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– [Announcer] This is
the Rich Dad Radio Show, The good news and bad news about money. Here's Robert Kiyosaki. – Hello, hello, hello. Robert Kiyosaki, The Rich Dad Radio Show, The good news and bad news about money. And we broadcasting today
from downtown's old town Scottsdale, Arizona, in the
heart of the party district. And today, we have a very
important program for you. It's about the number one
skill of an entrepreneur. And the reason this program
is important is because, As you may have noticed, as
we're going into a recession, And I suspect unemployment's gonna scream, I see more people here in Arizona
standing on street corners And all this thing, you know, veteran, Please gimme a buck or
something like this. And I just can't believe they're Wasting their time begging for money. This guy was a pretty young
guy standing on the corner Begging and it's not good. So we're heading back,
I think into the 1920s. Very good chance we're gonna be having. We're in the middle of
a drought right now. This is 90 year cycle in bad weather. So the economy is in very serious shape. So today we have two very special guests, Christina Ann Sweney, and she's a, She called herself an
independent market partner. And we have Franco Lo
Franco and he's a founder Of a larger direct sales organization. And I think it's interesting
that they use those terms Rather than what I grew up as. It was called network marketing. And network marketing got such
a bad name over the years,

But I think it's a very
valuable, you know, The network marketing
industry does a fabulous job Teaching people to be entrepreneurs
because our, you know, Our school systems teaches
us to be employees, But we really do need to
be more and more in sales. And the reason I'm sensitive
to it is my poor dad Who has a PhD, you
know, he hated salesman. And so I grew up him always
speaking badly about salesman. And his idea of success in
life was he get another college Degree and he died poor. And, but he couldn't
cause he couldn't sell. And then my rich dad, who
was my best friend's father, You know, When I got outta the Marine
Corps and my poor dad wanted me To go fly for the
airlines, I said, you know, I'm done flying. He says,
Well go back to school, Get your PhD. I said, I'll wind
up like you poor, helpless, And desperate, you know, PhD. So I said to my rich dad
was my best friend's father. I said, I want to be an
entrepreneur like you Cause he was raising me since I was 10. And he says, Well then you
better learn how to sell. And I went. And so that's
when the two fathers clashed. While they clashed a lot
while I was growing up. But I had such a negative
impression of selling because my Whole family hated salespeople. And so I begged my rich
dad, I said, oh please, There's gotta be another way. You know, How can I be an entrepreneur
without learning how to sell? He says, you can't do it. It's the number one
skill of an entrepreneur. I couldn't, I just couldn't believe
what he was saying to me. So finally outta desperation,

I was begging my rich dad and
my poor dad said, I told you, Get your PhD, you know, get
your masters, get your PhD, Fly for the airlines. I'm like, oh my God, I don't wanna do that. I don't want to be an employee like him. And then, so finally I asked
my rich dad, is there a way, You know, what's going on? He goes, Look, how's your sex life Robert? And I said, It's terrible. He says, cause you can't sell. What do you think? You know? So with, with that, I was getting out of the
Marine Corps station in county Hawaii and the Marine
Corps station in Hawaii. And I applied to two companies, IBM and Xerox and IBM had a
great sales training program. And Xerox had a great
sales training program. When I met the IBM recruiter, I mean he, He turned me off. He was so boring. And I met the Xerox sales
guys and they were drunk and Yelling and street me have a
good time is' something I think I'm gonna join Xerox. And so with that, they
sent me to sales school In Leesburg, Virginia. And then I had to, They gave me a little handy
dandy little briefcase, They says hit the street in cold call. That was one of the most
painful experiences of my life Going on. Hi Xerox, get the hell outta
here you son of a bitch. (mumbling) And as I learned quite early, Salesmanship begins when
the customer says no. The last thing about this
is this, when I met Kim,

She said no for six months. But if I, If I hadn't learned how to
sell, I'd never cut to Kim. But I was persistent, you know, Because I think the number one
skill of an entrepreneur and When I find people who are poor
or struggling or financially In trouble is cause they can't sell. And the thing they're most
afraid of is rejection. And so they just want everybody
to say yes to them and be Liked and nice, but it traps people. So it's the number one skill
of an entrepreneur. That's why, You know, Donald Trump and I, The only two guys before
he ran for president, We're the only two guys that
endorsed network marketing or Direct sales. What do you wanna call it? We endorse it because it's
the number one skill of an Entrepreneur. And Trump
is a pretty good salesman. And my best friend when
I met at Xerox in 1974, He just sold this business for $2 billion. And he, he doesn't have a
college degree, but he can sell. He says, I'm a Mormon missionary. Mormon missionaries can sell. Do you know? And when you think about it, So when I meet people who
are poor or struggling or Financially trapped in the job, They hate it's cause they can't sell. So that's why Rich Dad and
Donald Trump and made my Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump
endorsed network marketing and Things like this. We have
two books that we promote. Here is the business of the
21st century and the other one Here is the Business School
for People Who Like Helping People. And especially as the economy
deteriorates. This is, You know, October, 2022. We're in serious trouble
financially, sports fans, you know,

We have most incompetent
president I've ever, Ever seen my whole life. I mean that guy is a puppet
for the Green New Deal. Green is, and liberals and all that stuff. And you know, you can, you can vote from, You can vote for Biden again if you like, It's a free country. But if you lose your job, he's, He can't save you cause he's
actually doing a lot to destroy The economy. So we have two guests today, Christina Ann Sweeney, And she's an independent market partner. And Franco Lofranco, He's a founder of direct
sales organization. And I, I thank you for being on and I
thank you for being in a very Vital industry of capitalism
because, you know, Not too many guys are gonna
get hired by Xerox or IBM, But everybody can join a
network marketing company. And the good thing is you can't get fired From network marketing. I almost got fired several
times as Xerox cause I couldn't Sell, Do you know? And so anyway, that's why Donald
Trump and I, and you know, People hate the guy. I know that. But he can sell. I mean, You have to sell to build high
rises in New York City and Fight the unions. You know, He's gotta be a tough guy
rather than that crime syndicate Called the Biden family, you
know, I mean Jesus Christ, They make money the old fashioned way. It's called corrupt corruption. So at least Donald takes
the unions on head on. So Christina, Ann and Franco,

Welcome to the Rich Dad Radio show. – Pleasure to be on Robert. – Yes. So let's start with Christina. How did you get into, you know, The direct sales and all this? – So a little backstory on me. I did the traditional route
and I got my bachelor's degree In fashion design and
merchandising and realized I wasn't Gonna make the type of
money that I wanted. And I started cocktailing
while I was going to school. And I saw the money
coming in from cocktailing And I was like, oh, this is great. Everyone's like, now go to Vegas, Move to Vegas and work in Vegas
and you'll really see what Money is. So I picked up, I moved across the country
from Michigan to Las Vegas and Started cocktailing. That was absolutely mind blowing
to me because I was able to Work three to four days a week, Eight months out of the year
and make six figures with doing Basically nothing but selling. So my background in cocktailing
set me up to transfer into Network marketing perfectly. But while I was cocktailing in Vegas, Over time you start to
realize you have a shelf life. There is going to come a
point in time where there is a Younger, Prettier batch of girls that
are coming in to take your job From you. – God bless those younger
prettier women too. Anyway, You look spectacular. Well thank you. – Yeah, Christina Ann,
you you're hot, hot, hot. So you don't, I don't think
you have to worry, but.

– I mean when they see that
your age is clicking up though, Even when you're going in, Cause you have to audition
every single year for your job. Just because you have a position
at a day club or nightclub In Las Vegas, you don't get to stay there. You have to stand in line for
like 12 hours with 5,000 other Girls that are going
for the same job as you. And you stand there in a bikini, Full hair and makeup and high heels. – Oh my god. – Be in front of a panel for
two minutes to hopefully hope, Like pray that they're going
to choose you to work at their Venues that you can make that money. So this was something consistently
every single year I had To go through auditions every
single year. And I was like, Okay, the younger girls are coming in, I see that girl next to me there, I see that girl next to me there. I need to potentially pivot. So what did I think of? I
was like, you know what, What's something I have my degree. It's not doing much for me. I'm
used to a certain lifestyle, Right? I'm making six
figures being a female. And I'm like, I don't need
a guy to take care of me. I'm capable of taking care of
myself because I'm making the Money that I'm making. What is something I can do? So I decided maybe I
should go into real estate, Which is cliche for cocktail waitresses. It really is it once you're, Once your expiration date
hits every single one of those Girls, especially in Vegas, And they're going straight
to go get their real estate License to sell some real
estate. So I was like,

Let me do this. So I started the whole process
of getting my real estate License and then I realized
I'm doing this backwards. I should have gotten my real
estate license when I started Cocktailing. So I could have
been doing both side by side. So I was like, okay, Maybe real estate really isn't
the thing for me because I'm Gonna have to build an entire new network. And by getting my real estate license, Yes it could potentially be big money, But I could potentially be
waiting six months, a year, Two years before I get those
big paychecks. I was like, Okay, let me see if
there's something else. So people had been coming
to me with several different Network marketing companies
time after time after time. And I was like, okay, Maybe this is something
I should give a chance. So I, I dove in. I'm someone who like, I
will do my due diligence. I will research something
until I know it better than Probably the person that's talking to me. So I did my due diligence, Looked at a few different
networking marketing companies and I fell in love with the network
company that I fell in with And everything about it
between the compensation plan, The products, the community, The lifestyle that I saw the
girls living. And I was like, You know what, You guys are very similar to
me of like how you like to live Your life, how you like to travel. And that's the thing I liked
too when I did cocktail. Yes, I did make good money, but I
didn't have freedom either. When you go and you put in
a request off for a weekend, That's what it is. It's a request.

It doesn't mean you for sure get it off. So network marketing also gave
me the ability to like create My own schedule. I can be in Miami working and
making an income and impacting Other people like that are on
my team by helping them make An income as well. Plus
like you stated earlier, Times are tough times are
getting really tough for people With inflation going up. People can't afford their
general daily monthly bills Because they're having to make decisions. Am I gonna put gas in my car
or am I gonna be able to feed My family? So what I love about network
marketing so much is the fact That if you are in this
to make an extra two, five 200, $500, maybe even a
thousand dollars a month, This is perfect for you. If
it's gonna just, you know, Fix the little cracks and like
fill in the cracks of like What you're missing right
now, it's perfect for you. But if you're a go-getter
and like me and you're like, I just wanna work for myself, I wanna have my freedom and I
wanna make the income that I Wanna make with impacting
as many lives as possible. Like I love the fact that I've
been able to bring people on And change some people's lives. Drastically change their
lives for them to see, wait, There's more than working
a nine to five job. There's more out there where
I can have a better life and Not just be working to pay taxes and die. – Well thank you for that. By the way, What is the name of the company
you work with? I don't mind. – I work with Money. So Money is a vegan friendly
anti-aging care care skincare And wellness company. And why I loved it was because
it's a product that everyone

Uses. Everyone washes their hair. So getting someone in a
sales tactic to be like, Hey, Try this product I'm asking
you to take a product you Already use daily and switch
it out for my companies Instead. So it's been an easier transition
as to getting customers. And this company has been
only open for eight years. We have over 3 billion in
revenue in eight years and we've Opened in nine countries already. – All right. – Like we have over 80 millionaires
already with our company As well too, which most
network marketing companies, Some of them specifically the
older ones will not list how Many millionaires they have
because of the way they're Structured. So because the way certain
companies were structured in the Past, it gave network marketing a bad rep. – Right. So thank you for that. I'm Thank you by the Rich Dad Radio show And Mr. Franco LoFranco,
I'm glad I met you with, With John Lang, right? – Great guy. Yeah, he's a
great guy, great gentleman. Yeah. You know, it's great to have, The older I get the more
I appreciate friendships. Because you know, they're just, You realize as you get older, That's what really matters
is your family, your friends, And John's one of those guys
that I'm just appreciative that We're getting to be friends
with, you know, together. – So how did you get into, let's say, Direct sales network marketing? What company do you work with?

Or do you work with
several companies over. – Yeah, I'd be happy to tell you, I started, I came from the B quadrant, That's where I started my life. And your book was actually
what influenced me to do that Back in the nineties. Thank you. And I started one of Canada's
first internet high speed Companies and raised a bunch of money, Built a great network. Except
the problem was Robert, Your book didn't explain to me
exactly how much hard work it Is to build a traditional
business and all the stress I was Gonna endure, it was all my hair. You didn't tell me that. So Christina I wish I could
use your product, but I can't, I don't have any hair. So, so the problem, the
problem for me was it's like, This is gots go. I wish,
gotta be odd help, but I, I'm grateful that I went
through that experience cause it Taught me there's good
businesses to be in and then bad Businesses to be in, right? There's businesses that pay
your residual income and those That you have to work really
hard then if you stop working. So I learned that. So when I was introduced
to the company I'm with, Which is ACN, which is
essential services, new gas, Internet, electricity,
those things like that, I got excited because I saw
an opportunity where I can get Into the biggest industries
in the world and earn residual Income on those bills. But what traditional
business did teach me, Which is to your point, Which is what's important is selling. The selling is important.
If you can't sell, You can't survive. And it's not
just selling an opportunity,

It's selling yourself. Like who are you? How do, how do you show up? I had a mentor who once
taught me, he goes, Either you are enrolling people
to work with you or you're Repelling them not to work with you. And so there's no in,
there's no in between. So it's like, Are you enrolling people
because of what you look like, Because of how you speak,
because of how you smell, Because of how you talk,
because of what you're saying? Or are you pushing people away? So for me, when I saw direct
sales to Christina's point, She made a great point, Which is about what kind
of lifestyle do you want? And I didn't want the
lifestyle of employees and the Overhead and the stresses
that came along with that. What I saw was an opportunity where, hey, I can build an organization of people, I can acquire customers and
make residual income and take All that sales training and
apply it and we can apply it and Teach people. And that's, to me, What excites me today is how
many people can we teach? – And that's why I wrote this book here, The business world. You know, Says for people who like helping people, If you since sincerely, – I got all your, I got
all your books here. – Oh God bless you. I'll
send you your residual check. Thank you. Yeah. – It's must reading for our team. Our team is must reading. – Thank you. And you know, The reason is if you don't
really want to help somebody, Then you're, I mean you just go to school,

It's all about you, you
know, and I think I like, Again I'll say it is that
you call it residual income. You know, The reason I like real estate
is I get what I call passive Income, you know, forever. It's my property I don't
ever sell, I just stop. But the other thing I noticed
was that even at Xerox, I mean they flew me to
Leesburg, Virginia first class. You know, just getting
out of the Marine Corps, Getting my dad poor dad is going, You should go back to
get a college degree. You're gonna be a salesman.
You're gonna be a salesman. Oh my god. I mean he was so anti the academic elite Cause he's a PhD and His in the academic elite as you know, They're a bunch of weirdos today. They're the ones screwing up
the whole economy. My opinion. You know, they're, They're Marxists US Marine
and they're ones the business School by the 21st century. Because it really is about
networks. You know, when, When you look at why blockchain
works and why bitcoin works Is they build networks.
But if you go to school, You get a job, you're
just a cog in the wheel. But the thing I wanna say is this, I nearly got fired so many
times from Xerox, just like, You know, It's a good thing I didn't
stand in my high heel shoes in a Bikini cause I've been far
immediately, but it was, It's not a pretty sight. – What a visual. Oh my god, what a visual. – But anyway, it's that
you take your, you know, And they can't fire you.

Do you know what I mean? You quit, right? I mean, So that's why I want to get
into why do people quit when the Going gets tough? That's
not a US marine attitude. Do you know what I mean?
When the going gets tough, You get smarter, but most
people today are such, I dunno, Snowflakes, you know, They should be TikTok
dancers and all that stuff. Or they can make a lot of
money doing TikTok or porno or Whatever they want to
do today. But, you know, I I I love what you guys do
because you're pure capitalist And you build residual income
that you can, you know, Keep you alive after
retirement and all that. So before we, before we we're
gonna cut the go to a break, But I want you to think
about the people that you did Recruit in, but why they quit. You see, that's, I think that's
the biggest issue of all, Or the people that said, No, I don't like network marketing
cause that's when the rubber Meets the road is, you know, The salesmanship begins
when the customer says no. And if I, if I stopped
at every, no, I took, I never get anywhere. I mean
you look at, you know, when I, The, the, the editors that in
New York, you know, the book, Big book publishers, When Rich Dad Poor Dad came
out in 1997, they said, What do you know? You know,
what you're saying is, Is not true. You know, what
do you mean savers are losers? What do you mean that your
house is not an asset? What do you mean this? You know, And they were just rejecting
me, rejecting me, rejecting me. But thank God, you know, I can sell. And, and I, and today I'm
still suck as a writer. You know, I'll never win the
Pulitzer Prize, you know,

Flunked out of high school twice Cause I can't write and yet I could sell. So when I said to the
publishers at some of the big Publishing houses, I said, I know, But I'm gonna be a best
selling author. Well, But you can't write. I
said, yes, but I can sell. And so that's why Rich Dad Poor Dad, The first book was sold
at my friend's car wash In Austin, Texas. And it was sold to a medical
doctor, Dr. Tom Burns. Anyway, Dr. Tom Burns and
he was working with Amway And he was a diamond And he was still a medical
doctor's, an orthopedic surgeon. And he was in Amway selling
because he wanted to help People. And if that's, if you
only here for yourself, It's a horrible business. But if you really want to
help other people and then you Help yourself because you're
going through your own Self-esteem problems, All the rejection you take and all that, That's why people quit.
And so if you're a quitter, Start dancing on TikTok.
We'll be right back. – Feeling powerless over current
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Kiyosaki of the Rich Dad,

Rich Dad Radio Show. The good
news and bad news about money. And it's most of you know, The economy's in serious
trouble right now. And I can't believe Fed
Chairman Helicopter Ben Beaky is Awarded a Nobel Prize in economics. And that helicopter Ben
caused the biggest bubbles in History, which are bursting right now. And they give him a
Nobel Prize in economics. Oh my God, I'm not
blaming him for the thing. But what is wrong with our country? Because when those bubbles come down, Which they are coming down right now, Especially in real estate, you know, Is what looking at the real
estate stats and thank God I Bought my real estate years
ago and I have fixed interest Rates and all those things
and I still have my passive Income coming in. So today we have two guests,
Christina Ann Sweeney, And she's an independent
market partner with Monnet. And we have Franco Lo Franco
who's the founder of large Direct sales organization. And he gets his income, The essential services things
you have to use every single Day. And the reason I, you know, Donald Trump and I endorse
network marketing because it's The heart of capitalism. And when I find somebody
who's struggling financially, It's simply because they can't sell. Or somebody who's trapped
in a dead end job, It's cause they can't sell. And sales equals income.
Let me say it again. Sales equals income. And so that's why when I came
back from Vietnam in 1974, I'll say it again,

Is I had to choose between
going get my PhD like my poor Dad. And I told him no, I'm
gonna work for Xerox. And I had to apply for
that job and all this. It was either IBM or Xerox
and was the best thing I ever Did. But I almost got fired all the
time at Xerox because if you Don't get your numbers up, you're out. So Donald Trump and I endorse
network marketing because you Can take as long as you want, Just keep showing up and
keep plugging it away and Eventually you'll get there. But most people quit when
the going gets tough. So I've asked Christina Ann And Franco LoFranco to explain how, Why do people quit and
what are they afraid of us? So let's start with Christina
Ann, why do people quit? Or when you approach and they say No, no, I don't wanna do anything like that. What do you think happens in them? – So I'll start with why people quit. I think people quit because
they're not used to hearing no. We live in a society where
everything is handed to most People now, right? You get a participation
trophy for everything now, Right? So they think that when they
start a company like network Marketing and they have
to go sell something, That when somebody says no to them, They don't know what to do.
They're almost stunned, right? – Yeah. – Hearing no is my favorite thing Because I have learned over time, No does not mean no forever.

No means no, not right now. – Oh, I don't know. I right. Or I don't know. – I have had so many people that like, Cause especially when you
start in network marketing, One of the main things they
want you to do is like, Reach out to your hot network work, Reach out to your warm network, Reach out to your full
network, reach out to people. Like that's networking, right? So. – But that, That is one of the most
important words in business. Not only the ability to
sell's the number one skill, But you've gotta build a network. You know? You look at what Bitcoin
is is a network, you know, Franchise. You know, Colonel Sanders is a
network of franchises. It's the most important word there is. And people want a job instead
of building a network. So keep, please keep going on. – Of course. So when you're networking, Like you're going to have to
communicate with people and You're going to hear no's, Especially from people that you know. But what I've learned over time
being with this business is I've had so many people circle
back to me because on either A customer base or even as like
someone who's trying to join My team, they're seeing, They're wanting to become a
customer because they're seeing The results of my hair. I'm a girl that wore hair
extensions ever since I was 18

Years old. Especially competing against
all those girls at auditions. I was in hair extensions
galore all the time. I was paying thousands of
dollars, my hair would not grow. – Hey Franco, Franco, you
need some hair extensions? – I need need a wig. (laughing) – So I was used to putting
so much hair in my hair, Like paying thousands of
dollars for hair extensions. And I was like, I'm
gonna try this product. And let's see, I mean when people started
seeing my hair growth and my hair Looking fuller and thicker and healthier, People who have said no to me
at the beginning because it Was a network marketing product
started reaching out to me. Let me try that product.
Your skin looks so clear, Your hair looks so healthy. Let me try that product then
when you're looking at people That I talk to about doing
the business with me and they Were like, no. Now it's a pyramid
scheme. Which first thing, Pyramid schemes are highly
illegal and pyramid schemes are Promising you something and
you're getting nothing in Return. Which I'm selling you a product, I'm selling you a business for you to do. Not a pyramid scheme. – No, you, You're building a business
and you're getting skills. You're getting life essential
capitalist entrepreneur life Skills. – Exactly. So I'd have people come back
to me and they'd see my success In this business. They'd see, wait, You can earn a paid for car. Well yes,

You can earn a Cadillac of
Jaguar range over with my Business. You're earning paid for trips. Yeah, we're going to
The Bahamas next week. Myself and my boyfriend fully
paid for by my company. Wait, Wait. You can earn founder
shares in different countries. You can sell to people in
different countries. Whoa, whoa, Wait, let me hear about this now. And then people that have said
no to me at the beginning are Like, Wait, can I join
your team now please? I'm like, absolutely. There's plenty of room at the
table for everyone to come. And I love, honestly, I truly found that like
I love helping people, And when it comes. – When a person says no, what goes on in? How do you respond? – So when a person first says
no, I'll always ask like, Can I ask why? Like, is
there a specific reason? Because I need to get to the root of it. So I have like my own little
notebook of people that I've Reached out to or I've spoken
to where if they're like, Oh no, it sounds like a pyramid scheme, I don't like the business
idea of it. It's not for me. They're in one notebook. The people that say I don't have time, I put them in a different notebook. And so I keep track of everyone
I talk to and like I put Like the dates and everything. So when they come back to me
and I'm like, Oh, oh, okay. So, and then I'm like trying to evaluate What have I been doing Differently that changed
these people's minds. Either it took so long or it
was like a very short amount of Time for them to change their mind.

And people are presently. – So the key is your, you're persistent. – Yes. I'm very. – Very, very, very, very, very, very, Very important entrepreneur skill. – Exactly. – And if you can't handle that, You shouldn't be in their business. – Exactly. – So lemme go to Franco Lofranco. What happens when people say no? What, what goes on with you? And why do, why do you think they say no? – That's a great question. I think for every network
marketing company, The results are the
same. Most people quit. And I think what the problem
with getting rejection is not, The rejection itself is what, What people internalize
the rejection to be. So they make it mean something about them. And that's why they don't
wanna even hear the word no. Right? Whatever the trainings we do
is we say, Okay, tell me no, No. People need to hear the word no. A lot of people do everything
and get to manipulate the Conversation to avoid the
word no versus like pop it, It say no, Let's hear the word no and
be okay with the word no. So the first step is just be
okay with no, you'll be fine. You're not gonna melt,
you're not gonna die. Everything's gonna be fine.
You're gonna be great. Because we have to separate
their emotional attachment to Themselves for what that
word actually means. Which means nothing.
It just means not like,

Like Christina did a great
job saying, no, not now, Or maybe later. But people
internalize it and say, Oh, It's horrible about me. – Yeah. And that's why, you know, I, I was one of those guys saying no too, Until Amway invited me to show
me their training systems, I'm like, Oh my god, your, Your personal development
systems are spectacular. And like again, you don't
get fired, you just quit. But I was stuck around. I
said they studied books, They're constantly know your
whole industry is on studying Capitalism, marketing, sales, But more self-esteem and
personal development. So when I saw what Amway was
doing, I changed my mind. I didn't get into the
business cause I was already Multi-millionaire at the time. But I, I began endorsing this,
endorsing the whole industry. And Donald Trump and I written
two books together and we Endorse it. But most people are like
academic types. Like my poor dad, PhD, poor, helpless, and desperate. They can't sell. This is is a political
campaign time right now. And you watch the candidates
who can, who will win, They can sell, they can
get their ideas across. And the guys that'll lose,
they're a bunch of wimps. They should be TikTok
dancers, you know what I mean? I mean they're just horrible people. – That's so true. And,
but, and you know what, I also say this Robert, you
know, sometimes like we have a, We just launched a healthcare
product or that's saving People on average 50 to
70% of their healthcare, Which is unprecedented. We're the first direct
sales company to ever launch

Healthcare. It's a great product. It doesn't matter if you can't
sell and be okay with no, It's irrelevant what the product
is and how great it is or What it does. You've gotta be okay with
that and then understand that There's, What they're saying has nothing
to do with your emotional State. And to Christina's
point, can you imagine if we, We taught sales in school
when, when they're a kid, Could you imagine what
kind of society we have? We have a strong society of
fabulous people that have good Self-esteem, right? They're okay to be
strong. Could you imagine? Of course people don't want
that. But if, if like just, Just fixing that and
grade school and telling, Teaching kids how to sell in grade school. What a world we would
live in. It be phenomenal. – Right? And the, And the Marxist academic types
running our school system Would lose power. But
that's why they don't teach. Cause they want you to be weak. Yeah. They want you to be needy,
you know, desperate. So, Christian Ann. – I wanna change my first answer At the very beginning of what Got me set up for network marketing, Being a girl scout is what set
me up for network marketing. I was the highest cookie
seller every single year. It was my goal. – Love those cookies. – Good for you. So I'll just say that this
much too is my poor dad, Our whole family were anti sales. You know, they, my, my next door neighbor,

This kid next to me was selling
seeds or something and my Father says, Oh look what
they're doing to that poor kid. You know, he has to go
door to door selling seeds. This is the fifties. And they thought that was the
most horrible thing you could Do to a child. And that's why we're in trouble
as a world today. We have, You know, the Biden crime, The Biden crime family
running the world and they're, They make money the old
fashioned way. Corruption. And you know, I can't believe it's
happening to this country. So that's why I'm really glad
you guys are part of this Show. And you know, I encourage people again
for network marketing, It was the education, the
study and the training. Do you know what I mean? To
get over your fear of no. And I still hate, no, I
don't think anybody likes it. But if you don't get over it, The price is so high for the
rest of your life and your Kids' lives. And their kids' lives. So, and the other thing
too with retirements going, You know, wrote a book
called Who Stole My Pension. And with retirement disappearing
left and right as a 401k, Stock markets crash and a
401ks go down. You know, I would encourage people to
start looking at a network Marketing business. You
know, find, you know, Check them out exactly
as Christina Ann says, You go to look them, check them out, Find out who the upline are, Look at their training
systems and is it for you? So final words on that, What kind of training
systems do you put out there, Christina Anne?

– Oh, well to add onto the nose, We've all actually done little
challenges where it's like, Okay, we'll be on a power hour
call and I'll be like, okay, $500 for whoever can get the
most nos in like this hour call Because it just pushes people
to get out of their comfort Zone, you know, and go
and get those nos right. And you, most of them are
surprised when they're like, Wait, I just got like five
new customers. I'm like, But you wouldn't have gotten
them if you wouldn't have went And asked. So it's interesting to
see and like also, like, One of the most important
things I think about network Marketing. I used to be a person
who did not believe in self Development. I was like,
that's mumbo jumbo. Like I, I don't need someone to tell
me how to think or feel or what To do, right? I was at a younger age, I've
grown up over time, but I mean, My company alone last
year brought in Ed Mile And Mel Robbins to speak to us this year. They brought in Tony
Robbins to speak to us. They spent their money to come
and speak at our conventions Where your empowering so many
people and instilling such Great information from people
that people pay thousands of Dollars to go and see. This company wants to invest
in us to make sure that we are The best people that we can
be. Not just as a sales force, But or like making them
their, their money, right? But as human beings like
helping other human beings. And it's really what we need
at this point in time in the World too. There's so
much hate in this world, That the community that's built
in these kind of businesses, People don't understand
until they're in it. Like I have people in this
business that will be my lifelong

Friends. Forever because of what
this company brought for me. – Right. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. And Franco Lofranco, What kind of training programs
do you have for your people Coming up through the,
through the network? – Sure. I gotta brag a little bit. So the Direct Seller Association
is the agency that governs All direct sales and we
consistently win best training System of all the companies
I'm very proud of. And it's, It's really the reason is because, yeah, It's not cause of me, It's because of the four owners
of the company that built The company. They're so
committed to Christina's point. A lot of people that get involved
in our industry wanna help People. That's what motivates them. You can't build a
volunteer army of people. Like when I had a a company
and I had an employee didn't Listen to me, I fire you. It was very simple.
There's no firing here. So you gotta learn how to
build an organization through Leadership, through
inspiring, through motivating, Which like Christina's done. And so our company's got an
extensive training system from Events to books you recommend
to training systems, to, We've got a whole thing
from top to bottom. When somebody walks in from
day one, what do you do? What's your first step?
What's your second step? What's your third step? And
just follow a step by step. And then it's our job as the
uplines as the teams to keep Them engaged while they
overcome their own issues that They've got and facing
negativity and their bad results Until they get to where they gotta get to.

– So that's what I, when when
I, you know, opened my mind, Finally went to look at an
Amway event and all this, I found their trainers
to be exemplary. I mean, Just class acts. And if you wanna learn how
to overcome your own fear, You know, personal development,
personal transformation, And take control of your
life as a capitalist, Not a socialist who goes
to school like my poor dad, You know, I mean I was so impressed with
their training systems and So I what I, What I started suggesting to
people when you're interviewing The company, also interview the
persons who do the training. Do you know what I mean? That's
the person you want to meet. And if you get along with
them, it's even better. I mean, It's okay if you don't like
'em because they're gonna put You through your paces anyway. Cause that's what you want is
you want to go through your Fears, your doubts, your
insecurities, cause that's, That's how growth comes not from hiding. So then when I, When I thank the two of you
for being great role models for An industry that I support
and you're as capitalistic as They come and remember
sales equals income. And when I meet somebody
who has no income, As my rich dad said to me
when I couldn't get a date, Cause you can't sell. So anyway, I think as the number one
skill of a human being too, Can you communicate and without
robbing people at the crime Syndicate of the Bidens, you know, to get, Get things legally. So, so thank you Christian
Ann and thank you Franco.

– Pleasure guys. Thank you. – And we be right back. Yeah, We are right back for the
final word. So thank you. Welcome back. Robert Kiyosaki,
the Rich Dad Radio show. And my thanks goes to
Christina Ann Sweeney for her Contribution through this
program and to Franco Lofranco. And because I network marketing
or what do we wanna call it? Direct sales where their
education like Rich Dad, Do you know what I mean? And
you can't get fired from them, But you can quit. Whereas
when I worked for Xerox, I could get fired anyway. I think I liked what Christina
Ann was saying is that I want The job of who was judging
the cocktail waitresses, You know, going, holy miracle
I missed my calling you know? – That was gonna say
you were thinking, wait, I need a career switch yeah. – My mind went into the gutter
immediately. But anyway, Anyway, I'm, I'm, I'm so glad
we got a chance to listen. Thank you everybody for
listening to this program Cause we're about education,
capitalist education, Not communist education like
our schools are teaching. So what'd you think there, Miss Sarah? – One of my favorite lessons
that I have learned at Rich Dad Is the lesson of work
to learn, not to earn. – Right. – And I really feel like whatever
you take out of, you know, Whatever you, you know, Money you might make at a network
marketing or direct sales, That's not our message here. Our message is go in and learn
all of those important skills Because those are so transferable. Think about let's say you did. – For the rest of your life. – For the rest of your life.

And I loved that piece at the
end we talked, you know how, Or I think Franco brought it
up about teaching sales and School. If you, If we taught kids confidence
how to overcome objections, How to, you know, that's life changing. – Take rejection. – And so many people I know
who have joined a network Marketing company or have
done any sort of direct sales, They might go in that meek, quiet, Lacking self-confidence person. And they always come out the
other side, a new person. – And I, you know, I have the benefit of traveling the world. And they come up to me and they say, I'm network marketing and doing all this. And they're incredible
people. You know, the dynamic, They're happy, they're
moving, they're buck. It's like this book says here
for people who like helping People, right? You just wanna make money.
I wouldn't recommend that. It's too painful, right? – And, and think about
the economy that we're in. If you let's you know and you
wanna start your own business, How much further along would
you be in that raising capital Venture if you had that skill
set of a network marketer who Won't take no for an answer?
You know what, it's, I just, This was an important show at
this time in our economy and, And I hope people listen to
it and at least consider and We're not endorsing a
network marketing company. It's that philosophy.
It's that sales training, It's that self-confidence, It's that personal development
that's so important. So very important show today.

– That's why Christina Ann Sweney says Go check it out. When I when I, when Dr. Tom Burns, Okay, he's a, he's a.. – PhD doctor. – He's a, what do you call those? – Podiatrist? – No, no, no. He's a bone surgeon. Anyway, I'm. – Orthopedic surgeon. – I, you know, Tom,
why are you doing this? You know, I mean, you
don't need to do this. He is, I like helping people. And so I went in and I checked, Checked out is Amway and all this, the, The Yeager family and all
that. They're standup people. I was so impressed. But
exactly as Christina Ann said, You check 'em out. But the most important thing
is you wanna find out who's Going to be your teacher
inside that organization. And you find that, So when I started finding out
who were the best teachers, Where of course they were
diamonds cause they're really up There, but they're great teachers. I mean, it's fantastic. So like I said, I like thing I liked
about network marketing. You can't get fired, but you can't quit. And that's the problem with most people. They're taught to quit. So I thank you all for listening
to The Rich Dad Radio Show. Again, thank you to Christina Ann Sweeney And Franco Lofranco. And may you all, you know,

Consider joining one of these
companies simply because our Economy's in serious shape. I think unemployment's gonna skyrocket. And it's about time you can,
you know, choose a different, You know, future, A different path for your life
and hang out with positive People who are making, you know, Who are going in the
direction you want to go. So thanks for listening to
the Rich Dad Radio Show.

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