If Silver Price Goes TOO HIGH – Who Will Buy My Silver?

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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video I want to talk about Selling your silver I've had so many People ask me over the years hey silver Dragons if the price of silver goes too High let's say a hundred dollars an Ounce or 500 an ounce who is going to Buy my silver from me so that is exactly What I want to answer in this video Let's Do It Thank you so much for watching I do Sincerely appreciate it if you want to Learn more about investing in precious Metals or if you just want to watch Awesome videos about gold and silver Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel okay so this question is Actually fairly simple to answer but I Know there's a lot of people out there Who will disagree with what I say or They may question it but basically the People who are willing to buy your Silver right now will also be willing to Buy your silver if the price goes to a Hundred or five hundred dollars an ounce Now right off the bat I just want to say If silver goes to 500 an ounce there is A massive problem with the dollar we're Either in hyperinflation or nearing Hyperinflation and people are going to Want to be getting out of the dollar so Fast they're going to want to buy gold They're going to want to buy silver They're going to want safe havens right

They're going to look for the same safe Havens and obviously precious metals are One of those so there's going to be Massive demand for gold and silver if The price goes that high and also if Silver goes to 100 an ounce the news is Going to be covering it they're going to Be saying wow silver has doubled its All-time high where is it going to go From here and people are going to think Silver is just going to keep going up to 200 500 a thousand dollars an ounce and There will be massive demand for Physical silver people will be flooding Into the precious metals space and so it Will be extremely easy to sell your Silver if it goes to 100 or 500 an ounce The local coin shops will be buying your Silver individuals will be buying your Silver as well as online bullion dealers Because they know they can turn around And instantly make a profit off of your Silver because there's so many people Who want to buy it it from them now I Know there are some people out there who Will hear this and think to themselves There's just no way if silver goes to a Hundred dollars an ounce bullion dealers And coin shops are going to be closing Up saying ah we don't really want your Silver we're okay Silver's just gotten Too crazy look gold used to be a hundred Dollars an ounce and look at it today Eighteen hundred dollars an ounce and

They're happy to buy and sell one ounce Gold coins so even if silver went that High they would be happy to buy and sell One ounce silver coins because they know They can just make a profit selling it To the next person the only real issue I See is if a shop is too small to handle The amount you're bringing in for Example let's say they're not able to Buy more than ten thousand dollars at Once and you bring in a whole Monster Box they're gonna say look I can only Buy this much you're gonna have to go to Another coin shop down the road or sell To an online bullion dealer and that's Even the case right now I mean if I Bring a whole Monster Box of Silver Eagles into a coin shop there's no Guarantee they're going to be able to Buy it from me unless they're Comfortable doing business with that Much bullion this is something you Always need to consider even right now Now I know there are some of you out There who have never even considered Selling your precious metals you have no Exit strategy whatsoever you're just Focused on accumulating more and this is Great but you should have some idea of Where you're going to offload them if You ever need to perhaps you don't even Buy from a local coin shop maybe you Only buy from online bullion dealers and You're gonna need to sell back to an

Online bullion dealer well let me give You one way you could do that the Easiest way I know is by going to Boolean Max and if you click on their Sell to us tab it'll take you to this Page right here they're the only ones That I know of that they have this Do-it-yourself buyback tool you can use It 24 7 and you never even need to call Them the only thing is that their Minimum purchase is a thousand dollars So you have to sell at least a thousand Dollars worth of silver or gold to them At once uh but basically all you do is You click on the stuff you want to sell Back and the prices actually are very Good for example let's say you wanted to Sell back 100 ounce uh silver bars They're gonna pay you over spot for These which is actually better than a Lot of the coin shops in my area so you Click submit and then you go through the Process of actually mailing it to them Once they get it they will cut you a Check or however you want to get your Money back they offer ACH which is Basically direct deposit into your Account it's as simple as that you don't Even need to call them so this is one Option if you're going to be selling to An online bullion dealer and then of Course if you live next to a coin shop And you're familiar with them maybe You've bought a lot of silver from them

You could simply go down there give them Your silver and they will give you cash There's no shipping or anything involved So this is definitely the easiest way to Offload your silver but I will say this Even if the price of silver goes to 100 500 a thousand dollars an ounce it Doesn't matter they're always going to Be willing to buy your silver because The demand for silver would have to be So high to push the price up that far There's going to be a line out the door Of people wanting to buy precious metals And you're gonna walk right to the front Of the line and say hey I'm wanting to Sell and they're going to say great let Me buy it from you and they're going to Turn around and resell it for a profit To the next guy in line this is exactly What happened back in 2011 when the Price of silver went to around 50 an Ounce I've heard stories of coin shops Where this was the case there was a lot Kind of people wanting to buy and no one Wanting to sell at that point so I Certainly think this would be the case In the future now if you disagree with Me that's fine feel free to leave a Comment Down Below in the comment Section I would love to talk with you About this but if the past has taught us Anything it's that when the price of Silver goes up there's lots of demand For silver it's probably the reason the

Price of silver went up to begin with so You're not going to have any problem Offloading if that's what you want to do One last thing I want to say about Selling your silver in the future I know There's a lot of us who want to actually Convert our silver into gold if the gold To Silver ratio Narrows and just because You're able to sell your silver for cash There's no guarantee that these coin Shops will actually have gold for you to Turn around and purchase so you need to Keep that in mind if there's a lot of Demand for silver there's probably a lot Of demand for gold as well so it might Not be super easy to convert your silver To gold you may need to sell to one Dealer and buy from another dealer so That's something you're going to need to Factor in if you're trying to convert Using the gold silver ratio this is a Strategy that I have and I certainly Hope to employ this in the future but You might have to get creative with it So anyway those were my thoughts on Selling your silver in the future I Think it's going to be extremely easy Just as easy as it is right now I want To say a massive thank you so much for Watching and I will see you all in my Next one silver dragons out

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