How Did Silver and Gold Perform in 2022 Compared to Everything Else?

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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And today is the last day of 2022 so I Want to wish all of you a very happy and Prosperous new year but because it's the Last day of the year we're going to look At how gold and silver have done Compared to everything else so we're Gonna look at the stock market real Estate oil cryptos see who the big Winners were and who the big losers were And then we'll contemplate what to do Next year so let's do it Thank you so much for watching I do Sincerely appreciate it we're going to Kick off with the stock market so I have The S P 500 pulled up as you can see They were a decline of 19.44 this year which is crazy this is The seventh worst year since 1929 for The S P 500 uh this puts them on par With like the Great Depression right so It was a really really bad year if you Don't know what the S P 500 is they Track 500 large companies here in America now these companies have to have A market cap of I think over 8 billion Or something like that so these are big Companies there's a bunch of different Sectors and we'll talk about that a Little bit later but this is just kind Of like a general overview of the stock Market right how have they done in 2022 Poorly let's look at another index we Have the Dow Jones uh Dow Jones was down

Eight point seven eight percent this Year so that's a pretty bad decline if You don't know that Dow Jones is 30 Blue Chip stocks so these are you know stocks That pay a dividend think big American Companies right Chevron McDonald's Coca-Cola Walmart uh and they they were Down almost nine percent this year so a Pretty big decline there as well and Then if we go to the last index we will Look at today the NASDAQ which is very Tech heavy they suffered some big losses Right here down 33.1 for the year so absolutely crazy Think uh big tech companies right Apple Microsoft Facebook Google stuff like That those are in the NASDAQ and they Got absolutely slaughtered this year so All three of the major indexes we saw Declines that were bigger or the biggest Declines I should say since the 2 2008 Financial crisis so I mean the Great Recession you know we saw some declines In the stock market we did worse this Year all right so it was a pretty bad Year for stocks let's look at the 10 uh Biggest losses for stocks on the year Now I ordered these 10 based on who lost The most market cap so the biggest Decline in market cap for 2022 was Apple And as far as a percentage loss their Stock was down 26.83 percent so if you invested in Apple you probably didn't do that great

This year next up we have Amazon and Their stock went down almost 50 percent In 2022 so big drop there Microsoft down 28 percent uh similar to what Apple did Next up we have Tesla down 65 which is Absolutely crazy uh then we have Facebook Facebook down 64 percent uh They're called meta now and we have Nvidia down 50 for the year so all of These so far have been in the NASDAQ Which is kind of why the NASDAQ got so Crushed uh then we have PayPal down 62 Percent Netflix down 51 uh Disney was Down 43 for the year and sales force Down 47 so those were the top 10 biggest Declines in market cap and then also we Have Google down 39 so a lot of these Big companies did really bad in 2022 so If you were putting a lot of your money Into the stock market probably did not See some crazy gains this year however The previous two years uh you probably Did see some gains so hopefully the Declines this year weren't bad enough to Destroy your whole portfolio because Hopefully you saw some gains over the Last few years but overall the stock Market did very bad it was not a great Place to have your money one thing to Look at which I mentioned before was That the S P 500 has different Categories so if we look at all 11 of The categories we can see you know which Ones performed better than the others

Now the best performing for 2022 was Energy energy was up 58 so a huge gain There but everything else did bad so Utilities down one percent Healthcare Down four percent Industrials down seven Percent financials 12 percent decline Materials 14 decline so if you're trying To build a deck I guess you know Lumber Did get cheaper this year uh real estate Down 28 percent the uh the price for my House that I own went down quite a bit So I'm sure a lot of you saw similar Things Information Technology down 29 Retail down 35 percent uh consumer Discretionary down 38. and communication Services down 41. so can you smell a Recession you know consumer Discretionary spending down 38 for 2022. Yeah we're already in a recession uh There's no debating that uh but let's Talk about energy right energy did very Well this year up 58 let's look at some Of the big oil companies first up we Have chevron chevron did really well This year up 52 percent so if you are Invested in them probably saw some nice Gains uh Conoco Phillips up 63 percent And Exxon Mobil up 80 percent for the Year so big gains there you know pretty Much across the board for the energy Sector there was a lot of gains I feel Like they were definitely the big winner For 2022 we did see really high gas Prices this year so if you were invested

In the energy sector you probably did Really well but one sector you probably Did really bad in which we haven't Talked about yet is kryptos cryptos got Absolutely slaughtered in 2022. if we Look at five of the biggest cryptos out There we have Bitcoin coming in with the Largest market cap they were down 64 in 2022 so hopefully you didn't put a ton Of money into Bitcoin at least not Earlier in the year because you know Over the last few months I guess you're Probably flat uh then we have ethereum Ethereum was down 67 this year so a huge Decline uh in that price we have binance Coin down 51 percent big decline there We have xrp down 58 percent some pretty Big losses and then we have cardano down 81 So hopefully you didn't have a lot of Your money in cryptos you know I've been Saying for a few years it's kind of like The crypto casino right maybe you'll do Good maybe you'll do really bad this Year pretty much everyone did really bad So this brings us to Silver and Gold how Have precious metals performed in 2022 First up we got silver so there were Some Peaks and valleys this year the High for the year silver hit 26 dollars An ounce the low it went all the way Down to 17.84 cents an ounce but overall for the Whole year silver is up over a dollar so

A dollar and five cent gain in silver up 4.58 percent so yeah I mean silver is up For the year if we look at other things You know cryptos stock market a lot of That stuff was down so silver you know You did better than pretty much Everything except for energy and then if We look at gold we can see a similar Story in Gold uh gold was up ten dollars On the year uh which is just a small Gain about half a percent gain in Gold So gold was basically flat for the year But if you had a lot of your money in Gold you know you didn't lose money Right you're pretty much flat and so I Feel like you got to be pretty happy With that compared to how everything Else did now obviously you know there Were some high points and low points for Gold as well and so if you bought more At the low points you probably did Better but you know for a lot of us Precious metals are a long-term thing You know we're not really buying and Selling I mean I'm not a Trader I'm more Just buy and hold and I try and dollar Cost average so if you were buying the Whole year you know every few weeks You'll have an average price you paid And that's going to be somewhere around This eighteen hundred dollar Mark same Goes for silver you know if you were Just buying a little bit every other Week you actually probably did better uh

In silver than you did in Gold although You know we have to factor in premiums And stuff like that as well but overall You know I'm really happy with my gold And silver purchases this year I wish I Would have bought more actually but Thankfully I don't have too much money In the major indexes and I have Basically no money in cryptos so I Didn't suffer any crazy losses this year But I would say moving into 2023 I am Super bullish on precious metals you Know especially if we see a dip in the Spot price for gold and silver somewhere In the first half of the year I feel Like that's going to be an incredibly Good buying opportunity because I think The end of the year 2023 moving into 2024 we're going to see the price climb Way higher than it is right now at least That's what I'm expecting you know it's Kind of hard to time these things could Be 2025 who knows but I'm definitely Going to be buying a lot more precious Metals next year I'm happy with their Performance but I am curious what your Thoughts are feel free to leave a Comment Down Below in the comment Section and I will see you all in my Next video which will be next year so Again have a happy New Year silver Dragons out

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