3 Reasons to Start Investing in Stocks

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Welcome back to our Channel where we Dive into the world of finance and Investing today we're going to talk About the stock market and why now is The perfect time to get into it despite What might be going on in the world as We all know the stock market has been Facing some rocky times recently Inflation is high interest rates are Going up layoffs are happening and the World is on the brink of War it's like a Perfect Financial storm is gathering but As the old saying goes every cloud has a Silver lining and in this case that Silver lining is found by those who are Educated on how the stock market Actually works think about it the stock Market is like a river it's always Flowing always moving and always Changing and just like a river there are Times when the stock market is calm and Peaceful and other times when it's Turbulent and rough but regardless of Whether the stock market is soaring or Crashing it's always a great time to Jump in and why is that well let me tell You a little story imagine you're a Farmer and you're about to plant your Crops would you wait for the perfect Weather conditions before planting your Crops of course not you would plant your Crops regardless of the weather because In the end a farmer can't predict the Weather in several months just like it's

Very difficult to predict the timing of The stock market You see there are three characteristics About the stock market that make it such A great vehicle to build wealth the First one is liquidity the ease with Which an asset can be converted to cash And because the stock market is so Liquid you can buy and sell in minutes Cash and stocks generally have strong Liquidity because funds are easy to Access and trade in contrast real estate Is generally less liquid and it may take Longer to withdraw your money You would need to go through a series of Steps such as listing and marketing the Real estate for sale The buyers need financing which can take A month or more and is sometimes hard to Get and often a deal can be prolonged For a variety of reasons it can take Months or even years to sell your real Estate The second characteristic is agility the Stock market allows you to quickly and Easily move from one investment to Another this is important because as we All know the stock market is constantly Changing and evolving and the ability to Move quickly and easily is key to Maximizing your profits also you can Learn to profit from a stock no matter If it goes up down or sideways it's very Tough to figure out how to do that in

Business but in the stock market it Doesn't matter because there are ways to Make a profit for movement in any Direction The stock market generally reflects the Economy if you buy a stock while the Economy is going up most likely your Stock will increase in price while the Economy goes down you can short a stock Which is essentially a bet you make in Favor of a stock price going down The third characteristic is scalability The stock market allows you to invest as Much or as little as you want Buying a stock of a company is a lot More affordable for the average person Instead of buying an entire company or Starting a business A company that you might want to invest In could be a multi-billion dollar Enterprise but you can acquire that Company stock for just 25 dollars for Example This is a much faster way to invest Instead of saving up for decades to Purchase a business This is scalability the ability to grow Your business investment as your needs And abilities change and this is Important because as you build your Wealth you'll want to invest more and More So in conclusion now is the perfect time To get back into the stock market it

Offers liquidity agility and scalability Which are all key to Building Wealth and Just like a farmer it's all about timing So don't wait for the perfect conditions Before investing because the perfect Conditions will never come the stock Market is always moving and always Changing so jump in and start building Your wealth today thanks to Andy Tanner For laying out these three reasons why We can all start investing in the stock Market today now remember what we went Over today are a general strategy and Require proper education and guidance to Be used effectively if you'd like to Learn more in detail visit Annie Tanner's training available in the Description below Thanks for watching as always stay Informed and stay invested

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