The Death of the Dollar and a Pause on Gold Buying 🤔

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So I am done buying gold that's about as Close to an April Fool's gag as you're Gonna get here but there's a half truth Buried in that it's inside a disclaimer That also reads don't believe everything You see on the internet I think Abe Lincoln said that [Music] Yesterday was April Fool's Day For about a minute I felt like I was Somehow responsible to make some kind of Gag video like I sold my gold Bought a bunch of silver and maybe that Would have been too easy Could have shown some crypto charts Could have done a fake interview with Mark Cuban I don't know we all would Have had a good laugh though I'm just Too lazy to do it but I wanted to open It up that way because what I'm actually Going to cover here would have sounded Like maybe it was a gag because I Stopped buying gold and I didn't stop Buying it completely but I wanted to Start that way because I think that this Is important to the wider topic of Planning that has nothing to do with Whether I'm bullish on gold right now it Has to do with personal plans and that's Going to make sense in a minute but Before I explain it I want to zoom out a Little bit and take a look at the 20 000 Foot View So there is a war going on in Europe I

Think we're all clear on that part and This is having a profound and immediate Impact on anyone who's directly involved And even if we don't see that or feel That directly ourselves we all get it we Understand that part but there's also a Proxy war That's going on in there as well we all See Russia invading Ukraine we Understand the impact of boots in the Ground But there's more at play here and we're Going to drill down on it but at the Very top level NATO and in particular The United States have been aiding Ukraine so if Russia wins the conflict Will NATO and the United States also Lose anyone supporting Russia they also Win So the dynamic of the proxy war it's Extremely complicated none of us can see Everything in play all we can really do Here is look on and then analyze what we Can see but the part that's clear here Is that Nations have been picking sides You're either lining up on the side of Ukraine and NATO Europe and the United States or you're lining up with Russia And with China and this is where the Story changes up a little bit if you Look at this from an economic and Political influence perspective well It's a Face-Off between the two largest Global economic Powers the United States

And China This is a channel about alternative Assets it's about planning it's about Gold it's definitely not about politics And the reason that we're dropping into Geopolitics just for a minute is to Clean up the conversation a little bit About long-term implications now this is All simply to point out that the Long-term status of the U.S and the U.S Dollar is not comfortably seated now This has almost nothing to do with most Of the half cooked theories that float Around certain channels it has to do With a possible shift that some of us Have really never had to consider Because the US has had its current Standing for two generations now the Biggest part of that the part that could Change is the status of the US dollar as The world's Reserve currency and it's a Popular subject around here but it's one That I think people tend to get wrong in The how and the when and probably the Why also now I'm not throwing stones I'm Just saying that if you want to have a Plan we need to separate some fiction So let's start with Russia Russia is not Going to implement a gold standard That's going to change the world that Was a popular story there was a gold Peg And really that was only about Stabilizing the ruble and it only lasted For about two weeks those efforts

They're not going to affect much in the Outside world and we all need to Remember that Russia is the 11th largest Economy in the world by GDP that's only A tenth as large as China's they're not Nearly as large of a player they're 1 13th as large as the United States so as Far as economic implications go the only Reason that Russia is Central to all of This is that their Invasion has sped up This team selection team captain though Is still China the Japan Center for Economic research predicts that China's Economy will overtake the United States In 2033 maybe you've seen that stat Other economists have said the same Thing so the real question is it applies Directly to our our everyday lives is Specifically to our stored wealth is What happens to the dollar if the world Favors the Renminbi I mean beyond having To say that word what happens if Investments are flooding into China Rather than into the states now this Doesn't mean that China will get to U.S Levels of GDP per capita and none of This is something that's going to happen Overnight this happens over a longer Period of time but it does impact Western countries in a lot of ways Americans of course take the brunt of That My reason for that lead up was to get Into plans to say once again you don't

Need to be afraid that you're missing Out just because some kid who doesn't Know what a cbdc is says you're losing Control of your money in July of this Year or whatever other dumb thing is Popular that week it's a long game we're Going to continue to get surprises along The way but the idea is to adapt and Overcome or improvise adapt and overcome If we're going to credit the Marine Strategy here I like that motto but That's more about working through things On the Fly and Marines of course they're Good at that they have to be When we're talking about planning in Advance though we aren't adapting Overnight we're not worried about the Sky falling we're putting things in Place so that as things evolve we're in A position to overcome that change at Least as much as possible we don't do That by overreacting we do that by Identifying the issue and then working Through a fix if we think that the US Dollar might lose value in the future And I know from the comments that a lot Of people here do well there are things That we can do about it so what does That look like well my priorities are to Take care of savings take care of income Knock out debt to get a hold of some Alternative assets and of course to Stash away some gold and if this seems Like it's been a really long lead up

Just to say that well Kind of figured we already knew that I Like gold Now if there's a surprise in any of this I think it's just that I don't think it Makes any sense to go crazy on any one Thing whether it's gold or something Else if it becomes a blocker to any Other leg of your strategy well I think That's a problem and earlier in this Thing when I mentioned that I've cut Back my buying not because I'm not Bullish on gold it's because I hit a Running goal early last year so when Gold shot up at the onset of the Russian Invasion I sat out I didn't buy that run Up in gold price when gold shot up three Weeks ago because of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse so I sat that out too and I'm actually still sitting it out I even Sold some of my random gold that didn't Fit my plans now if I hadn't hit that Goal if I was still working toward it I Would have just kept buying as steadily As I could I certainly wouldn't have Sold I would have ignored the fud being Pushed out by mainstream media and even The YouTube channels I would have just Held the line but what I'm doing instead Is I'm planning to cut down my purchases By 50 I have not bought of 1830 now that New price isn't necessarily stopping me But I'm going to keep being patient Because I don't need to buy when

Everyone else is scrambling to do it Spot price is not the only thing that's Gone up premiums have gone up too Because the dealers are just getting Slammed they're having a banner month Now 50 of what I was buying previously I Said I cut down to 50 well that's still Twice as much as I was buying from 2014 To about 2019. so I haven't stopped I've Just slowed down so who cares right well The reason this is important is that if You look at this from a contrarian view Gold might not be the Silver Bullet with Magic wand to protect against dollar Degradation whatever you want to call it There's just nothing saying that it's Right or it's wrong you could say the Same about other things maybe about Bitcoin to me gold just happens to be The safest most practical backup that I Can come up with I'm about 15 years in Now of putting some aside and I think I'll probably do the same for another 15 Maybe more but I don't see it ever Becoming the primary currency in any Future outcome to me it's just an easy Way to create space if you box if you do Martial arts if you roll I can come up With analogies for any of those but the Idea is that you want to give yourself Space to operate to avoid a sharp object To whatever you get it it's part of the Fighting strategy it's not the whole Strategy and I think that that's the

Most important part that I can say use Gold and silver as part of your overall Strategy not the whole strategy maybe You've heard me say work up to a goal of Three ounces maybe when I'm doing that I'm showing you 10 or 20 or whatever This is right here 25 And I'm mentioning that because I think That it's easy to go overboard or feel Like you're desperately behind three is A good starting goal you don't have to Feel like you have to get to 25 this is A marathon to build up I've mentioned it Before I've been at it for 15 years and I've always made sure along that time That I didn't Scuttle other plans I Think everyone should try to do that Come in with clear eyes don't come in Thinking that the price is going to Double this year or that you need Certain things because we're all going To be bartering with junk silver just to Survive For me it's more about what kind of Impact to shift in global conditions Means for my kids and for future Generations it's a lot more about that Than it is about me living in some kind Of Mad Max world it's more about no Longer being on the winning team so what Would your plans be to try to keep some Sense of normalcy for yourself for your Kids whatever I think that there's more To it than just having some gold and

We're going to get into that as we go We're going to get into that in future Videos but what I'll say here is that Even though things are evolving rapidly The fear peddling was just as heavy 15 Years ago when I started with gold and Silver as it is today and like I've Mentioned a few times now had I come in Heavy on a sky is falling fear I would Have made mistakes that might have led To me cutting my losses getting out Entirely and just going back to the Regular hamster wheel making what I use Using what I make and what I try to do With this channel is just cover that Base strategy with some gold if you can Work that in say living with Gold Without that being painful you'll stick With it and I think the success of it All comes in being able to hit your Goals without having to give up anything That's important For an April Fool's post it's not very Funny I'm gonna have to try harder next Time let us know what you think how You're planning what you're up to right Now and where you'd like to see these Videos go in the future the geopolitics That's a tough topic I try to stick to What's tangible what has an actual Impact on us but let us know what you Think and then while you're there be Sure to hit the like button if you found Any of this interesting be sure you're

Subscribed with notifications turned on If you'd like to see more on the topic And if you're still here thanks again For watching I always appreciate your Time Take care [Music]

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