CBDC ALERT 2023 GOODBYE FREEDOM – Central Bank Digital Currency in USA

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Central Bank digital currencies are Right around the corner and they will Erode your freedom so fast you won't Even know what hit you if you're not Familiar with the Central Bank digital Currency or a cbdc we will talk about Them there are many in Pilot stages Right now but they could go into effect As early as this year cbdc's will give The government complete totalitarian Control over every penny [Music] All of your money will be forced to be Put into a retail Central Bank digital Currency they will at some point phase Out cash and they will be able to Control everything that you buy they can Turn on and off payments in certain Areas do you remember last year when Trudeau froze the bank accounts of those Involved in the freedom Convoy it'll be Like that but on steroids you will not Be able to buy things certain times of The day certain time of the year they Can turn off purchasing for certain Categories altogether they can take out More money in taxes they could take all The money out of your account they can Add money to your account they can do Literally anything they want because They would have complete control this is Terrifying Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it this is one

Of the most pressing under reported Issues of our time Central Bank digital Currencies are so scary I mean it would Be insane to not be able to buy what you Want when you want to right I mean Currently we can purchase or sell you Know goods and services as we like we Have a lot of freedom we can use cash It's you know very hard to track and Trace but if a cbdc is in place in a Retail setting then the government will Not only know everything that you're Doing but be able to control everything That you're doing all right so let's Dive into this article here the headline Is cbdc projects pick up the pace as 2023 kicks off progress on Central Bank Digital currencies has been relatively Slow but a flurry of tests near the end Of the year suggests cbdc initiatives Are improving their Pace as Central Bank Try to determine the impact on Traditional Banking and payment systems About a dozen cbdcs have launched According to a Tracker from the Atlantic Council which adds 17 are in Pilot and 72 are in research and development 80 Percent of central banks are considering A cbdc or have already launched one According to PWC there's a mix of Motivating factors such as improving Cross-border payments mitigating Financial crimes and improving Financial Inclusion wow reports PWC mounting risks

From other forms of digital currencies Such as volatility and cryptocurrency Are also pushing projects they don't say It explicitly in here but one of the Biggest motivating factors is the Government wants more control they want To be able to control you that's what These are all about they're kind of Saying oh you know this is going to help Us prevent Financial crimes it's going To you know improve Financial inclusion This is going to help us with the Volatility of cryptos it's not really Meant for that this is meant for them to Be able to control you right if they can Control your money they can control Everything I'm only running my half All you care about is money this town Deserves a better class A well-designed Cbdc can help provide a real-time view Of risks and currency outflows to help Implement specific and targeted measures To prevent Financial contagions from Spreading further in the event of a Crisis this is absolutely ridiculous Let's say we had an inflation problem Right and everyone had their money in a Central bank digital currency well they Could say hey there's too much money in Existence and this is causing inflation So what we're gonna do is we're just Gonna pull out an additional hundred Dollars from everyone's account every

Week or a thousand dollars and if you Don't have the money in there it's just Going to go in the negative right Because we need to remove money from the System to help with inflation sorry There's too many programs in place that We need the funding for and so we're Gonna have to take the money out of your Pocket on top of the taxes you're Already paying they could totally do That and that's just the tip Iceberg so Here are some cbdc projects that were Underway near the start of 2023 with Results expected to inform a path Forward in these locations in the year Ahead okay so the first one is the United States of America now most people Who are watching this video probably Live in the USA based on my YouTube Analytics so we're going to go over this One and then I will mention the other Countries that are working on a cbdc We're not going to go over all of them And then I'll talk about how you could Possibly get around a cbdc and still Have some privacy with some of your Transactions so anyway here we are United States even as debate in the U.S Rages over the utility of a digital Dollar work continues on the nuts and Bolts of a potential American cbdc the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's Innovation Center and the monetary Authority of Singapore wow that's crazy

That they're working together Um are working on an experiment that Will determine how wholesale Central Bank digital currencies can improve Cross-border payments wholesale cbdcs Are designed for large parties to move Substantial amounts of money and are Considered likely to be implemented Faster than retail cbdcs which are Designed for Consumer use so basically This wholesale cbdc is kind of like the Gateway drug right once they figure out How to easily move the money between us And Singapore well then they're going to Be like okay now let's move the money Between us and the retail public right I Mean this is just step one of their you Know master plan to control everyone's Finances because think about it you will Literally be banking with the FED right I mean you will have a bank account with A central bank now it may still be Called U.S bank or chase or Wells Fargo But the account will be directly with The Fed so they they will know every Penny that you make and every penny that You spend they will know where all of Your money is going so not only is Privacy completely out the window but Also they will have complete control Over your money which is what is so Scary Um in a second project the New York fed Is participating in a proof of concept

Test that will determine the feasibility Of digital currencies operating in a Network of financial institutions then It talks about some of the banks that Are involved along with MasterCard and Swift The New York feds projects are Experimental and it has not taken a Position on whether the U.S needs a cbdc But I can basically guarantee you that They're going to say yes we do need a Cbdc here they are going to move forward With this I mean why would they not all They want is more control right and this Is how they're going to get it by the Way in this article that we're reading The website is American Bank dot com not Really familiar with this website but Check out this ad for Swift there's Literally a swift ad in the middle of This article I don't know if they put That there on purpose or if they're just Trying to advertise in like a financial Type article and it just happened to pop Up here Um but kind of crazy that they're Literally advertising an article talking About cbdc's and they're involved with Testing one right now but okay some of The other countries that have them Singapore obviously we just talked about The US and Singapore working together We have Spain all right a uh Coalition Of more than two dozen Banks is testing

The impact of a digital Euro so Spain I'm sure they will have one very soon uh The UK right Bank of England there you Go They're gonna have one as well these Are a lot of large countries right France France is involved uh Canada They're going to be doing their own cbdc Although Trudeau already has a lot lot Of emergency Powers right but this will Give them way more power so I'm sure They will move forward with their own You know all the big countries are going To do it uh Japan Japan is working on Their own uh we have Australia right no One's going to be able to hide from this As soon as one country goes all in all The rest of them are going to go all in They're going to be so jealous you know Um it's ridiculous uh Brazil there you Go South America uh New Zealand they're Gonna have one and then the last one They list here is China so yeah I mean This is all just craziness cbdc's are Definitely going to pick up the pace Right as they say here in the headline In 2023 I feel like they're going to Start to be implemented this year and It's just going to get worse and worse For us I mean once they outlaw cash we Know the end is near because as long as We still have cash we can still make Some purchases without the government Knowing exactly what we're buying they Could turn off payments for uh you being

Able to purchase gold and silver in the Future if they don't want you to have an Alternative currency right and that's Kind of the one way I see is getting Around a cbdc in the future if you want To buy and sell things with complete Privacy you know you could look at Cryptocurrencies but those are so Volatile right now and also once they Implement their own retail cbdc they're Gonna really crack down on cryptos They're going to turn off you know the The on and off ramps to these uh Different websites right that allow you To access your cryptos and they're going To make it really difficult for anyone To use a cryptocurrency and so I feel Like kind of gold and silver are really The only way where you can have money Outside of this system where you could Still have freedom to use it as a form Of currency and you know I've actually Used gold and silver to purchase things Locally there are a lot of people that Are right now willing to accept gold and Silver as payment and I feel like that Would get get more prevalent especially If these cbdcs are launched and uh so Yeah I mean I just think this is crazy Times ahead absolutely crazy this is one Of the most insane things uh that's Happening in our lifetimes right going From a fiat currency where you have cash To potentially a currency that is all

Digital it just sounds crazy I mean it Sounds like something from a movie that Came out in the 80s or something like That you know they're like oh a digital Currency you know how stupid would that Be the government would have control Over everything and now it seems like It's just right around the corner so Anyway I am curious what your thoughts Are on a cbdc feel free to put those Down below in the comments section thank You so much for watching and I'll see You in my next video silver dragons out

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