BREAKING SILVER NEWS! Silver Rally Stops Bank Shorting Silver

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Silver is rallying so hard right now That a particular Bank who is shorting Silver heavily actually had to back out Of their position because they were Losing way too much money this is Craziness and this is not just any bank This is a bank that deals in Precious Metals all the time so I'm gonna break Down the story for you let's do it Thank you so much for watching I do Sincerely appreciate it I got the 60 day Silver chart pulled up here because I Want to point something out so back in October we saw silver dip down to 1829 And now we're up over 23 dollars an Ounce I mean the markets are going to Open up tonight moving into next week Who knows where Silver's gonna go are we Going to see a dip probably gonna see a Dip at some point but you know is the Rally going to continue that certainly Is possible so we're up almost five Dollars an ounce in less than two months But just over the last week we saw Silver shot up about two dollars an Ounce so this was a huge rally and it Was this rally in particular that sort Of bullied this Bank out of their short Position on Silver so let's go check That out silver rally stops TD Securities out of tactical short uh if You don't know TD Securities they are a Canadian Investment Bank and I'll talk About them a little bit more in a sec

But this article just it sort of paints A picture for what's going on with Silver right now so after a dismal Summer the silver market appears to be Making up for last ground I think lost Ground as uh prices end the week at Their highest level since June so this Article was written on Friday when the Silver market closed you know I'm making The video over the weekend but let's Keep reading on here March silver Futures have rallied more than nine Percent this past week last trading at 23.40 an ounce silver is seeing its best Weekly performance since August 2020. The week also caps Silver's 22 percent Gain since November so this right here Silver saw its best weekly gain since August of 2020 if you remember back in August of 2020 that's when silver was Rallying hard it went all up to twenty Eight dollars an ounce and then of Course it backed off from there but Absolute craziness going on right now in The silver market but let's uh keep Going on here TD Securities announced Thursday that it was stopped out of its Tactical short silver position the bank Said it is booking a 14 Loss after an epic positioning squeeze Contributed to a 25 plus percent Rally From the October lows TD Securities was Short silver as expected Rising U.S Interest rates combined with the growing

Threat of a recession would Significantly weigh on the precious Metal so basically they were betting That silver price would go down right That's why they were shorting silver They were saying all right silver you Know we got this uh threat of a growing Recession you know interest rates yada Yada the Dollar's just gonna get Stronger that's basically what they Thought they thought the dollar was Going to get stronger and uh that this Was gonna you know push silver price Lower but they were totally wrong on This and again this is a bank that deals In silver I'll point out exactly how Much they deal in silver it's kind of Crazy uh in a second but I want to Finish this article out there's not that Much left here so commodity demand Signals still argue against the recent Rally but significant CTA short covering Has sufficiently extended the pain trade In Gold to lift silver prices above our Stop said Daniel golly senior commodity Strategist at TDS in the updated note we Continue to expect the investment Appetite for precious metals to remain Subdued in the midst of a restrictive Rates regime which suggests that a Consolidation in prices could still be In the cards in 2023 so they actually Think that silver price is going to Still go down that's what they're saying

And you know they're probably not wrong If we do go into this you know classical Recession and everyone's getting laid Off and stuff like that you know with a Big industrial slowdown especially if we Go into like this Global recession that It seems like we're going into then you Know silver because it's used a lot for Industry uh you know it's not going to Be used as much there'll be less demand From the industrial side so it certainly Is possible we could see silver price Fall over the next few months uh before The big rally starts uh but uh okay Let's finish out here Silver's rally has Significantly outperformed gold with the Gold silver ratio falling to its lowest Level since late March last trading Around 77.65 points so yeah silver and gold are Both rallying but Silver's rallying much Harder this is uh what we would expect Uh last little part here the entire Precious metals Market surged higher This past week after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said on Wednesday That it could be appropriate for the U.S Central Bank to slow its pace of Tightening in December and you know I Talked about this in a few videos Already but basically in the meeting you Know Jerome Powell was like hey maybe we Don't need to do another 75 basis point Rate hike so this is signaling that you

Know we could see the pivot on December 14th at the next meeting and that's Basically what precious metals are Thinking and so that's why we saw this Big rally but uh okay along with Shifting interest rate expectations Bullish sentiment has been building in Silver as the market sees record Physical demand for 2022 I do agree with That we saw so much demand for silver This year I mean it was absolutely crazy The US Mint was not making nearly enough Silver eagles not even close they Probably could have you know tripled or Quadrupled the amount they were making And those would have all been bought up By investors uh you know which is why The American Silver Eagle premium is so High and you should not be buying silver Eagles right now but that's a story for Another video Um okay let's read this last little part Here I guess we're so close in a recent Panel discussion hosted by the London Bullion Market Association the lbma Jonathan Butler said that silver has a Very bright future even as it faces Near-term headwinds from the federal Reserve's aggressive monetary policy Tightening stance yes I agree we're Going to see a very bright future for Silver perhaps later in 2023 maybe 2024 But the big rally is still yet to come In my opinion so okay let's talk about

This uh Bank TD Securities maybe you've Heard of them before maybe you've not Heard of them before I would think that If you're in Canada you probably know TD Securities you're like oh yeah of course Yeah I bank at TD it's probably like uh You know here in America we have the big Ones right Wells Fargo uh Chase I'm Trying to think U.S Bank I'm thinking Like what's in the grocery stores okay So I Googled how big TD Securities is Because I don't want to get put on blast In the comment section oh they're not That big look at this TD is the fifth Largest bank in North America all right They serve over 26 million customers so Yeah they're not no one uh but the weird Thing about them is that they actually Sell precious metals so it's kind of a Strange thing uh but check this out so You can see their logo up here TD uh Where to buy look look at this order in Branch visit a TD Branch to place a Precious metals order pick up your Purchase within 5 to 15 business days Please note in Branch precious metals Purchases can only be made from your TD Canada Trust deposit account which must Be open in funds and in good standing at The time the purchase is processed but You can straight up order silver and Gold from an actual Ranch I've never Heard of this before I mean I do know in Mexico a lot of the banks you can go

There and buy libertads but like here in America I mean I cannot think of a Single bank that would actually sell me Precious metals directly I guess I've Never tried maybe like chase you know Because they got the whole JP Morgan I Share silver trust you know SLV thing Going on but I've never gone in there And been like hey can I buy silver Directly from you guys uh but this just Goes to show that like TD Securities They know precious metals I mean they Literally sell them at their bank I mean I guess they gotta mail them to the bank Or whatever but um they were shorting Silver they were literally betting Silver would go down and uh there was so Much demand what's gonna happen next That's what I'm curious about all right So I want to end the video here at this 60 day silver chart whenever we see a Big rally like we saw last week I pretty Much always you know uh sort of brace For for a pullback like I just feel like We're gonna say silver price go down Next week but again I don't know if That's gonna happen it could continue to Rally from here you know the bottom line Is if you want to be buying silver if You want to be investing in silver I Still just recommend dollar cost Averaging right you buy a little bit Every week or every other week that's The best strategy that's what I've been

Doing for the last almost five years now You know I've been buying silver for Almost five years and I just dollar cost Average so you could do it every Paycheck or once a month or whenever you Want but you'll just have this average Price you paid over a period of time for Your silver and in my opinion that's a Much better way to do it rather than Trying to like time it and say okay you Know we just hit the bottom or this is My best chance to get in or whatever Because you know I've been watching Silver for the last five years and you Know I don't know what it's going to do Next week okay I mean if we saw you know Like some big news then I could probably Guess but uh you know we're kind of Going in this week a little bit blind Again in my heart of hearts I feel like We're probably gonna have a little bit Of a pullback but uh it could continue To Rally I just simply don't know so if You want to buy silver I still say just Dollar cost average you know buy a Little bit uh if you have a maybe a Block of money that you want to put into Precious metals because you're worried About everything that's going on or you Think they're just gonna rally hard uh Over the next few years and you maybe Want to try and make some money off it Or whatever you want to do Um then I would say don't put that whole

Block into precious metals right now you Know just put a portion of it in wait a Week wait two weeks put a little bit More in Um I still think it's possible we could See a sizable dip at the start of 2023 You know if the recession really gets Going and you know the economy really Slows down we could see silver price Come down that doesn't necessarily mean The premiums will come down uh but we Could see silver price come down and Then I think after that it's going to be Off to the Races because I think the Dollar is just going to tank silver does The opposite of whatever the dollar does So when the dollar tanks that is going To be the time where we see silver Really shines so anyway those are my Thoughts Um I hope you enjoyed the video please Put your thoughts Down Below in the Comment section where do you see silver Going from here I want to say a massive Thank you so much for watching and I Will see you all in my next one Silver dragons out

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