Billionaire Says Gold is Headed for $25,000 an Ounce!

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Is gold headed to 25 000 dollars per ounce this billionaire Gold mining Legend says yes Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it now Currently the price for one ounce of Gold is right around nineteen hundred Dollars so when you see a prediction Like twenty five thousand dollars you Start to think maybe the person who's Making this prediction is just throwing Out a crazy number or maybe they think We're going into hyperinflation and the Price of everything is going to Skyrocket and so you may think this Prediction has no merit and I would Probably agree with you however the Person who's making this prediction is Billionaire mining Legend Pierre lasande He was literally chairman of the world Gold Council and sat on the board for Some of the biggest gold mining and gold Royalty companies ever and he's one of The wealthiest most respected Individuals in the Gold World so I think This prediction definitely has some Merit and needs to be looked into this Forbes article came out in 2019 which is Great because we can look at the price Of gold now and compare it to when the Article came out and see if there's any Chance of this coming true now the Headline reads Pierre lassand says gold Could hit 25 000 in 30 years and I know

What some of you are thinking 30 years Is a long time to hold on to medals to See big gains like that is it possible To get big gains in just a few years and The answer is yes I mean clearly Pierre Lassand made an incredible amount of Money off of gold and it wasn't by Buying and holding physical gold it was Investing in mining companies that were More high risk High reward and we will Talk about that in a little bit but First I want to talk about his Prediction now he made his prediction at The 30th anniversary of the Denver gold Forum when talking about his gold price Forecast over the next 30 years he said After an analyzing Gold's historical Compound annual growth rate or cagr over The past 50 years ever since President Nixon formally took the U.S off the gold Standard Pierre says he sees an average Price target of 12 500 an ounce by 2049 And under the right conditions it could Go as high as 25 000 and this chart down here is all of The work that he did this is basically The bread and butter of his presentation These are the three paths that he could See gold taking now the lowest one here Going to over five thousand dollars an Ounce is the compound annual growth rate From 1989. this red one here going to Twelve thousand five hundred an ounce is The compound annual growth rate from

1970 and the annual average from 1970 is The one which sees gold going over Twenty five thousand dollars an ounce Now when this chart was made back in 2019 the price for one ounce of gold was Right around fifteen hundred dollars and Since that time we've seen the price of Gold go up around four hundred dollars An ounce so as you can see we're still On Pace for any one of these predictions To come true even if the twenty five Thousand dollar prediction for gold does Come true you're still gonna have to Wait 26 or 27 years from now to realize Those gains now if you wanted to see big Gains while investing in metals sooner Than that you could do what Pierre Lassand did and invest in mining Companies because this will give you Leverage over the spot price now Pierre Lasande actually gave us a tool for Helping us invest in junior mining Companies it's called The lasande Curve And it essentially tells you when to Invest in these companies to make the Most money this red line is showing us The stock value of a junior mining Company that is successful and the two Places to invest to make the most money Would be at the start before the Discovery of the metals in the ground And ride this wave up or to invest Before production and ride this wave up Here but obviously the best time to

Invest would be before they find the Metals because this is going to give you The biggest gains by far this can be Difficult because essentially you need To pick a winner this is more risky than Just investing in a physical metal you Need to do your own research do your own Due diligence on these Junior mining Companies now I've partnered with a Junior uranium Mining Company to bring You this video and they are literally at The start of the lasande curve they are Pre-discovery so will they be a huge Winner time will tell their name is Traction uranium and I'm gonna go over What I look for in junior miners when I'm trying to find a winner so so the First thing I look for is are they in The right area in the case of traction Uranium they are located up in Canada in A place known as the Athabasca Basin This place is known to contain the World's leading source of high-grade Uranium with about 20 times the average International Purity in addition one of The other Junior mining companies near Them recently started drilling they had Some amazing results and their share Price went up about 5x in one week so I Would say traction uranium definitely is In the right area the next thing I look For is if they have the right team now Traction uranium's technical advisor Bowen tan was instrumental in finding a

Massive uranium deposit in the Athabasca Basin and in charge of drilling this Deposit with reserves of over 200 Million pounds of uranium which is about Equal to the entire world supply of Uranium for an entire year and there Their other award-winning technical Advisor Dr Pan invented a novel uranium Vectoring technique this is basically an Improved way to drill for uranium and They will be using it on their property So they have the right team in place to Be successful I also like to know what The structure is like right who is Investing in this company and how Tightly are they holding on to their Shares well about 30 percent of the Shares are held by institutional Investors and high net worth individuals Like billionaire mining investor Eric Sprunt and 55 of the shares are held by Founders and strategic Partners so over 80 percent of these Shares are held by People who believe in the company They've put their money where their Mouth is this is literally one of the Tightest most closely held companies I've ever talked about on this channel And lastly where do they fall on the Lasande curve is it the right timing Well traction uranium has already done Their air surveys and picked their Drilling locations so they're going to Start drilling and searching for that

Uranium in the next few weeks so the Timing could not be better all in all They've got the right area right team Right structure and most importantly the Right timing so if their drilling Results are impressive this could be a Huge winner as I previously said Investing in junior mining companies is High risk High reward but if you want to Look at growing your Metals portfolio Like Pierre lasande did then make sure You do your own research do your own due Diligence when it comes to these Junior Miners coming back to 25 000 gold I Certainly think it is possible that by The year 2049 we could see the price go That high so if you're trying to grow Your portfolio slowly over a long period Of time or grow it quickly over a short Period of time by investing in my mining Companies I want to wish you all the Best of luck I want to say a huge thank You to traction uranium for partnering With me to help make this video possible I want to say a big thank you to all of You for watching and I will see you in My next one silver dragons out

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