Should You Give Silver or Gold as a Gift?

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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video I want to talk about Giving silver or gold as a gift to your Friends and family is this something you Should be considering is this something You should stay away from there Definitely are a few different factors We're going to cover them in this video Let's Do It Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it if you want To learn more about investing in Precious metals or if you just want to Watch awesome videos about gold and Silver make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel okay so giving silver And gold as a gift now we do have Christmas around the corner and it's Still over a month away but the stores Are already selling all their Christmas Stuff in fact I think they've had them Up since probably even before Halloween But my family we always go crazy for Christmas we decorate the whole house on The inside and the out and you know we Give gifts and we have a great time it's Always nice to celebrate the birth of Jesus and you know Jesus was actually Given gold as a gift when he was born so I do think it's appropriate to give Precious metals as a gift to your Immediate family you know for the last Three years I've given my immediate Family silver as a gift I think usually

I put it in their stocking or sometimes I'll wrap it depending on what it is but I certainly think it's appropriate to Give to your immediate family and uh Before I get into all of the factors you Know the do's and don'ts I do want to Mention if you're not aware of this Bullion Max is doing a giveaway right Now you can win some free silver there's Actually 10 000 winners uh you're gonna Get one of these cool silver backs if You haven't signed up for this giveaway Yet I'll put a link Down Below in the Description also they have put together A gift guide which is pretty sweet they Got a lot of different things in here Silver coins you know all different Budgets uh we got stocking stuffers gold Coins uh Patriot bundle lots of cool Stuff on their website I'll put a link To this as well one of my favorite Things they got is this bowl and bare Silver coin which actually is discounted Currently so that's pretty sweet again If you want to check out Boolean Max for The giveaway or their gift guide I'll Put those links Down Below in the Description now when it comes to giving Precious medals to your friends or Family I would say the first thing you Should do is explain to them what it is So maybe if they're not aware of you Know buying and holding physical Precious metals they probably don't

Understand the value they don't Understand what the point of it is I Mean I remember when I first learned About buying silver coins and bars and Stuff like that I was a little bit Confused I was like why would people do This I don't really understand but then Over time I was able to you know Research it more and kind of learn about Oh this is how you can store your wealth You know this is going to protect you From the dollar getting weaker and Things like that and uh you know it grew On me and then obviously I started Buying my own silver and while the rest Is history but I would say definitely Talk to them about the gift explain to Them what it is especially if you're Giving them something like an American Silver Eagle they do say one dollar on Them and this is a little bit confusing To people maybe they would go try and Spend it I mean you can spend it for a Dollar you can take it to the bank and You know they'll give you a dollar for It or whatever but uh obviously you Should not spend them for a dollar Because they're worth considerably more Than that they're worth one ounce of Silver right that is what they're Actually worth one ounce of silver and One ounce of silver is definitely worth Considerably more than a fiat currency That is being inflated away but uh I

Would say the gift of information is Probably the biggest gift right you know One silver coin that's pretty cool but Teaching them about stacking silver you Know protecting themselves that's the Real gift in my opinion and the best way To talk to someone about that is just to Give them an ounce of silver and then You can strike up a conversation now if You're giving this gift to your Immediate family you know your children Or your parents or whatever then I I Don't really feel like there's much Danger or risk in doing something like That but if you're giving this gift to Maybe extended family that's had you Know trouble with money in the past or Maybe some friends who could potentially Tell one of their friends about the fact That you're into precious metals this is Something you should just be aware of And be cautious of you know you don't Really want to put a Target on your back You don't want to you know tell the Whole world hey I have gold and silver At my house you know so uh definitely Consider that before giving the gift but You know if you're just giving it to Your immediate family I don't feel like There's much risk in that Merry Christmas you filthy animal but that Being said I honestly feel like silver Specifically makes a really good gift Because it's kind of at the right price

Point you know you could just give Someone one or two ounces of silver it's Not going to break the bank and then if They want to buy it themselves you know Get more silver it's relatively easy you Know for someone to save up and buy an Ounce or a few ounces of silver so it's A great thing to kind of get people into Precious metals and also I would say This is probably one of the best gifts That you could give someone because They're likely going to hold on to it it Is real money they could spend it I Suppose you know go down to a coin shop Sell it get some cash and spend that Cash but there is this sort of barrier In place to where sure it is liquid but You there's a few steps right you got to Take before you can actually you know Spend your silver it's not like you can Just take it down to the toy store and Exchange it for you know a piece of Plastic but if you were to give the gift Of cash or maybe a gift card to someone They're gonna spend that right away and You know that's pretty cool I guess they Could buy what they like with it but It's very possible whatever they're Gonna buy they're probably gonna not Hold on to for a very long time but with Precious metals you know people tend to Hold on to the those so I think it is a Really good gift for younger people it Kind of helps them save for me

Personally I was terrible at saving Money until I started buying silver so I Would have a few extra bucks put it in My savings account but then I would need To spend it you know I'd just push a few Buttons on my phone move it from my Savings to my checking and boom it would Be gone but when I started buying silver I wanted to hold on to the coins I was Buying I didn't want to get rid of them And so if I needed money for whatever Reason I would have to get creative and I wouldn't sell my silver I would keep My savings so it's a great tool for Helping kids learn how to save you know Or young adults or whoever really I mean I was in my 20s when I first started Buying silver and I'm really happy I did Because I've been able to amass quite a Bit of savings and there's no way I Would have been able to save this much If it weren't for precious metal So there's definitely a lot of good Things about buying and holding you know Physical gold and physical silver but as Far as giving gifts I feel like they Make an excellent gift I'm probably Gonna keep giving my family silver every Year and I am curious if you have ever Given the gift of silver or gold feel Free to put a comment Down Below in the Comment section and then if there's Anything that I missed you know good Things or bad things in regard to giving

Away silver or gold feel free to comment Those as well I do want to say a massive Thank you so much for watching my video And I will see you all in my next one Silver dragons out

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