CURRENT STATE OF THE MARKET – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] Um but my question is about Um the current state of um Of the market Um you know I'm thinking about you know Whether I should I should um Go in more you know I know you guys talk About dumb people with five Um you know cities to invest in I'm Thinking of what I should I should go in More or Um just kind of wait for things to Settle down a little bit Um you know um of course I think you Know um opportunity there's a lot of Opportunities out right now but you know I want to make sure that um Real estate real estate or or stocks Um well stocks Um stocks um and then of course real Estate because I I Um I'm doing well I'm doing stocks right Now Um but I definitely want to get in um Into real estate Um so All right so that's a good question so All right so should he should people be Waiting on the sideline now or or should They be Aggressively going in or should they be Tiptoeing in when it comes to investing In real estate and investing into stock Market

Um what what stocks are you investing in Brother Um of course I'm doing the uh two Tech Two index Um you know I I got that Um tell me about the side bays in the Portfolio you got you want to tell me About though well what you got you got Luna what you got I got AMD What's the other one let me look at my Portfolio Uh I got AMD I have Um ah what's this With my portfolio Um I did a Denison I forgot her name Um I bought some of her stocks some of Her stocks Uh what's the ticker for that Um she was if you don't know her name Off the top of your head you can't be Married to that company She was an eyo she she came and got you Yeah the lady uh I think that's the um That's the what you call it stock the um Responsible yes yes ETF okay Um and then I got semiconductor semi uh Conductor uh I forgot the other name one I have That's my portfolio Okay Pretty scattered but the thing about is This I'll give my two cents and especially on The real estate thing because this is

What Don peoples had um Had said yesterday where It's all relative it depends on where You're actually investing so that's why He said like the five areas that he's Interested in Um because there's always opportunities Um but it's like you know investing in Manhattan real estate right now is a lot Different from investing in Milwaukee Real estate right so you know there are Areas that are are good buys right now That you can actually get even even with Interest rates being high because that's Another thing too when mg talks about This a lot as well even interest rates Being high is still relative he talked About when he when he bought his hope First home which was crazy he said he Bought a 900 000 house in in 1987. that Alone is crazy like don't let that go Over your head but um he said his Interest rate was like nine percent Something like that right and the amount Of money that he was it was like a Hundred thousand dollars yo something Crazy so it's like you know Um you could potentially still get a Good deal in this market but he also Spoke about he actually gave a lot of Valuable information the rental the Rental Market is is going to get Stronger because when people don't buy Homes they rent because you have you

Have to live somewhere right so if You're not buying homes if the housing So there's always opportunities even if Something else so if the housing market Starts to decline that means the rental Market is going up because that means That less people are buying homes more People will be renting homes or renting Apartments so it's Index right there as A landlord this is extremely beneficial To know because it's like okay now if We're going to enter a recession if Interest rates stay high if unemployment Climbs that means that less people will Be buying homes but that doesn't Necessarily mean that that's going to be Bad for the real estate market it might Be bad for the for the home buying Market for first-time home buyers but From the landlord Market it's going to Be actually very beneficial because now Rents are going to continue to go up Because you have to live somewhere and Especially if you pick the right tenants We talk about this a lot but you want to Pick tenants that have some level of Stability nurses a nurse is probably the Most stable job that you can actually Have in this economy uh firefighters Teachers Cops all of these people have unions and It's extremely difficult to get fired From these jobs Um that's good to know because when

You're renting your apartment you want To rent to somebody that has some level Of stable income that you can rely on Um so you also want to know the laws of The state when it comes to evictions in New York you can live in the house for Two months without for two years without Paying rent going back and forth to Court and Atlanta is 10 days and they Put an eviction notice on your door and The marshals is going to get you they Sex that note on your door so as a Landlord which which one would you Rather be in New York or Atlanta it's Pretty easy choice to make so but if you Don't if you don't know that if you Don't know that then so I think from That standpoint you guys can talk about The stocks but from the real estate Standpoint I think it's a good Opportunity now Um but you just have to know where where And I think you never want to buy at a Bad price point no matter what yeah I Think it's the same philosophy if you Think about it right like he's saying in The specific places to invest I think It's the same thing if you look at the Stock market there's going to be Specific sectors like I know Ian's Talking about Healthcare that makes Sense we talked about energy obviously We saw that that made sense at the time It was a good trade

Technology is down over 30 percent right That might this might not be the place But if you look on the average of that Though I'm going there and I got you you Look at this this specific points inside Of these sectors that do make sense Apple being one of those core right On the other hand you could look at it And say hey I haven't invested in Technology it's down 30 this might be The time to invest and that's one of the Things I was asking Peter last night was Based on the the role that the FED plays In investing is it a good time right we Keep hearing recession we keep hearing 2023 at least for the first six months But when we hear the FED is going to Hike their rates right It used to be 75 basis points right 75 Points of one percent All right well they're saying that Inflation has come down a little bit That's going to slow down and so we saw That the the market jumped when we saw That news but what happens in December When we actually get the data what does It say is it going to be 50 basis points Because if it says it's 50 now people Are saying all right well This is this is more of a situation Where we're not going to have to pay as Much when we borrow money and so if Companies see that then there's more Money to have inside of these companies

That you start seeing more Innovation so It's an interesting time it depends on Where you're at in it right like if you Were the person that said you know what I'm gonna ride this thing I'm just gonna Wait and I'm gonna wait till these Things become super discounted I think Especially if you're talking about the Technology sector this might be the time Right yeah the fourth and first quarters Of uh especially investing uh usually The best for technology so it could be a Time just depends on where you're at Janet is please stop asking him Janet Has left she's she's on yeah she's an Entrepreneur she's doing her thing but It's like we get these same questions What happened to the girl bro she left Bro it's over it's not I'm not even know It's over yeah like but no it's over but I'm just saying like I didn't see it Like you gotta know when to just let Things go bro not coming back most men Don't shout out to the ladies listen if The fellas be hanging on too long after You let him go put it in common Let It Go Listen we gotta have a real discussion About the behavior of men and y'all Gotta stop acting like Now listen this is a reflection of Ian Dunlap the red panda Rebellion this is Not a Reflections What is wrong with y'all

My goodness now I'm gonna give you a Real ass answer when it comes to Investing only weak companies get Destroyed by the Federal Reserve Adjusting the basis points Those are the companies that deserve to Die Google Amazon Microsoft are not Worried about the adjustments and the Federal Reserve They will be protected if you go do your Research Amazon is safe too but if you are Worried about that you've invested Fundamentally fundamentally into a wrong Company Because the basis point game is really An interest rate Arbitrage game so let's Say hypothetically and I told you guys 15 percent Whereas when you start to have decay in A two text two index strategy but if you Buy the right points there's a way you Can still stay afloat apple or Microsoft Have done pretty well If interest rates go up to like Hypothetically 17 you need a stock to Really give you 20 gain for you to be Positive if it's not doing that normally You're going to be in the negative you Have to pick a company that is going to Produce profit regardless of what is Going on in the market man please listen To me no matter what happens in your Life it is your job to protect provide

Pound and be in profit the companies That you invest in have to do the same Why are we making this so hard We want to have all these conversations And conjecture go execute See I'm I'm a harlem Vibe right now all Right this is my passion talking yeah I I agree with that point right but the Other side is for the person who's like A retail invest like taking a company Like Microsoft right If they didn't invest in it in the right Point like like you said we can't time It but if they didn't let's just say This no no hold on time out yes we can Because I'm here we're not gonna do that But like Floyd said I'm not the king of Vegas I'm gonna we can't say we can't Talk I proved this [ __ ] in real time ever Nova grants came on and said I'm Surprised at the uh damn you surprised Because I'm black okay I feel you thank You for the stat though that was all I Needed We can't time the market You know it's not beneficial for an Organization most hedge funds or Banks To tell you that you can then time the Market because if so if enough people Learn how to do so it does draw down Edge for the average Trader at an Institution We can't time the market now the answer

Is Now Apple Microsoft uh yes if you hold For the long term you'll still be fine Same with real estate all my Real Estate Investors what's the ideal time to hold A multi-family unit is it 5 10 or 15 Years watch the answers in the comments And a commentary on how long to hold a Stock is going to be the same you notice Jerry Jones still has not sold the Dallas Cowboys Despite him being in them picket lines In 1954 yes you got some explaining to Do about your man love you my guy No that I was I was I brought up Microsoft because I was saying the rates Can affect a Sharon company but long Term obviously they're built to last in Those environments but if short term it Can affect the company Especially really weak companies Especially yeah so like that's the Caveat yes it it can destroy because We've seen it right like Peloton we've Seen a company like that right we've Seen what it's done to zoom Microsoft Has been obviously the rates have Affected it but it's built to last right It's like one like what was that Duracell built to last those are one of Those feelings Richard you still on the Line man we appreciate you I appreciate You thank you I'm here I'm here I'm actually looking

At BC um looking at some some uh Properties Um so we we see we're gonna go to the Next person but we're gonna see you in DC on the 10th all right bro all right Of course I feel better man thank you Hello bro [Music]

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