What Happens Next & What Gold to Buy Now

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So we have a price rally in Gold we have A little bit of a gut punch for premiums And the question that keeps coming up is What should we be buying now I think we Have some good options we have some bad Options and then we have a little bit of Disagreement On which is which [Music] We're going to look at what to buy at Least over the short term and we've kind Of been jumping back and forth between Spot price and premium this one this is A little bit about both but mostly about Premium now I think what to buy right Now at least it's a pretty clear Decision at the moment but I'm going to Warn you it might not be what I do Personally I'm not always smart but Let's come back to that so we need some Backstory for any of this to make sense Last week's rally that led to Gold's Best week at least in terms of price Growth in more than two years it jumped About eight percent from the recent low And that is significant a lot of people They're running with that statistic now Kitco just as an example they recently Ran an article and they quoted somebody Named Adam button from Forex live com And he said that he was bullish or they Were bullish probably on short-term gold Prices and Kitco has him quoted as Saying that if inflation has truly

Peaked then so has the U.S dollar and That will continue to support gold Prices in other words they're going to Go up now the rally actually started on Higher unemployment numbers we don't Need to go too deep into this but that's How it started and then it continued on Lower than expected inflation numbers They came in at 7.7 percent investors Expected 7.9 percent so the bet that led To the rally was that we were seeing the Beginning of the pivot but it assumes First off that we truly have hit Peak Inflation meaning it's going to continue To go down and then second that the FED Agrees and they feel that everything is Under control that would lead to slower Rate hikes and less aggressive monetary Policy which would then lead to a weaker US dollar after all that a spike in Price for gold and silver so it's a Multi-part bet and personally I'm Skeptical about the FED feeling Inflation is under control yet but that Is the formula for the FED pivot that We've been talking about and don't get Me wrong here even though I doubt that The vet is ready to Pivot yet I think It's only a matter of time it's it's Coming and I think that pretty much Covers the back story my guess is that The rally could very well lose its steam In the short term because right now it's Just speculation that they might pivot I

Also though think that it's going to do A lot more than we just saw once the FED Actually does pivot and the reason that The back story is important for this Video is that this idea that we hit Peak Inflation and investors have turned Bullish on gold that drives retail Demand retail demand drives premiums and If we're buying physical gold and silver Well That part's pretty important I know that The premium increase it seems wide scale But it's actually been limited to pretty Specific products depending on where you Live now here in the United States there Are a lot of products that you can find For decent premiums if you shop now the Buffaloes the American Gold buffaloes Make a pretty good example the last one That I bought was in June but I do watch The premiums on them and Eagles since They're still my top choices if I can Find them for a decent premium but right Now the cheapest that I can find either One of them is about 12 percent for a One ounce gold coin Pretty high take a look at some other Examples though I see one ounce Maples Britannia's Kangaroos and philharmonics For less than six percent again we're Talking about one ounce coins I've been Buying other things I just picked up a Lunar for about the same price six Percent but if I was buying normally I

Would choose between the Britannia and The Canadian maple leaf to me really They're a toss-up either one is a great Deal now that differential of U.S mint Coins having twice the premium as other Government-backed coins it's pretty Similar across the board for fractional Coins as well if anything it gets a Little bit worse and you can find Quarter rounds philharmonics kangaroos Britannia's Maples for about 14 give or Take not it's a little bit high but it's Not terrible you'd be lucky though to Find a quarter ounce American Gold Eagle For double that 28 higher for a typical Quarter ounce gold bullion coin That's pretty crazy so I would say that We have three options here I just Mentioned that I would probably be Buying Canadian maple leafs or Britannia's right now but I'm buying These series coins for the same price so That's option one just buy something a Little bit cheaper arguably it's the Smartest option now option two would be To just take that a little bit further Consider the absolute lowest premium Options you can find maybe look at bars Or call krugerrands there are always Options to get closer to spot and then Option three it's still more or less Just ignore premiums and just keep Buying what you want Now I think that I could make a pretty

Good case for any of those three options But nine times out of ten you'll Probably hear me recommend option number One if you watch what I'm actually Buying though you'd probably see me Following option three now I recognize That the smart option is number one but I don't always follow it again just not Always smart I'm gonna buy what I Already have the most of what I already Consider the best choice in a typical Price environment partially because That's simply what I want but probably More than that I do think that we're Going to eventually see that actual Pivot and I do think that that's going To spike gold prices a lot more than the Six percent wasted premium now that is An advice that I give to others but for Those of you who think that way well I get it another idea for me and I'm not Really sure that this deserves to be Call option four is buying higher price Collectible pieces that might have crazy Premiums but they're no crazier than any Other time now I might not want to buy a Buffalo right now because it's 100 Higher than normal but I really I had no Issue buying that proof Dragon at 28 Premium since that's what it always is I'm basically it's no crazier than it is Any other time in the Perth meant well They don't really care when I would like Them to release their products now I

Feel like this needs a recap I mentioned At the beginning the speculative rally And I think that it retraces until the FED really does back off on rate hikes Maybe that's December 15th maybe it's Off a little bit but I really do think That it's only a matter of time that's My two cents right there premiums for The most popular products they're crazy Right now because of demand then the Smart way to go there is to buy the Slightly less popular products at least Until premiums come back down I'm not Really following the smart way to go Right now even though I think that That's pretty clear now I'm just willing To pay a little bit more premium for What I want or just hold out wait for it To come back down and in the case of an Extra six percent premium on those one Ounce Eagles and buffaloes I am pretty Confident that we'll see spot price go Up more than six percent when we finally Do see a pivot so it's hard for me to Worry about it too much And if that feels like a little bit of a Shoulder shrug on a topic that I made up Well it's not really my topic this is a Question that's coming up constantly Right now and I just find it to be very Difficult to reply in a comment with two Different answers and explain really Where I'm going with this so I figured a Video is the best way to do it because I

End up here in a case of do what I say Not what I do it really that comes up Anytime I try to answer this question Because the logical advice is not always What I do it's a little bit like Ben Franklin's quote the bitterness of poor Quality remains long after the sweetness Of the low prices forgotten I'm not sure He's actually the one who said that and Really I'm the last person who would Call a Canadian maple leaf or Britannia To be of poor quality but you get the Idea the last bit of justification that I would say here for that option number Three is that there is always some Aspect of this to me that's a hobby and I'm willing to sink a little bit of cash Into a hobby that I enjoy that means That I'm willing to pay a little bit More for a buffalo if that's really what I want or maybe I'll wait a little bit On that Buffalo and then buy something Like that proof dragon in the meantime It might not make the most sense on Paper but I've spent money on worse Things So I think that covers the topic of what To buy right now so let's call it good There let us know what you think about Premiums are you switching what you buy Are you holding out or are you just Aping in and buying whatever it is you Like no judgment here and while you're In the comments be sure to hit the like

Button if you found any of this Interesting be sure you're subscribed With notifications turned on if you'd Like to see more in the topic and if You're still here Thanks again for watching I always Appreciate your time Take care [Music]

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