mondays had a down And it wasn't about controlling Market Mondays it was about having an opinion In it so there's a social token Everybody going buy into the Dow right Let's say they got to buy a token or They buy uh nft right for a point right So they go and buy votes let's say you Call it a vote and they say okay Every week we will vote on what we want Y'all to talk about on Monday Saturday The vote comes in right and Sunday y'all Get the results and then Monday y'all Talk about whatever the people said that They wanted to hear now what this Creates is you're directly speaking to The value and the needs of that Community and I'm saying this because I Was thinking about creating a high level Dial where y'all can help vote on topics Help vote on guests where y'all want to See things go and then they can actually Put money into the treasury to actually Help me build it up so if I say yo I Want to do a movie and I want this movie To be like this and I submit the script To everybody that's inside the Dow and I Say well y'all also can participate in The profits of the movie that will be Automatically allocated right because Y'all can participate in the royalties Of that movie and the profits people Will be like okay I don't like this Script I don't look like it's gonna do

Anything but I like this one so Everybody put up a hundred dollars right And you got 10 000 people inside that Dab now these communities are bringing Ideas together the same thing can be Added into the politics it can be added Into any industry across the planet but I like the idea of Dallas you know I Don't like the way SEC is going after Everything blockchain so we'll have to Wait to see how everything develops [Music]

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