HOW TO HAVE A BALANCED LIFE – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] Um that's amazing man it's good to see You um again so you you went to Ally Your investor in real estate incredibly Dedicated incredibly passionate how do You balance all of that because one of The things that I see that men struggle With is like Will a man amass a certain amount of Money hit these career goals but then Maybe the family life or health life is Also how are you currently managing how To balance it all going into 2023. now Great question going into 2023 got a lot Of a lot of big things on the horizon so I have a wife I have a daughter and I Also have a another kid on the way so We're gonna wait it's a surprise So as we think about Not you know the balance of it all right Your career you know yeah you know your Entrepreneurial activities the things That you're doing in community we got to Make sure we don't let the blind finish Right so what's the point of working for All these things if you're not able to Spend time with the people that you're Doing all right so one of the ways that I've been able to to balance it on is Having a friend write me down right so The biggest thing is that people people Don't write down these guys every goal That I've achieved in life is because I looked at it every day I'm a big

Sticky notification right so I'm in the Mirror brushing my teeth I have sticking Ones You know on my phone I'm looking at Notes and vagina things down so so write Me down and um I can't stress the Importance of that um enough and so many People are grinding without Understanding what the finishing what it Looks like right so even when you're Standing if you're on track or if you Have the tools needed to get you there So just you know think about it from This one I grew up in front of sports I Know you all play sports as well the Only time we play basketball and and Being didn't keep spoilers in French Right so it's people really out here Living real life grinding without Keeping store not knowing we've been Working to it right so you write things Down you know what you're working Towards and you're understanding how to Filling those down towards gaps so Missing right so the famous quote that I Always think about from zigzilla Zig Ziggler is Um if you aim at nothing you would hit It every time all right so I I had a Plan I I wrote it down and then I Started I started working shortly and The way you do that is is making sure That you understand what you what you're Moving towards and then building a team

Around you of people that's going to Help you get there can you talk about The Minecraft thing because I think That's interesting especially for a lot Of parents that's listening Um yeah can you talk about that how you Was able to incorporate financial Literacy in the video game yep so Minecraft is huge you know we'll be able To talk about Minecraft if I didn't talk To talk a little bit more about mobiles In the Navy right so the idea for from Shopping list which is a world within The hit video game Minecraft was the Idea that came from our interns uh from The movies of the making photography so Here were tasks when hey we have this Financial education so when I first took Over them took over the team we had Um one we had educational Elementary age Students and we have been some adults we Didn't really have we had a gap in that Middle school age Marine so we tasked Those students over the summer when okay Let's create something in the space and They came up with hey let's build a World in Minecraft right so it started Off as a internship Capstone right so They pitched this at Our CEO JB some of our other Executives And Allied being true to Ally in the Community not only did they say hey this Is great this is a great idea they Tasked us with hey let's go out and

Create so we teamed with Michael Shaw And Michael Shaw to create the concept On a video game teaching Financial Education so not only are the students In their learning Financial education They're really going through a real life Simulation so it starts with hey you're Picking a career but you can't go and You know buy a home until you create a Creative bacon you have to go understand Them all banking you have to understand About taxes it's teaching students about Investing and by incorporate those Lessons into the game that the students Are already loving and not playing They're learning why they're what I'm Doing and it's going to continue to grow We're excited and we're like over 4 Million downloads of the game since we Launched because students are already Learning this and we've been able to Start to implement of those in schools After school programs like the boys and Girls club because they're having fun But at the same time they're learning These Concepts in their real life But one of the things you said earlier Is that you know you invested in real Estate now obviously you're working at Allies [Music] Um Online bank and so most people will get Discouraged right because they're

Working on to five and they're like how Am I going to do well from where I'm at That's something that obviously you just Did you start out doing that or is that You were going along your career you Realized look I want to diversify I want To have some Investments so I can Actually do well can you talk about that Process and how you started yeah no Great question so my approach to kind of Wealth building and how I got into real Estate was similar to it to your slogan With assets over liabilities right so You even have to have time we have to Right sometimes you get to vote that's The goal that's the goal at the end but When I was working Um in Big Four County I was I was making Decent money you know I was making Decent money but instead of kind of Going to blow it on buying liabilities Me and my wife decided that we wanted to To build assets right so Um even before I got married I used my My career money to buy my first books And fix and fit problems so straight out Of college started working bought a Property at the time we all know Anything about Detroit real estate you Can get get a piece of property for for A decent price right so not just you Know that's easy right now there's still Still opportunities out there but I was Able to you know buy a property

Um have some some contractors that I Built relationships and family friends And things like that buying property fix It up flipped it out and made a decent Amount of movies and actually I used That money to buy my first phone without Beyond and I kind of fell in love with It um Not only was I able to kind of Build through the the joy of seeing Putting families into homes actually Um had me made me go out and get my real Estate license and not only being I Invest in real estate I have my real Estate license as well because Everything I did was rooted in getting Back helping another so now I'm hoping Families and hoping you know single moms And helping mentions and helping others Get into a homeownership because it's One of the ways to build wealth when we Think about Building Wealth it's only Appropriate ways that you really can get Well right so real estate is in my Opinion so real estate Um investing in the capital markets Shout out to Ian I have put yes in chat All the time thank you brother uh I'll Quickly thank you I appreciate you the Second right so you know real estate uh Investing in the capital markets and Being entrepreneurship so I had to think Of a way of hey I'm putting in this time I'm not trying to work until 60 like I Said earlier but whatever these what are

Ways that I can use my assets to pay Down my life So started with real estate we've Expanded to some other businesses along The way as well Um so for 2023 going back to your goal Setting Totally caught them in the matrix it's Frozen I thought that was me I'll pick up I'll pick up um So you so you're a real estate investor And you have a real estate license as Well it's something I got in beautiful Mortgage nachos all the time like it's One of the best ways to actually become Knowledgeable in places to get a real Estate license so how has that helped You Become a better investor Yes so being you saying on the real Estate side or just open on a real Estate spot like having a real estate License how that helped to be a better Real estate investor yeah so access is Key right so we always talk about do Your own right so whether it's investing In a capital markets whether it's you Know building a business and you know Whatever whatever you're doing you're Always going to do your boiling so the Best way for me was was getting a License learning to trade learning the Skills behind it and utilizing that to Get access get access to the MLS and I'm

Able to study the marketing if I don't Understand what's going on in my market To invest in real estate so that's Helped me not only put some blink but Also by you know a multi-family bonds And Equipment families and internet they Kind of build a portfolio because I have Have knowledge and understanding behind You know just real estate not just what I heard on you know YouTube or just Without having to go and see on the Podcast I went out and being gain the Knowledge for myself I feel like it's Always important whatever business Endeavor you're going to get into to get Some knowledge into it and not saying Everyone needs to go out and get a get a License in the business that they Invested in that you we want to do your Homes and not just take everyone else's Opinion or knowledge on it so I got the License and not only did it help me help Educate it but it helped me save some Money as I was going on and buying Properties and investing and things like That Yes for the people that are incorporate That are saying hey I don't have enough Time Um can you give them a a really simple Blueprint for how to be able to be Excellent at their job also invest in Other assets And have the same kind of balance they

Want because you've been able to to do That well but I don't think enough People in corporate know how to do so Can you walk us through that Um yeah so the first the first step is You know building the team mentorship is Key right so so look to those that's Great in the spaces that you're looking At doing right so whether it's real Estate or known as Transportation Whether it's you know whatever whatever The case may be look to those that still Want to be doing well and learning so You may be working at nine to five but It's 24 hours in a bit so you gotta you Gotta hustle right so some people I Watch the interviews once you all um Have done Floyd and shout out to my Right brother Robert Smith that was a Legendary interview so when you think About that the time that these people Are putting in and there are a billion Names people are like I don't have Enough time well that's that's not true You just don't have a point you don't Have a plan and you're not strategic Enough about what you want to do and Honestly you got to think about your why So between the team understanding your Understanding your why did I lose you All right you know we're here we're here Yeah so building a team understanding Your why and then surrounding yourself About people that have the same kind of

Grind and hustle one of the things that Mentor told me along as well if you're If you're the smartest person in the Field you need to find anything so every Day I'm continuing to you know assess my Approval assessment I'm bringing to the Table because I am sharpens iron so Surrounding yourself not only mentors But the people that you spend the most Of your time with right we've all heard The same year result of the five people That you spend the majority of good Times so so who's in your circle so your Circle should be having Mastermind Sessions every time you link up it Shouldn't even talk about sports and you Know whatever else is going on in the News you know shaving things like that It should be hey that's Mastermind how Are we building how are we playing it For 2020 games so finding your people Surrounding yourself with with the right People and then having them a lot of People who have confused activity with Productivity you know they're not the Same just because you're busy doesn't Mean that you're busy doing something so Once you have a goal in mind and you Know what you're working towards that's How you're going to do this you have the People you have you have the team you Have your mentors and then at the end of The day you got to write it out so you Can know what you're working so much but

It's 24 hours any day this if you have Enough time yes [Music]

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