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[Music] Number one is Apple of course My baby Um I love this stock a lot so Yes our number two is Bank of America I Don't love uh Bank of America but he has A considerable position in them The price in which he got in was pretty Good so Um first portfolio Strong but I don't love it overall but It is smart to have some Bank exposure In times like this when interest rates Are higher Coca-Cola these hat is Forever is not a primary company that I Would invest in long term But Um so I would say no Chevron Really hard to argue with the Performance of this company over the Last Couple of months and of course this Month has been on the tear it went from 148 to right now 170 through 19. damn That's that's a hell of a return over a Short period of time for oil and gas and This is the thing when you have interest In the company so for a long period of Time Um Chevron was was flat the state within This range Forever so from 1 34 towards the top to 71 it stayed there from 2014 to pretty

Much 20 20. That's why I tell you guys I want you to Buy the Deep edges so if you know the Best times will be able to buy down here Like let's say just at 71 bucks Anytime you were buying at 128 or 130 Terrible if you load it up from 70 to 75 bucks great and I also have 173 Anything past that of course you can't Touch I will not make a new entry into It right now And going out a little bit further if we Look at 2008 the top was 105. so he got In at one of the best prices and if you Can see going back to that theory of Market off the five biggest highs 104 Was one of them if we look here 108 was Another up here 134 was another So in 2019 it got back to that same Level and if you look for Chevron it Always has these kind of bottom out Moments So here here once again in 2020 here and Then the tremendous move to the upside I Mean it's been a hell of a range for a Long period of time If you look Here was the top these were the bottoms These built up a nice channel so when Prices just ranged through them we Finally had a breakout move to the Upside and those channels you need to Make sure that you're buying at the best Prices and being patient and waiting no

Matter what anyone else Says let's look at American Express American Express yes I like for the long Term All of these are five year holes our American Express is a pretty good Company Uh craft don't love this much I Understand why you guys expose you to it But I don't like it oxy petroleum great Trade great moves great swing to the top Side Um if we can see back in 2011 that high Was 117.89 I couldn't tell them what what to do but If I was talking to Second command over at Berkshire I will Probably say to get out around 95 bucks With the size that they have I mean if They got in that 25 bucks or 15. they've had a great return Um But if you look that High beat that 117 Would give me a lot of trepidation to Look to hold it past That period of time it's like a US Bank Corp [Music] Uh US Bank Corp don't love solid but I I Don't love uh can someone put in chat The primary reason why Warren is heavily Invested into the banking sector listen To Activision Blizzard I like Activision Blizzard but it probably will slide back

Down To maybe like that 45 area More than likely 41 is what the area I Would like to load the boat long term I Like it but with Spinning down retail pressure down I Don't Love it Um definitely not at this price but Activision I do like for the long term HP I don't like don't like Let's look at the veto Ticker's DBA DaVita is in a healthcare Space I do like a ton of upside If we go back to 1999 the The lowest prices that was 69 is Currently at 89.99 And over the last few years has has had A remarkable run up so if he's had this For a while he is doing pretty good in That City Don't like City now of course this is Adjustable stock split but if you look Throughout the course of time this is Since the last recession Um city has really stayed within a range Of 60 excuse me 81 bucks To like 32. this is the famous trade That I told you art got in Back in 2008 but that is a hell of a Range a decent swing trade but I would Not hold it for a long period of time It's a good Kroger Kroger solid do not Love

For a sun let's look at that First time the solid uh you guys can put This on your watch list Um stock club members if you're Interested in it I will put a price in For us next week but verisign is a good Company it's a good Charter [Music] Uh has potential definitely has Potential It's at 3 30 40 now communication Telecom and communication companies are Very tough as a sector I'm not the Biggest fan unless I comparemont global No that's the hell no right now GM Don't laugh Um if we get a so companies like GM Ford RC level companies if you are going to Buy into a c-level company you have to Buy it at the absolute Best price possible and in this case [Music] Um Definitely have to go class this year It's like Ford had a nice run up that Started to slide down Now GM I don't love I wouldn't recommend Putting into your portfolio and Visa you Guys know historically I do like a lot The second Liberty Um ironically enough Um I need to do more research on this Company but this is the reason why I Love doing these exercises and seeing

What people are buying Um of course great run in 2020 But this is a sleeper that not many People have talked about Um I have to see what percentage he uh This is used in this portfolio but Um this is one I have not heard talked About a lot you can definitely put this On the watch list Let's go to MasterCard [Music] I don't know if I have to pick between American Express and Visa a MasterCard I'm definitely going to go Uh Visa first just because the number of Users in the ecosystem then exp there's No really Reason to use this right now Um Let's go alien Heyon is a solid move Solid move you can definitely put this On your watch list Thicker symbol CE I can see The reason he has in this portfolio he's Gotten beat up Solid company needs to do some more Research on the financials but I will Put this one as it may be As I'm going through these what are the Main category now this is a sleeper Ticker mck And since 2019 It went from 109

108.79 it is now at three Hundred and seventy dollars and sixty Four Cent and three out this year it has Been just absolutely kicking ass across The board Um these white candles represent upper Movement and you can see see that we Have clear upside movement and it Doesn't seem like we're going to be Stopping anytime soon and once again uh Power Player in that Health Care space Uh if we look at United Healthcare I Don't think this is in this portfolio United Healthcare is doing well it's Going up Eli Lily going well up into the Right let me look at Pfizer Pfizer's down So if you're looking at McKesson And you're looking at United Healthcare I know they're not True comps you don't think apple is Looking at Four or five of those players and saying Hey if we put our branding Our loyalty Time energy effort resource money Um all the trust we built over these Last 30 or 40 years and we've occupied The space that we would not be able to Take a considerable market share so if UNH right now is at 5 33 and apple is at after all the stock Splits 147 you don't think that then Potentially get 19 to 28 market share in

That Healthcare space which I'm sure They're aiming for more wouldn't push That stock up to the four or five Hundred dollar March absolutely Um of course let's go to Ally I lost taking a fall recently Um [Music] The 18 Mark out like 1851 is a mark Where I like to load up the boat shout Out to Ally Um Let's go to snowflake Snowflake I don't like I don't see I Like like the idea of I get This stock has not proven Itself out yet Um but this is positioned for a moving All right let's go to T-Mobile T-Mobile Surprisingly has done the well for the Telecom space this one is one that I do Like Let's go to Globe Life ticker GL Oves again what category is Globe Life And ticker GL has done incredibly well Um I would definitely add that one to The watch list [Music] Took her mko [Applause] Don't love Restoration Hardware Let's go look at that one

[Applause] Even though it's um on the higher end In the lower edges right environment I Like it better Um but no but it does tie well what Business Do they currently own Berkshire that Pairs well with this business please put That in the chat that's a quiz question For tonight I don't love it For the long term Um And Retail normally does great after Economy recovers it's not one of the First things I would look to invest in As the market is falling apart sucker Johnson Johnson Johnson Is doing relatively well Mandalay talked About that before [Music] I would argue it is a sleeper that most People have not focused on because it is An international stock but I did talk About this one in 2020. Um And let's look at PNG to close out Solid Solid can you guys see why I often say To focus on the top two In the space you really don't need Four or five stocks in inside of the Same category over and over again Um at some point it's redundant and once Again in a recession there's only a few

Companies that are really going to Bounce to the upside but you really need To keep your attention on the companies On the institutional side the hedge Funds the banks what they are looking to Buy And what's up [Music]

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