Stocks vs Real Estate | Will The Housing Market Crash In 2022?

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What Requirements Does the Code for Sustainable Homes Place on Green Buildings?

Developers are taking on larger costs in order to build green. Fortunately, there is a market for residential property that has a lesser impact on the environment.

How Undeveloped Land Is a Better Investment Diversification Strategy

Don’t trust the national numbers on housing values as the final word on all real estate investment. Regional differences are significant and opportunities abound.

Has the Opportunity to Buy Raw UK Land for Development Passed?

There is unquestionably a recovery in residential and real estate values in England. But that doesn’t mean that opportunities for investors have passed.

Land and Inheritance Taxes – The Investor Opportunity

Most UK investors in land and other assets wish to minimise the tax burden to their heirs. There are means to accomplish this — and to realise tax deductions.

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