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[Music] Do you want to go into this now or I do yeah let's do it now so the Tyree Nichols let's talk about this um first And foremost Rest in peace Um to him And um you know prayers and comfort to His family I believe he he has a a child Um you know a very heartbreaking Situation if anybody has Watch the video or heard I'm pretty sure Everybody at least has heard the story By now it's uh it's pretty Um disturbing but unfortunately it's not Surprising because it happens So often that now you kind of become Desensitized to it Um but it's interesting when you look at It from a financial standpoint yeah we Did have a video which was actually a Older video but we repurposed it um it's On our YouTube channel put it up Yesterday check it out we talk about the Business of police brutality and police Brutality bonds it's actually extremely Interesting case study when you look at The financial incentives Um For police brutality it's actually a Whole economic system built around Police brutality Nobody really knew about it

Um and we we kind of we spoke about that In detail someone on YouTube uh but Another thing that's interesting that I Posted on Instagram is uh how much money Uh America spends on its Police Department So America spends more money on his Police Department than almost every Other country in the world spends on Their military So Jesus America spends the most money On his military Out of any country in the world China is Number two and then number three is the U.S Police Department as far as budgets Followed by India's military Russia's Military Saudi Arabia's military France's military Germany's military UK's military Japan's military and South Korea's military now what's even more Disturbing about this is that America Has one of the highest crime rates for Developed nations in the world it's uh Number four in the homicide uh category And I believe we have more mass Shootings than any developed country in The world we have like 40 mass shootings So far this year mass shootings is any More than four people being shot at one Time so it's like okay We're spinning A tremendous amount of money on police But it's not making It's not making the country any safer

It's actually getting getting more Dangerous So from if it's a profit Center why Would you make it better economic Standpoint that's disturbing for a few Different levels because Who's paying for it we are it's taxpayer Money So we're not only paying for police Brutality because of the police Brutality bonds which we explained in Detail but what we're playing we're Paying for the police department And it's not it's not helping It's only it's it's only getting worse And um these incidents keep happening Last year more people got killed by the Cops than any other year in history I Think the average was a a hundred people A month It was like 1200 people for the year Yeah like so 100 people a month really So It's it's a way to where do the Solutions come into play so what we Didn't get to show at the end of the Video with the police brutality Situation is that um one of the things That is disturbing is that police don't Suffer from these type of incidents for The most part they still get their Pension they don't have to pay out of Their pocket So the police unions are too strong

That's that's one thing and um they need They need to they need to feel Financial Pain because then when you affect People's money things start to change so It's like why why should an NFL player Get fined For wearing jewelry but a cop doesn't Get fined for killing somebody yeah yeah Like it that's just common sense right If you do something that's that's wrong You should get fined financially your Pension should be taken away like you Should you should suffer financially the Whole the whole District The whole preset should suffer Financially not just them and then They'll put more because it's like okay Everybody says like this there's good Cops well where are they Because I never called the cops like and That's the crazy thing about it like I Never in life looked at cops as Protection I don't think I think that That's a commonality I think like even Now like I was watching some of the Footage with my mom Um the other night and um you know That's our worst fear her words Fit For Me growing Up was me going outside and Cops interacting with me right and so Like when you're taught and you you Thought that it was to Serve and Protect Like Protect the move like you know what I'm

Saying so her thing was like I got to Teach you to how to interact with the Police just listen to whatever anything They say just just just comply with them Because she feared that they would harm Me more than anything that I would Possibly do to cause them to stop me it Would be like hey Just act accordingly like that would be The thing like I think that's a Commonality especially amongst young Black men we've I've never and I'm with You on that I've never looked at them Like hey let me call them for protection I've never I never and I had to think About that because ever there's been Times where I had situations where Theoretically That would I should have called the cops But I called my friends Because you don't want to call the cops And that that's sad like right it's like Like you shouldn't even have to think Like that like if like but it's like If I call the cops nine times out of ten I'm probably gonna get arrested yeah so Why would I even involve them I involve Them in something where it's going to Potentially backfire on me yeah So the issue the issue is like how do we Solve this because we keep talking about These issues and I think financially Totally be honest financially is Definitely a way to go about it because

When you when you look at the police Brutality situations and and ultimately Taxpayers are paying for those Settlements right so it's like I think We really start to have to attack the Root cause of this situation and really Start to hit people with hurts in the Pockets because that's something that Has never been done before they've never They've never had any pain financially Their Union has never had any pain and Them individually have never had any Pain and not like I hate all cops I'm Not against the cops but I'm just saying I mean right is right and wrong is wrong It's key and it keeps happening so you Can you you keep telling me like okay Well it's good cops and this is just one Mistake well a mistake keeps happening Yeah and it's like so it's like no They're not all good cops they're not Like so just stop saying that because It's not true and It's been proven that Cops in certain neighborhoods treat People completely different than they Would in another neighborhood so it's Not working And to say like we need more cop more Better cops that's not a solution Because the system is still not built on Something that is beneficial for black People so instead of trying to act like It doesn't exist or say we need more we

Need more cops how many more cops do you Need we got more we got we got more cops Than anybody it's not that's not the Problem the problem is that the cops Aren't doing a job The tough part is that this is a Financial War raw smacks how does my guy In that episode with you guys she Brought up a good point of if everyone In urban communities had big financial Insurance policies that could Potentially bankrupt some of these Institutions but we have to understand That homework assignment number one Which hedge fund helps Incentivizes these cases for police Forces so we would need a Vanguard or Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley to take Them on as a competitor And hedge The payouts when these situations happen I don't know if you've been living in This country long enough but that's Pretty damn hard to get somebody to get Behind well because that's like you know We talked about on episode 70. if we Were the first product that was traded Slavery was the first startup in America From that you have incarceration which Is a derivative or spin-off of slavery Why would we destroy one of the main Product businesses in the country for The betterment of the people and if We're going to be very honest if you

Take out an incarceration mass Incarceration With tech America will fall in probably Four or five years So we are that's why when the Reparations conversation comes up like We're only trillions of dollars that Will bankrupt the country and if we Truly got the amount that we were owed It would bankrupt the world if you don't Think it's true look what happened in Covet A cough damn they're [ __ ] up the Entire nation financially this is a Financial War as most things are and It's going to be really hard to get Someone outside to fight these because Most people are only thinking about Their own well-being for the time being This unfortunate situation I'm tired of This happening man this is heartbreaking And then it was brothers who did it Yeah yeah It was tough yeah but put the solutions That you guys think in chat we're open To it but I do know from the top down It's a lot of banks behind the scenes That are backing this happening [ __ ] Pete a complete failure a Complete failure man to watch it is Disheartening but like you said It the the thing is like we're making Progress we're making progress and I Forget who posted it but it was uh James

Bulb and it was like how long do we have To wait on progress like how how many Generations like our ancestors were told The same thing our grandparents are told The same thing we're watching it in this Day and age we're watching the same Thing like how long do we have to wait On progress You know what I'm saying the grand Solution is the one that we don't want But like I said it's it's the same it's The same situation when we when we talk About crime like there's going to be a War on crime just like there was a War On Drugs right there's a war of crime we Put we we imprisoned more of our Population than anybody in the world There's a war on crime we have more Drugs than anybody in the world there's More money being made from it there's More being made from the treatment of it So it's really not a war on anything Right if anything is all these things These wars that have been created only Enhanced the situations for the Betterment of the systems that created Them so we just got to be mindful of That man it's unfortunate it's Disheartening the fact that it was you Know black offices I mean it They're not even looking at him as a Human so you know it's inhumane Um how how quickly they would serve

Justice is also something that was you Know something that caught my eye as Well right like we watched cases for the Past three years especially with George Floyd case when we had to wait six Months before people even charged Brianna Taylor a year and a half before A police officer were even charged we Didn't even see the video and what's pay Right dudes were fired before we even Saw anything Yeah you know what I'm saying so I mean Even that so if that's going to be the Case then all right well that's the new Precedent right so if we have video Footage then that's the president it Won't be administrative leave it won't Be yeah you get to keep your pension It'll be all right well they're fired And they're being charged and these are The crimes they're being charged with Um so there's a lot man there's a lot And it's unfortunate but to continuously Watch it and even my brother and I were Having this conversation it's like it's Like the public lynching over and over Again absolutely what does that do to The mom frame of a eight-year-old who's Watching it I gotta explain that to my Son who was on the news and not we have To have this conversation about you know What has actually happened here so it's Um It's an interesting time

Um it's an unfortunate time but it's a Systemic time we've seen it over and Over I don't know when we're going to Stop seeing it Um but we're just going to keep Highlighting you know and speaking our Voice and and and bringing awareness to These situations Um so yeah and I know some people are Saying every cop is not bad no every cop Is not bad but if that system is bad Though right where are the police unions Now right when there's an injustice that Happens to Cops I see police unions I See them speaking up I have not seen a Police Union speak up about these five These five offices actually these six Officers because the officer who was Actually tasing Um um the gentleman in the beginning of The video he just got suspended the White officer who nobody knew his name But was all you know wishing that you Know they would pound him when they Caught him [Music] I know they can't stand it

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