TIKTOK’S ALGORITHM IN CHINA – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] Tick Tock Let's talk about this because you did Put a post up um from 60 minutes which Is My outside of earn your leisure Programming yes 60 minutes Is my favorite Television show I I'm extremely looking forward to the Day that we're on 60 Minutes that comes To me will be my biggest That'll be the best because 60 Minutes Has been a resource for me for years 60 Minutes put a report out that Tick Tock it was on social media first and Then people was like oh it's not real Um China Uh they have a different algorithm in China for tick tock than they do in America and all over the world in China The the the post that gets rewarded and Gets the most viewership and gets pushed The most are about science about Architecture about mathematics and That's what kids are consuming in America it's dancing it's spitting on Your head it's doing like that Russian Dance that all of the kids in New York Are doing with the drill dancing Um and it's a bunch of other nonsense Makeup stuff like that it started no the Number one Career that most kids in China want to

Be Is and Astronaut the number one career that Most kids in America want to be is a Content creator shout out to all the Content creators because we are content Creators But everybody cannot operate at the Highest level of Excellence you can't Say that just because you guys were with Love this weekend that's unfair yeah I Love love what about when you guys just Had an iPhone and one gimbal Rashad Don't piss on our dreams as black Americans I'm getting to the comments before they Get to it like American defense this is A this is an important topic to talk About Um because I you know social media is a Gift and a curse a lot of times and it's Like this is this is pretty crazy That China is putting out a product Where they're like two separate products They're intentionally poisoning a Product that we have and they have a Clean healthy version of the same exact Product what's your thoughts on this Ian I know you've been Pro tick tock What are your thoughts on this shout out To Samuel Upshaw who just said this is Called social Warfare I have a question For everybody in chat do you guys listen To the full episode of Clips you know

Why I love this episode of 60 minutes And shout out to Chris who actually put Up that clip on my Tick Tock and Instagram I said this I said this exact same thing One year ago to the date Nikki clip this up And put it in when I said it the first Time that's why I'm people like yo you Reversing your I said it day one China's China's plan Is to over educate their population Rule with an iron fist And even the Evergreen situation they Have now found secondary financing but The Rumblings of evergrand led to Partial collapse and our commercial and Residential real estate bubble and even Though they have all these ghost cities They found a way to find a soft Landing For their real estate who are damaging Hours You think another country is thinking to Have benefit for us when hypothetically Maybe we've done wrong to other Countries No this is part of the plan but I said This a year ago And when Chris put it up I said well Played to even look and see am I a fan Of tick tock yes I think it's a better Social media app now I can tell you Being inside the office is a matter of Third time's a charm fourth time I may

Get the check the systems in Tick Tock Are better than that of meta Hands down So yes this is a war tactic And let's be honest it's working now if We can be honest before Tick Tock Emerged as a preeminent social media Platform Did Instagram not cause body dysmorphia At scale and make people want to change What their physical Prototype or body type look like because Of social media pressure BBL movement oh you're talking like all The filters and all that are you talking About BBL movement or face everything Everything Go and go ask any cosmetic surgeon in Any major city I mean I'd be interesting to let the Sense to see if that's increased it's Played a part yeah The part that that is like super Interesting and I mean the fact that the Age limit that the population on Tip Top Of China cannot even see that as 14. Um because if we look at it from an Educational standpoint right the the Younger the population the more Intelligent the more focused the further Their future will be the fact that we Have no regulation and everybody is like Kind of cool with that Is interested in itself right like but

This this goes to show right like I can Weaker your population and if I can make Them feel ordinary at scale at skill Take their algorithms take you know how They're viewing content use it you know Within a fraction of a second to keep Your attention and keep you Zoned in on a specific area of just Entertainment like we've seen Yeah that's going to make my country Superior of course I will say this Follow our Tick Tock our Tick Tock has Been booming yes it last two weeks it Hit an algorithm it has hidden algorithm So if you are going to be on Tick Tock You might as well consume some level of Positive content yes during your leisure And the real master all ages listen no Age limit needed foreign But I will say this I will say this About the social media thing Um We won't know the full effects of this Whole social media experiment until 30 Years from now that's not true and then Back away my apologies Because it's like It takes time right we need a whole Generation we need to we we're still in The first generation of social media I Remember when social media first got Started I was in college when Facebook Was called the Facebook and you had to

Have a college email to actually be on Facebook and that wasn't that long ago In the grand scheme of things and now to See where everything is at now so I mean We're seeing the effects of it this is The second generation this is the first No no no no no no no it can't well how It's still a generation you're going About 10 years because it went no in a Sense of Facebook was obviously well it Was on the computer right the next Generation is now on a phone what's the General what's a generation I think a Generation that's what I'm saying is IT Tech years or I would say that this is probably the Second generation of the social media Experiment no because we went from my Space foreign [Music] By the definition of what a generation Is Webster's definition okay I'm not mad at That okay it's the Messenger will be Classified as social media a solo Black Planet when it when was the Black Planet Founded 99 I don't know was it it might have been 99 for Black Planet maybe you have the Air in it's 99 It's somewhere around there okay so it's Generation first generation Black's playing without even a computer

App do they have an app no there was no App store prior to Apple Exactly but but you still have social Media Um Wait okay this is this is a this is a Debatable topic long story short long Story short We're in the beginning stages let's just Say this okay we're in the beginning Stages an agreement yeah audiences said Second generation Still yes it's early it's early and it's Embassy stages yes so we have to see but It is extremely Um It's interesting that it's already being Used as a tool Of suppression When it comes to information And this is the new it's like new age Like Battlefield this is Modern Warfare I don't want to say Warfare because we Have a large audience and we have to be Extremely careful of how we speak we may Have to meet the Chinese government at Some point we are Meeting a lot of important people yes so Let's be extremely careful how we use it How are you Yes Beijing I will be there soon please roll Out the red carpet And we will have a conversation

[Music] Y'all y'all want this no no save it save It for the end save for them yeah not Yet does it wait does it does it light Up Not that one uh uh I may have to do the Frank Lucas thing you never know you Never know when you got to do the Frank Lucas thing losing when he was flying Back we're not moving I understand you Never know when you got to do the import Export and communicate with the you know Southeast Asia like you know yeah you Got it you gotta be diplomatic in this Situation oh we are very important International don't become yay Don't do that Don't do that that was a yay mask you Know I mean yeah 24. yeah was this a Part of his plan Kanye plans he's the Greatest strategist ever And what's up [Music]

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