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[Music] Check out number one is call icons Documentary you can check that out on HBO Max Um I would argue with our without car Icon and for those who don't know trap Told us when he was on uh buttons Podcast And a lot of investors know but I want To give my guy credit shout out to trap I can't wait to hang out with you in London and be able to kick and kill it On stage please get your tickets to Invest Fest uh Europe But the movie Wall Street is based off Of the actions that car icon took in Late in the early 1980s So without that inspiration we wouldn't Have a diddy Jay-Z P from QC Birdman he Was the first person in American history To kind of be known for taking the Business breaking it down settling it Into Parts Um fascinating story for all of you that Love investing and have true aspirations Of Doing something incredibly big his Blueprint is one that you need to look At and take notes on and follow number Two inside job if you have not seen that Documentary please do so I know I sent It around what happened in 2007 in 2008 But the lessons are applicable here in This market number three Breaking the

Bank Another great documentary about the Crisis of the last recession And even for my creators I know Sometimes when I go through these Financial docs some of people are like I Don't need to know that because it Really doesn't apply I'm trying to work On XYZ Every business that you are in is Centered around finance and either You're going to learn Some of these tactics and tricks for Your betterment or You're going to be on the other side of The table complaining that you are Getting robbed by people who know how to Use these tactics you gotta pick And especially in a recession It is even more entrenched in the mind Of every company Who Can we Prey Upon To get the most gains from and it's Usually those who have not equipped Themselves with the information To Shield themselves from being robbed We have a lot of talks about culture Vultures and People taking advantage of the community And Meanwhile shout out to the good folks That matter everyone's like yo upload my Reels I said it earlier the only reason

We have so many entrepreneurs right now Is because The American Business System cannot Support the number of people that we Have in the United States of America and These companies cannot fulfill enough Jobs I remember when my grandparents Talked about this thing called a pension And in this generation I don't even Think most people know what the Definition of a pension or pension fund Is social security is being ran into the Ground and I believe And 30 or 40 more years the whole 401K System is going to blow up as well You Have to protect you Nobody's coming to save you if you end Up broke no one gives a damn trust me You don't believe me attacks five people Right now and say man I need five Thousand dollars for these boys coming To kill me and watch how many people Just say baby I'm praying for you God Gonna make a way that he won't make a Way to cash happy but God Gonna Make A Way No one cares You come save you A lot of times when you do the work Gotta for real find a way but you got to Put in that work first I wish I can get a person credit for

This question uh my apologies for not Taking it down but I did get an Incredible question of what would I tell Myself at the age Of 21 it's a popular question like Amongst shows and podcasts Um So I broke kind of broke them down into Categories number one any fear that you Have that does not kill you usually is An illusion Um I want and anyone around me will tell You this I'm really big on Going from the idea or being given that Inkling of an idea what y'all call a Child To execute an opponent because sometimes We can take so long to execute upon an Idea that we end up aborting that Greatness out of fear Um What else would I tell myself as far as Life Man map out what you want a lot of Times I hesitated to do things worrying About what other people Um yeah truth be told you just have to Map out and go after what you want like If you couldn't fail if no one would Tell you no What would you push to do Um and I know it's easier said than done But I will be honest with you it sucks To have a goal where you were like this

Wasn't the real goal but I hit it and Now I should have put the same effort Into Achieving the real thing I was going After Um Relationships love love with your head Now with your heart and fellas Please be Aware the person that you picked to be In a relationship with will have one of The biggest impacts on your life Whether you know it or not Um kudos to anyone I've encountered Prior to but I'm just telling you Honestly man if some of the people that I was around or dated were still around I would not be able to hit these new Benchmarks Um that I did in my life so if And a lot of times people ask hey like How do you know if a relationships work I don't know I don't I'm not the expert On the relationship so I'll leave that To other people But But if you feel I'm gonna just be real if you were by Yourself and your your business and you Were single and you were doing better And all of a sudden you got into a Relationship and things were slowing Down opportunities are slowing down it's Usually a sign of per that that person Is insecure of your success whatever you

Date and it's not just about the money It's not about just about that But You should be able to look at your bank Account or your business or your life And say hey I got with this person on This date and then as a result she won a Hell of a lot better Everything is either going to die Um and as far as health put more time Into health happiness Wellness the origins of wealth came from Health First and over the last hundred Years that has gotten perverted But most importantly on boundaries I Would tell myself at 21 said incredibly Hard boundaries and under no Circumstances let anyone Violate them I got an amazing question Um is it okay to buy 200k worth of s p And cash out in 15 years the answer is Yes you still want to wait for the right Price but if you have a chunk of money And if you can hold for a 15-year period Man I'll tell you you are going to have Some of your best days Ever financially for sure you want Please everyone please put in chat Safety and a stock is sexy So even if it only grows at 10 to 15 Percent it is better than being down 40 50 and having to worry about it because You still have to look at the return on Time that you're getting for these

Investments as well And on the fundamental side when you're Looking at what you Look at when you're evaluating the Company these are some things I want you To add so number one I want you to look At the net margin of a company I like companies with higher net margins For sure Number two do they have a superior Product or service that their customer Base feels is superior and they will not Easily switch to another Company based on price So we talked about this with Apple's Ecosystem crowdstrike as another example But You don't want to heavily invest into a Business that easily loses customers Over Small or incremental Price changes number three market share In that space what percentage of that Pie do they own Number four price and model pricing does Matter and I've even seen people pop up Now saying hey man if uh Netflix is Charging 350 for password sharing and a 6.99 a month for ads I'm not going to Subscribe and I in my mind I'm like They're paying 40 million dollars for a TV show is that Not worth sitting through one ad but That's the logical

Enterprising side of my brain and this Is why I always say If you are going to start off based on Price Being low you're gonna die based on a Low price unless your distribution System is absolutely incredible and Those margins are incredibly High Next uh what is the percentage of Probability of expansion into another Territory that no one sees coming So Apple going into the healthcare and Health insurance space Is a prime example of that and anyone Who's been familiar with apple or Microsoft or Amazon so Amazon has Decided to go on the pharmaceutical pill Side of it Microsoft I think on the Enterprise side will probably push into That software component more so than Apple will Apple health insurance Great Um And finally What is the institutional ownership in That company so when I'm looking at a Company if a bunch of Institutions Banks Hedge funds governments are not Investing in it I don't think it's a Wise investment To pursue [Music]

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