WILL A.I. BE THE NEXT BIG SECTOR – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] Will AI be the next big sector to invest In because that's everything it's it's Always about okay I'll keep hearing About artificial intelligence but how Can I make money from it can I invest in It should I invest in it so what's the Deal with that Yeah I think this I want to officially Say that I think the Fang era is dead And we are now in the building stages of Seeing the AI Revolution take over so of Course Microsoft invested 10 billion Into uh open AI The top four is going to be a Competitive landscape I don't think one Company is going to dominate each other It's going to take some time But if you want exposure to it I'm stock Of the year that I picked the top of the Year Microsoft is a good way to get Started I think because there's going to Be so much competition in the space and There's so much money flowing into the Space We're going to see a lot of players pop Up with different iterations so chat GPT Pro is coming out soon I heard that is Amazing there are some other versions That are allowing you to see to be able To build businesses and some startup Ideas that are floating around I think AI even though this isn't the True AI if you will this is like the

Consumer facing AI but this is the next Wave for this decade AI is going to have A huge impact and most businesses and Tech have been running off AI for a While so Gmail for example has been Right off Consumer kind of facing Um AI for the last five or six years but We're gonna now see that at scale Um it's going to impact the trade market It's going to impact all startups Uh we talked about Google Docs and Microsoft's word integration to Microsoft Apple and Google would be like The first three players that really get Involved Um but yeah I think for over the next Five six years this is going to be one Of the biggest sectors to invest in for The future yeah there's a there's a Valuable lesson to be learned in this uh And that's why where the money is going That's one of those things where you Know we learn to invest in right like What are the corporate companies doing What investment funds uh hedge funds Doing when we saw the investment that Microsoft made it originally was 1 Billion in open Ai and then that up to 10 billion which tells you that the Level of importance and the value that They see in it but there's some also Something interesting that's happening Every time we talk about chat gbt over

The past three or four weeks people have Been using it it feels like you know Like it's becoming something that's Becoming part of the the conversation Now but I feel like people have been Using it for the past year if not 18 Months yeah for sure yeah the more Conversations we have about it people Are just talking about it in a sense Like this is the thing of the future if You haven't been on it now you need to Do the research you need to be teaching People about it you need to be teaching Kids about it because this is the wave Like there's so many things that are Going to be automated and we always talk About jobs that are being automated but When we're talking about in the software Industry there's a lot of things that Can be automated in that space as well So definitely I'm with you on that I Think this is that this is one of those Deceptives of one of these uh places in The future that that we need to focus on Um so you said all right so let's let's Peel back the layers a little bit yeah You said that thing is is I don't want To miss poetry you said that thing is Always what'd you say The the era of Fame stocks ruling the Tech sector is over okay so for anybody To know what Fang is feng is Facebook Formerly known as Facebook now meta Amazon Apple Netflix and Google Google

So those the only two players out of Those I love is really Apple and Google And Amazon will be third I will love Amazon more if Bezos comes back so I Know he's been on trt or HGH and Whenever he leaves Colombia well with His Significant other and comes back and Runs Amazon will be my favorite three Again but So that was a tech cartel for the last Decade that's pretty much running that Has ran the NASDAQ Um yes and everybody if you invested in Those companies over the last 10 years You made a lot of money obviously you Know not so much this year last year But um over the last decade over the Last 15 20 years So let's talk about this all right if Those companies aren't the companies to Invest in and you should be investing in Artificial intelligence what companies Should you invest in Great question Um Apple Microsoft Google I really Believe that in the healthcare space Either United Healthcare or Eli Lilly Will have a big push Um And if I have to pick a fifth player I Think Nvidia will have a tremendous Impact in this market as well Um did you guys see the the video that

Came out where you can like record And look off the screen and then the AI Will take it and have you looking camera Facing so I can like read a prompter Here and it would make it seem like I'm Broadcasting into the camera in real Time Um the technology that they are building In Nvidia and for the consumer bases They have it's going to have a huge Impact so when you have new technology Come out because I've been pushing this For the last year a lot of American Companies have not been as Innovative as They should be Therefore they're going to buy or Acquire the rights to a lot of the Innovations that come out and we're Seeing this very clearly with Microsoft I think Nvidia will be that dark horse That does so as well yeah I'm with you On that there's an article we put in the Chat it was uh The the semi space is gonna be is the New oil of the generation right so I Love that if we're talking about AI you Know that we're going to need video Cards and graphic cards are going to be Able to compute that and so you got to Look what's going to actually create the Infrastructure right so that's AI we can Say it's the way of the future what are Going to be the pieces that are going to Have that running at a high uh level of

Functionality and so semi obviously in My mind make perfect sense Um absolutely so I'm looking at that Industry so Nvidia is a good one AMD Obviously other top tools but they'll be You know Taiwan semiconductors in there As well Those are spaces that I'm looking at and I we make no secret about it and we I Think we spoke about this in our group Chat everybody that was in our chat the Market Mondays After Hours the semis are Still something I know they had a Pullback year last year but we're Talking about artificial intelligence Like I said in technology these are the Things that are going to be making sure That it runs at a high functionality so Make sure that you're paying attention To that space as well so all right so You're starting five For the next decade You're saying Apple Microsoft Media United Healthcare or lily and Google Eli Lilly and Google six six that's your Six that you're going with Yeah so yeah and that's why I was you Know you're not You're not drafting any new players You're just getting like veteran Acquisitions right because yep none of These companies are new companies

So that's a mistake to invest in new Companies usually it's a mistake to Invest in new companies explain why it's A mistake to invest in new companies Let's say hypothetically Um A company wants to compete with apple I Always say investing companies that have The top five market cap because they can Go buy up like once again if Tim Cook Gets upset right now because of what Elon has been doing on Twitter he can go By tested today cash if he wanted to now What they allow it the sale to happen Maybe not but they have the cash on hand To do so there's no difference in Sony Like if uh Lola Brooks becomes the new Nicki Minaj yes she can go independent Or Sony could come grab her or endoscope Can come grab her and they can Rebrand Her in the light that they see right Um so we have to look at these major Companies as The same way like a record label will Run so when 50 Cent wasn't the hottest Thing on earth endoscope did not fall Off they found other artists to invest In another sound to invest in Um So it's really about holding the Companies that are Innovative but the ones that will Acquire The Innovation like Napster Winamp

Um None of those companies really benefited From the the music industry even though They were the Pioneers that walked in Streaming and sharing Apple was the one That destroyed the music industry while Profiting from it I truly believe Microsoft and Apple will do the same Thing in Ai and if the artificial womb Plant Matrix plant Begins to happen at scale I won't be Surprised if Apple Microsoft and Eli Literally moved there as well the Companies with the biggest bags are Usually going to win Has been the case since the beginning of Time the players may change but if you Look at a company like IBM when you Don't shift or let's say Salesforce or Adobe if you don't transition fast Enough that's when you get left behind That's when you don't invest in a new Technologies that are there the biggest Companies are always going to win though Don't play with it don't play with it Don't play with it don't play with me One time for Napster and one time from LimeWire If you're from that area you understand What that did to the game shout out to Lola Brooks Brooklyn what up Jake Brooklyn yeah that Song Went Crazy running man I don't even Got me 100 Bands I only got me I don't

Even got one of the next single she Still ain't got 100 Bands no no the next One she said she still don't got but She's getting into it she probably got It now she's getting to it she probably Got it now shout out to her man that's a Big record shout out to Lola who did she Sign to uh she's Atlantic I want to say She her her label got signed to Atlantic Yeah so it's the I guess they pulled the Ship distribution and stuff one of the Big four yeah yeah Got one always I was like the top four Players Insurance investing Health Care You know Um life is really simple like when you Put everything into a framework so I Know I mean hopefully You know in a perfect world Um we you know you guys talked about it With herb like people said some mistake To sell your catalogs and I saw the same Kind of discussion like well open a I Should have waited and just took over The entire industry I'm like 29 billion That's 29 billion gotcha Who's Aristo model Great question research everyone put in Chapter I would say They might be under the universe let's See Um yeah Uh while Troy's looking at who owns

Arista records uh let's talk about well Let me ask you this artificial Intelligence one of the one of the People that's one of the most important Players and they said so even behind Chat gbt is Elon Musk so um I noticed That you didn't mention Tesla in your in Your companies to watch Um so obviously you know Elon He's going to be implementing artificial Intelligence a lot yeah there's already Talk of the the Tesla truck uh And they're gonna have you know Autonomous driving and all kinds of Different things that's going to be Happening Um Tesla are you bullish on this is I love Tesla as far as my artificial Intelligence are they going to be one of The leaders are Tesla gonna be one of The leaders in artificial intelligence I Don't think so I think it they have to Implement the technology into the trucks And the cars for sure but um the number One thing that I wish that Elon could do Right now is focus on one company yeah He spread too thin between Now if he gets all of these Infinity Stones to work elon's going to run the United States of America hey what want To be on record what about this though Right because this is like a dangerous Proposition right

If neural length actually Incorporates artificial intelligence What what does that look like Right because neural link is something That is tied to your brain IRobot nor link is Art is artifact but I'm saying if he if he puts it out and I Mean yeah if he combines it with like a If he integrates all the sources yes Check what do you think all this stuff Is happening chat GB I know but I'm Saying all that stuff is going it's Going to come it's gonna happen Connected to the brain yes of course so That's it that will give Elon too much Power Of course it has that's the next Evolution of the human race You think it's a mistake or no Illuminati when my mind soul and my body Say cheese it's saying I sold out say Cheese Hit the shot again yes sir you're just Jokes yes seriously yes I would not be At Bohemian Grove don't worry Oh man or will I no I mean it's one of These things right it's a it's a joke Until it's not until it's not it's one Of these things where people will say That'll never happen until it happens The Illuminati or the chat gbt nor Lincoln I mean as far as the chat gbt Neural link into your brain and have you Know computer chips inside of your brain

Um it's sad it may sound like we're Fantasizing but they're already plans of Doing it right that far away if there's Plans on doing it that means it probably Already happened it's done and they're Just testing it out somewhere yeah Somewhere yeah somewhere yeah it's like That's true I will say if Elon can put All those companies into one holding Company and make them a public entity How Google deal with the alphabet But Elon he has too much on his plate Neural link Tesla Hyperloop space space yeah SpaceX is the Big one that's the big one yeah 137 on It was 137 billion valuation right now Yep that's the bad one And what's up [Music]

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