TESLA MISSES ITS Q4 ESTIMATES – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] So Tesla missed its Q4 estimates um do We feel Tesla is in trouble this year or Will it make a recovery so we just Starting out this year mark is closed Holiday Um but Tesla is one of the one of those Stocks and of course it's been well Documented that Elon Musk lost the most Amount of money in history uh 200 Billion he lost 200 billion uh and that Was yeah so he lost the most he lost the Most in history You pulled the Sanford and Sunday for Real that was because the Tesla stock Was down that's why he lost so much Money so um okay A lot of people are Interested in investing in Tesla Um what's the deal Good investment um you gotta wait till 103 52. Um the easy gains of the last few years Are gone Now this is the market for those who are Like extremely patient and the patience Leads to profitability Um I need people to stop panicking when These kind of drops have happened Especially when we're calling them here Resolution number one I don't want you Guys to listen to anybody else about Investing but us Write that in chat

Um I read a comment on my social Um shout out to Chris who reposted it When I was like Hey Tessa's gonna fall And somebody's like I want whatever he's Smoking and the price got hit I need you to look at marking off all of Your levels for the year on the top 100 Companies in the world so if they get There in advance You're good test is a good company Um 40 growth but they just missed on a Delivery estimate I think they'll be Fine Um I said that the market will recover Until 2023 like May or June Um if you are getting it now in a 103 101 price 105 price for Tesla you'll be Very happy in two years I think all the People who wanted quick games Who were not patient and who better Bought bought at bad prices got punished And those who were patient are doing Incredibly well you can set up your Generation In the next five years by making a Couple of good moves I like Tesla for The long term I do want him to get more Focused back on Tesla Um we'll talk about Ai and chat GPT Which he helped co-create and invested In but they need to find a lot way a lot More ways to automate Some of the infrastructure at Twitter

But I think chat gbt will be an easy way It will allow him to take his hands off Of Twitter and focus back on Tesla but I Think uh Give it a year or so tell us to be back In pole position for sure yeah there's a Couple things there I think if Perspective is key on that right if you Look at it I know price adjusted because Of the splits that they've had been in 2020 it was trading at fifty four Dollars right so if you look at it now Like you said it's still up over 40 it's Had the worst year that since 2008. this Is true Um but production was the reason right And obviously production has a lot to do With the supply chains supply chain Issues but you can see the development That's happening obviously we talked About it numerous times about the Factories that they're building here Domestically and internationally so you See that the potential for growth but We got to look at Tesla in two ways Right either you can look at it well Three ways you could look at it as a EV Company a car company and then face it On that and then look what his Competitors are when you talk about Ford And GM and it's not even close or you Can look at it as a tech company and Look at where it doesn't in net sector Or you could look at it as a hybrid of

Both and if we do that then you Understand the long-term growth that's Going to be associated with this company And so yes was it a tough year for them Yes absolutely one thousand percent but It's the same thing we've been saying For the past three years when we talk About investing we're not talking about One year or two years or we're not even Talking about day trading we're talking About a long-term perspective and so That's that I think that's the key right If Tesla was something we believed in When it was that again price adjusted at Over 400 it's something that you should Still should believe in when when it's Down here at 123 like it is uh today so I'm still I'm still on on Tesla yeah um I I don't think it's going anywhere the Lead that it has in the EV space Especially in the com Market is is I mean it's so gigantic and the Technology that they put out I mean you Can look at even like a Mercedes who's Doing EV now it's just not the same um So they they're they're well ahead in That space and I think it's going to Continue especially when you see a lot Of not even just States like we saw in New York and we saw California but now Countries are saying look we're going EV By 2030 or 2035 When you're the leader in that space I Mean you got you got a distinct

Advantage and what's the purpose of Electronic Vehicles so if we're going to Be honest data is the new gold so I Don't think anyone technically wants Electronic Vehicles what governments at Scale do you want is the ability to Track and have that data and be able to Harvest it so if they're the leader with One of the biggest Tech players Origins in South Africa that was a Golden Diamond miner you can put the Correlations together Um this is ultimately a data exploration At scale And if they can get an international Market share of 45 percent That will be the the new Big Tech wave Because now we have to go away from Software that's useless We have to have a hybrid of hardware and Software that is has real world use case For so now if we can track where Everyone is going spending habits even With the the Roomba Amazon Genius acquisition now you can see what The floor space is On averages and aggregate across the United States so you know what better Furniture to sell than what products They need so this is really a data Mining game on top of EV And Well played by the government well Played by Elon to set up a b to G

Ate category and make electronic Vehicles sexy where no one else wanted a Prius prior to Put yes in chat if I made you money Tess Is good for the long term and I know Everyone's like yo how can you support Elon he's not pro-black neither is Kanye Who got the biggest fumble Elon or Kanye That was an actual article Hey Eli didn't have to sing to get his Bait to come back to him one time on Stage that boy gonna be straight shout Out to Kanye though that was another car I made that last year too but hey [Laughter] You said the stock was at 50 and now It's at 100 so but it did it did um oh Yeah it's split yes that's what's the Price adjusted twice it split twice they Did the five to one And they did another I think they did Another three to one yeah so price Adjusted Um Yeah okay well This is the question that everybody Wants to know no don't be shy now go Ahead What do you think will be the best Performing stock this year what's your Pick Uh slumberger did pretty well this year If the economy stays down Um I'm going to lean on one of my babies

Microsoft And not because historically I love it And I love the CEO but I think we'll Have a bounce in the market and I truly Believe that Microsoft is going to get Into that Cyber security space if you go look at Some of the Acquisitions that they've Made and the team that they're building I think for the first time in maybe 15 Years most corporations are saying hey We have to build some real businesses It's not just Software at scale and throw something Out and hope that it works like slack or Any comparable companies I think they're Going to push heavy into that Um Cyber security space and then as a Result I think they'll have one of the Best years that they've had in a while No baby um let me finish okay Um so your pick is Microsoft yep Let me ask you this do you think that Um we will have a positive year for the Stock market as a whole or will we have A negative year I think we'll be 20 23. Oh no I said the economy water recovers In 2024. I think we'll be flat I think We'll be flat we must be somewhere Around like two to six percent Because if we just look at the landscape Still no quantitative easing and Um going back to when we were talking

Last summer when Sean was like Hey most Tech is too high I agree Um also when you look at the stats since 1980 anytime we got to like 31 return And a year or three years we start to Turn over to the downside and that Happened in 2020 Um Can anyone name me 15 companies right Now that is just like Producing amazing products with amazing Net income amazing Revenue Can't do it So if 3 000 companies out there or 4 000 Companies out there are underperforming I don't think will have an amazing Performance in the stock market it is an Accumulation phase though this is the Time when you like can't get rich if You're aiming to get like a thousand Shares a year or a thousand shares every Two years and when this is over in a Five-year period you'll be incredibly Happy Um But they should go watch the previous Episodes on the benef cycle that'll tell You exactly when we'll start to like Have a peek a bust a boom and you can Time when to place your Capital into the Market based on that but I think we'll Be relatively flat I mean red panda Gonna be up regardless up Market down Market but for General consensus I think

Would be flat He says okay uh so the accumulation part Is where I was going And so last year I said uh Amazon and Obviously the market Really punish them along with other tech Stocks but the accumulation reads is the Reason I'm going to say I'm gonna go With AMD Um that's just one of those stocks to Watch in 2023 Um if you looked over the last quarter Especially in the semiconductor space we Saw a rise of maybe 30 for the space Which is interesting um obviously we Were dealing with supply chain Um but now it's oversupply and now they Have to regulate that but I think the Reason I'm looking at them is because of The Fall that they've had I think the Stock was down 50 or 58 trading at 64. I Was at a Peak at 147 at the time I felt Really great about that Um but now it's down to 64. uh and I Think Based on what that regulation of how They'll they'll figure out the balance Of Supply Chain versus over demand The fish uh the mere fact of their Market share in the space Uh I'm pretty confident I I like them Long term obviously I've been Accumulating that for a while but where It's at right now and the upside for it

If you look at all the analyst Projections they're looking at it from 25 to 45 gaining 2023 I like AMD um but I got a surprise one For you you ready go ahead Lululemon I swear to God those on my List them in Halliburton and T-Mobile Yes Lulu is one of my favorites Lululemon I've been watching from a Retail it's a it's an athleisure wear Um and it I didn't realize it until like Maybe during the pandemic when we saw a Lot of people you know go into that Space obviously because people were home A lot of more home exercise and people Went back to the gym Um but then it it my daughter started Bringing it up a lot and it was can I Get this can I get this and then I Looked at her list for Christmas and her Birthdays it's it's been a little lemon On the list and I'm like this is Becoming a thing amongst young people And once I see young people adapt to it Toward an athleisure where or a company It tells me that they've hit the right Market because the only thing that Happens when you grab the governor Galvanize young people is that you get More young people So I like I like Lululemon um as a Company if you look at the history of Their stock over the past three to five Years you can see the growth it's it's

On my surprise list of 2023. I will say Too if China releases uh or eases up on The cover restrictions Alibaba will be My number two as well I don't know if They will but the number one Canary in the coal mine that I'm looking For this year if China East is up on Those restrictions and they let people Start to move around the country freely Don't have as many lockdowns that's Going to be the first time because that Market is going to turn upper before Ours does And if we get four or five months of Positive Growth there things are going To Boom for us here for sure [Music]

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