WHAT IS YOUR INVESTING GAME PLAN FOR 2023 – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] All right so let's talk about some Investing what is your investing game Plan for 2023 Um I want to ask you guys first but Since you asked me Um I'll Um Kick It Off I think 2023 will be like In a rebound year I think we'll be good I'm gonna go a lot heavier On the buying I play until at least Double or triple the amount of shoes That I bought for 2023 on the long term Side and then put more Automation in When it comes to swing trading and day Trading so those are the three things That I'm really focused on I'm I want to Like run the table this year and get Like 72 trades in Um and go undefeated that's my goal for 2023. Um and also find one or two companies That are bound to break out so if a this Is a good homework assignment Is the CEO of the company that you're Invested in a good CEO When we don't have zero percent interest Rates And if you can start to weed out the Companies that have never been through This cycle before it will stop you from Investing in 95 percent of companies so If you look at like beyond meat go down 95 percent

From its high right Um that team is not battle tested in a High inflation environment so those are My three Um automation on a trade and the swing Trading side Double or triple the amount of shares so By the time we 27 we'll be okay And um go on undefeated for the year What about you guys Um yeah long term you know buying that Extreme dips buying dips long-term uh Index Fund Um ETFs that I believe in And you know maybe wanted to stocks but Other than that pretty pretty just you Know back to the basics really Um of long-term Just wealth building and uh I feel like You know you don't necessarily have to Take risks especially once you have some Level of you know cushion Um It's not really a skeleton yeah it's not Really necessary to take risks Um and you know you compound interests And seven percent that's that's what you Start talking about real money over the Course of time so a lot of times you Know you kind of um get Jaded by trying To you know hit home runs every single Time but It's really not probably the best way to

Go about it Um buying opportunities for things that You know are pretty much sure bets like The S P 500 Um and you can just hold it for a very Long period of time Um I think that you know we're in Position to do that even now but you Know if it continues this Rocky path Then you know that's a long-term Strategy where you know it's just it's Opportunity just to put money in if you If you have money but me personally you Know I'm definitely looking to to just Do that and just keep adding to that Something I've been doing like I put Money in Microsoft S P 500 Um like XL wire stuff like that where I Just feel comfortable you know it's not Going to keep me up at night and I'm not Even worried about what's going to Happen in the next year or two because I'm looking at it for you know a Long-term play 20 years down the line so It's just you know that that that safety Net as far as you know not not risking Not risking a lot of capital Yeah uh I'd say just just more strategic Investing Um adding to some of the companies that I'm trying to get to a thousand shares At I've done that with a few already Um and so I actually ran into a young Gentleman he was like I finally get why

You're doing a thousand shares and he Was like I was like wow why are you why You think I'm saying do a thousand Shares he was like because now I could Do cover calls Well you could do that with a hundred But if you get to a thousand now you can Actually have 10 of them and so that was Part of the strategy and I'm glad that Some people caught that and were doing That so add it to a few more companies Getting a thousand shares and hopefully Getting up to 2000 at some point Um but I'm really especially in like Right now Obviously uh Building my custodial accounts for my Kids is one of my main focuses going Into 2023 yeah obviously I I've said the Long-term Investments for myself and They have some shares of some other Companies too but putting more focus in Theirs Um because we're talking about when we Talk long term obviously the Nick and Sodium account we're talking maybe 15 to 20 years yeah so they can you know they Can never see any type of return or not Not any type of return or hopefully they Don't take anything from it in that time So that's going to be a main focus of Mine Um and just more strategic uh investing Uh finding sectors that you know are

Going to have some type of value in this This economic downturn like we said that There's going to be a bull market Somewhere yeah and so just you know pay Attention to that and finding you know Spots finding spots like we said a few Weeks ago and when when I heard that OPEC news okay there's a spot there let Me see what we you know with the right Research and the right technicals if There's something we can do Um to make a great trade so just doing That real strategic about it more Calculated yeah well what what the Interest rates are Justin and going Um how has it affected your options Trades and have you taken less trades This year in comparison to the year Prior Uh yeah For sure it's been one of those like sit Back and wait and that's kind of how it Was set up anyway you know when we were Trading our options we were doing leaps Out to two years and so a lot of those Those leaps are still in play um Obviously with the pullback the Percentages have gone down because yeah Uh you know like the NASDAQ has pulled Back like we said 30 and the s p is down 23. so we're aware of that um and Sometimes you know your options trades That you do they don't pan out that well Right like I had a TSM call I was just

Looking at my portfolio of the day you Know I had had a number that was that Was in in uh the green and it was like All right well We see that it's a pullback coming let's Get a lower number that that would that Seemed like it would work and it didn't Um so you know that's what I said when I Said about being more calculated and Being more traditional things like that Like so yeah less trades definitely Though this year let's change for me This year for a few different things Obviously because the stock market is Down so but more important not even the Interest rate thing I think would really It's um It's hard to do two things at one time So obviously you know our schedule has You know dramatically increased as well So it's like you know You guys see what's your focus You know that's important so my focus is Is growing a media company and you know Billion dollar valuation these are Things that I'm really focused on I'm Not necessarily focused on trading so What happens is that even if you have a Skill set if that's if you're not Focused on it You can make mistakes yeah And so it's like and in this level you Can make mistakes that can cost you a Lot of money so it's like you know

People that's focused on it like if you Focused and you're looking at the market Every day all day and you're in front of Your computer but I'm not doing that Right now it's impossible I'm traveling I'm doing different shows I'm doing Interviews you know doing our show doing Remote show doing Market Monday so yeah That's why it's like all right What's the most intelligent thing to do For me the most intelligent thing to do Is grow the business make as much money In the business as possible and then do Safer long-term Investments and not have To worry about because I don't I'm not Like I need the money like you know what I'm saying like so it's like everybody's Situation is different yeah but you know I feel like you know you just have to be Careful and this goes for anybody Be careful Trying to do too many things at one time Like you're trying to be you know a real Estate agent and you try to be a day Trader and you're trying to be a social Media uh influencer and no boy on the Side Certified lovable yeah Just you know just understand like you Know it's better to be a master Of a one trade or a few trades and a Jack of all so yeah that's that's kind Of been you know my situation and then Like I said of course with the with the

Whole Market going down I sold I've been I think I told this story a few times Before but I sold a lot of my options Months ago which was very beneficial I Wish I actually would have sold all of Them but I sold a lot of them I exited Once I saw this situation I said I'm not Playing this game yeah exit exit Um and just hold money and then I put a Lot of that money back into the market Just long-term place so you know Long-term investing safer place that's What I'm into right now but Um you know still have the skill set to Trade if I want to but right now it's Not a real problem I'm not it's not Folks on the main thing yeah yeah I Think on the last episode of this year I'll tell the trade that I made on January 3rd I think I told you in on January 3rd of 2020 uh to the one of the Most historic days in my trading career Yeah yeah All right Um So all right so Elon plans to lay off 75 Of Twitter Um this will make the company Better or Worse what do you think I hate to say it Um Elon is going to get on this car icon Corporate Raider thing I think it's a Brilliant move I think Twitter has been

Too comfortable with not having to Perform At a high level Shadow 19 keys Um I think as a result those that are There and that remain they are going to Have to bring a tremendous amount of Value because if the company's been flat Pretty much eight to ten years If everyone's comfortable and we see it A lot in tech companies Um they're especially when interest Rates were at zero people are hiring too Much Like even when I went to meta I'm Looking I'm like okay lunchroom Beautiful layout view is amazing I'm Calculating this lunch probably costs 15 Million dollars a year though where have These resources could have gone and we All know of course we want to employ but To everyone that works I I've said this Since the beginning of the show you have To know if you're paid what multiple are You giving the person that writes your Check The easiest way to have job security is To say hey you're paying me 115 000 a Year as a result I'm returning you 600 000 in gross revenue you'll never get Fired Uh most people at Twitter cannot tell You Right now and shout out to everybody That's what I love you

Um what value they are bringing about Multiple they're bringing for their Paycheck and as a result with Elon Taking it over in order to have a chance To survive during this recession I think Yeah um this is a smart move and they're Not the only tech company that needs to Lay off Majority of the staff so you're taking The lessons more approached absolutely Yeah because I mean when when the Article obviously you know people who Saw the news of it and a lot of the Feedback was How does it help the company grow right Like if you're you uh would assume with Elon coming on board obviously it's Going to be an influx of people that Follow him just because it's like oh Well he's on Twitter it's going to be Free speech again yeah larger influx of People less work for us will it be will They be able to facilitate and handle The bandwidth that comes with that They're going to have to right I have to But is it going to be done efficiently Yes I was gonna like honestly in a Recession I didn't want to have to learn About mogami XLR cables 4K 60 frames per Second lighting right I didn't want to Have to learn how to deliver information Mess up in this interview give bad Attitude come back and do calm voice Voice over and master

During a recession you have to learn how To do more things like imagine if I said Hey I want to do the show but I want to Do any lights I want to do any Presentations I want you all to master The audio you're like bruh Let me get Michael here I'll give him The talking points right people have to Learn to do more With less in order to survive the storm So everyone that's on that ship at Twitter and Google And snap oh man I'm I'm afraid snap If they don't write this [ __ ] that they May go under If they don't get more funding everyone On the team has to do more and I in my Personal experience I see everyone wants The goal or the championship or the Rolex or the Bentley in the car and Don't want any of the workload How has Twitter A company with that reach in almost Every celebrity using it Stay flat for a 10-year period During a zero interest rate environment But parlor takes off when yay buys and We can talk about that later and then uh Only fans comes out and takes off to the Upside and be real takes off and Twitter Is flat Snapchat comes and have their Glory Day huge mistake I think people Got too comfortable with just having a Seat at the table and not having to do

Anything And what's up [Music] I know they can't stand it

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