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[Music] Tick tock tick tock confirms that Employees have the ability to decide What goes viral yeah um what are your Thoughts man from a social media Standpoint yeah I I line this up for you Yeah what you think man They're not the first to do it to make Their employees decided to go to the Viral yeah they they said that uh so Those reports in this part of the Lawsuit with Facebook that they were Having the same thing happening there And so they had to pay that 40 million Dollar lawsuit The SEC investigator Um People should decide what goes viral not An algorithm not employees not Definitely not employees what makes the Employees wanna what makes them the People right should be able to decide What's going on that's it Oh my God my dad didn't work at this VC For the people to decide what goes viral Or shy that's what I'm saying but Imagine privilege imagine the unfair Advantage if you're like a content Creator that's actually making great Content and somebody's deciding like nah We're good on that and decides to put Some nonsense and say like oh I'm cool With them or I'm close to that company Or that company has my best interest in

Mind so let me highlight that you number One gonna discourage that Creator but You're also making an unfair Advantage Obviously Um okay Matt has done it and miss me right YouTube has done it I can name you 22 Channels of random white kids that have 7 and 15 million followers can't name Definitely black creators easily Yes or no and the video thanks but are Not even good Tick Tock is just the one that's not Called Snapchat used to do it back in The day Of the videos that that happens to and Then they did another study and I saw That it was like actually three percent Of the videos that it happens to so Yeah Everybody everybody went viral super Crazy like they weren't of our Heat Usually like people like yo upload to Tick tock and if you use these hashtags You can get nine million views I will Say this I met the number one tick Tocker Copy I forgot his I don't want to Mispronounce his name oh my man good Brother from Senegal no he's the number One tick tocker in the world and he's Black don't say a word he don't even Speak Uh the kid he's a rock star he's a rock

Star I don't know how he he fired up his Algorithm play he got the algorithm play And he's a he's actually he's actually a Very Um good dude He's actually a very good dude solid we Heard him speak met his girlfriend yeah Um I didn't know he had he actually he Actually recorded a message to to join It to my daughter to say hello I took a Picture with him yeah I did I got a Whole video I gotta see where that's at Man I gotta go viral real quick Man that dude he's a viral he doesn't Even talk Yeah That's smart though yeah it is it is It's another good lesson to stop talking Right yes yep No talking even let's try it it's just Words With Friends Um Shout out to Megan on the check-in she's In here Happy birthday happy birthday happy Birthday happy birthday again I appreciate it thank you so much Z Culture leadership fund shout out to Chris Lyons shout out to you Dean shout Out to Dean what up To the whole team over there at the

Culture leadership Fun that's the family we're going to see Them a few more times this year I would Assume so Um all right Uh last one is Microsoft palantir Amazon And Nvidia Before we should invest in for the AI Space and before we go to this I just Want to say this AI This AI conversation Is happening man excites happening and And I'm telling you We this web 3 thing is real It's one of three things real It's real yeah that's why we're seeing The instruction of a lot of tech Companies currently yeah it's happening And um It it's gonna it's gonna be There's gonna be so much Evolution in this space over the next 10 Years Like you're not even gonna even believe It yeah that's why there's a lot around That's why like the efforts that Robert Smith is doing trying to get broadband Like I said last week it's the number One make sure that we have access to it But we're educating ourselves so we can Actually be part of the conversation and Part of the solution to we to how to Benefit from it um because it's Definitely there's nothing to do to stop

It that's what they're talking about Um so it's just about implementation but The education has to come first So yeah so are those the four companies For AI Um Two of them I love I'm not the biggest Fan of palantir but I'm not going to be Dumb enough to ruin any future Relationships I think Peter Tillman's an Amazing CEO Um it does not get enough credit at PayPal I think they there are some the Agenda they're present and currently I Don't like It's always been the case but I do like Microsoft In that space I do love Nvidia Um Nvidia uh palantir could be a force To be reckoned with over the next couple Of years technology right but Microsoft's in the video like I love Uh without my heart and I think they'll Be one of the few tech companies if this Like old era is web 2 that's why I said Like the Fang errors did They'll be one of the ones that survived And thrives but a lot of these companies That are web2 based that have no real Competitive Advantage they're going to Die out create this athlete without say This to have to be very careful because In this new royalty model in web3 you Think the thievery was bad on the

Venture capital and AR side it's going To be even worse Um my workplace process skills so you Have to be careful and also going back To the Davos conversation Uh while I hit the bank apart you need To go Google what the solvency ratio of The bank is before you put your money There good solvency ratio is like 10 to 15 20 is a little bit too high for me Some people like 20 but 10 so like the Probability of a bank going under you Need to know before you put your money Here but going back to the Davos Conversation if you want to be a great Investor You have to be in some of these rooms to Hear what's coming up Yeah and then it's like people to be Able to know Venture side private equity Then retail or for public Equity there's A chain You have ai then uh Venture in private Equity then to public consumption or Public Equity if you don't know what They're talking about that they're going To invest in over the next 10 15 years Get behind it's just like people like yo This is where the white supremacy I mean If that was a determinant in fact I Wouldn't live in America That's what yay said years ago if racism Was a was a a no-go situation then we Wouldn't even be here

Like you you go to work every single day For somebody what do you think that they They passionately care about you and Your children's future your boss You think that the pr the principle of Your child's school is embedded in your Community and wants the best for you you Think the head of the or your child your Of your local Municipality is championing African-American studies and wants to do Research on how to get reparations for You No They don't they don't care about you Nobody cares about it we do it's it's Like this is this is the harsh reality Of life it's just business why nobody Cares about you we didn't grow up Together Like what makes you think I don't Understand you live in a society that is Arguably one of the most racist Countries in the history of the world This was built on slavery it's built on Racism Like you think like this is the ultimate Like oh well Illuminati is gonna be in In a secret temple in a da Vinci Code no It's right here it's right it's right Now it's right here It's in New York It's in DC like it's in Texas you don't Have news flash you don't have to go to

Some secret overseas destination to find That go to Mississippi It's right here You you you can't see that On Martinsville Indiana so I'm talking About people in Wilmington boy oh boy Just real quick which out of the four Did you like you said Microsoft palantir Amazon Nvidia you like all four or I Like Amazon I like Microsoft Amazon Worldwide artificial intelligence Software in the world right now what are They using it for well it started out With for Government Contracting Right but then so like I'm talking to These gentleman as I'm standing in their Their activation and he's like yo this Is just different level the next Technology that they got like it was one Thing to use data analytics obviously For government but the next thing was Now they want to know like bigger than What you're eating right or where you Where you're going they want to know Like to the specifics like what do you Like on Tuesdays at five like their data Data analytics are becoming that Streamlined and that specific which I I Know when you hear it it sounds crazy But it's what's happening it sounds Crazy and it sounds like oh my gosh this Is really invasive but we have even like We had conversations with with the the Young lady who's doing the Billboards

And how did they track your API I'm just Like Um One of the AI had developed Alzheimer's Really Like and when I was listening to the Conversation Alzheimer's Alzheimer's no Alzheimer's Alzheimer's Alzheimer's I Got you guys Um so it's like yeah It's getting to a point where it's not Really too much of a difference between A person and a computer I I will say if People people are upset at Cambridge Analytica And the genius that is Mark Zuckerberg Peter Teal Who provided funding for Mark Zuckerberg Is probably two times as smart and Marcus no slouch I will be very careful with where their Data ends up if you understood the History of talentina The thoughts views expressed here on Market Mondays it's just Ian's rare Pandas there's no reflexes my thoughts Man but just knocked off that's how I Was feeling but I'ma learned hey I'm Gonna go be quiet too The dentist slice and if I put too many Progressive chat it's in the slice Strategy I got that from Steve Stout

I'll explain that later but that will be A master class That's a master class sorry Shout out Finish what companies are you guys put In chat are you most excited about did You think will run AI over the next five Years also Microsoft laid off 10 000 People and then And Are recording all your conversations in The office We are getting to scary times yeah yeah It's uh it's better to be aware Yeah yeah 20 30. I told you especially Us I want us of our color Oh my skin popping with the weapon in The front and [ __ ] Um I want those of us of our color to be Aware we're going to get Lego first You're going to have to learn how to Provide a result that no one else on Earth can If you think African hiring systems were Tough before waiting today put that AI Veneer on top of it as well It's getting tough they're going to have Diversity they're gonna have diversity Programs for AI Absolutely But go ahead go see job and ranch 436. That's definitely as if it matters that Was phenomenal donkey I don't know a Couple of dunks

Anthony Edwards yeah that was crazy I Was two-handed yeah yeah that's what's Going crazy Watch your head I made no big jobs to This yeah [Music]

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