Why Staking is Still a Good Option for Crypto Investors

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Why staking is still a good option for Crypto investors Every day I wake make a cup of tea and Begin to read through many articles and Coverage regarding new developments Within crypto technology and current Global events I cannot help but feel a Sense of being on the cusp of change Both the good news and the bad news Feels as though we are on the path to Things being different from the world we All grew up in and knew prior in Preparation for whatever the future Holds I chose to try and be ready by Diversifying what I invest in for those Who have seen my previous videos I Personally decided to invest in crypto Farmable land precious metals primarily Gold and silver stocks that earn Dividends physical assets such as Rentals that help to earn supplemental Income and personal skills slash growth This week's video will tackle the Question of what to do with tokens for Those who have been staking on Kraken How to move them and what the SEC is Doing in regard to crypto I will also Explain why staking is still a great Option for those invested in crypto Last week I covered the topic of the Lost The losters during that event I saw a Lot of confusion rise up on social media Regarding what exactly took place and if

It is safe to stay crypto at all They are going after businesses that Provide staking as a service where users Tokens are taken and the exchange Stakes The tokens on behalf of the client they Consider this to be a security and Wanted all Securities to be registered It can be argued that the SEC did not Take the right approach to handle this Matter Kraken has been a reputable Business that has provided proof of Reserves and served its clients well for Years the SEC could have taken the Stance to provide proper guidelines and Given a few months for the exchanges to Comply with the new guidelines versus Their more authoritative approach to Force the closure of Kraken staking Program and a 30 million dollar fine Gary ginsler himself said in a recent Video not your keys not your crypto as a Means to explain why the SEC would go After business models using staking as a Service without registering with the SEC This implies that the SEC is only able To go after exchanges where investors Could potentially lose access to their Tokens if the exchange business goes Bankrupt that means self-custodial Staking is outside of the scope of what The SEC can pursue and still a valid Option for crypto and investors Bear with me as I share a little bit of A technical perspective on proof of work

Versus proof of stake it is important to Understand the distinctions between the Two because different blockchains Utilize diverse consensus mechanics it Is essential to understand the rules Rewards and risks that accompany each Blockchain before investing having Knowledge of the differences between pow And POS can help investors make wise Decisions when picking a blockchain to Invest in Bitcoin operates on proof of Work but many other blockchains operate On proof of stake proof of stake POS Allows participants to agree on a new Block by staking crypto behind it on the Other hand proof of work pow asks Participants to use up their computing Power as well as electricity to create a Legitimate block Pros of proof of stake POS from a Technical perspective POS is energy Efficient as it does not require miners To expend energy to validate Transactions and produce blocks EOS is Secure as it uses a system of validators Who are randomly selected to validate Transactions and produce blocks based on Their state in the network POS is fast As it does not require miners to solve Complex cryptographic puzzles Cons of proof of stake POS from a Technical perspective POS is vulnerable To attacks as attackers can create Multiple identities to gain an advantage

Over other validators POS is prone to Centralization as validators with the Most coins have a higher chance of being Selected to validate transactions and Produce blocks Invalidators and The benefits from a crypto investor Perspective crypto investors whose State Can gain rewards for verifying Transactions and generating new blocks Which can be a great way to generate Passive income staking also encourages Investors to hold on to their coins for Longer periods of time as they are Rewarded for doing This can help keep cryptocurrency values From fluctuating rapidly to help Increase their overall worth for Blockchains that rely on proof of stake It is beneficial for both the network And the investor to stake tokens on the Blockchain For example instead of Simply buying Owning and holding dollar Matic tokens They can be staked with a self-custody Award these rewards along with the Tokens themselves can be taken and Traded the tokens that were offered with Kraken's on-chain staking program were Algo Ada Adam eth flr Flo kava KSM Mina Matic dot scrt Sol xdz GRT and TRX if You as clients with Kraken want to Continue to stake their tokens until They are ready to trade with them they

Can move these to a self-custody wallet And delegate the tokens onto their Respective networks I will cover some Tips for staking a few of these tokens I Recommend fully researching tokens Validators and commission fees involved Prior to staking consider these before Self-custody staking avoid validators With 100 commission avoid oversubscribed Validators consider staking directly With a hardware wallet such as Ledger For increased security exchanges with Staking as a service allowed clients to Enjoy rewards without having to meet the Minimum token requirements or worry About unbonding Slash lockup periods Understand the distinction between Staking pools and validators as a Service Staking tips have a full understanding Of how to use self-custody wallets pay Gas fees and decentralized network usage Before using any of the options below or Moving tokens off the exchange Staking tips for polka dot thought that Can be staked using a self-custody wave Such a P2P validators is currently offering up To 15 APR to stake dot with their Validators there is an 80 dot minimum to Stake with P2P and they take a 2.5 fee That has a 28-day unbinding period this Means if you delegate your dot to earn Rewards it will take a full 28 days to

Unbond and be able to trade the tokens Leave at least two to three dot unbonded To cover future transaction fees Polka dot staking pools for smaller Amounts P2P validators P2P guide for how to stake Dot Staking tips for ethereum eth staking Eth requires 32 eth to receive one Validator you can stake eth with Ledger Via native connection or trezor via Metamask Staking tips for polygon Matic staking Matic has a one Matic token minimum and A 21 day lock-up period please take care And research validators prior to Delegating your tokens to them staking Rewards has a list of validators they Have vetted such as steak fish all nodes And Luger nodes List of Matic additional validators Steak fish for Matic Staking tips for cardano Ada what I like About staking Ada cardano is that there Are no lock-up periods or token minimums Places to stay cardano moonstake P2P We can expect to see changes over time As regulations continue to make their Way through the crypto space however These rules and regulations primarily Have effects on businesses their Operations and ethics the core usage of Crypto has remained the same in the

Beginning before the fancy options we Have now there were simply tokens and Wallets and the methods that continue to Work the best within crypto still Involve those two key components times Are changing the world is changing and Technology is changing as we find Ourselves moving forward through life And through time it is important that we Do not allow ourselves to make decisions Out of a place of fear we must exercise The will to seek knowledge and Discipline Until next time Jess

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