Why SILVER ROUNDS are the best silver for stacking

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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video I'm going to unbox Some silver rounds that I recently Picked up I'm really excited to check These ones out now silver rounds are one Of the absolute best things you can be Stacking if you're wanting to invest in Silver purchase physical silver these Are definitely top tier and I want to Talk about why so let's do it Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it if you want To learn more about investing in Precious metals or if you just want to Watch awesome videos about gold and Silver make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel first things first let's Get these unboxed because I need to see The silver so [Music] Wow now we're talking check out these One ounce silver buffalo rounds Absolutely beautiful I'm not sure the Mint that makes this particular design But these certainly are beautiful now Why do you need to be stacking silver Rounds why are these better than other Types of silver in my opinion there's Really three reasons the first of which Is that these are recognizable they're Liquid obviously they're made out of Silver Oh my gosh I could listen to that all Day uh and so when you want to actually

Sell these down the road you're going to Be able to take them to any local coin Shop any bullion dealer and easily Offload them because they all buy and Sell silver rounds they're super popular Lots of people stack them and that's What you want something that's going to Be recognizable and by the way there's Lots of different designs out there when It comes to Silver rounds the most Popular certainly is the Buffalo here's Another version a slightly different Buffalo design these are made by all Sorts of private mints and so they're All a little bit different from round to Round and none of them have a face value Because none of these are made by a Government mint that's a weird thing to Say but a mint that is owned by a Government I suppose so because they Don't have a face value like a dollar or Five dollars or something like that That's why we just call them silver Rounds here's one other design the Honest value never fails this is one of The first 20 ounces of silver I ever Bought when I first started stacking so I set that one aside so I wouldn't Forget these are a great design as well But of all of the silver rounds that Exist certainly the most popular is the Buffalo so if you want to go with the Most popular definitely get the Buffalo Design now reason number two that you

Need to be stacking these is because of The size they're all come in one ounce And one ounce is definitely the best Size for silver it's the most common Size and if you ever want to sell you Can just sell one ounce at a time right If you had a hundred ounce silver bars Then you'd have to sell 100 ounces at a Time so one ounce by far is the best Size when it comes to Silver and the Third and final reason probably the most Important reason you should be buying These is because of the price now I got These from a website called pinbacks.com I've bought from them several times Before and compared to all of the other One ounce silver items on their website They had silver bars they had silver Coins the silver rounds were by far the Cheapest so if you're buying the Cheapest type of silver you can you're Obviously going to get more silver for Your money now all of us who've been Stacking over the last couple weeks know That availability across the board Anywhere you look is down and premiums Are going up as well so now more Important than ever it's best to get the Low premium options generic silver Typically has the lowest premium and Silver rounds are in the generic silver Category along with silver bars so I Think of all the types of silver you Could be buying right now these are

Probably one of the best if not the best If we take a quick look at their website Which is again pinbacks.com there will Be a link Down Below in the description You can see they got this Banner here on The front page Buffalo does design tubes Of one ounce silver rounds this is what I purchased I like to buy them in the Tube like this because you actually get This free plastic tube to store them in You don't have to worry about buying one Down the road if you're getting like Five rounds at a time or whatever so It's nice just to buy them in the whole Tube like this but if we look at the Price now I like to pay ACH that's the Easiest way to pay very secure with wire You have to pay a fee with a credit card You have to pay a fee obviously you can See on the price but uh quantity one to Four so if you're just gonna buy one Tube 540.20 we can do some quick math here so 540.20 divided by 20 because you're Getting 20 rounds you can see each one's Going to cost you twenty seven dollars And one cent and we can actually Subtract the silver spot price to figure Out the premium so 23.36 and you can see it's gonna be Three dollars and 65 cents a premium per Round so that's actually really Reasonable compared to a lot of the Other stuff out there so definitely

Check these out if you're interested and I do want to point out one other thing On their website they've got one of the Best deals on the libertads if you like The libertads I know they're kind of a Semynumismatic but this is insane Compared to other sites I mean I've seen These go for like 45 dollars on some Other websites so really good deal on The libertads here as well I know I know This video is about silver rounds but I Gotta show off one libertad this is Obviously the five ounce version not the One ounce it's the same design just Obviously blown up bigger very very cool Silver coins coming from Mexico but Clearly the price is much higher than That of the silver rounds so again if You want to be buying silver for Stacking purposes right to protect Yourself for in insurance or if you're Looking to invest in silver either way Silver rounds are absolutely one of the Best options out there and times are Changing I remember just a few weeks ago Premiums are actually pretty reasonable Silver spot price was fairly low it Actually did dip below 20 an ounce at One point and then what happened the Banks started failing people started Panicking and moving into the safe haven Assets because they were worried about The future so they started buying up Silver which is exactly what we expected

And we saw the price for silver rise but Not only did the spot price rise premium Started Rising as well so when you look At other types of silver out there like The Silver Maple Leafs American silver Eagles things that we have stacked in The past those are not necessarily the Best option anymore probably the best Option is to move into something like Silver rounds or silver bars because you Can pay that lower premium and just get More silver for your money and of course With the Buffalo silver rounds not only Are you going to get more silver for Your money but you're also going to get That liquidity and that recognizability That I talked about before so absolutely One of the best options today I will say If you have any comments anything you Want to add to the conversation Something you want to share with the Community feel free to put those down Below in the comment section I want to Say a massive thank you so much for Watching and I will see you all in my Next one silver dragons out

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