Zero Dollar Silver Right Now – THIS IS MADNESS!

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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video I'm talking about the Dollar to Silver ratio crumbling all the Way to zero dollars per ounce it says it Right there zero dollars per ounce for Silver this is quite a shocking number To see this is never happened before and So this is unprecedented times right I Want to explain exactly what this means Zero dollars per ounce for silver so Stick around for that also stick around For the end of the video if you want to Check out the new Boolean series from The Carpathian mint this is a beautiful One Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it if you want To learn more about investing in Precious metals or if you just want to Watch awesome videos about gold and Silver make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel alright so we're gonna Jump Right In we are at the website now typically I show the App version in my videos because it's a Little bit easier to see I think but We're going to use the desktop version For this video the reason is because Only on the desktop version do they have This little asterisk for uh dollar to Silver ratio and they explain what it Means at the top so we'll go over that In a second but first I want to say I Made a video probably around a week and

A half two weeks ago where I talked About the dollar to Silver ratio and at The time it was around a hundred and Twenty dollars per ounce right now it Says zero dollars per ounce also note The dollar to oil ratio is zero dollars Per barrel and the dollar to gold ratio Is 0 dollars per ounce so this is Unprecedented this has never happened Before now let's talk about why it Actually says you know zero dollars for All three of these it's the same reason For all three of them we're gonna talk About the dollar to Silver ratio because Most of you are interested in silver I Mean my channel is mostly about silver I'm called Silver dragons so we'll talk About silver but it applies to all three Of them so if we hover over dollar to Silver ratio you can see US dollar to Silver ratio now I'm gonna read the red Part last so the normal definition says The year over year increase in the US M2 Money supply divided by the yearly World Production of silver in ounces so this Basically is showing you know how many Dollars have been created for this Particular calendar year and how many Ounces of silver have been mined for This particular calendar year and then We come up with the ratio right so let's Just say there was ten dollars created And one ounce of silver mined then the Dollar to Silver ratio would be ten

Dollars per ounce okay so in the past We've seen this number go extremely high Over five thousand dollars per ounce Back during covid when they were Creating an insane amount of currency And they weren't mining very much silver Right because a lot of the mines were Shut down and whatnot but let's read the Red part here uh the asterisk it says The usm2 money supply is declining year Over year so for this year 2023 so far We've seen a decline in the M2 money Supply which means there's no increase Right if there's no increase in uh Currency no increase in U.S dollars for The year then this number for the dollar All the silver ratio has to be zero and That's all that this ratio is tracking Right the increase in US Dollars versus The increase of silver ounces that have Been mined this chart is showing the Increase in M2 year over year for the Last 60 plus years and basically every Single year we see it go up now Occasionally there'll be a little dip Here or there but nothing like we've Seen recently so let's actually go to uh One year and they don't have the data For 2023 yet at least it's not on the Chart but it does say that this was Updated January 24 so I think you know Pretty soon we're gonna see another year Get added on here I mean I can't even Click on 2023 yet but if we just look at

The trajectory from the end of 2022 this Is the money supply right it was Decreasing month over month and so we Can imagine it continue going down into 2023 and so far this year there has been A decrease in the money supply so the Dollar to Silver ratio has to be zero It's not saying that silver should be Valued at zero dollars per ounce it's Simply looking at the ratio of currency That's been created to ounces of silver That have been mined now I hope that was Easy to understand I would keep an eye On this number when we see it start Going back up and I do expect it to go Up in the future because come on they're Going to need to create more currency They're never going to stop doing that So eventually this number is going to Start going back up when more currency Is created this means we're going to Have more inflation right the classical Definition of inflation is expansion of The money supply so M2 is going to need To grow more in the future to expand the Economy Etc this is going to lead to More inflation higher gold prices higher Silver prices but right now that is Certainly not the case so it'll be Interesting to see where silver goes From here are we going to see silver Price uh sort of move down over the next Few months it is very possible I Certainly think we could see a dip in

Silver price at the start of 2023 I've Been calling for this but once we get to The end of the year I do think we'll see A rally and precious metals prices so Stay tuned but also keep an eye on this Chart you know when this number starts Going back up I'll definitely post Another video in my last video I said I Don't know if it can really go lower Than 120 dollars per ounce but obviously I was wrong it crashed all the way to Zero which I should have anticipated but Either way here we are today zero Dollars per ounce on the dollar to Silver ratio at the US debt clock so Anyway let's take a look at those new Coins that are coming out from the Carpathian mint this is the first time They've produced bullion coins and Honestly the quality is amazing they Sent me five of them to review and we're Going to take a closer look but first I Want to check out the COA so it says Carpathian mint White Horse The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and on the Other side here we can see 2023 three Nines fine silver mintage 10 000 pieces So it is a limited mintage this is Number 1097 in the series and wow the Design is absolutely beautiful the Strike is great I love the finish it Does say Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Up on top down at the bottom it says White Horse so there's going to be three

More designs to come out I think it Would be fun to collect all four in the Series they already do have a series With these designs but it's high relief The Boolean version is going to be much More affordable let's take a look at the Other side of the coin but actually I Think it's a round because the country Is carpathians and five thalers I do not Think that's a currency that exists Right now the other coins that they had Were from Neway so I believe these are Around but I could be mistaken uh either Way the design is very strong I think uh Overall it's a great piece if I look at The other ones they sent me I don't Notice any issues any milk spotting any Flaws so overall I think quality control Is very good especially for their first Time producing a Boolean version of Their silver artwork so overall great Job Carpathian mint I will put a link Down below if you want to check these Out for yourself I do not know where They will be available for purchase in The USA But if I get any more Information I'll pin comment Down Below In the comments section I want to say Thank you so much for watching my video And I will see you all in my next one Silver dragons out

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