Silver Price SKYROCKETS… For Now… What is Next?!?

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Over the last three weeks we've seen Silver spot price skyrocketing from Just Around twenty dollars an ounce to now Over twenty four dollars per ounce this Is a 20 rise so my question is are we Going to see this trend continue or will We see it reverse of those two options I Think one is much more likely and that's What I want to talk about in this video So let's do it Buy your gold and silver online from SD Bullion new customers get gold or silver At spot by visiting new Thank you so much for watching I do Sincerely appreciate it we gotta talk About why Silver Spa price is going up To understand where it's going to go From here obviously the Catalyst that Sort of kicked off this trend was when We saw those bank failures in early March lots of people started flocking to The precious metal space and we've seen Silver Price go up pretty consistently Since then we are headed towards 25 an Ounce it could be just around the corner Now silver spot price Rose today because The jobless claims are actually going up This article says US Weekly jobless Claims Rise by 7 000 to 198 000 gold price climbs obviously silver Price is up today as well so basically This is looking like we are headed more Into to a recession but there is some More data coming out tomorrow which will

Be key in deciding where silver goes From here if we take a look at another Article I want to read this highlighted Part here at the bottom the U.S data Point of the week is Friday's personal Consumption and expenditures or pce data That will provide fresh Clues on Inflation and whether the U.S economy is Headed toward recession it's been said The pce data is a favorite gauge of Inflation for the Federal Reserve so if This data that comes out tomorrow looks Really poor if it looks like oh no we Are headed more towards a recession this Is going to be explosive for precious Metals however if the data is looking Really good maybe we're not going into a Recession then we might see a pullback In silver and gold price tomorrow so Keep an eye on this data I'm sure we'll Know sometime tomorrow morning if we Move over to the the FED watch tool and Look at the Target rate probabilities For the May 3rd fomc meeting we can see That currently they are predicting a Pivot and no more rate hikes look at This 53.5 chance that the FED does not Do another rate hike at the next meeting Obviously the current Target rate is 475 To 500 basis points and we can see right Here they're predicting no rate hike 46.5 percent chance that there is only a 25 basis point rate hike so I'm Expecting when that data the pce data

Comes out tomorrow that's going to Affect this probability chart here and If the data is looking like we're headed Towards a recession they're probably Going to lean more towards no rate hike Which is again super bullish for Precious metals but if it looks like We're not really heading in toward a Recession then we're probably going to See this percentage rise over here and It will be more likely that they will do A rate hike at the next meeting however There are so many things that could Happen between now and may that are Going to affect this chart here I would Definitely keep an eye on it and Obviously if we don't see rate hike I Mean silver could really start taking Off at that point people start flooding Into the precious metal space once the FED pivots and then if they start Cutting rates oh my goodness it could be To the Moon baby yesterday I posted a Poll on my YouTube channel thanks to Everyone who voted over 4 000 people the Question was where does silver end the Year nine percent of you thought it Would be under 20 an ounce twenty four Percent of you 20 to 25 an ounce 34 the Majority of you think silver is going to Be 25 to 30 dollars an ounce 12 are Saying 30 to 35 and 20 are saying over 35 dollars an ounce so MO most of you Think the price of silver is going to go

Up between now and the end of the year And I certainly agree with that now Before we start talking about silver Going to new all-time highs and stuff Like that I want to bring you back down To earth bring you back down to reality Right we don't know what's going to Happen with the price of silver it seems Like the FED is going to Pivot at some Point and obviously when that happens That's going to be really weakening for The US dollar and when we see the dollar Going down we see gold and silver move Up now typically silver moves a lot Faster than gold right so if we go to The gold silver ratio we can see just Over the last month the GSR is coming Down and this is proof that silver is Moving up faster than gold right now if We look at gold we can see gold has gone Up uh from around 1800 an ounce to 1980 So we're knocking on two thousand Dollars an ounce but but even though Gold moved up you know 170 or whatever This was silver moving up four dollars Was a much bigger jump and then Obviously as I pointed out we can see That based on the gold silver ratio Coming down because this is showing us How many ounces of silver it takes to Buy one ounce of gold if we're just Looking at spot price uh with the GSR Coming down today about one percent That's saying again silver is moving up

Faster than gold typically what happens Is when we get a big run up like this You know 20 percent rise it sort of Levels off and I'm kind of expecting That to happen now we might see a dip as I pointed out tomorrow if that data is Looking pretty promising you know Perhaps no recession uh if we go back to The CME Group fed watch tool if we see The probability for a 25 basis point Rate hike move up tomorrow then I'm Expecting gold and silver price to move Down so this chart is pretty easy to Find just go to CME Group Dot com and uh Click it's the called the FED watch tool And so you can look at this tomorrow and Mark my words if this goes above 50 I'm Expecting gold and silver price to go Down now if this moves even lower if the Chance for a pivot uh increases I'm Expecting gold and silver price to go up So that's what I'm looking at for Tomorrow to kind of predict where gold And silver Are Gonna Move If the Fed Pivots that's weakening for the dollar Good for precious metals so once you Kind of understand how all of this stuff Works you can kind of see you know where The price is going to go in the near Term but moving long term right over six Months over a year where a precious Metal price is going I think they're Certainly going higher and a lot of you Agree with me on that based on the poll

As I wrap up the video I want to clarify A few things earlier I talked about the US going into a recession and how that's Going to be bullish for precious metals What I meant to say was going deeper Into a recession because I believe we Already are in one also I don't don't Have a crystal ball I cannot accurately Predict what Silver's gonna do tomorrow Next week or at any time for that matter But all I can do is look at the tools we Have and make my best guess so that's What I'm doing I think that we are going To see silver probably start to level Off in the summer maybe we'll see a Pullback maybe we'll see a dip which Would be a blessing because then we Could buy even more silver for our Dollars right it's great to buy the dip But certainly I do still think that Towards the end of the year especially If the FED starts cutting rates we're Going to see gold and silver explode so Now is a great time to be buying Physical precious metals I'm really Happy that I own them there's so much Craziness going on right now I can sleep Safe at night knowing that my wealth is Protected so anyway we're gonna end the Video there I'm curious your thoughts on Silver price where's it gonna go from Here feel free to put a comment Down Below in the comment section I want to Say massive thank you so much for

Watching and I will see you all in my Next one silver dragons out

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