Crash of a Lifetime – Gold to $900

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The biggest crash of our lifetime is Here gold will fall to nine hundred Dollars maybe it's 250 dollars but Whatever it is it's all happening According to one person So you've probably already heard about The everything bubble so one of Harry Dent's favorite lines that he's Predicting the biggest crash of our Lifetime he says that it has already Begun it's pretty ominous to put some Numbers to what he's saying he's Predicting that the s p will crash 87 Percent the NASDAQ will crash 92 percent Yes you heard that right 92 percent and That's just the stock market Harry Dent Says this will be a great reset of the Biggest financial asset bubble in History it's going to affect everything Now none of this is new at least not to Me I've seen his interviews before but When he got called out for missing his 2022 prediction on Kitco this last week It kind of doubled down he seemed to Just roll with it saying that he's Actually been more or less correct with His prediction so far that's one of two Things that stood out to me even though He gave specific 2022 timelines for part Of his Doom scenario that didn't Actually play out he's just kind of Rolling along like everything he's been Saying is actually happening now if you Don't know who Harry Dent is in the

First place he's a financial researcher He's an author he's not the DC Comics Villain Two-Face this is Harry Dent not Harvey Denton I don't follow his career Closely but it's probably a safe bet That he makes his money from Book Sales From seminars speaking engagements and From his paid subscription newsletter so The more attention he gets the better he Does and as we all know here you get a Lot more attention making wild claims Than you do commenting on what's Actually happening that's probably just Part of his Mo because Harry Dent has Been making wild claims for these Catastrophic rashes as long as I've been Aware of him now I went back to see if I Could get an idea of his track record I'm going to miss some things here but Just starting out one of his books from 1999 Dent predicted a significant stock Market boom in the 2000s so that's one That didn't happen he doubled down with His next book saying between 2006 and 2010 we'd see that boom still didn't Happen in 2008 he published a book about The Great Depression it had well those Predictions in there weren't true either In 2016 Dent called for a major drop in The Dow down to three to five thousand Well the Dow has never dropped below 19 000 and in 2017 he was calling for that Crash again so bring things a little Closer to what's actually happening in

2021 he said that we would see this Crash by June of that year 2021 what we Actually saw was a record high and then In 2021 he said the biggest stock market Crash of our lifetime would hit in 2022 And that's what he was getting called Out on Again that hasn't happened now he's Saying that yeah that's going to happen By 2023. so I hope I'm not being unfair Here again I don't follow Dent that Closely this really is not meant to Point out where somebody has been Wronged I'm just trying to get an idea If this is someone crying wolf over and Over or if there's some part of what He's saying that's actually relevant and Actually credible I think that he has Been credited with a few things I think He was credited with calling Bubble Burst I doubt he was alone there And I'm sure he's gotten a few things Right along the way but a person's track Record is relevant to how seriously you Should take their claims when people say Harry Dent has successfully called eight Of the last two recessions well this is What they're joking about now the most Relevant prediction that he made in the Past was that we would see gold at seven Hundred dollars by 2015 to 2016 and he Said that that was a certainty he also Said that gold could be down to 250 by 2020 to 2023 that's where we're at now

Two hundred and fifty dollars per ounce For gold now again I'm not making a Video to drag somebody through the mud But when I think of Harry Dent that's What I think of he was recently on Kitco Like I mentioned saying that he sees Gold falling to 900 to a thousand Dollars per ounce so not quite 250 Dollars but still pretty low and he's Saying that we're gonna see that by the End of this year or next so 50 drop in The price of gold Now if I'm paying attention to Predictions I typically throw out the Outliers gold to five thousand dollars By 2024 that's an outlier I don't Consider it feasible same thing with Gold crashing to 900 by 2024 so most of What I've seen Harry dentz say and falls Into the outlier category I don't think That we'll see a 90 stock market crash This year I don't think we'll see this Great reset of the biggest financial Asset bubble in history this year I Think what makes dense prediction feel Irrelevant though is that somebody's Saying is actually happening just at a Much smaller scale a scale that if he Was accurately predicting probably Wouldn't get him much attention Now here's what's interesting to me Though Dent also says that he thinks We'll see a boom two years after the Crash that he's warning of this biggest

Crash of our lifetime he says two years After that we'll see this boom and that Boom includes gold he specifically says That he thinks gold will go to three to Five thousand dollars shortly after a Crash to one thousand or nine hundred Dollars now he doesn't think that any of That will be based on its potential use As a currency Peg like we keep hearing About about its potential as an Alternative to the Petro dollar he Thinks that it'll be driven by Fundamental retail demand in places like India if you do believe what he's saying You'll either hold on to Gold since it Won't be hit as hard as other asset Classes he says everything's going to Get destroyed or you will sell it and Then maybe come back in a few years now Dent thinks the only place to be right Now is cash or US Treasury bonds he Likes 30-year bonds and if you want Another specific prediction from him for Perspective he thinks the price of Bitcoin will go down to three thousand Two hundred and fifty dollars before Booming to as much as 500 000 so clearly The man lives in extremes I can't Imagine following the opinions of one Person out there to make your financial Decisions and he says sell everything Get out of all of your asset positions And I don't doubt personally that the Markets could drop further than they

Already have I don't doubt that a real Estate could drop further he's saying Real estate by the way will be destroyed In this crash as well but there is a Cost associated with liquidating assets Especially if we're talking about Physical assets like real estate or Precious metals and if his extreme Predictions aren't accurate well it Could be a pretty costly mistake because Not only are you out those premiums and Potential other costs from your fire Sale several of his crash predictions Weren't only Wrong by a little bit not Off by degrees the opposite actually Happened So if you're concerned about gold Dropping to 900 or 250 like his earlier Prediction I would say take a look at a Few more opinions before getting too Fired up if anything just consider what He's really saying when you strip out The hyperbole he's saying that we're Going to see a crash and the silly money Is going to get washed out wiped off the Books and then we're going to see a boom So if you weren't planning on selling Inside of a four-year window well the Swings that he's calling for they'd be a Wash you only lose if you sell and if You just work through logic here the Typical cost to produce that gold is Somewhere between nine hundred dollars And twelve hundred dollars depending on

Who you ask so the price of gold isn't Going to go below that and if you look At what central banks are doing well They're buying gold at record rates with Spot price well above eighteen hundred Dollars so nothing about this makes Sense Now if you enjoy living on the edge of a Doom Cliff or you apply a logic filter To the things that he's calling for Harry Dent has some interesting things To say but personally I'm going to agree With the majority of analysts who are Calling for a really big year for Commodities and it continued to rally For metal so I'm not changing gears I'm Not going to sell everything I have if We did see that thousand dollar gold Temporarily which is what he's calling For I'm sure any of us here would be Pretty excited about the opportunity to Buy But I'm not gonna hold my breath waiting For it so what do you think do his Predictions make sense or is he just Chasing attention let us know and while You're in the comments be sure to hit The like button if you found any of this Interesting be sure you're subscribed With notifications turned on if you'd Like to see more on the topic and if You're still here thanks again for Watching I always appreciate your time Take care


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