What Happens To Gold Prices During Inflation

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[Music] I’m devlin steele and today we’re Sitting with joe montana and i have a Few questions for him Joe it’s always a pleasure to see you And an honor to be with you and i know You’ve already purchased precious metals And i was curious what got you Interested in gold and silver to start With Well devlin it’s great seeing you it’s Been a little bit of time but You know when i looked at it after i Retired from professional football i i Was looking for ways to diversify my Portfolio and my retirement savings and For years you know i looked and searched And searched but never was able to find Anyone out there that i thought that i Could trust With buying gold and silver from so I said to the financial team okay you go Find the best precious metal companies Out there and Here we are they introduced me to Augusta precious metals You know joe i do these conferences all Day every day and it was funny because i Didn’t know it was you who signed into The web conference How did you end up in a web conference With augusta precious metals Well my financial team told me about Gold and silver and then they went out

And found the best team there was and it Happens to be a gust of precious metals And so i took it from there and saw that Augusta’s reputation Really spoke for itself i mean you guys Are rated a plus from the better Business bureau Aaa from the business consumer alliance And i believe five stars from trustlink That’s correct and most trusted by ira Gold advisor well it really seems Augusta has every single accolade you Could think of so the next thing i did As you know was Met with you and then participated in a One-on-one web conference and you know i Sit back and look at it and i’m sure Happy i did So when you attended the web conference What did you learn that made you decide Precious metals was the right choice for You Because i i mean you brought to light Exactly what the federal reserve is Doing which made me realize that Precious metals have you know Historically performed well during Certain periods and Also isaac nuriani Augusta ceo shared his mission on on the Importance to educate and empower Americans on ways to add precious metals To diversify their retirement savings Also and um you know i think that

Resonated well with me and made me want To join the team I think it’s really really important for People to make their own educated and Well-informed decisions Joe from the last time we spoke are There any questions you’re curious about Well you know we have known each other For a while now What is it that You love most about what you’re doing Right now Well something you said that really Resonates with me when when i met isaac Nirani and he told me about empowering And educating americans that stood out To me because i’ve been in board rooms With vcs and financial institutions my Entire career and now i get to talk to Everyday real americans and share with Them Information that they find incredibly Valuable and helps them create a peace Of mind and that is a lot of fun for me Well definitely i just want to say thank You because having gold and silver in my Portfolio Just makes me feel good i mean it’s Secure And it really really does give me peace Of mind You Explain really well What the federal reserve is

Doing with all the money that’s being Printed well why haven’t we seen Inflation yet Well the Economy has been shut down by kovitz so All this money is being printed and it Hasn’t yet hit it’s not it’s not active It’s called the velocity of money when Money moves from person to person to Person and it’s not moving anywhere but When that money hits the economy because The fed cannot un-print the money They’ve printed When it hits Inflation will hit and it is my belief That it’s going to Really accelerate at a very fast rate When it does You know i’ve always recognized the Value of learning from my teammates and My coaches So i have to say i’m really glad i Connected with you and your team at Augusta because i feel good about my Decision to add physical gold and silver To my retirement portfolio i like Knowing that they often do well during Times of economic uncertainty and it’s Encouraging to know you know i have the Potential to make money if the value of My medals go up I couldn’t have said it better myself Joe and it’s been a pleasure for anyone You

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