Is This the End of the PETRODOLLAR? Will Gold and Silver Save You?

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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video I want to talk about The Petro dollar right now the US dollar Is the world's Reserve currency and oil Is priced in dollars basically around The world however Saudi Arabia has Recently been talking about selling oil Not in dollars but in other currencies One of them being the Yuan so if Saudi Arabia does this this could be the Beginning of the end of world Reserve Currency status for the US dollar it Would be a huge blow now is this going To be happening in the near future That's what I want to talk about in this Video how would it affect people holding Dollars and how would it affect people Who are holding precious metals you know Gold and silver these are outside of the Dollar system so I want to talk about That and I want to give you my opinion Because I haven't made really any videos On this topic before and with Saudi Arabia recently talking about switching Over from the dollar to Yuan I think It's a great time to bring it up so Let's do it Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it if you want To learn more about investing in Precious metals or if you just want to Watch awesome videos about gold and Silver make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel alright so what's the

Deal with the Petro dollar well we are On reading Peter's blog And I came across this post and it Really lays out quite simply what would Happen if Saudi Arabia starts selling Oil not in dollars right so the headline Reads petrodollar on Shaky Ground Saudi Arabia willing to discuss selling oil in Other currencies uh they've got some Matches here and some US dollars I guess They're lighting the dollars on fire if This happens right it starts off in a Recent interview Saudi Arabia Finance Minister Muhammad al-jadan said the Country is open to discussing trade and Currencies other than the US dollar this Could Mark the beginning of the end of Petrodollar exclusivity that would be a Huge blow to Dollar dominance there are No issues with discussing how we settle Our trade Arrangements whether it is in The US dollar whether it is the Euro Whether it is the Saudi real uh now real Quick I want to point out that Saudi Arabia has been threatening to stop Pricing oil in dollars for quite a long Time and they've never actually done it So this is certainly not the first time They've ever said anything like this but It is the most recent and uh I don't Know will they actually do it this time I kind of doubt it but let's read on Here Al Jadon went on to say I don't Think we are waving away or ruling out

Any discussion that will help improve The trade around the world Saudi Arabia Ranks as the world's largest oil Exporter and the petrodollar serves as a Crucial support for the US dollar Saudi Arabia has sold oil exclusively four Dollars since 1974. on under a deal with the Nixon Administration if the Saudis shift away From the dollar and sell oil in other Currencies it would be bad news for Dollar dominance this is absolutely true This would be a huge blow to the US Dollar they probably would eventually Lose World Reserve currency status we Would see extreme dollar weakness I mean It would be terrible for our economy I Don't know if it would all happen right At once it would probably be a slow Trickle but if we read on here it's not Just Saudi Arabia supporting the Greenback the majority of global oil Sales are priced in dollars this ensures A constant demand for the Greenback Since every country needs dollars to buy Oil this helps support the US Government's borrow and spend policies Along with its massive deficits as long As the world needs dollars for oil there Is guaranteed demand for greenbacks that Means the Federal Reserve can keep Printing dollars to monetize the debt But if that demand were to suddenly Disappear or even shrink significantly

It would be a big problem for the US Economy yeah it would be a massive Problem for the US economy uh it would Maybe even be the end of the dollar at Some point right uh Zero Hedge explains How the process works so here we go uh One of the core Staples of the past 40 Years and an anchor propping up the Dollars Reserve status was a Global Financial system based on the Petro Dollar this was a world in which oil Producers would sell their product to The US and the rest of the world for Dollars which they would then recycle The proceeds in dollar denominated Assets and while investing in dollar Denominated markets explicitly prop up The US dollar as the world Reserve Currency and in the process backstop the Standing of the us as the world's Undisputed Financial super power if we Continue on here if the demand for Dollars were to plunge interest rates on U.S treasury bonds would soar this would Be an untenable situation for a Government servicing more than 31 Trillion in debt and if Saudi Arabia Were to begin pricing oil in other Currencies other oil exporters might Follow suit China has been pushing for Oil sales priced in Yuan while it Doesn't sound like the Saudis are Prepared to totally jettison the dollar There does seem to be an increasing

Likelihood the petrodollar could face Competition for Yuan euros and possibly Other currencies this is yet another Sign that the dollar may eventually lose Its status as the sole Reserve currency And if that happens if the US dollar Loses World Reserve currency status the Dollar will be very very weak people Holding dollars they will lose an Incredible amount of wealth at that Point in time and we would see a lot of Money flow into the safe haven assets Right gold and silver and so I think we Would see gold and silver prices soar to All-time highs and they would keep on Pushing Higher and Higher and eventually If the dollar goes into hyperinflation I Mean we could see gold and silver prices Reach astronomic levels that we never Thought we would see in our lifetime but My opinion is that they likely won't do This anytime soon I believe that Saudi Arabia is going to continue to price oil In dollars the Petro dollar will remain If they did switch from selling oil in Dollars to Yuan or Euro or some other Currency this would send a shock wave Through not just the U.S economy but the Global economy and certainly couldn't Handle that right now with this Global Recession that we are in but um I don't Think they're willing to make waves uh That big they're just trying to keep Their options open now obviously this is

My opinion on the subject right I'm just Another dude here on YouTube that loves Precious metals and I try and make Content about things that I think are Interesting hopefully they're Interesting to you but I do think this Is important to think about I think it's Something important to be talking about I could be completely wrong on this I Mean tomorrow Saudi Arabia could say all Right we're not selling oil in dollars Anymore we're now going to be selling Oil in Euros or whatever currency they Decide right if that does happen I would Say it would be very very important to Have your wealth not stored in dollars Have your wealth in an alternative uh Currency I guess you could look at gold And silver as an alternative currency But really at the end of the day it's Money it's real money that's what gold And silver are I would say for me Personally owning gold and silver I Definitely feel like it is insurance Against a dollar collapse or inflation Certainly hyperinflation I feel like It's savings I feel safe and secure Knowing that a lot of my wealth is Protected so anyway I am curious what Your thoughts are on Saudi Arabia and The recent talks about being open to Selling oil in other currencies feel Free to put your comments Down Below in The comment section I want to say

Massive thank you so much for watching My video and I will see you all in my Next one silver dragons out

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