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(upbeat music) – Hello, hello, hello. I'm Robert Kiyosaki of
The Rich Dad Radio Show, The good news and bad news about money And we have a lot of bad news as you know And a lot of good news. And I was just listening to
this speaker this morning Talking about we live in an
era of deception and betrayal. So I can't get in trouble for those words 'cause we're censored as
you all know right now But deception and betrayal. And the reason I'm concerned Is I have never seen it this bad. I mean I knew it was coming, Blair's been with me for 40, 50 years now, That's all I talk about,
we're F'ed, we're F'ed. I don't trust the treasury, I don't trust the fed, I don't trust Wall Street
and I don't trust the banks And I definitely don't
trust the government. So anyway, we're at this time right now, So this is March, 2023 and this, Unless you're living under a rock, In 2008, I was on CNN with
Wolf Blitzer and I was saying Lehman Brothers was coming
down and it came down. And this past Monday,
I don't know the date, But this was March, 2023, I was on Neil Cavuto's show And I said Credit Suis was coming down And Credit Suisse came down. And you know, people think there's a nice, It's a nice happy little
bank, Credit Suisse, It's one of the biggest
criminal money laundering banks In the world,

You know, they should have come down But they just let 'em go. And then now BlackRock is going down And so the real estate
market is gonna go down. So this is March, 2023. So what's the good news? Well, the good news Is there's a lot of people
be looking for jobs. Excuse me, I shouldn't laugh. But anyway, I mean when I met Blair, Years and years and years ago in Hawaii, We were just struggling,
we didn't know how to sell, You were working for Borroughs
and I was working for Xerox And we were knocking on doors. Now, the reason this is important Is we're talking about today, We're doing a seminar
April 6th, 7th and 8th Here in Scottsdale, Arizona, It's the one of the few ones we ever do And Blair's gonna be teaching An important part of that
seminar and it's sales. And Blair's one of the leading
sales trainers in the world So you have a chance to come
to the 6th, 7th and 8th, Scottsdale, Arizona and that's going fast, Not too many seats left. But anyway, if you can't sell, You're always afraid of losing your job. Wouldn't you say that's true, Blair? – Yeah always 'cause sales equals income. If you can't sell, Whether you're an
employee, even an employee, If you can't sell yourself,
you can't get a raise. If you can't sell yourself
to even get a job, Why would somebody want to hire you?

– Well, how about if your
monthly nut is a thousand bucks And all you are is a 50% performer? You bring in a 500 bucks,
your family is screwed. – That's right, that's right
so everything is about sales. – So give us a little
bunch of background, Blair, On sales and all that, how we met And the insanity we've gone through. That was, when was that then? – That was in early 1980s, I
believe, something like that, Late seventies and I moved
all the way to Hawaii And you lived in Hawaii And I figured all my friends
that had money were in sales So I figured I'd get a job And I was so bad almost
got fired the first week. It was terrible, it was terrible. But you know what? When you're out there by yourself, You got no backup, no support,
you better learn quickly Otherwise I'm sleeping
on somebody's couch. And it was about pounding on
doors, no internet, no nothing, They handed you a big
fat business directory, Slammed it down on the table and said go. That was it. – No social media, none of this. No TikTok dances jumping
around the place, geez. But anyway, you know, like for me, I was coming out of
the Marine Corps in '74 And I said to my rich dad, I
wanted to be an entrepreneur Because my poor dad wanted
me to get my PhD, of course, Fly for the airlines and get a PhD. I'm going, oh my God, You know my old man was broke, Poor dad was broke 'cause he ran for lieutenant
governor in the state of Hawaii

The dirtiest business
there is is politics. And the governor said to
my dad, poor dad, he says, "You'll never work in this state again." And my poor dad went poor. I mean up until that time he was okay But once he could not work,
then he couldn't sell. And so I come out of the Marine
Corps and he's telling me, "Oh, go fly for the airlines, United Airlines is hiring
and go back to school And get your PhD like me." And I said, that's when, my saying is PhD Stands for poor, helpless and desperate. Jesus, I mean, he couldn't sell. So I go to my rich dad and
I go, "What should I do? I want to be an entrepreneur." He says, "You gotta sell." I'm going, oh my God, Oh my God, that's the worst
thing possible, this is 1974. And cause my old man, poor
dad kept saying, he says, "Salesman are scum", You know da da da da da da, And so I asked my rich dad,
"Why do I have to sell?" He says, "How's your sex life?" I says, "It's terrible." He says, "It's 'cause you
can't sell", you know? So I got a job with Xerox in
Honolulu and I went to see, I had to go home to my
poor dad and apologize. I said, "I'm a disappointment to you 'cause I got a job as a salesman." And that's when it started, you know, And it was horrible, you know? – Knocking on doors. – Knocking on doors. And if you don't sell, you don't eat.

– That's right. – And then congratulations, you're fired. And where Blair and I
just got things started Was every Monday morning, I mean, I'm always testing people as well, How many sales have you made? And they freeze. You can feel them just pucker, you know? They need some ex-lax or something. But every Monday morning, what
happened in the sales room? – Well, in the sales room, Everybody's numbers go up on the board, Your name, your number of
calls, your number of contacts, Number of deals, and how
many are you gonna close And how many of you did close? And you know what, salesmen
lie, but numbers don't lie And everybody knew that. And it was like people, on Fridays, People were running all over Honolulu Trying to get some numbers 'cause nobody wanted to be
embarrassed on Monday morning When those numbers go up. But it was still to this day, The most powerful sales motivational tool. – It's personal thing, People talk about, "Oh, I'm
in personal development." I said, "Well, show me your numbers, You know, show me your
financials, show me your numbers." And so Monday morning we'd go in, And this is in downtown Honolulu, It's a coffee shop called
Arthur's Coffee Shop And all the sales studs,
you know, they'd all, "yeah, I'm gonna sell
this money machines", You know, Xerox machines, da da da da

But they'd be down sipping coffee, They listen to the sales meeting at eight, At 10:30, they're
sipping coffee and going, "well you guys aren't doing
a very good job here." You met my friend Larry Clark, right? – Right. – He and I both were at Xerox And he taught me one of
the best lessons ever. He says, "I start
selling on Sunday night." So he would go in on Sunday
night, he and I would go in, We'd prepare all of our sales
proposals on Sunday night. So on Monday morning
when those road warriors With their, all smoking the cigarettes And you know, talking big with
their three piece suits on And the little tricky mustaches,
you know, typical salesman And then they, So I was out dropping off
proposals on Monday morning, Picking up on Wednesday,
posting my numbers on Friday. And that's when I became a salesman, But I still had to apologize to poor dad 'cause he was a PhD and he
says, "Salesmen are scum." And he was broke. And all these layoffs
right now, I mean Biden's, He's not telling the truth, And how many people is
Microsoft laying off? 10,000, Amazon's laying off
10,000, the banks are crashing. How many people are gonna lose their job? But the most important skill That has to be used as an entrepreneur. – Is you have to be able to sell. – So April 6th, 7th and 8th, Blair Singer, Who's been all over the world, He trains some of the biggest
companies in the world On how to tell these
corporate guys how to sell

Because they're some of the worst, I mean, these corporate guys, They hide behind their PhDs
and MBAs and all this crap, But they can't sell. – That's right. They call themselves
consultants, development experts, All kinds of things but they don't sell. And at the end of the day, The numbers speak the story. – Yeah and they say, sales executive, No, you're a scummy
little salesman like me. – It's a sales rep. Is there a problem with that? You have a problem with that? – So anyways, if so you're gonna be here On April 6th, 7th and 8th when, I mean people say, "Why
can't you stream it online?" Because it's interactive. – That's right. – We don't teach via
Zoom and all that stuff. No, you gotta be there or be square, Show up or go home with
your tail between your legs. "Why don't you Zoom it in So I can sit there and
watch it at my convenience?" – Because that's it, Because you're gonna watch
it at your convenience And that's the problem. You don't learn that way. – And Blair's gonna put you, Blair will put you through your paces. Put up or shut up as we
say in the Marine Corps. – That's right, that's right. – So I want to show you
something else here, This is here the BI Triangle

For those of you who can see it. Can you see it, Sarah? So this is military school
here, I went to military school. So the first thing you learn is mission And you have a team and they
teach you to be a leader. So I had that going for me, Plus six years of the US Marine Corps And they teach you how
to handle your emotions. Most of these snowflakes
coming out of school today, You know, I don't know
what they're smoking, What they've got between
their legs anymore, But they got no cahones, You know, they just
don't know how to do it. So this is the BI Triangle, You know, there's ES,
the Cashflow Quadrant, And then BNI. So number one is product. So when I watch Shark
Tank, oh, I got my product, I got my product. Big deal. The next question they ask on
Shark Tank is is it patented? Blagh. Next is what's your
system of distribution? Blah, I got the product, I sell dog biscuits or whatever you sell. This is the line here is communication. The sharks go right down this list If you ever watch that program, It's a great program. They say, "How are you gonna sell? How's your marketing? How's your packaging?" and all this stuff, Because this is what sales, Blair was saying this
is sales equals income.

And when you meet somebody who can't sell, Their income is down, right? – That's right. Anytime you meet somebody
that's complaining about income, Lifestyle, all that stuff, One thing you know that
they're not telling you Is they can't sell. – They can't sell, They're afraid of rejection
and all that stuff. – It's a legitimate fear But it's an overcomable fear. – We all have it. Nobody likes rejection. Well, except one guy, Harry,
remember Harry Baruhas? Harry Baruhas was a guy
in Melbourne, Australia. If you looked up born salesman,
it was Harry, you know? My favorite line of Harry was, "Excuse me, is that my
money in your pocket?" – He was ruthless. – But he was funny. You know, I'd sit there and laugh And, you know, he'd get me, I'd buy something from
the guy just because He was so good at what he did. – Right, right, right. – There are guys who are
naturals at it, right? – That's right, there
are that are natural, And I think everybody's got it But everybody's just afraid of it. You know, there's, I've got kids and they know how to sell. And if you've got a kid And your kid knows how
to sell and you don't, He's taking you for a ride.

– Well look at a baby, Man, if you don't feed
'em, what do they do? – Scream. – But somehow, like my poor dad said, "Well, salesman are scum." My mom hated skill salesmen,
but they were professionals, I'm a teacher and I'm a nurse, you know, And they couldn't sell. – Yeah, they can't generate income. Their livelihood is
based upon somebody else Being able to sell for them. – Yeah. And can you learn how to sell
by watching a YouTube video? – No, no, no.
– No. Because what it takes is real life, fear, Pressure, rejection, all that stuff. So that's what we're gonna
have April 6th, 7th and 8th Here in Scottsdale, Arizona. Blair's one of the leading
trainers in the whole world, He travels to the world, Like name some of the
organizations you teach. – Well, we work with big organizations Like Singapore Airlines, IBM, All the L'Oreal hair
brands around the world. – Redkin too, right? – Yeah, Rekin's part of L'Oreal, yes. Yeah so a lot of them, But thousands, tens of
thousands of entrepreneurs In groups and we put
'em through their paces, We put 'em through their paces. I mean, it's like if you can't sell, You hardly get out of the course And we put 'em through,
give 'em some tools, Put 'em through some exercises.

And some people make
more money in 10 minutes Than they've made like in 10 months. – Yeah, yep. I mean it's, If you're not used to the fear
and terror you go through, That's the problem is emotion. – That's right. – And so, like, you know what
I, Blair has this books here, It's called "Sales Dogs"
and "Team Code of Honor", These are essential, But I think I'm gonna
talk about "Sales Dogs" When you come back, because
on YouTube and all this stuff, There's a lot of chihuahuas,
you know what I mean? So Blair goes, "Name some of
the dogs out there in sales." – Well there's the pit bull, That's the one nobody wants to be, The aggressive, never
take no for an answer. Then there's the poodle, The charming poodle that
loves to schmooze with people. – I sell real estate. Buy my house. – That's right, but then
there's the chihuahua. – The chihuahua. By the way, there's a big dog, right? – Well, yeah, there's a big dog, Which is any one of the five breeds But they're just an
oversized version of it. Right, they talk a big story, Bragging as their number one sport. – Cowboy boots and hats on. – That's it, big buckles. – Yeah and then the chihuahua is who? – The chihuahua is the data freak. These are the people
that like bits and bites

And they'll talk a hundred miles an hour, You will understand less than 2% Of what they're talking about But they're legends in their own mind. You know, they just go on and on and on, Have no concept that they're
talking to anybody else. – They sound intelligent. – That's right so they just,
again, they can do well, But they just gotta learn to shut up, Okay so that's the deal. – And I'm gonna be
called a racist for this, But I'm fourth generation
Japanese American. I was listening to this Japanese guy, You know, obviously probably
went to Stanford or Harvard, You know, one of those A
students, which I never was And he was talking about
the Japanese bank crisis, And I was really interested, I wanted, You know, Japan went down in 1990. And when they go, the whole
world's gonna go, Japan. So I'm listening to this guy, I'm gonna find out what the BOJ, The Bank of Japan's doing, This guy had so much data, I fell asleep, You know, but he sounded intelligent, A little mousey Japanese guy, I'm getting my ass for
this one but you know. (mimicking high pitched voice) All the guys I hated at
school, you know what I mean? – Yeah, data is not sales. – No. – Data and information
is not sales at all. Sales has always been the same, You find out what people
want, what a concept, And help 'em get it, that's it.

– And what I love the most Is my final line of this whole thing 'cause I went to Xerox
to learn how to sell, They fly me from Hawaii to Virginia, Put me in a room just
like Blair's gonna do And you gotta sell, you sell And you sit there and you sweat And then if you don't
make it, you're fired, I mean, it's that fast. That's real life, you know what I mean? "Oh no, no, no, I have a PhD, I'm an MBA, I don't have to sell like." Oh my God. So every time somebody says to me, 'cause I flunked at high
school 'cause I can't write, Not that I can't write, The teachers don't like what I write, But anyway, they said, "You can't write." I said, "That's correct but I can sell." "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" is still
after 20 something years Number one in the world. And we'll come back And we'll talk about more
of what you have to do If you really want to learn how to sell Because sales equals – Income. – We'll be right back. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Robert already warned us. 2023 is going to be the
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this will be repeated. The reason we repeat is because
repetition is how we learn. You know, you don't learn to play golf With taking one lesson, But also, you can listen And have your friends,
family members and people, Or especially your business partners, And you're in a business who can't sell, You better understand what
we're saying on this one Because sales equals – [Blair] Income. – And Blair and I have
been friends for years, He worked for Burroughs, I
worked for Xerox in Honolulu. And Sarah asked the question, So Sarah, what's the definition of sales? – [Sarah] Yeah, what is
the definition of selling? – When somebody else's money
is in your pocket, okay? If you don't have that,
you haven't done a sale. You've done a pitch, you've
done a nice presentation, You know, and all this stuff But show me the money in my pocket. – That's right, it's conversion. It's when that money
transfers over to you. When somebody said, yes, I agree,

But a lot of people
agree, but they don't pay. – Right. – And so the whole idea is
as part of the selling cycle Is not just closing a deal, It's when the money clears your bank, That's when the sale is done. – But it's not that, Oh, well he high pressured on me, He lied, he cheated and all that. Look, we're living in the age
of deception and betrayal. You know what I mean? I cannot believe how bad the US Treasury, The Fed, Wall Street, the
banks are lying to us, The Biden crime family,
you know, and people, Millions are losing their
jobs as we speak right now. And then, so what they're
gonna do is give them, You know, welfare or
whatever they give them. This is really a dangerous, dangerous time In our world history So your number one
skill as an entrepreneur Is your ability to? – To sell. – Yeah, so on April 6th, 7th and 8th, Blair will be there, my
whole team will be there. Talk about, you know,
the salesmanship begins When the customer says no, right, That's when it begins? – Yeah, there was a sign in our branch When I first went there. It says, "salesmanship begins
when the customer says no." And I figured, yeah, I gotta learn how to
handle some rejections. So I go out the first day,
I get hammered, hammered, People wouldn't even, I
couldn't even make a pitch,

They kicked me out. And after a couple days- – I couldn't get past the secretary. – Right and so after
a couple days of that, I figure this is it, I can't sell, I'm gonna go quit. I looked at the sign one more time And I'm going in to quit and it goes, "salesmanship begins when
the customer says no", Then the light bulb went on. It had nothing to do with the
customer, had nothing to do. The toughest sale of all
was me selling me to me. And so what I find for most
people is the same thing, That the number one sell is
you gotta sell you to you. When adversity comes, people kick you out, Tell you you're a scumbag
and everything's looking bad, Now this is when the sail selling begins. You gotta sell yourself to get
your backside back up again And go out and take it on again. – Yeah and that's what those
Monday morning meetings Were so important in then the sales room. We called it the bullpen, these 20 guys, There was only two women
at the time and we had to, On this day, I'm gonna
sell this many machines And then Friday we had to check in. Holy moly. – Yeah and then you'd say
who your prospects were. And somebody said, "Can
you name those prospects?" – Weren't they out there three weeks ago? – Exactly, exactly. It's like you have been
sandbagging that deal For the last month, that's
bullshit, take it off. – Yeah. – So it was brutal,

But I'll tell you what, It was the best training. It's not just financial training, This is life training. You learn to become a human being. You learn how to deal with
everything that the world Is right now throwing at people. – Now, let me show this here, okay? This here is the outside
of the BI Triangle, This is the inside. This is military school But this is the first word
we're taught in the US military, King's Point, first words was the mission. And my best friend Larry Clark,
he was a Mormon missionary. Those boys can sell. – Hmm, no kidding. No kidding, you get dropped
off in a neighborhood In a foreign country with nothing And you're selling God. I mean how impossible
is that kind of a sale? – Well I was interviewing with him Trying to get hired at Xerox, You know, Larry's sitting
there and I'm sitting there, Get all these little
goofy little Asian kids With their little MBAs sitting
there, like nice haircuts. I'm in my Marine Corps outfit And Larry's sitting there
in his Mormon outfit And we're sitting there like this. And the guy asked Larry, he says, "What makes you think you can sell?" He says, "I've been selling
Catholics in Northern Ireland Mormonism." He says, "If you can sell
God, you can sell anything." – That's no joke,

That's no joke.
– Larry, To this day, Larry has the
highest conversion rates Of Catholics to Mormonism in
the history of the church. – That's amazing. – But they're trained to sell from birth. I'm gonna be a happy little
missionary and all this And in the Marine Corps
it's, this is your mission. And without that, there's no
spirituality in your life. You can rip people off, which, You know, the banks are
doing, which Yellin is doing, Which is the treasury is
doing, and Wall Street's doing But why do it that way? You have to live with yourself, you know? – Yeah, selling is not about deception, Selling is not about lying. Selling is about the truth, It's about going in and
telling the hardcore truth And finding out what somebody wants. – Find the need and fill it. – That's right and magnify it Because sometimes people
forget about their problems And they're looking for
a quick, easy solution. Well sometimes, there aren't And you gotta be the person to sell 'em On what will work for them. – So the unemployment
rate is about to spike Because our banks are going down big time, So is a lot of the retirement
plans are going down. So that's why, you know, I'm very honored To have my friend Blair
for 40, 50 years now, We started off selling
together, we're still selling. We traveled the world actually selling, Teaching's a form of selling, I'm a best selling author,

I'll never get a Pulitzer Prize
and I really don't want one Because I have the money. Excuse me, is that your
money in my pocket? Yes it is, thank you
very much, right, Blair? – Harry Barujas, that's right. – And the people are happy people. "Thank you, I read your book, man, It changed my life and all this stuff." That's what you do it for. You don't do it to cheat somebody. You don't do it to cheat people, That's what people think salesmanship is. – Unfortunately, you're right. It's about finding what people
want and helping them get it, That's it, that's it. – So anyway, Sarah, you know what I mean, It's gonna be an interesting time But I'm gonna say right
now we're going to, Unemployment's about to go
through the fricking roof And if you can't sell, you'll
be looking for somebody To give you some money. And you'll say, well, I deserve it, You know, I'm a victim
and I'm all this stuff, I'm black, I'm white, I'm
a woman, I'm gay, I'm this, You know, you'll find some excuse to be, To have people feel sorry
and pathetic for you. You know what I mean? – Yeah, people wanna be taken care of. They wanna say, well, I deserve something. – A victim. – Yeah, but the truth of it is in life, It's been the same way
for thousands of years Is that if you've got something to offer, That's not good enough.

You gotta be able to sell it. You gotta be able to let
people know what you got. Some of the best products
and service on the plane Nobody ever heard about. Why? Because a person thought that
the product would sell itself. – Yeah but you look At some of our greatest
entrepreneurs today, This guy, Elon Musk,
boy, that boy can sell. Whoo, Steve Jobs, man, could he sell, And Bezos and these guys can sell And they sell themselves
and they'll do all that But that's the number one
skill of an entrepreneur. Sarah? – I just have a, I wanna jump in here
real fast because we're, An average person, I think
is used to being sold. I go to the car dealership, I get sold, You know, but really, if
you're an entrepreneur, You're selling to raise capital,
you're selling your idea, I mean, it's much bigger than selling, You know, a car or whatever. – As my rich dad said to
me, "How's your sex life?" "None." He said, "It's 'cause you can't sell." I never forgot those words. I went, you know what I mean? – [Sarah] So even as we
head into dangerous times For entrepreneurs or business owners Who are currently owning businesses, That ability to sell to raise capital Or to survive the next wave Is just as important as selling yourself. – It's critical, I mean,
now, more than ever.

I mean with unemployment going
up, with jobs being lost. – But more than that, when
the customers are disappearing 'cause they don't have money. You know what I mean? So Sarah, it's a fantastic
question you just asked. So I'm in business, I'm an entrepreneur, What's gonna happen in, you
know, three weeks or four weeks Today, your customer's
gone, what are you gonna do? They're broke. – That's right. – Or they panic and they
go into hibernation. – That's right. I remember you said,
when the pandemic hit, You brought me over to your house And we sat down, it was like
the day after the lockdown. And you sat me down and
you looked at me and go, "Okay, Blair, So is your customer today The same customer that you had last week?" And my brain went, no,
it's not, it's not anymore. And so part of sales is not
just about being able to pitch. Part of it is to find your audience, To find out what's needed, Be able to be able to serve the community That's ready for you. – You've gotta change as times change. – Yeah. – And I'm saying again, you
know, I just cannot believe How much unemployment is hitting us. But again, this is the
era of what did I say? Deception and betrayal. Oh, unemployment is nil, it's high. Oh, the economy is really good. I'm going, how in the
world can you say that?

How in the world? You know, I go around, Look at all the malls and all that, The stores are, you know, vacant. I mean, people are shutting
up their businesses. Real estate is gonna crash. I was talking to this real estate company That was in the city, "Yes, but doesn't real
estate always go up?" I said, "What have you
been smoking, George?" Do you know what I mean? They live in the past. – [Sarah] Speaking of the past, Your careers spread generations, Maybe a generation. – Thank you for that
reminder, appreciate it. – [Sarah] Well I just wanna, As your in the field and
you're teaching people to sell, Is there a difference with the mindset Of what you were teaching in the eighties Versus today with digital technology? You know, has that all shifted and changed What the fundamentals are? – No, the fundamentals
are exactly the same. The technology changed. And people seem to think that
because the technology changed That I can get away with that. That's why so many people are like, "Pay me money, I'll give you leads", Leads, leads, leads, leads. They still can't convert
the fricking leads. So they're wasting money
on purchasing leads And they're still not making any money 'cause they don't know how to sell.

Technology doesn't cover
for the principals. – [Sarah] And I just wanted
to bring up that point because I feel like Gen Zer's, The newest generation in the workforce, The land of influencers
and online digital selling, But they're not really selling,
they just have a platform. – Well, they reach mass audiences, Which is good, do you know what I mean? Reach is good but how do you convert? And then how long term
do you go and all that? So again, the seminar is called, You know, "Rich Entrepreneur,
Poor Entrepreneur". Just because you're making
money, doesn't mean you're rich. You've gotta convert
your money into an asset That provides income for
the rest of your life. That's what we'll be talking
about April 6th, 7th and 8th On I am selling hard right now
'cause the seats are going fast, Right Sarah? – [Sarah] Yep, we are actually I'm distracted because I
just got a notification The hotels sold out, We've sold out all of
our rooms, which is good, It's a good problem to have, They'll have to be at the hotel next door. So yeah, we're getting flooded with emails In these last two weeks before the event. "I want in, I want in." – Yeah, "Can I get a discount?" – [Sarah] That's actually a big question. – We offered one a little while ago But you were sound asleep, sweetheart. You know what I mean? Snooze, you lose in this world.

But the thing is, this
is April 6th, 7th, 8th, This "Rich Entrepreneur,
Poor Entrepreneur", I'm not doing the teaching. Someone said, "Well, I
already know everything." I'm going, "How much money do you have?" That's an objection. So I just respond with how
much money do you have? "I know everything." You know, it's a chihuahua
mentality or a big dog mentality. – You read it, you didn't learn it. – Yeah. If you can't do it, you know, As I say, don't watch what a person says, Watch what they do. And it's an era of corruption
and delusion and betrayal, Delusion, deception
and betrayal right now. I cannot believe, you
know, this afternoon, This will be gone by then But Sarah and I are doing
an emergency podcast, It's a broadcast of Janet
Yellin who was Fed chairman And now she's Secretary of Treasury, Oh, conflict of interest there? But she just said something That was the biggest warning of all, But you can't understand it Because she doesn't speak English, She speaks in a different language, Call it Fed speak. And it's the biggest warning of all. So this afternoon, Andy Sheckman
and I from Miles Franklin, He's gonna decipher what she just said. And so that's what we do here. We do our best to translate You know what these phony
bologna PhDs talk about.

– Well, like you said, It comes back to the
topic we're talking about, Which is selling. I mean the ability to, Like you say, the ability
to put money on the table, The ability to sell yourself, The ability to sell yourself to yourself. – But it's also long term wealth. We all know guys who made a lot of money, They're broke today and they're going, Many more are going broke right now Because of 401Ks are going down Because of when they
raised interest rates, The stock market crashes. When they raise interest
rates, bond markets crash. That's systemic, you know,
it's all over the world Bond markets are crashing. "Oh, no, no, no but" was
it the Fed chairman Powell Came up and he says, "Oh it is, it's just isolated
to central Silicon Valley, It's transitory." No, it's systemic, two different words. So when we come back, We'll be talking more about what sales is. You know, sales basically
is show me the money, Put it in my pocket And then let's translate it
into long term cash flow. So that's what we do, That's what we're doing
on April 6th, 7th and 8th In Phoenix, Arizona. One thing I trust about
Sarah, she doesn't lie. If there's no rooms, you're SOL, You have to figure out that out. Ask one of your woke
friends what SOL means.

We'll be right back. (upbeat music) Welcome back, Robert Kiyosaki Of "The Rich Dad Radio Show", The good news and bad news about money. And as you know, this is March, 2023. The dates are important Simply because the world
economy is crashing right now And I've been saying this,
I mean forever, right? – [Blair] Forever. – Because Blair and I are students Of a man named Dr. R. Buckminster Fulley, He wrote a book called "Grunch of Giants". I don't recommend it But grunch stands for
gross universal cash heist. It came out in 1984 I
believe posthumously. And then he talked about
what grunch stands for Is gross universal cash heist. Simply said, is how the world banks Steal your wealth via your money. And that's why if you've
read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", It says, the rich don't work for money, We don't save money. You know, I don't have a
401k, I don't want an IRA, I don't want any of those things Because I'm an entrepreneur. And that's a very big difference Though this is our time right now. I mean, how many years have
you been heard of me yaking About buying silver,
starting your own businesses? – As long as I've known you. – Long. – That's a long time. – Yeah, so anyway, this is Blair Singer.

This is his book here, "Sales Dogs", "Code of Honor" is crucial. You know, I was just on the phone today With one of the people
showing up to teach. He and I were both
marine pilots in Vietnam. Today, he's congressman Jack Bergman, He's flying in for a few hours Because what Marines say is semper fi. Semper fi means forever loyal And we don't have that today. I mean, people F everybody
so fast these days. You know, we've had a
number of them work for Our CEO and CFO of our
company, Rich Dad here, They're criminals, But that's what they're taught
to do at business school, Lie, cheat and steal. So it's a horrible time. So that's why we're having this event, April 6th, 7th, 8th, Scottsdale, Arizona And Sarah just said, how many
rooms went out last night? – [Sarah] 60, that's what
we had left yesterday. – So it's selling and then
if you miss, you know, As they say, you snooze, you lose. Final words Blair on sales 'cause sales equals income, If you can't sell, no
sex, no money, no honey, Man, that's how it goes. – That's right. Well sales is not just your
number one skill in business, I think it's your number one skill in life Because the toughest sell of
all is you selling you to you Because in these difficult times, It's much easier to pull
up the electric blanket, Turn it onto womb, and
for try to forget about it

But you can't. And the world's coming fast and furious. So your ability to sell
yourself, to get up, keep going, Keep learning, keep selling Is gonna be the probably one
of the best growth experiences You go through. That's why in the program,
what is it, 6th, 7th and 8th? – Yeah. – We're gonna be working on it. You're gonna walk out of that program With a higher level of
emotional stability and grit Than you came in with. – Yeah, but you're gonna meet the team Who did all this for me. I don't do this stuff. Do you know what I mean? It's the product guys and all this stuff, You're gonna meet them, And this is Tom Wheeler, my accountant. This is how I, you know,
Kenny McElroy will be there, The system is, I've gotta buy real estate Because if I don't buy
real estate, I pay taxes And Tom and I don't wanna pay taxes. So I mean, "What are you gonna teach me? I have an MBA." I said, "Yeah, take this, asshole." But anyway, that's what
April 6th, 7th and 8th is, You'll meet all of these guys on the team, But most important, what's
your mission in life? You know, just to keep your job? Oh my god, I swear to God, Millions of people are
about to lose their jobs Because this economy is crashing Because this is a time
of deception and betrayal

And it starts at the highest
levels of government, The highest levels of government. I mean when Biden went
up there and he said, "yeah, we're gonna bail
out all these banks, But the taxpayer won't pay for it." Oh my God, did you believe that really? Who's gonna pay for it? You're gonna pay it for
it one way or the other. You're gonna either pay it for taxes, But you're also gonna
pay it through inflation. So he comes up with the
Inflation Reduction Act, IRA. All it was was a Green New Deal. All it was was a Green New Deal, Nothing to do with inflation. These guys, it's deception and betrayal Is the highest I've ever seen it And it starts in our school systems. So, Blair, final word, last
word on this whole thing. – Well, like I said, The last word on this whole thing is that, Like we said, sales equals income, Toughest sale is you selling you to you, But the other part of it
is if you've got a gift, If you've got something
to offer to the world, Then it's your obligation
to learn how to sell Because the world is gonna need
good products, good services In the coming years,
more than ever before. And if you can't sell
it, then two people lose. You lose 'cause you didn't sell it, Your family loses, And the person that could have received The benefit of what you got loses too. So it's a societal thing too. – And there's, you know, in
this era of no job security,

Number one skill of an entrepreneur is – To sell. – Final word, Sarah. – [Sarah] No, I just appreciate
Blair coming on today And I look forward To hearing you April 6th, 7th and 8th. I think you summed it up in that one, This is not a number one
skill of an entrepreneur, It's the number one skill of life Because if you look, really breakdown Of all the areas that
you'll be able to use it, These skills more successful. – Yeah and plus, Blair
said sales equals income But the toughest sales job is yourself. – [Sarah] Correct. – So ladies and gentlemen, Thank from watching "Rich Dad Show", Thank you my friend for
all these years and years And years and years. – And hopefully many more. – Many more. Not hopefully, we'll do it man. And Sarah, thanks very much. Thank you all for watching
"The Rich Dad Radio Show". Thank you. (upbeat music)

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