Using LinkedIn to Improve Company Visibility

Linkedin company visibilityWhen is the last time you published anything on your company’s LinkedIn feed?

I wrote a post about this on my LinkedIn Company Page today, more as a reminder to myself than a message to other marketing professionals!

It’s so easy to get caught up working on client projects, plan and analytics, that I need to remind myself to do a little of it for Marketing Resources & Results as well.

Do you have problems remembering your own online visibility too?


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How to Maximize ROI on Your Ads

In order to achieve what is considered great, many men and women have gone through various trials and tribulations just to make their dreams come true. Whatever the hurdles may be, they make sure that their will never bend and will find ways to overcome whatever denies them of their chosen fate. And as the saying goes, “Fortune favors the bold,” meaning only those with guts and wits will get what they desire the most in the end. A small price to pay for a lifetime of glory.

When you are starting a business, the most essential thing is ads. Ads are the bait to your fishing rod and will be responsible for attracting the biggest fish in the ocean, or in other words, customers! And when you are able to manipulate and maximize the potentials of your ads, you will be raking in the cash in no time. All you need is a little bit of information on how to maximize ROI on your ads and you’ll be achieving success in no time.
Important Topic
  • Website Optimization
Rigging your website with the best possible look, server and interaction interface will surely make any ad look legitimate. A user-friendly website that is easy to navigate will definitely make a customer comfortable and interested in what you have to offer, plus will have a higher chance of passing the good news to his or her friends, maximizing the room for profit.
  • Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization is another way of maximizing your advertisements by making it appear more in search engines. It also helps your keyword appear closer to the first page, making it more interesting to visit and promote. This can be done through guest posting, link building and making negotiations with various websites who are also looking for advertising help. Also, page ranking will also make a difference since it defines how good your website is and will also be seen as an opportunity by other aspiring businessmen.
  • Social Media Attack!
Using social media as a tool for advertisement is only one way of maximizing the ROI potential of your ads. A simple post, picture share, video upload to facebook, twitter and other social media platforms is an effective way to reach out to people and lead them back to you. Remember that today, one word posted can spread like wildfire and turn info into instant revenue.
  • Customer Service
Lastly, Customer service is really an important factor if you want to maximize your ads ROI because it will let customers see how serious you are when it comes to your advocacy in helping them out with regards to your product. Aftersales care is also one good way to make your ads increase your ROI because it brings an opportunity to communicate and interact with your previous customers and advertise your other products at the same time. Always remember that an ounce of customer care brings a ton of money back.

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Brands Must Match The Right Consumer With The Right Message And Context — Or Risk Being Creepy

My reaction at first to this Cenegics ad below on Facebook was, “this is funny.”

I’m sure the picture was chosen because of it’s not-so-subtle nod to the most interesting man in the world. The ad copy suggested to me that this company was in the business of selling performance-enhancing vitamins, lotions or plastic surgery — Fountain of Youth type of stuff. Whatever, I moved on.

Then the company’s ads continued to serve in my Facebook feed. It’s like there was no frequency cap when it came to targeting me on Facebook.

I can recall being served this ad at least five times and here’s the latest one as of this writing:

So I selected the “Why Am I Seeing This Ad?” button in the menu in the upper-right corner of the ad unit. I learn I’m desirable to Cenegenics because I live in the top 5% of U.S. ZIP codes according to household income. Also, I’m a man between the ages of 40 and 64 who lives or was recently in the U.S, based on my profile and where I’ve connected to the Internet.

I have a hunch these are not the only targeting parameters, but I can’t prove that right now. (Btw, a big interest of mine is sailing, and that is supported by the “Newport Apparel” ad I was served in the right column, along with the Cenegenics landing page featuring a sailboat below. Coincidence? NO!!!)

Then I went to the website and my reaction was, “this is wrong.”

In my unique circumstance, this was a case of targeting the wrong person with the wrong message — on many levels.

Yes, I fit the demographics. But no, I’m not seeking to feel 10+ years younger. To be fair, maybe I will in the future. But not now. And the copy and messaging made me question the legitimacy of the company.

Most important, the campaign made me feel uncomfortable the more I was contacted. Sure, they knew enough about my identity to narrow me down into a niche segment…that’s fine, I agreed to Facebook’s privacy terms and conditions for ad targeting. Yet it was the coupling of the targeting and the message that came off as arrogant and creepy. The fact that I could tell consciously that I was being targeted as a unique group for a niche product suggested they had intimate details about me. Then delivering me casual, intimate messaging like “make 2019 the year you finally feel 10 years younger” and “reclaim your glory days” suggested they believed they really knew something about me that I was grappling with.

But I’m not, at least consciously. Maybe they know something about me that I’m not conscious of? If so, they have not earned my awareness or trust to deliver me such suggestive calls to action. Which is why this whole experience is creepy.

To be sure, I’m not overly sensitive. I will continue to use Facebook periodically. But this is something both publishers and advertisers should be aware of in this age of increasing privacy scrutiny. Accurate targeting with sloppy messaging creates a bad experience for everyone. It doesn’t make the publisher look good, either.

To create a great customer experience in advertising, you can’t focus only on targeting the right people and lose sight of the creative. You must combine data that connects you with the right people, the right message and the right context. Media and brand message must align with the values and character strengths of the consumer to achieve the best outcome (and more to come on this later).

You can take this concept a step further to a pure media cost standpoint. The disconnect of targeting the right audience with wrong (or poor or stale) creative results in low conversion and acceptance rates. And on programmatic ad exchanges, that usually equates to increasing media bid costs over time. Your overall ROI goes down.

Of course, without connecting the data from media, creative and audience (or person), you can’t isolate the variables and levers that create good experiences for the consumers and performance for the advertiser. One creative unit may perform great with one audience versus another, while one audience may perform well with any given creative. So what is driving your success? Where is your learning to get smarter with each dollar invested in contacting your prospects?

Adland has a ways to go.

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Essential SEO Strategies to Get Organic Ranking from Your SEO Campaigns

The tech-world is never static. Every day, the tech-specialists come up with new and better programs. The SEO strategies also change to keep pace with the developments. You must evolve and utilise these unique tactics. Otherwise, you can lose the SERP position. It allows your rivals to take over your market. Thus, it would help if you prepared yourself in advance.

Experts suggest that 2019 paves the path for the introduction of new SEO strategies. If you implement these tricks well, then your SEO campaign can prosper. The primary aim of your SEO drive is to attract more traffic. These tactics can attract the attention of the target clients. With engaging content, you can compel the visitors to take action. Proper approach selection and application ensures a high rank on the SERP.

Why Opt For Organic SEO Strategies?

Organic SEO techniques take time. With inorganic SEO tricks, your website rank can go up in no time. But Google algorithm may detect these and slap a penalty on your portal. Thus, India SEO companies stress on organic SEO tactics. With these, you need not worry about Google penalties. If you implement organic SEO techniques well, Google algorithms add more value to the site. So, your portal rank can get a boost.

SEO Strategies to Ensure a Better Online Rank

If you possess some SEO knowledge, then you can select and implement new techniques without professional assistance. The e-books and online video tutorials may also come to your rescue. Here are some simple strategies, which save time and money but guarantee higher ranks on SERP.

Optimise Voice Search

By 2020, 50% of internet users may shift to voice search. Text and voice searchers have different attributes. If you do not desire to lose any clients, then optimise your site for this new tech. The visitors can save their time with voice searches.

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Ensure Better User Experience

The design of your website impacts the visitor’s impression. Experts suggest that people do not want to waste time on a portal that confuses them. Your organic SEO campaign must guarantee a positive visitor experience. Layout and simple tabs make things easy for all visitors.

Use Backlinks

If your site has quality backlinks, you can get a high rank on the Google SERP. Backlinks guarantee a better position for your website. Paid links and blog comments cannot offer must help. Influencer marketing, good content and outreach assist you to earn good backlinks. Experts of any organic SEO company India suggest you add only a few backlinks for every page. It helps to maintain the balance on your website.

Improve Technical Optimisation

If you ignore the technical aspects, then your SEO campaign may not yield positive results. Technical optimisation is a vital aspect. It offers a solid foundation for your online presence. If you want to boost your local search exposure, then invest time in technical SEO. Schema mark-ups enhance the chances of more search results. Implement JavaScript Object Notation via your Google Tag Manager. It has a positive impact on your site’s visibility and CTR.

Measure SEO performance

SEO is an online marketing strategy that attracts target clients. When you get more visitors on the site, your traffic shoots up. It adds value to the portal. So, you must ensure that your strategy is on-point. SEO analytics and reporting are two essential tools at your disposal. You can use analytics and reporting programs to assess the SEO campaign performance. These programs offer in-depth information.

The reports highlight the weak links and where your SEO campaign needs improvement. Once you get the analytics report, you can reconsider the SEO strategies. Improve the current campaign so that you attain more clicks and traffic.

Do you want to run a successful SEO campaign? Do you want to implement best organic SEO techniques to up the site’s rank? Then contact the experts of SEO Services Consultants today. The experienced specialists can select the best strategies, which can increase traffic inflow on your portal.

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India is planning to achieve 50 GW of prodction from renewbale energy by 2028

India is planning to achieve 50 gigawatt (GW) of production from renewable energy by 2028, in order to get to its goal of 40 per cent of electricity generation from non-fossil fuels by 2030, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy secretary, Anand Kumar said at the India-Norway Business Summit 2019 in New Delhi.

Of this 500 GW, 350 GW would come from solar, 140 GW wind, and the remaining generation capacity would come from small hydro and biomass power.

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“This figure excludes large hydro. If we take large hydro into account the figure will grow to 560 GW to 575 GW. To reach this figure we have to bid out 30 GW of solar energy and 10 GW of wind energy every year,” Kumar said.

He added that India’s requirement for electricity generation capacity may reach 840 GW by 2030 if the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grows at a rate of 6.5 per cent.

“Out of 840 GW, we plan to install a little more than 500 GW in renewables. We have installed 75 GW renewable energy capacity in the country and another 46 GW is under various stages of installations,” added Kumar.

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How Facebook Messenger Bots Can Elevate Your Online Business?

facebook marketing

An online presence has become paramount in the prevailing global economic conditions. Unless you have been living under a rock, you have watched Facebook evolve from just an online ‘meet me’ spot to a staple in business. This phenomenal online platform has instituted steady improvements over the years and one of the latest ones being, Facebook messenger bots.

Facebook messenger bots are autonomous messages that can interact with clients on your behalf using automated responses. How are they beneficial to my bottom line? – you may ask. These bots provide a number of benefits such as:

1. Saves You Some Face Time
You no longer have to be glued to your monitor, Facebook messenger bots can interact with customers on your behalf through words, videos and pictures depending on customer queries.

2. Help Gather Customer Information
Facebook messenger bots can read and interpret customer queries through artificial intelligence after which, they will deliver relevant answer templates or furnish you with the information needed to respond to the customer query yourself.

3. Easy Customization

These bots amplify various Facebook resources such as chat extensions, sharing capabilities and visual components to help extend your reach. These bots can also be customized to accept customer payments in the messenger window.

4. Broadens Your Reach
Customers are seeking to patronize businesses with bots, which exposes your businesses to a larger audience. Ensure you retain your patrons by giving them a memorable experience.

5. Helps in Delivery
Bots also come in handy in dropping your product offerings and ads right into customer inboxes.

Statistics show that more than 100,000 businesses are using bots with that number set to rise. Customers have also expressed an affinity and preference for businesses they can message effectively. These two facts alone highlight the importance of incorporating Facebook messenger bots into your online business.

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