Gold Price on its way DOWN

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Long-term price trend for gold has been Going up I don't think anything's really Changed there but the short-term Trend Well that looks a little bit different Could be going the other way we're going To talk about how to take advantage of That maybe pick up a little bit more Loot I just made a short video showing 55 Ounces of gold At the beginning of the day when I Posted that video the gold was worth a Hundred thousand dollars and actually it Was worth 101 750 and I know this because I was Calculating it out based on spot price To show how many ounces it would take to Reach a hundred thousand and 54 was 100 Short that's where that 55th ounce came In now I get that a video like that it's Gonna hit some people wrong hopefully Not because the guy with the YouTube Channel focused on gold can bring Together 55 ounces of the stuff that Part that shouldn't really be any kind Of shock but because I was showing it in Terms of cash value well somehow that Changes whether or not it's polite to Show it but let's come back to that the Reason I bring this up is that by the End of the day that stack of gold was no Longer worth one hundred thousand Dollars gold lost about two percent in Yesterday's Trading a Friday it could

Get even worse we see new U.S non-farm Payroll data and if the numbers come in Stronger than expected again well the Price of gold will most likely take Another hit just like we saw last month Even though most of the people paying Attention saw the data for what it Really was we still saw the price of Gold drop and if that happens again well This week will be a pylon because we Just heard Jerome Powell say that the FED is prepared to raise rates now Reading between the lines a lot of People think that what he's saying there Is they're prepared to go to 50 basis Points again up from February's 25. so Just slow this down for a minute we're In a really strange place right now for Gold price the strength of the US dollar Has a direct relationship to gold in two Ways first is based on the fed's Policies driving up The Benchmark rate That drives yields on interest bearing Accounts and does compete with gold as a Place to park money and the second is Based on the value of gold in other Currencies gold is U.S dollar Denominated so if the dollar is strong Then gold is more expensive in other Currencies and that reduces demand for Gold as a translated cost increases But it's also just a little bit strange We're watching these other things as Markers for how valuable our goal is to

Begin with when most of us probably Aren't looking to sell it anytime soon I Get it but the only thing these moves Are a good indication of is how much We're paying for the next few purchases It has very little to do with the Long-term value and paying less now Actually puts us further ahead over the Long term The physical gold is not a trade it's a Hold so let's look at some other markets Look at equities crypto whatever your Clear goal there is to buy low and sell High now nobody knows the highs or lows Except in terms of historical charting So we know only if we're looking Backwards so it's hard to consistently Get it right over the short term but if You looked into trading algorithms you'd See an interesting pattern the Algorithms sell on the way up after They've reached the percentage gain in Value and then they begin buying on the Way down after some percentage loss in Value Now this seems counter-intuitive because Selling on the way up that feels like You're giving up gains and then buying On the way down well that feels like You're getting in on a loser and Depending on where you're at on those Curves you might be doing both now There's a lot more going on with trading Strategies more than I should try to

Explain here but we're talking in General terms hopefully you came in at The right time you're selling in the way Up that means you're taking profit and Then hopefully buying on the way down Well that means that you're getting back In at Lowe's And when this comes back to Gold Accumulating weight and doing it in 2023 Is to say that following spot price is Not a bad thing when it means that You're paying less to buy what you would Have been buying anyway and on top of That like I mentioned earlier none of us Know where the tops are where the Bottoms are so maybe our goal is not to Hit the bottom of the dip maybe it's Just simply to buy on the way down well That's easier to spot now trading Algorithms would have a pretty hard time Making a profit on one or two percent Swings like we see with gold and I doubt A human would have much luck either We're looking at longer Trends now again Most of us don't see physical gold or Silver as a trade but if we take away One thing it would be that part about The potential benefit of buying on the Way down rather than on the way up at Least if we're buying an asset that goes Up over the long term which gold has Proven to do and the way to do that Without getting too far into analysis is Just to pick a number a certain

Percentage drop watch for that and move In when it hits for me I have two Numbers ten percent drop and 15 drop and Anything less than 10 percent well That's a price fluctuation that really Won't have much to do with the long-term Value of what I'm buying the best I can Hope for there is that I'm just saving a Little bit on each purchase So to explain that plan a little bit if We do see a 10 drop from a local high I Buy more if we see a 15 drop then I buy As much as I can at the time the local High right now would be a little bit Lower than 1950 so I'm watching for 17.50 that's a 10 drop until I see that I'm being pretty patient a 15 drop would Be more like 16.50 if we saw a drop like That then I would buy more that's how That plan works for me now that doesn't Mean that I'm expecting those numbers it Just means that I change gears if we see Them I mentioned that I'm a little bit Past my running goal right now that's Important because that lets me be more Patient I'll still buy regularly I just Won't be buying a lot Now back to the video where I showed a Hundred thousand dollars in gold and Whether or not it's polite to do that I'm serious about buying this stuff I Think it would give the wrong impression If I hid that I've been at this for 15 Years and anyone who sticks to it to it

Any plans similar to this they're gonna Add to their Pile in that amount of time And that should be encouraging nothing Else but the thing that I did Differently in that video was assigning At a cash value based on today's spot Price something that's not completely Relevant to me since I won't be selling It anytime soon but YouTube is showing Those short form videos to wider Audiences and that's why I added that Dollar value hook that made it feel a Little bit funny to me but it is what it Is I have to get over modesty to have a Channel like this it's not about what I Have it's about how and why I'm showing Things that I came around to and what That's grown into the bigger issue here Is probably the opsec angle and that'll Be a topic for another day So let's call it good there let us know What you're up to in the comments Whether you're buying on the current Downtrend waiting on lower numbers hit Us up let us know and then while you're In the comments be sure to hit that like Button make sure you're subscribed with Notifications turned on if you'd like to See more in the topic and if you're Still here thanks again for watching I Always appreciate your time Take care

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