10 Lessons I Wish I Learned In High School (At Age 18)

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So last week I had the opportunity to Speak at my high school to the Junior And senior class while I wasn't able to Record the speech I wanted to make a Video because I feel there were a lot of Valuable lessons discussed so buckle up Grab something to take notes with and Let's Dive Right In among other things We'll be covering number one how to find Your profitable passions in life number Two we're going to cover the big trends That I would recommend focusing on right Now especially if you happen to be a High schooler and then number three I'm Going to show you how something called Skill stacking could turn a fifty dollar Per hour skill into something that could Give you a million dollar plus payday so Be sure to stick around to the very end Of this video because you're not going To want to miss a single lesson so the First time I learned about compound Interest was when my dad showed me his HP finance calculator on a Saturday Morning I noticed it looked a lot Different from the calculator I was Using at school and I asked him what Exactly does that calculator do well With that calculator he showed me how Very small amounts of money invested Could grow into massive sums of wealth Built up over time and the best way to Understand compound interest is to Compare the difference between investing

Your money versus saving your money Let's say you saved one hundred dollars Per month from age 18 to age 50 in a Traditional savings account well the Principal or dollar amount that you Would have saved up just in terms of Your deposits would be thirty eight Thousand four hundred dollars over the Course of 32 years but what if you were To invest that money instead so if you Invested a hundred dollars per month Into the S P 500 which is essentially The stock market during that same time Frame rather than just putting it in the Bank how much money would you have at The end of those 32 years so based on a 10.7 percent average annual return from The S P 500 you would end up with 278 867 dollars and 42 cents so the gist of This lesson here is that earning simple Interest in just saving your money in The bank is not going to be a way to Build up a significant amount of wealth Instead investing small amounts of money Over a very long time Horizon can Generate massive returns because of Compound interest which is essentially Your investment's ability to earn future Returns from past returns that were Already generated check out my affiliate Partner M1 Finance to start an automated Investment Portfolio today the next Lesson is to learn a second language Well when I was in high school Spanish

Was my least favorite class however it's Funny because just eight years later I Would end up moving to Miami Beach where 66.7 percent of people speak Spanish but While living down there we ended up Flipping a house and working with a lot Of local contractors that only spoke Spanish and this led to a lot of Confusion so knowing just a limited Amount of Spanish would have come in Handy being in Miami Beach so think About your future plans and how a second Language could actually be a huge asset It also makes you less disposable if you Are the one person who has that Particular skill set plus you happen to Know a second language so we all have Things that we are endlessly curious About and interested in these are called Our passions however the ticket to Success is Not blindly following your Passions instead it's to assess what You're interested in through the lens of Making money money is a necessary evil In life so you shouldn't ignore the fact That you're gonna have to generate money In the future in order to survive so Let's say you had the following three Passions and you were trying to figure Out which one was the most likely to be A profitable passion number one Technology number two lacrosse and Number three theater while technology is Most likely to make you money learning a

Skill such as coding lacrosse is still Great to pursue because team sports are Really important as well as exercise and You could potentially leverage that into A scholarship theater is going to be the Least likely to make you money because It's the most competitive and most Difficult space so if you were looking At these passions through the lens of Profitability you would really have to Say Okay I'm going to focus on Technology and maybe leveraging my Sports and then doing theater as a Passion or hobby on the side but not Necessarily trying to use that as your Means of making money so what I want you To do at home is to think about your own Profitable passions hey guys real quick Before we get into the next lesson I Recently found out that I'm around 89 Percent of the viewers on my channel are Not subscribed to the YouTube channel so If you wouldn't mind taking two seconds And hitting that subscribe button down Below and then clicking on the bell and Hitting all notifications so you don't Miss any future videos just like this One thank you guys so much for that so Above All Else the number one thing that Helped me get ahead once I started my YouTube channel was the concept of skill Stacking let me teach that to you right Now so back to our prior example of Profitable passions let's say you really

Are passionate about technology and Considering pursuing the skill of coding Well let's talk about skill stacking From the context of the skill of coding Well at a base level you could learn a Coding language and then become a Freelance coder and make anywhere from Fifty to a hundred dollars per hour Maybe a little bit more doing gig work On the aside but then you could take That work you do with your clients build Up a resume and use that to land a job In the tech field working in that coding Language most likely without even Needing a college education you become a Coder and you're making 90 to a hundred Ten thousand dollars per year on average But then let's say after that you get Curious about what it is your boss is Doing and how your boss drives a Lamborghini and you're driving a Honda Civic well at that point maybe you Understand how building a business and Then leveraging the talents of others Could allow you to further stack upon That skill of coding clients approach You you do whatever they need through Your agency and you make about five Hundred thousand dollars per year in Profit with that business but then let's Say you yourself have a light bulb Moment where you come up with what you Think is the next big app idea you could Then approach your team launch that app

Yourself and a multi-million dollar Startup exit if you happened upon the Next big software idea now in reality There's going to be many ups and downs With any skill that you pursue but this Is how the concept of skill stacking Works you start with a basic skill and Then you stack additional skills on top Of that which can multiply your earnings Potential when you turn 18 you should Consider getting a secured credit card And beginning to establish credit and This step often goes hand in hand with Getting your first part-time job and Then needing to open up a bank account For that part-time job well as soon as You have a regular source of income past The age of 18 here's the steps to get a Secured credit card so number one you're Going to go to the bank where you have Your bank account with and hopefully They offer secured credit cards at that Point you're going to deposit a dollar Value into a CD or certificate of Deposit and that is actually going to Back your line of credit credit meaning There's no risk for the bank and then What I recommend is to Simply buy gas With that secured credit card and Nothing else and that might end up being Around 100 per month now here's the most Important step after that what you need To do is pay off that balance in full Every single month and never pay a

Single penny in interest that's it That's all you do and then you simply Repeat this for many many years on Autopilot and what that's going to do For you is establish many years of Credit history and also on-time payments There's so many things that your credit Score has an impact on so you need to Get started on it when you are young now I don't recommend going out and buying a House but what I recommend doing instead Is to consider the strategy of house Hacking with a multi-family property When I was 24 I made my first real Estate purchase which was a three unit Property in my hometown and I utilized Something called The FHA loan and the Only way I was able to do this Especially at a young age was because I Had a really solid credit score and About eight years of credit history but Regardless of the PMI that I was paying House hacking was still a great strategy Financially so let me cover the steps Now for the strategy of house hacking so What you want to do is find a rental Property out there where you yourself Would live in one of those units for at Least one year but you probably want to Consider two or more and then if you Don't have a big pile of cash but you Happen to have good credit you can Utilize that FHA loan to essentially Secure that property with a very small

Down payment and at this point you would Aim to live in one of those units and Have most of that mortgage covered from The rental income generated in the other Units so let's say for example you have A 3 thousand dollar monthly mortgage but You have twenty two fifty in monthly Rents coming in well your cost on that Mortgage is going to be just 750 per Month so I have a question for you yes You watching this video I want you to Leave me a comment down below with the Amount you're paying for rent or Mortgage in what city you live in and Then below that I want you to Simply cut That number in half and write it out Below it simply imagine what you would Be able to do with that amount of money Every single month whether it's a Vacation or investing or whatever it may Be that is the true power of house Hacking even if it doesn't completely Eliminate your monthly housing costs Just cutting it in half can have a huge Impact on your life so lesson number Four on the list is to understand Trends And how to use them when I realized that I didn't want to pursue the electrical Field as a lifelong career I looked Around me for a means of Escape but the Thing is I wasn't just taking a shot in The dark with my YouTube videos I had Noticed a number of smaller Finance Channels getting a lot of views on their

Content during that same time frame so I Attribute a lot of My Success to having Been able to have spotted that Trend Early on coming across channels like Jack chapel and of course Jeremy from Financial education and so I simply Followed in their footsteps piggybacking Off of this existing demand that they Had established was there it's important To understand however that content Creation especially YouTube is not the Trend that I would recommend hopping on In 2023 so what you should aim to do Instead is to find the next Trend so Here's two Trends I would personally Recommend paying attention to in the Next 12 to 18 months number one is AI Content or artificial intelligence Generated content 10 which is Essentially content being created by a Robot or computer so chat GPT pretty Much broke the internet about a week and A half ago with their AI chat bot that Is really really good at responding to Many different types of queries that Technology is only going to get better With time and there's going to be Completely new industries that pop up Related to this AI generated content and So one potential opportunity could be Bringing AI customer service to your Particular industry the second Trend I Would recommend paying attention to is Cryptocurrency but more so blockchain

Technology we've seen cryptocurrency go Through many boom and bust Cycles as an Asset class but every single year the Technology is only improving or at least Having a longer proof of concept so I Would personally recommend learning more About the blockchain and cryptocurrency Space and maybe figure out a simple Consulting or solution type company for Example maybe your company shows small Businesses how to accept cryptocurrency Payments that could be one example of a Business in that industry alright so Lesson number three on the list here is To plug into the gig economy and it's Interesting because just 10 years ago When I was in high school many people Were still of the belief that you would Go to high school and then go to college And then find your lifelong career where You would then work for the next 30 40 Maybe 50 years in recent years it's Become apparent that there's a totally Different set of options out there for Those who don't like that traditional Fit of the workforce and one of the most Popular is this gig economy and so what You would essentially be doing is Tapping into this existing network of People leveraging talents of others Online and you would be marketing Yourself online and then performing Skills for others in a totally online Manner without any in-person interaction

So of course you you will need to learn A digital skill but a few that work well For this include photography as well as Graphic design and computer programming But these are all services you can Render to clients fully from the Internet wherever you are in the world So in a nutshell don't feel pressured by Anyone to take out massive loans and go To college if you don't feel like that's The right fit for you because the trends Are indicating that people are Increasingly not taking that as the path And there's tons of other paths that Have now been trailblazed by others that Are very viable options for making money Now Above All Else the number one thing I would stress to you watching this Especially if you happen to still be in High school or figuring things out is to Have a plan of some kind personally Ended up going down the wrong path of Pursuing the electrical field and Spinning my tires in the mud for five Years as a result of not having a plan In hindsight I should have made one of My passions such as finance my primary Focus and that should have probably been What I went to school for so if you Haven't done so already I would Recommend writing out a formal plan of What you're going to do after high School and if you're in college write Out what you're going to do after

College and that plan should include Number one ideally a profitable passion Which we talked about earlier number two It should include these steps to get you From A to B in terms of where you are Today and then where you are looking to Get and then number three it needs to Include a cost summary because costs are A necessary evil just as money is and You have to understand if it's realistic Or not to you know Finance your Potential dream that you're looking to Go after lesson number one here is to Use boredom as a tool you see during my Years of high school above all else I Found myself feeling chronically bored But it was based on how I lived my life I didn't really pursue School very Seriously didn't do any outside sports Or activities and I mostly just sat Around watched TV and played video games But looking back now I really wish I Could just go back in time and grab my Former self and Shake him and say what Are you doing sitting there wasting your Childhood and teenage Hood just sitting There on the couch playing video games And so instead of just letting life pass By I would recommend interacting with it And going out and doing something for me What this was in high school was getting A part-time job and that led to a lot of Happiness actually and a sense of Purpose and meaning that I wasn't really

Gaining from my school life however that Was 10 years ago and today the doors are Literally wide open so instead of going Out and just getting a part-time job I Encourage you to go a lot bigger number One start a side hustle these often turn Into legitimate businesses and that Could be what you do after high school Number two consider joining a team sport Because you'll learn a ton of team Building skills and you could Potentially get a scholarship ship in The process and you can stay in really Good shape number three consider Learning a new skill in particular a Digital skill where you can fully learn It for free on the internet and then Number four just consider focusing Overall on the category of Self-improvement now if you are looking To take the idea of starting a side Hustle a bit more seriously from side Hustle to main hustle to millionaire is A step by step on how to find launch and Grow your very own side hustle plus if You grab a copy you'll get access to the Members only Discord where you can Communicate with me and other side Hustlers in the community so be sure to Visit Sidehustlebook.info to grab a copy today Or simply search for Ryan Scribner over On Amazon thanks again for tuning in and If you made it to the very end leave me

A comment down below with your number One life lesson that you have learned so Far as I would love to learn more about Life in general from you the viewer Thanks for tuning in and I will see you In the next video

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