5 Side Hustles for Daily Passive Income in 2023 ($900+ Per Day)

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So at this point we've all read Rich Dad Poor Dad or at least are familiar with The cash flow quadrants the problem Being is that most side hustles out There are going to put you in the S Category of being self-employed you'll Make money while you're side hustling But not while you're asleep for example So what you really want is a side hustle That puts you in the B category being a Business owner creating a passive money Making machine so we'll be covering five Side hustle ideas that put you in this Business owner quadrant not the Self-employed quadrant so for the first Side hustle we're going to be using Google Trends to find the high income Pet cities across the United States and This is simply affluent areas with a lot Of interest in pet related services but Just to be clear you're not going to be The one doing the grooming or anything Like that in fact you don't even have to Live in the city where you Market your Service so over on Google Trends you're Going to search for a dog walker and Then you're gonna scroll down and click On Metro and just like that we have a Map of these high income pet loving Cities your goal is to offer a fully Remote pet liaison service in one of These cities so these days a lot of People are having pets instead of kids And here is just a small list of the

Many services that people use for their Pets so instead of having the pet owner Handle all of that back and forth Communication and Logistics between all Of those different Services they would Instead communicate directly with you I Would personally price this at 19 a Month and start out with vet record Management and appointment scheduling And since most pet owning households out There have multiple pets you're looking At at least 38 dollars per client but This is just one way to make money from This business and another lesson from Rich Dad Poor Dad is that you need to Have multiple streams of income so let Me show you another easy income stream With this side hustle so let's say you Start the side hustle in Charleston South Carolina you'd want to get in Contact with the reputable top-rated Businesses in that area and just start Discussions about a potential referral Relationship and after that you could Advertise your business in that local Area but if you don't want to spend any Money there's another option which is to Leverage local SEO and that means Creating a Blog and writing articles Such as the best dog walker or best Grooming service in Charleston South Carolina and then on those web pages That is where you can Market Your Service as being a pet liaison so let's

Say you start this side hustle and you Get just one customer per week well in One single year you'd have 52 customers Paying you 38 dollars a month on average Which would be 1976 in monthly recurring Revenue Mark Twain once said buy land they're not Making it anymore and then years later Country star Jordan Davis said buy dirt Both are correct I personally picked up Some land for this exact business model Back in 2021 and it's situated on a Beaver pond in rural Upstate New York And it clocks in at 0.77 acres and I Paid about thirty thousand dollars for It but the fact that it has Doc rights Is what really sold me on this and my Future plan with this is to document the Creation of a completely new Revenue Stream and business once I launched this Through the process of land hacking so If you want to see that when it comes Out make sure right now you subscribe Hit the bell and turn on all Notifications but more importantly let Me teach you the concept of land hacking There's a few different tiers and each Has a different startup cost and Earnings potential and not surprisingly The more you invest the higher the Earnings potential so starting off as Cheap as possible you can rent out Campsites on cleared land on a site Called hip camp and all you're going to

Need is dirt road access to the Campsites from a major road and you're Going to have a strict carry in carryout Policy and aside from the cost of your Land this setup is going to cost you Almost nothing so tent sites on average Patch 10 to 30 dollars per night on hip Camp now your occupancy rate is going to Vary based on the area but you can use This site called air DNA and get the Occupancy rate for short-term rentals in That area but let's say that you have Just 40 occupancy well in the 30-day Month that's going to be 12 bookings per Campsite or 36 booked nights across your Three sites and if you're charging 20 a Night that's going to be 720 in monthly Recurring Revenue but keep in mind this Is the lowest earnings scenario let's Say instead of doing tent sites you Wanted to do vintage campers on your Piece of land on the low end these Campers book for ninety seven dollars Per night on Airbnb and if you had the Same 40 occupancy rate you'd be making Almost thirty five hundred dollars in Monthly recurring Revenue but let's say That you want to make even more from Your land hack is it possible yes it is If your acre of land happens to be a Buildable lot your best bet is to build A 400 square foot tiny home but if you Don't have a buildable lot which is the Case with my land your next best choice

Is to build a series of tiny cabins you See before I purchased my plot of land I Deed some extensive research and I Looked up the building codes in that Area and any structure under 140 square Feet does not require any permit or any Type of inspection but that's not the Case everywhere so this particular cabin Kit here is going to run you about seven Thousand dollars after taxes and Delivery but just look at what you're Going to have afterwards and no you Don't need to have Plumbing as long as You clearly disclose that in your Listing but one thing you might want to Consider is putting in an outhouse as That can be a really solid workaround And you could also look into having a Well drilled if that is allowed on your Land you might be investing around 50 Grand into three cabins on a piece of Land but what would the earnings Potential look like for something like This well on average these tiny cabins Rent for 125 a night so if you have the Same 40 occupancy rate across three Cabins you'd be looking at forty five Hundred dollars in monthly recurring Revenue Niche affiliate YouTube product Reviews can be extremely lucrative if You can find the blue ocean Opportunities you see most niches out There like tech reviews for example are Extremely competitive making it a red

Ocean you want the blue oceans and what You're looking for is products or Services that people buy on Amazon that Are relatively expensive that they're Going to be doing research on prior to Purchasing so for example this video I Did back in 2019 reviewing Audible has Been a passive income machine for years Just last year this video that's three Years old made me two thousand five Hundred eighty one dollars from 453 Referrals but it also made me add Revenue a total of 636 and some change For 2022 so that means that this video Made me eight dollars and 82 cents on Average every single day from a piece of Content that's over three years old and I want to give you one more example just So you know that this isn't luck over The summer in August I did a video Review and installation tutorial of the Blink cameras and at first I thought the Video was a total done but take a look At what happened after the two-month Mark so from the YouTube ad revenue on This video 372 dollars and 50 cents and As far as the blink cameras you're Looking at 119.96 in commissions generated so in 2023 so far this video has made me on Average eight dollars and 35 cents daily Now if you're looking to take action on This which you should here's what I Recommend doing you should start off

With a goal of creating 10 of these Video reviews about products that you Already own and after that apply for the Amazon Associates program and as far as The categories go here's why Amazon pays As a commission and I have a few Personal recommendations for those who Actually take action on this kitchen Appliances vacuum cleaners outdoor gear Cooking grills and any type of furniture So your goal here is to build up a Portfolio of these different videos Bringing you in a few dollars or maybe 10 or 20 dollars every single day so I Got the idea for this next side hustle While listening to YouTube music videos The next song came on so I started Paying attention and it took me a few Seconds to realize I was listening to an Ad from Nationwide let me know in the Comments section if you've seen that ad Too so here's how you could turn this Into a niche social media marketing Agency start off by creating a website After that reach out to businesses in Your local area and send them Information including links to your Website and once you land your first Client head over to voices.com where you Can hire a musician for the entire Project now here's the very important Part you're going to want to sign an Agreement with your artist that makes You yourself the copyright holder of the

Created work because what you're going To be doing is actually licensing the ad To your client instead of just giving it To them and the beauty with this is that Number one you're incomplete control Number two you cannot be circumvented And number three your securing at least Two income streams the first sum of Money you're gonna make is for managing The ad campaign and sending monthly Update emails as far as the ad spend Your client is going to pay that Directly you're never going to be paying Ad spend and then of course the second Income stream is licensing the creative To them for a set timeline so let's say For example you want to Target local Insurance companies and pretty much Replicate this form of advertising what I would recommend doing is charging 997 Per month to manage the campaign and Also send the updates I would personally Charge twenty five hundred dollars as a Licensing fee for three months and once You have your first client set up you're Then going to get another client using Your first one as a case study this last Side hustle is a digital skill you can Offer to businesses to build a roster of Clients paying you every single month When it comes to making money with Subscriptions the B2B play is the Holy Grail and that's because if the service That you're offering a business owner

Helps them run their business their They're probably going to keep it Forever or at least the duration that They remain in business and while you Will be offering zero dollar web design What you are going to be doing is Charging 99 monthly with a six month Minimum contract and as far as the Actual web design you could do it Yourself or you can hire this out pretty Easily at a cost of under 500 and I Would recommend starting out with these Three tiers of service tier one would be 99 a month tier two would be everything Listed before and in addition to that One targeted SEO article per month on The blog you could write it yourself you Could potentially use AI or you could Hire it out and then tier three for 299 A month would include one monthly email That is sent out to an email list that You help your clients to create and then From here you would grow your roster of Clients and I would personally recommend Getting stickers and Plastering zero Dollar web design all over your town so Above All Else what I have to stress to You about these business models is that You have to focus on the long-term Earnings potential of what you're Building today imagine for a second if You picked one of the ideas on this list Focused in and spent the next five years Growing and scaling that business you'd

Probably become a millionaire and if you Want to take action on any of the ideas Mentioned in this video or even a Completely different business idea I Just posted a 30 minute video on how to Start a business that walks you through Step by step the entire process I'll put A card in the corner so you can watch That later if you want to see a Dedicated video on any of the side Hustles mentioned in this video or Perhaps a completely different one leave Me a comment down below lastly I wrote a Book about side hustles that's available At Barnes and Noble or it's also on Amazon you'll also get access to a Private Discord community be sure to Visit the secret Link at the very back Of the book to join the Discord Subscribe hit the bell and turn on all Notifications so you don't miss my land Hacking Series this summer click the Card to watch my 30 minute how to start A business tutorial and I'll see you There

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