2023 Will Be Economic Hell – 6 Things We Must Watch

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So 2022 has been an insane year about Buckle up guys because 2023 is going to Get even crazier now just this year Alone we have seen groundbreaking events That has flipped the world economy on Its head and it's changing the world Order now the Western order is cracking And we're starting to see the rise of The East and as we all know all this Started off with the sanctions on Russia And the supply chain issues they are Pushing the world into recession and Let's quickly recap the insanity that Happened in 2022 right we have seen Russian assets get frozen over 300 Billion dollars is now trapped in the West that Saudi Arabia is breaking away From the west and they are heading Towards Asia specifically towards China And brics interest rates are now being Used as Financial weapons of Destruction To remind the world that the US dollar Is the reserve currency it's really a Bigger than ever policy where the U.S Economy shines because the rest of the War is crashing and more importantly we Are seeing the world all rushing to Gold A safe store valued The globalizations Happening guys and central banks that Stockpiling gold because currencies they Are all collapsing now Zuni 22 is only The preview the main event will likely Happen in 2023 and the signs are very Clear economic health is coming and

Thanks to the United States once again American policy is about to push the World economy off a cliff and this is The Calm before the storm now I want us To concentrate on these six events that We must watch six things they are really In motion they are going to reset the World as we know it and let's talk about The U.S Omnibus Bill first the 1.7 Trillion dollars in funding but more Specifically the provision of 45 billion Dollars for Ukraine and the 10 rise it Defense spending I think we need to Realize that the war is an industry Right and there are too many people Getting rich for a chance at peace you Want to know the greatest performance of 2022 it's not gold guides is not even The US dollar but the defense industry Stocks like Lockheed Martin are up by Over 35 percent they're probably going To go higher the longer the wall drags On and here's the thing we have Putin Saying that he's already ready for peace Talks mentioning how we are ready to Negotiate with everyone involved about Acceptable Solutions but that is up to Them we are not the ones refusing to Negotiate they are but the US they are Calling Putin's call to end the war Insincere and they have made a critical Statement that just reveals their Intentions and this is what they said we Have to see some meaningful evidence

That Russia is prepared to actually Negotiate adjust and durable peace and Durable in the sense that we want to Make sure it holds and that we are not Simply putting Ukraine in a position Where Russia is going to repeat what They did a month six months or a year Later and this tells us that Ukraine Could be joining nato in the near future Or at the very least the US wants Russia Completely out of the country and this Tells us that the war isn't going to end Anytime soon guys Putin he wants to Consolidate and ratify his gains while The U.S is unwilling to and with Salinski's December appeal to Congress The money is going to keep flowing to Ukraine and we're going to have another Year of supply chain issues High Energy Prices and more dangerous deficit Spending is going to get worse and we Need to understand that this 45 billion Dollars to Ukraine is going to balloon The 31 trillion dollar national debt the United States even further and this Probably isn't the last check they're Going to write for Ukraine I smell more Money coming now obviously the debt Ceiling is going to be raised again There are Masters are kicking the can Down the road but sooner or later the Debt is going to become unsustainable at Over four percent interest rates today The United States is going to enter debt

Crisis and the dollar could be deeper Trouble in 2023 but if it's in the Russia Ukraine situation it's bad you U.S China tensions about to escalate in 2023 the U.S state department has Launched a new dedicated unit called China House to counter beijing's rise to Power and I think this is a clear sign That America is losing ground to China On the world stage and they're going to Accelerate their economic sanctions on Them according to the U.S the sheer Scale scope and complexity and Stakes of China Challenge requires us to think Collaborate organize and act differently And China House is meant to try and Checkmate China right because in America's perspective they are seeing The slow disintegration of the western Order America's all alliances are Starting to fracture and if you think About it if you're Joe Biden right Saudi Arabia gave XI a grand welcome while He'll only receive a fist bomb then you Have Germany running to China Olaf Shorts bringing Germany's top industry CEOs to Beijing to work closer together That's really frightening plus now try China's fiercely deteriorizing dumping Treasuries every single month to protect Their assets and drive use up right in America and with China House we can Expect an escalation of economic Tensions from the Biden Administration

What we can expect in 2023 is further Economic attack sanctions on China if The U.S is losing the geopolitical Battle they are going to try their best To win the technology fight against China now we already have the US Preventing China for advancing their Cheap making technology and what's Interesting is now they have convinced Japan and Netherlands to join in with The trip sanctions on China in this Tech Cold War right now China they can't buy Advanced semiconductor chips on Japan or The Netherlands and this could spread to Other U.S allies very soon this is Economic Warfare and we're going to see China counter this move they're about to Pump a trillion Yuan or 140 billion Dollars to develop their own treat Making industry as a response right and In the short term this will cost China Quite a bit by the long term they could Actually pull out a hit with a win and What we are saying is the globalization On an epic scale where America is Pushing for French showing and Decoupling for China they're going to Try to get their supply chains centered Around their allies like Japan and South Korea we can expect China to also break Away from the U.S financially by dumping Even more treasuries they're going to Make the process even harder it doesn't Make sense for China to continue funding

The U.S own efforts to undermine Themselves right and in 2023 we can Expect China to push for further Deglobalization further the Dollarization around the world Especially in the Middle East now this Is a big one because it involves the Petrol dollar system for now when I Mention this there's a lot of confusion Right I get a lot of pushback saying That America no longer Imports much oil From the Middle East anymore and that's Absolutely true most of America's oil Imports are from Canada but the real Concern here is the petrol dollar Recycling today OPEC still sells their Oil in dollars and they use that huge Stack of Revenue to recycle it back into U.S treasury with me to understand this This keeps Bond values up and yields low Makes America's borrowing costs very low And this is very critical because we're Really seeing many countries the Dollar Rising and dumping their treasuries now China is obviously dumping and Japan's Also selling off their U.S bonds so if Saudi Arabia and the Middle East breaks A petrol dollar arrangement we will see Even less money flow into treasuries and It's going to jack up borrowing costs For the United States and push it one Step closer towards a recession or born Crisis and this is what could happen in 2023 so what we have now is China using

Their economic leverage with Saudi Arabia being China's top oil supplier They also signed a 27 year LNG deal with Qatar and this tells us the level of Partnership China is building in the Middle East and more importantly China Is pushing the gulf Nations to use the Shanghai petroleum and natural gas Exchange to settle energy trading Yuan And this could very well happen in 2023 Saudi relations with the us at an All-time low and partnership with China Is accelerating right and if the petrol Dollar system breaks this will be a game Changer you'll be a net negative for the Dollar and it's not that the Chinese Yuan is suddenly going to replace the Dollar that's not going to happen but How the U.S bonds are becoming less Attractive going forward into the future If there are fewer oil contracts priced In dollars there'll be obviously fewer Dollars circulating around that will Flow into U.S treasuries it's death by a Thousand cards and this is a clear and Present danger for the United States and The real escalation point but a big Shout out to our sponsor today private Internet access now we all know leave Bottles of keeping some money outside The banking system right especially in Gold we want privacy for our wealth and You should be treating your data the Same way online browsing isn't as safe

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Russia is still selling their crude oil To Asia above the price cap they are Using their own Fleet of tankers and Insurance firms to buy past the G7 Sanctions right but here's the Interesting part the price of oil has Rebounded sharply since the price cap Started on the 5th of December right Brent crude has climbed from a low of 76 Dollars to almost 84 dollars in less Than a month and what we have is Russia Moving to slash their oil output by up To seven percent right we are talking About 700 000 barrels a day and that's a Significant amount of oil that's going To be taken out of the global markets But here's the thing Asian countries Like China and India won't be a factor Because they are really discount buyers Of Russian oil India is reportedly Buying oil below the price caps and They're about to extend their oil Contracts with Russia and this means Energy prices are going to soar Exclusively for the west and the G7 Countries right not only is Russia going To ban selling oil to countries that Join the price cap but now they might Restrict oil production further to the World so we're going to have two oil Markets in the world right one where Russian oil flows freely and certain Countries can buy crude oil at huge Discounts and another where oil prices

Are just jacked up and here's the wall Cut if OPEC joins Russia to cut Production further we could see energy Inflation stay high and this could push The Federal Reserve to keep higher rates Until we enter a recession which brings Us to the fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse Jerome Powell and his red Hikes I think by now we know the deal Power is going to stick to the script And it's going to keep at it until the Economy crashes and according to Fed Projections we are looking at 5.1 Percent in 2023 now remember that the FED has gone from near 0 to 4.5 percent In less than a year and it's amazing Right the economy is still standing but This is what the Federal Reserve is Looking at they're looking at The Superficial metrics of the economy they Heavily massage numbers that don't Really make any sense they are ignoring The reality that this inflation is Already happening and the fact could Very well over tighten and crash the Markets so let's understand the Impossible situation Powell has Sandwiched himself into he is facing a Credibility crisis and he expect two Percent inflation as the Holy Grail Target right but the big problem is that Inflation today is more of a supply side Issue than a demand side problem right We can see the Federal Reserve sucking

Away tons of liquidity in the market by Selling away almost 400 billion dollars Both of bonds from their balance sheet In 2022 and now the rates are going up This is going to make borrowing much Harder I got to trap liquidity away from The markets away from the economy and Let's just sit back and think about his Rationally if you're Average Joe it Doesn't make sense to plow your money to The stock market or to go on a spending Spree when you can get three to four Percent risk free in a savings account And if you are Bank the brain date Strategy to stay afloat is to park your Money with the FED in their reverse repo Facility that's paying almost four Percent yield zero percent lending risk And guaranteed returns courtesy of the Federal Reserve and all this is trapping Liquidity away from the economy lines of Credit they are becoming more expensive And people are fearful for their Immediate future what we have is a Horrible yield curve inversion staring Us in the face we can see the six month Treasury is yielding 4.6 or the 10 years At a ridiculous 3.7 percent well below Even the fat funds rate and this tells Us that investors they are piling cash Into long-term bonds because they are Anticipating a market crash at the Federal Reserve pivoting by lowering Rates in the near future but it's not

Just the U.S bond market that's in Trouble we have a global yield curve Inversion happening the fears are Building because central banks all over The world they are all tightening and The first Domino to fall could very well Be the United States and let's remember What power is really tracking right his Dual Mandate of stable prices and Maximum employment he's looking only at The inflation numbers and the Unemployment rate and right now Inflation is at 7.1 percent and then It's still above interest rates which is Bad news for the FED it tells the public That the Federal Reserve they have lost Control and power has to tighten further To save his credibility and if you look At the unemployment rate it is still Near all-time lows at 3.7 percent and Even Janet Yellen is telling everyone That four percent unemployment is still Healthy and this gives the fat perfect Cover for the rate highs because now the Economy is still strong and is still Robust right you can't make this stuff Up and they still have the wiggle room The wiggle room to raise rates even Further so it's very likely that power Will over tighten in 2023 and Trigger Recession it is unlikely that a pivot Will happen until the economy is on fire So hang on tight guys and in 2022 this Is the big one we saw central banks all

Over the world rushed to gold in fact The first three quarters this year have Seen record amounts of gold being Stockpiled away but if this one event Happens in 2023 we're going to see Another massive rush to go regardless of The price and this is if the EU manages To successfully confiscate Russia's Assets and give them to Ukraine now if You didn't know by now within the United States and the EU the West Russia has Around 300 billion dollars of assets Frozen but what the EU is trying to do Is unprecedented they are trying to Confiscate a sovereign country's wealth And whether you agree with this or not It will open up Pandora's box but here's The thing I believe the EU will likely Succeed the money is already in limbo And it's just a matter of time and if we Look at Russia's foreign reserves we can See a ton of money in the G7 countries Are trapped under sanctions around 300 Billion dollars worth but take a look at The number one asset that can't be Sanctioned away Russia has over 130 Billion dollars in gold that they have Access to and if the eu's confiscation Really does go through we're going to See central banks especially China and India start to stock power more gold They're going to divert wealth away from The West which likely mean selling off U.S and EU bonds and storing their money

Physical gold they're gonna sell dollars To buy gold now larger percentage of Their reserves are going to sit in goal Because it's the only asset has zero Counterparty risk so if you believe the Gold price is high now you have no idea How it will explode up if this Black Swan event comes through right the Dollarization is going to reach a fever Page and a big Scramble for goal my Happen and many people aren't really Aware of this confiscation attempt and This is going to come out of left field And shock the world right everyone's Going to be suddenly shocked once again And that's why I'm still averaging into Gold man of the month and well into 2023 Because not only is inflation a problem But now we have the untickable about to Happen so 2023 isn't going to be a Smooth Year guys I wish I could say we Are leaving the pain behind but things Aren't looking good we are on the brink Of entering stagflation where recession Is going to crash head long into high Inflation and I believe sometime next Year the FED will realize that they Can't reach their two percent inflation Target anymore and they'll try to Convince everyone that three or four Percent is the new normal and in 2023 it Is also very likely something Groundbreaking will happen and change The world forever maybe it's the Saudis

Breaking away from the petrol dollar Arrangement maybe it's the EU really Confiscating Russian assets but I want Us to be prepared to the point that if It does have happen we know how to react Right we won't be paralyzed and can Immediately take action to protect Ourselves so let me know what you think In the comments below how bad will 2023 Get and are you well prepared for more Chaos ahead let me know in the comments Below stay safe Merry Christmas be sure To smash the like button and subscribe As we navigate through these crazy times

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