TRADING OIL, GAS & FUEL PRODUCTS – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] We talked about it before but the price Increases over the last year fuel is Going up 58 but did you know that you Could trade Oil and gas and fuel products so let me Give you a few this is one of my Favorite sections on The platform Um if we go look so crude is the chart That I'm looking at now but you can go Scan what Commodities are available so Crude is one Oil and gas product that you can trade a Natural gas is another one that you can Trade it's one of the things that I Mentioned Peter's mentioned Part to the Joneses mentioned who I'm Working on getting on the show as well Um when everyone was talking about Crude being the trade for the year and Natural gas by the time it was reported It was too late if you look at natural Gas now You can see that it came down from the High of 8.551 and it's down in the sixes Now Down to the downside let me go to crew Foreign [Music] So if we just go and do some quick fibs Real quick and while crew was a good Trade in the month of March we've seen That a slide slowed down since June July

August and September it fell apart These white candles are candles that are To the upside but by the time people are Reporting to you what the move is they Are already exiting that position we've Had this talk in private equity and Adventure and I posted I made it's about A time it gets to us the move is usually Over but this section I love because it tells you all the Things that you can trade so you have Indexes You have technology and then you have Commodities [Music] Your job as a Trader is to be able to Hunt and find what the next move may be So if we go look and we look at let's Look at the Euro so for those of you to Trade Forex you know this move is here This is the 200-day moving average the 200-day moving average for the Euro has Been here it's been falling down ever Since this was in Um 2021 to when I'm telling you the British pound and then the Euro are Falling down as a result it comes from Doing the work on the charts right And seeing what the prices are this is a British pound if we go look historically The British pound has been underneath The 200-day moving average since if we Look here This is 2008.

Then it went above again in 2014 and It's been under for all my Traders Traders only we're gonna have a real Trader talk Is this an upward Trend or a downward Trend Sit downward trend so the majority of The macro moves and if your scalping is Different but for the majority of the Macro modes you should be looking to the Downside to get your moves here So then if I go look at Let's go back to Oil and gas conversation if this is Helpful please put yes in chat let's go Look at heating oil We can go look at that heat and oil has Been to the upside snipers this looks Like a familiar setup right so if we're Doing a sniper setup on a long-term Macro trait and for a swing trading this For multiple years hypothetically And we we said okay at this line we're Going to go long we would go long here On this white candle and this happened In 2021 The price here would have been 1.799 we got to a Max of 0.4.7099 we're currently at 4.9 4.097 so for those of you that are able To hold positions for a long period of Time please do check this down because I Know people will say Hey how do I know Where to exit so it's good that it went

To four 0.7009 how would I know if we go back And look this is always and this is a Gym that I shouldn't even share I'm Being honest if you go back to the All-time high And you look here in 2008 the previous High was 4.14866 because based on the historical Trade prices and we have to understand That the prices that have been traded These are the prices that have been Voted on by institutions and Retail Traders to be the best prices to invest Long-term and short-term and to exit so When we come fast forward to now It broke past that high but look it's Underneath the high because most people Were taking profit somewhere around this Area There's less liquidity Past the high because I'm here to give You truth all fact no fiction let's look At the charts so on June 14th it went Above the highest slightly if we look at June 15th it was above the high June 16th and June 17th these lines represent Expiration and contract change as soon As the contracts began to switch over We've stayed underneath this all-time High And slid back down We're slowly teetering back up to the Upside we'll probably break this high

Again and then come back down you can Know and it's the same as the CPR report If you need to know what your targets Are when you're going long use a Previous high but what is happening is Too many people are using short time Frames and you're following too many People And when you follow too many people You're getting too many mixed pieces of Information and it's not an ego thing I Know some of you Uh you know want to run with a narrative That I Have become egotistical and approaching That's not true I I've been this way Um I have grown emotionally exhausted And tired of our people launching Tax when I Um I'm trying to save us I predicted to Russia involvement with China and told you that I told about Bitcoin Fallen I told you about nfts Falling I if I wanted to I could have hopped on Every nft bag wagon with my influence And made millions of dollars off of it When I sat with Rants and fuzzy and Q And Dom and went into that side room With Mike Boyd And garyvee shout out to Gary He told me I should launch some nfts me Knowing that the market was going to

Follow fall apart and my character and Moral fiber I couldn't do it me not Doing it also cost me 15 to 18 million Dollars in one year So I'm not here To be egotistical I'm here to make sure That you guys win please put yes in chat If I made you money and because this Platform Market Mondays has gotten Popular and been cut and I was talking To Keys about this yesterday prior to 2020 can you name me any people that Were African-American that were even Comfortable being black that was giving This information to us I was one of them I was one of them and there's a lot of Lookalikes that have came after that are Not as good The ones that are good I told you always I shout out shout out to bottom one Shout out to Josh shout out to Peter Shout out to Paul tutor Jones right Shout out to the good Brothers at DFD Shout out to the good Brothers I met at The exchange and the ones that work at Goldman JP Morgan Citadel Uh It's no ego I want you guys To not get screwed over in this market Because a lot of people are treating us Like a Hustle And I see some of you making comments I Appreciate you But if you were better than me or better

At the market or gave better advice or Net worth was equivalent or higher you Wouldn't mention me But in 2022 and 2023 I'm not going to Fall for the booby trap and let you get Your branding looks off as a result Help The People In 1987 the market fell down 34 and then As a result over time went up 582 please Write this down in 2000 a market dropped Down 47 and then went up 101 percent the Market in 2007 went down 57 and then Went up 401 percent and in 2020 the Market fell down 34 is down and then Went up 113 so we're averaging post Drop A turnaround of at least 150 to 180 Percent what companies are you going to Invest in for the long term that are Going to push to the upside for you if You hold them And I'm Gonna Keep It Real wouldn't you Be bothered to if you created something And no one else was doing it prior to And then after you they copy you and Then get mad at you Uh While not being as good I don't know I think a lot of y'all Would too Um but Credit Suisse Credit Suisse is prepared to sell parts Of his bank In an attempt to close

A big gap in capital that they need Around 4.5 billion Swiss Francs the Financial times has reported so part of This crash has to do with the bond Market of course that we've talked about Endlessly but Credit Suisse could be a Layman-like player in this crash if we Go back and look at Lehman Brothers The high of Lehman Brothers the last Time it hit its all-time high was in 2007. Here at 79 bucks and 29 the stock Currently at this time as of this Recording is at 4.60 It has been underneath its 200-day Moving average since 2016. Do we think this stock is going to have A good chance to push up it it's crazy To say but Credit Suisse Stock is in the range of a penny stock Anything under 10 bucks is technically Considered a penny stock that is Devastating Kanye West has had his Bank Closed a business bank account is closed By JP Morgan and PayPal are we shocked So last week we talked a lot about Whether it was a mental illness or not And I know some people comment like hey He's a billionaire Um How can we criticize a billionaire and You know em what gives you the right I'm Not criticizing the brother like and This is the truth

In 2002 2001 to 2000 when Kanye was Considered maybe the 70th best rapper in Chicago and maybe 30th best producer I Literally listened to Power 92 the first Time they played Through the Wire when I Was riding to Southlake Mall Tremendous feat the Kanye was able to Pull off and the way that he's been Talking he's always talked that way I Told somebody privately even in Chicago He was saying I was going to be the next Michael Jackson next Jermaine Dupree and He said it to Jermaine Dupri's dad and Did not know that was your main Dupri's Father at the time when he said it I'm not criticizing it brother But the emotions and and I know a lot of People are putting it on Mental Illness But a lot of entrepreneurs feel that way When they feel like they're always Leading and being attacked or they're Leading and not getting the help that They want to Or the help that they deserve or the Help in which they give is not equal For my leaders for my entrepreneurs for Those of you that are head of household I told Todd last night a lot of this is The penalty of leadership But not receiving the support that you Wish Or receiving the support that you give And not receiving the back is actually a

Trauma response because a lot of us grew Up in broken environments we say to Ourselves damn I wish that Someone would have helped me so as a Result I'm going to help others and then When others don't help back We turn around and say Why is the world like this and I've Suffered from it as well and I said it Before an interview with Bueno one of The biggest mistakes that one can make Is helping too much because giving can Lead to bankruptcy and poverty I want you to write down now going into 2023 and 2023 starts today [Music] The Five People You will help In business the five family members you Will help the five friends That you will help and maybe even the Five Charities and outside of that once You have that Circle don't give outside Of that Because even in a recession they're Going to be more people that try and Pull money from you or even a business Everyone's always pitching something but In the end When I asked a business service provider How do you plan to get me 5x or 11x on This investment they never have an Answer for that be careful Because accumulation of money and Preservation and growing or or

Acceleration of that Capital are too Totally different things Not criticizing Kanye I want him to stay In a billionaire position me as a person That personally reached out to someone That knows Jamie Diamond prior to his Accounts getting shut down trust me I'm Trying to help But you have to know what parties you Can upset and which ones you can't and How to mitigate risks and in that Instance that was a hell of a liability That he took on And what's up [Music]

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