WHAT TO INVEST IN 2023 – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] Is there anything that you think uh Specifically would be smart to invest in Into 2023 and uh vice versa are the Things that you would not recommend to Invest in uh going into 2023. I mean I Think that I would I'd be cautious Um about financials like if I were going To be investing in the stock market I'd Be cautious about financials right don't Tell me that um Give us some gyms please I'd be looking but I'd be cautious Um I would clearly be looking at Airlines but cautious but they're still Under capacity Um I'd be looking real hard now at the Hotel Market Um really a lot of people are traveling Hotel room rates are up I mean Stratospherically and so I'd be looking There Um and uh I tend to invest pretty much In what I know Um you know I've done well I mean I Bought Tesla early and well and Um it's written it up and you know Constantly up and uh but a little bit Pull back here and there but I think I Mean technology to some degree Um but I also be looking at Right now the fact is is that there is a Untapped market in terms of providing Capital

To Black businesses absolutely please Talk more about that And if you think about this I I got I Got the business icon award um it was Aired last night from the Grio Yes yes we were part of that Presentation there was two gentlemen who Were part of the the tribute video to You that's Troy and Rashad from our new Leisure you might know they'll look good And and I brought up Um in my acceptance last night Um that there is 83 trillion dollars Invested in venture capital and private Equity right now And less than 1.3 percent of that money Goes to women and people of color Combined he said 83 trillion 83 trillion And 1.3 percent So that means to think about this for Example Women and people of color so that's Mexicans that's Indian everybody That's the best yeah Right so 90 so think about this 98.7 of all venture capital money and Private Equity goes to white men So the vast majority of the country is Fighting to try to get access to start a Business build a business expand a Business and they're fighting over 1.3 Percent And so our answer and so when you know Used to puzzle me when I was starting my

Company and so forth why I didn't see Greater you know more black people and I've always wondered well why is it is Something we don't know well yeah Something we don't know it is that we Don't give Fair access to money Fair Access to Capital so it's like I mean Capital is the fuel that drives Entrepreneurship and business say that One more time that's a great quote Capital is the fuel that drives Entrepreneurship and business and be Like me saying we're gonna drive from Here to East Orange New Jersey but we Don't have but a 10 cents of gas these Always Make Some Noise Okay okay so it's It's unreasonable and impossible to Expect me to get from here to East Orange with 10 cents of gas well it's Unreasonable to expect any of us to grow Our businesses or start one without any Money and until our financial system is Made Fair okay we're going to see these Inequities and so I think there's a Tremendous business opportunity I tell These heads of Banks and so forth you Don't have to go to Southeast Asia or Eastern Europe to look for an Emerging Market you got one right here black People yeah start treating us So how do we crack this code to raise More capital is it a strategy or Insight That you see or do we need to like grab Peter and have them do all of our deals

What you said earlier we have to work Together you close the wealth Gap like You said by working together so it's Pooling our resources and working Together not seeing each other as Competitors but allies yeah say that Again shout out to Ally too can you say That again Well you can't we cannot look at each Other I do not look at another black Business person as a competitor yeah as An ally and a colleague and somebody I'm Rooting for and that's what we got to do We got to root for each other yes Make some noise for the legendary Don Peoples ladies and gentlemen all right That's Was Outstanding legendary dropping cities Too we have sound effects the boys the Boys coming the boys coming boys coming Yeah we need sound effects man Yeah that was outstanding one day Market Mondays live at MSG legendaries what you Think deserves his jersey retired Absolutely Legend look I was tap shoddy Three times like can we let him go Longer yeah if people if you really Watch it back we're like testing like yo We should just let them go longer I'm Looking like yeah yeah let him let's go Let him go let him go yeah yup the end Definitely you can tell he wants he gave Up some of his time to um

Let down peoples go longer because it Was just such a good vibe and um so much Information and uh like I said it's like You know Fortunately for us we've been privy to You know if we need to of course we're Not gonna act like we talk to these People every single day but if we need To we can call and we can have a Conversation we can set up a meeting Where it's like we know that the vast Majority of people don't have that Luxury so it's like all right well you Know you can always hear from us But you might not always be able to hear From Don peoples so being that you know That situation is doesn't happen every Day you know Ian thought that it was in The best interest of everybody to Prolong his time on stage and uh thought That that was a very classy move because It took away from his solo presentation Um but I think that it was definitely Something that was extremely beneficial And um you know helped people but also Motivated people as well to see somebody That you know comes from humble Beginnings to to rise to the level that He's been able to rise to not only from A monetary standpoint but from actually You know building real tangible stuff And you know doing deals and you know Just in politics and his whole life Story read his book if you haven't read

His book it's very interesting people's Principles I read that book Probably 15 years ago Um still one of the best books that You'll ever read and uh very very very Uh inspirational motivational and uh Just all around Class Act so shout out To Don Peebles yeah and uh his whole Entire team because they've been you Know extremely uh gracious with their Time but we have asked them to do Anything whether it was an interview Whether it was a invest Fest whether it Was Market Mondays live and um don't Take Market Mondays for granted because It's one of these please don't you know Bringing a lot of these people on and This is a lot of you know this is a lot Of information a lot of information so You know you got it there for free the Uh and uh you know we might we might hit The road again in 2023 you never know so When we hit the road and uh we do these Live events for Market Monday is highly Suggested that um You come Because Vermont we're coming on the way On the way Alaska Juno what's the city Anchorage we're coming Juno on the way Bismarck we're coming New Mexico He was in all those towns he was in New Mexico he said his best performances in New Mexico so he got the most

Albuquerque popping on the most love in New Mexico Albuquerque that's what Breaking Bad was right Yeah yeah Shout out to University of New Mexico Because it was like UNM was like the Stars there so if you come into town Shout out to Humble dude you went to New Mercy in New Mexico yeah he did yeah all Right so let's get into this Um let's recap this as far as to say What are some of the top points that we Personally took away From um our experience with uh don Peoples in the conversation that he had No starting Um yeah just as far as character Um nice every time I met him but his Willingness To want to give you can feel like on Stage He wanted to give more like even the Cities that he told you to invest in I Never even heard anyone of his stature Give that kind of information Um but as far as like how humbly is how Nice he is and his willingness to give Is like number one number two I say it all the time people who have Mastered their craft have like a certain Passion I don't know his age but he Feels 20 years younger than what he is And that's one thing I notice all the Time is like when people really love

Their craft There's like a light that beams out of Them Because of the love that they have and Uh thirdly are those cities to invest in Like when I tell you I was shocked that He gave those cities in real time Because I can tell those are areas that He's looking to do deals in Um so lastly those cities and like Willingness to give the real information To help other people make the money like You can feel that he wanted everyone in The audience to be rich as well So his character Um the passion that he has for the Business and then giving up the real Secrets of the business with the three Biggest ones for me yeah Um I'll add to that I'll say how Gracious he is with his time Um and shout out to Chandra uh for Putting the dots together to make sure That you know every time we we act some Don to come speak He's always willing to do it and you can Tell like you said in the way he speaks He wants to help and I feel like he's Gravitated toward us Because he's looking at it as a Standpoint like I've been wanting to get This message out I've been wanting to Talk like this I just haven't had this The the platform to do it and so he's

Looking at us like I'm so proud of what You guys are doing how can I offer my Assistance how can I help but the other Thing is just how sharp he is man like And it's the same thing when we sat down With Robert Smith to bring him up again When you listen to these gentlemen talk Their level of expertise is so high you Can tell right that they've been through This And they've been tried and tested and They come out on the other side Successful Um and you can hear it in their dialogue And you can hear the creativity and you Can hear the expertise in math when it Comes to him and even in conversations We had that weren't in part of that Interview it was just like This is just a different level of Education like every time we speak to Him we're being educated and I'm Assuming that you know when the audience Listens into it they're going to be Having that same feel but he's so Forthcoming with it too right like like You said he doesn't have to do it he's Choosing to do it at all because he's Looking at the Next Generation but he's Also looking for Generations down the Line like if we don't do this now what Will we look like in the next 10 to 15 To 20 years and he's been doing it for Decades and so he can see the pathway

Right like he's been doing it in the 90s Doing it in the early 2000s and he's Looking at the landscape now and saying Like all right I know what's coming Ahead here's what we need to do as People as a community if we want to make A big uh dent in this this wealth Gap is When especially when it comes to real Estate which is something that he's Super passionate about so those are my Takeaways from the interview [Music] I know they can't stand it

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