2023 Silver Price Forecast – PAIN

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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video I want to talk about The big move in silver price we've seen Over the last month almost a three Dollar drop at the start of 2023 we Expected silver price to move lower that Is exactly what is happening so what I Want to do is talk about when I think Silver price is going to actually bottom When we're going to see silver price Stop moving lower and start moving Higher consistently so this is my Updated 2023 Silver Price Forecast we're Going to break it down month by month so Let's do it Foreign Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it we're Looking at the 30-day silver price chart And as you can see the high was about a Month ago silver hit 24 30 an ounce now Silver's down to around 21.50 an ounce so that's almost a three Dollar drop in just one month what's Your prediction for the fight though Addiction yes prediction Pain as I've said before I anticipated Silver price to move down at the start Of the year and the reason for this is Because the FED is still raising rates They're not slowing down on these rate Hikes I mean the last one was only a 25 Basis point rate hike but rates still Went up and they're probably going to

Raise rates more in the future now what Does this have to do with silver well Silver in the dollar are essentially Opposites so if the dollar is getting Stronger silver price is moving down if The dollar is getting weaker silver Price is moving up this is generally What happens so if the FED continues to Raise rates this is going to make the Dollar stronger right the whole reason They're raising rates is to lower Inflation they want less dollars out There and if people aren't taking loans Because rates are higher than their There's less dollars in existence There's less currency being created it Will lead to a stronger dollar less Inflation and it will also lead to lower Silver prices so that's what we're Seeing right now and so basically the Question is when is the Fed going to Stop raising rates because I think that Is going to be the bottom for silver That will be the least attractive silver Will be for the whole year and then Moving forward so let's take a look at What the FED is likely to do over the Next few months this is the CME Group Fed watch tool now basically what they Do is they put out these Target rate Probabilities for the upcoming fed Meetings so the next meeting is on March 22nd and kind of the way to look at this Is we start with the current Target rate

So this is where essentially the Fed Rate is 450 to 475 basis points for the Sake of this video we're are just going To focus on the higher number so we're Going to say right now the Fed rate is At 475 basis points but you also could Look at this as a percentage which would Be 4.75 percent but we're going to talk About it in basis points because that's What they put on these charts and I Don't know I just think it's easier to Understand so they are predicting that At the next meeting in March we're going To see another rate hike they think it's Going to go from 475 to 500 basis points So this will be another 25 basis point Rate hike and the percentage chance they Say this is going to happen almost 82 Percent chance right however they're Predicting an 18 chance that it's a 50 Basis point rate hike and the rate goes All the way up to 525 but that's Obviously less likely so we're going to Go with whatever they think is the most Likely they've got a pretty good track Record and for the most part they're Usually right so certainly when the Meeting is a few days away they're Almost always right but this is pretty Far out I guess so either way we'll go With the 25 basis point rate hike so This is going to lead to lower silver Prices when this happens right let's Move to the next meeting which is on May

3rd so there's no meeting in April but They're predicting there's going to be Yet another rate hike so it's going to Go from 500 to 525 basis points uh Almost a 75 chance of this so they're Saying over the next two meetings we're Going to see 25 basis point rate hikes At each meeting now we will move to June Uh let's see June 14th 2023 they're Predicting yet another rate hike so it Would go up to 550 and this is over a 50 Chance so they're pretty confident There's going to be three more rate Hikes and so this will probably be the Bottom for silver somewhere around here Because if we move forward to July we Can see they're predicting there will Not be a rate hike in July so over 50 Percent chance still that rates are just Gonna stop right there at 550 basis Points or 5.5 percent so this is Probably where we would see silver start Moving up because this is the pivot when They stop raising rates they decide just To leave them where they're at this is Where we're going to see the dollars Start to get weaker and gold and silver Start to get stronger so I'm thinking You want to be buying up until Mid-july August somewhere in here we're Probably going to see silver bottom it's Possible because the markets are forward Thinking that would bottom before this Possibly June however historically

Silver prices are usually lower over the Summer so it's kind of hard to pinpoint Exactly when the bottom is going to be And how low silver price is going to go I mean is it going to go all the way Down into the teens 19 18 an ounce who Knows if it does go that low I certainly Hope premiums stay low on silver bullion So we can pick up quite a bit more at a Lower price but I would say do not be Discouraged especially if you're a new Stacker this is a good thing when the Price moves lower because we can pick up More silver for Less dollars so start Dollar cost averaging now if you're not Already doing that basically buy silver Today wait a week wait two weeks buy More silver and keep doing this until we Hit the bottom and see silver start Moving up and then obviously when silver Price is moving up you can still buy up Until you feel like the price has just Gotten too high and you maybe need to Move over to buying gold or something Else so this is kind of my prediction For the year I think we're gonna see Prices continue to move lower until the Summer they're gonna bottom and then They're gonna start moving up now if we Look at their predict addiction for December for the end of the year where They think the target rate is going to Be they're actually predicting at some Point there will be a rate cut it would

Go from 550 down to 525 basis points so This is super bullish for silver If the Fed starts cutting rates at the end of This year it's going to be Off to the Races and the reason they would need to Cut rates is because the recession is Getting out of hand no one has a job It's like we need to make debt more Accessible to these businesses so they Can hire more people Etc and so Obviously if the recession gets really Bad they're going to need to cut rates And this is when we're going to see gold And silver really shine historically for Every one percent drop in rates or 100 Basis points we see gold move up around 20 percent and silver moves quite a bit Faster than gold maybe twice as fast so So we could see silver go up by around 40 percent for every 100 basis point Drop so it's kind of exciting when you Start thinking about all right let's say We get up to five percent or 550 basis Points or whatever it ends up being and Then we see it move down to zero I mean We could see gold double we could see Silver triple or quadruple and so it Could get really crazy in the coming Years but I would certainly want to be Buying silver now while the price is Relatively low not when the price is Much higher in the future I'm still Staying with my price prediction for the End of the year I think 30 dollar silver

Is possible especially when the FED Starts cutting rates because again the Markets are Forward Thinking so they're Gonna think you know okay what's Happening at the next meeting and the Meeting after that where are rates going And so we could see silver move up a lot Towards the end of the year my earlier Prediction of 32.30 33 Cent silver for The end of the year I'm sticking with That I might be a little bit early with That prediction it could be February it Could be the following summer of 2024 Who knows could be the end of the year 2024 or even 2025 until my prediction Comes true but I do think that over the Next several years we're going to see Silver move so much higher from where it Is right now now obviously if anything Crazy happens along the way if there's Any hiccups if there's any big changes Around the world we could see silver Price do some crazy things you never Know when the next spike is going to be So I say just keep buying every single Week every other week dollar cost Average get as much of a base as you can Build that stack while the price is Relatively low because I see much higher Prices in the coming years I certainly Think silver under 25 an ounce is a Bargain right now I think in the next Decade or several decades we're going to Look back and say wow I should have

Bought more silver so I don't want to Have any regret I'm stacking as much as I can I hope you are too because I think Ultimately the dollar is going to fail All Fiat currencies eventually fail but Gold and silver being real money they Will never fail they've stood the test Of time they will always be money they Will always be wealth so it's smart to Be transferring your wealth out of fake Money and into real money so anyway I'm Gonna Leave You with that I'm curious Where you think the price of silver is Headed this year feel free to comment Down Below in the comment section I want To say a massive thank you so much for Watching and I will see you all in my Next one silver dragons out

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